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Comments by cockneygal

The Swan, Tottenham

WoW i remember this pub, used to get sooooo packed.

2 Jan 2010 13:16

The Ferryboat Inn, Tottenham Hale

this pub was a fav of mine, but was some years ago since ive been there, i did hear it was going to close (hope not)
used to be a nice pinb friendly pub nice settings

2 Jan 2010 12:24

The Antwerp Arms, Tottenham

i used to drink at this pub, loved it, i remember when i was a kid did hear about the owner lady being particular who she let in her pub..
i used to sit on the wall opposite with my friends on a summers day..was purrrrrfect!
I did visit this pub a few years ago...still the same loved it!!
and not forgetting was a good pint.

2 Jan 2010 12:12

The Elmhurst, Tottenham

i had to laugh about posh people in peabody, i used to live
as for the elmurst pub, i can comment on what it used to be, used to have bands there good pool table who i beat a few men, one man i beat broke his pool cue as he was so mad...but it used to be a good friendly pub lots of people and good beer..
i feel the most about a pub is a good friendly atmosphere and not forgetting good beer...
im glad to see the elmhurst is still going.
as for looking for a pub to holiday in, this is not the place i must

2 Jan 2010 11:56

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