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The Cavalier, Whetstone

Had a good sandwich and desert. Couple who own it are good. Had a shit sunday roast on, erm, sunday. Well disapointed with that. wanted it to be good. shit. May as well have boiled it in a bag.

18 Mar 2009 05:12

The Ranelagh, Bounds Green

I tried to warn eveybody but my comments keep getting removed by the staff. This place is a joke. They are taking the piss out of you. They have a sweepsteak on who will wait the longest for a drink and not complain or go to the offie next door and bring that in. Bring back all my old reviews.

18 Mar 2009 05:02

The Finchley Tavern, North Finchley

Gary, you're In trouble when this pub phones you to tell you they're open.
And why do my reviews keep getting removed ?

18 Mar 2009 04:57

The Compass, Islington

Gay pub, gay bongo player. Nothing wrong with that, good for ladies night out. Owner is the only Greek poof I know.

26 Jan 2009 21:08

The Orange Tree, Friern Barnet

It don't smell no more. New landlords are good.

26 Jan 2009 21:03

The Prince, Wood Green

The fellow's not asian he's Egyptian. If you'd asked him he would have told you. Good pub though.

26 Jan 2009 20:56

The Ranelagh, Bounds Green

Goatboy has it right.

2 Aug 2008 04:39

The Ranelagh, Bounds Green

All my bad reviews seem to have dissapeared. This is a crap pub. Why have my reviews gone ?

2 Aug 2008 04:38

The Slug and Lettuce, Muswell Hill

Quite nice. Realy cold beer. Good amount of fizz in the beer. Table service some times. Good.

16 Feb 2008 03:02

Moors Bar, Crouch End

That exclusive they never let my mate in. Only 7 of us in there at the time. Exclusive. No pints, only bottles.

7 Jan 2008 08:14

The Cock and Dragon, Cockfosters

If I'm thinking of the right place I was in there the other day when I got fed up of waiting for a drink in Maze in Oakwood. Should have come here first. Lady manager was the perfect host. Staff were friendly if a bit chain pubish. Good beer but could be that bit colder. Good garden. Food smells nice. Used books for sale. Or am I thinking of somewhere else ?

22 Dec 2007 07:40

Lord Clyde, Canonbury

I think some of these reviews may be bogus. None the less, not bad little pub. Needed one like that right there. New managers are walking the tight rope and doing well enough. Good cold clean beer. Should have seen it last year.

22 Dec 2007 07:24

The Bank, New Southgate

I went past there the other day and they had Strongbow for 1.75 and I think Guinness for two quid. I may give it another quick try if I'm paying.

22 Dec 2007 07:14

Maze Inn Bar, Oakwood

I went there, didn't like it. Bouncer made us feel welcome but we waited ages for a drink at the bar then gave up. If we were standing at the wrong place they could have said. I'll swerve this one from now. Bouncer said goodbye as well, need more like him.

22 Dec 2007 07:08

The Angelic, Islington

Old Bill pub.

10 Dec 2007 00:06

The Elmhurst, Tottenham

Over that way they put the black folk over the Farm and the posh white council folk over Risley in posh Peabody little shit box houses. God love the 70's.

9 Dec 2007 23:48

The Elmhurst, Tottenham

Not been in mind.

9 Dec 2007 23:44

The Black Horse, Upper Holloway

They still have pictures of Bobby Sands on the wall in here. I was treated like they knew me. This place is good. Why can I not review the shit GI just down the road. I saw the idiot landlord in the GI tell some poor lady to tie her dog up outside so she could come in and order a drink and drink it outside.

9 Dec 2007 22:00

The Swan, Tottenham

what I meant was crackhead hookers with black teeth taking care of bus drivers. Didn't some Yardie idiot shoot some poor young lady in there this year ? I must take my Mum there for lunch one day.

9 Dec 2007 21:55

The Antwerp Arms, Tottenham

I always heard this was an NF pub when I was little. Been in there a few times in the last few years. Everyone seemed very cool to me every time I've been there. Clean glasses.

9 Dec 2007 21:19

Gilpins Bell, Edmonton

You can park at the back. There is a blinding Jamaican take away about 6 doors down. You can eat it in the pub coz the staff know better that to say anything. Or you could Wetherspoons food, the true taste of Gatwick.

