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Comments by cokedrinker

The Worcester Park, Worcester Park

What a dump. This used to be a lovely pub, but fear it is heading the way many other pubs do. Since the new manager took over this place has taken a nose dive and shows no signs of picking up. Ive never been made to feel so unwelcome. Never again..

31 May 2012 17:31

The White Horse, Epsom

Reading the inaccurate comments made by "grumpydrinker" im starting to smell a rat and due to the fact it was registered on the same day as the comment was made, i do wonder if this user is in fact some way related to the new management. Why else would you go out of your way to write something like that on here?

My job takes me past the front door of this place many times each day (even at weekends) and the car park never has more than a couple of cars in it.
The first thing that strikes you, is the scrawl on the blackboard outside threatening to wheel clamp non customers, not something you would want to brag about! The second thing, is the spelling mistake on the banner plastered across the front of the building! Even my 6 year old can spell better than that! Families, is "ies" not "ilys" - glad their paying attention to their job then! :-S

Out of interest after reading 'grumpydrinkers' review, i drifted in with a colleague in passing. I say drifted, we went in one door, and walked straight out the other. The place doesn't have a warm welcoming feel anymore, and the person behind the bar seemed more interested in his mobile phone than serving either myself or my colleague. We didn't stop to ask why there was a mattress in what was once the restaurant area although we did have a good laugh afterwards speculating between us why it was there!

I also noticed that "Chris and Jan" seem to be the fourth or fifth managers in about four months. Thats gotta be a record!

Im sorry to have seen a really good pub go down the loo.. Definitely definitely, not going back in there.. :-(

24 Apr 2010 00:50

The Ladas, Epsom

WOW - Well worth a visit! :-) This place has totally been turned round by Stuart and Gemma! Maybe im stating the obvious but a pubs reputation is made and kept by its staff, all i can say is that these guys really know how to run a pub! Warm friendly atmosphere, big screen telly (i understand Sky is on the way), decent food, and reasonable prices. what more could you want?

Took me a while to find you guys , but nice to be back in a well run bar again! (unlike the new owners of your old place!)

7 Mar 2010 02:15

The White Horse, Epsom

Drove past tonight, cant believe how empty the place is! Guess im not the only one that didnt feel welcome in there! Thanks to epsomaledrinker's comments below, im pleased to say i have found the previous management team just round the corner at the Ladas. Along with their normal warm friendly welcome! :-) Hope to see you all down there!

7 Mar 2010 02:02

The White Horse, Epsom

Im seriously lost for words. What has happened to this place? I thought when places were under "new management" things were supposed to get better. Unfortunatly, it looks like the complete opposite has happened. The place is simply not as clean as the old management team used to keep it and the guy behind the bar seemed to have a very "dont care" attitude.

I wont be drinking here again. Does anyone know what happened to the previous owners?

4 Mar 2010 22:15

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