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Dean Park Inn, Bournemouth

£6 for a pint of sanmiguel and a small soda and lime!!!!!!

25 Jun 2017 17:37

The Dorset Soldier, Corfe Mullen

First and last time for me,£4.60 a pint of Kronenburg,pricing your selfs out of business.

5 Jul 2016 20:51

The Amberwood Inn, Walkford

Why employ staff that clearly don't want to be there. Ten past 2 on a sunny Sunday afternoon four of us stopped for some lunch, ordered our drinks that proved a hardship for the young email staff member, as the attitude was so bad we never bothered with the food order and moved on to another venue,your loss hall and shithouse.

16 Sep 2014 18:26

The Grove Arms Inn, Ludwell

Very disappointed with the ploughmans lunch today,small portion and over priced at £8.95. Won't go back!!!

24 Aug 2014 19:38

The True Lovers Knot, Tarrant Keyneston

What a badly run pub!

9 Mar 2014 19:28

The Crown, Northbourne

Please get rid off the rude barmaid as she is poison to the new management and customers, not wanting to mention her name but susan rings a bell !!!!!

1 Jan 2013 16:53

The Dolphin, Springbourne

Closed down!

19 Aug 2011 12:33

The Crown, Northbourne

Sue smells, lol

13 Feb 2011 17:13

The Happy Union, Llandrindod Wells

Love this area.

13 Feb 2011 17:10

The Broadway Tavern, Throop

Rude lazy barman, wont visit again. (Sunday Lunchtime)

13 Feb 2011 16:32

The Cat and Fiddle, Hinton

Awful service, will, drive by next time.

29 Jun 2010 12:04

The Thatched House, Northbourne

Well said beermonster123

6 May 2010 18:02

The Hop and Kilderkin, Winton

Just had the 60 min make over, stinks of paint with no ventilation, over priced and asked not to stand at the bar. Have a word green king.

1 May 2010 18:27

The Night Jar, Ferndown

The staff spend more time moaning about the clients and partners than they do serving. Who's next? im the only one at the bar without a beer!!!

27 Apr 2010 19:17

The Thatched House, Northbourne

Enter at your own risk|| Will die of bordem during the week and risk life and limb at weekends. Locals pub with bouncers on the doors over the weekend, because the police say they cant open without. not becuase of where it is no problems with previous landlords!! another pub to shut soon?

5 Aug 2009 21:20

The Radstock Hotel, Radstock

Why is this a photo of the somerset arms in maiden bradley?

6 May 2009 12:50

The Parkstone and Heatherlands, Bournemouth

Awful service.

14 Oct 2008 19:46

The Hare On The Hill, Bristol

Yes misterX thats us. we came in about 6 weeks after the re-fit. In the days of gorden white, cider jim, packy,patsey etc etc.

29 Apr 2007 08:30

The Marston Inn, Marston Magna

Great pub since jed and shar took over. Best of luck as the community has a decent pub again.

20 Mar 2007 20:02

The Hare On The Hill, Bristol

i ran this pub in 1986 when it was called the masons arms. do you remember kev and maxine.

11 Mar 2007 19:25

The River Park Inn, West Parley

no bikes no bike jackets or no helmets so what ever happened to road safety!!
rode up on motorbike worth more than most of the cars in the car park. confronted by doorman? landlord? and told thing had changed welcome during day time but not allowed in if you ride a bike in the evening!!
Jackets were not leather with tassells but purely for our saftey. helmets are law abinding. what is the world coming to?????
Just a normal couple out for a coca cola on a sunday afternoon but racism seems to be taking over.

7 Sep 2006 20:52

The Crown, Northbourne

no kids no dogs but lots of mirrors!!!! go to the thatch up the road all are welcome with no bad attitude from the management. roll on there move abroad. we may go back when more welcoming managers take over? no offence to andy or sue.

7 Sep 2006 20:40

The White Hart, Longham

Great pub. Popped in early evening just after opening and felt comfortable. Landlord busy but had time to welcome strangers. Nice dogs!

4 Apr 2006 20:13

John Peel, Shaftesbury

its not a pub

19 Dec 2005 19:43

The Royal Hotel, Gillingham


19 Dec 2005 19:13

The Crown, Northbourne

good local pub, friendly staff alway helpful and like kids and dogs. can get abit stayed though. new food menu looks good but not yet tried.

6 Nov 2005 18:50

The Punch and Judy, Bournemouth

nice roast potatoes on sunday if you dont mind sharing with rest of the pub

6 Nov 2005 18:46

The Masons Arms, Bradford on Avon


5 Nov 2005 18:57

The Three Horseshoes, Bradford on Avon

Why no food. Wot no danny.

5 Nov 2005 18:55

The Fox and Badger, Wellow

used to run this pub not so good now ive gone!

5 Nov 2005 18:47

Greens Bar, Boscombe

why the bad attitude by the staff. they get get paid dont they? 1,60 pint 4 eggy tasting lager.

5 Nov 2005 18:36

The Porterhouse, Westbourne

Great pub, landlord a bit dry, but as funny as u like.

5 Nov 2005 18:22

Seabourne, Pokesdown

Another small minded pub.

5 Nov 2005 18:18

The Westbourne, Westbourne

Drank there 4 one year, staff never new my name or wot i drank.

5 Nov 2005 18:15

Deacons, Boscombe

Good pub if you fit in. doormen a bit up themselfs pos living off rep of landlord so called rep. dont like change of partners. should be a marrage guidence pub.

5 Nov 2005 18:01

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