9 Dec 2007 21:13

Henleys Bar, Wood Green

I think I saw a blinding off in here about three years ago. Geezer proper deserved it. Bloke who done him was a model of restraint. I've always remembered that. I must go there again. Realy nice place.

9 Dec 2007 21:04

Arnos Arms, New Southgate

Maybe I was parked outside this pub and this looked shit. If Bowes road has the tube station then this pub is shit. Is it not possible for owner/managers to open good bars round here ?

9 Dec 2007 21:00

Molly's Bar, New Southgate

I was parked outside there once I think. I waited in the car for 45 mins and never went in. Looked shit.

9 Dec 2007 20:57

The Bank, New Southgate

Load of old shit. It's been months since I got stared at in a pub. Kind of like a Wimpey of pubs. It's like a west end city center place where nobody is ever expected to come back. It gave me a headache. I went to the Orange Tree.

9 Dec 2007 20:53

The Ranelagh, Bounds Green

Not sure if it's because the landlady worked out I was Chuck or if they thought I was someone else who'd done a terrible thing but i haw an odd experience in there the other day. I was in there with my disabled mate and one other customer and my mate asked the barmaid "excuse me, can we have the same again please ?" from his seat ten feet from the bar. Barmaid said in a sharp resentfull way "no, you have to come to the bar", my mate said "I wasn't asking you to bring them over", she' walked off. My mate hobbles to the bar and is reluctantly served. Landladys partner sees all this and comes to lean on the bar doing a Grant Mitchel pose. This must have been coz me and my friend were discussing how stuned we were at the rudeness. Very odd behavior. If I ever go back I'll take the football team of scafolders from Tottenham that my mate sponsors and see how they react to rudeness.
Very odd behavior.

1 Dec 2007 03:01

The Hill Restaurant and Bar, Muswell Hill

Is this the big place on the left if you go down the hill ? If so I heard it was shit. Not been there mind.

18 Nov 2007 09:45

The Orange Tree, Friern Barnet

I was a bit harsh. The place aint a joke. Cold cheap beer. Infested with fleas. They have a good toilet at the back.

18 Nov 2007 09:16

The Lamb, Highbury

I was in there the other day. You know them places where you think "why don't I always come in here ?" It was one of them moments. Old Indian brother owns it, knows more about Jazz and Funk than any I know. Looks like he can tell Football Hooligans when to go home. Go on, find that anywhere else like this. The place makes North London North London.

4 Aug 2007 06:02

The Walkabout, Angel, Islington

OK, confess, did go there the other year. Believe this if you will, my mate got chucked out for talking to 'white ladies'. Realy. That is the kind of place this is. It realy exists and it is in London. Go there perhaps for a laugh.

24 Jun 2007 08:05

The House, Islington

Crap loction. Ex-estate pub. Blinding food. Never had pork belly so good. Wish I could think of bad stuff to say. Can't realy.

18 Jun 2007 05:58

The Angelic, Islington

Good in the day time. Packed in the evening. Good sprinkling of 'old bill' from the local station tends to squash atmosphere. Nice sandwiches but any one could do that. Salmon and Compass up the road is much better.

18 Jun 2007 05:54

The Compass, Islington

Good cold beer, friendly staff. Grown up music and atmosphere on a week day. Russian bloke on the door is exactly what you would want if you had a bar. DJs on a weekend can be shit. CLEAN TOILETS ! You could eat your dinner in there. Open late. I recomend.

18 Jun 2007 05:18

The Lamb, Highbury

What a bar should be. Right music right volume right staff. Don't open late enough. Needs air-con. Don't sell curry any more. CLEAN TOILETS ! How hard was that ?

17 Jun 2007 08:39

The Orwell Bar, Islington

How much would it cost to fit an extrator in the toilets ? nice cold beer and grown up music. A bar like this was needed round here.

17 Jun 2007 08:30

The Ranelagh, Bounds Green

Only place around without carpets and fruit machines. Nice beer garden but how much would it cost to go round it with a garden vac from time to time ? Uncut grass and strewn with fag buts.
This pub could be the best for miles around but for a few things : I have never in my life had to wait so long for a drink in a not that busy bar. If that skinny blonde bloke is the manager he is hopeless. Than bloke is a joke. You WILL have to wait an believably long time for a drink. The other staff are mostly cool. The new black geezer should be running the place, even says 'Hello' and 'Goodbye'.

17 Jun 2007 08:06

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