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The Shakespeare, Victoria

This is the worst pub I have ever been in. Beer is repeadadly off. The staff decide to serve ale with a 2 inch head, cos 'its that type of beer'. No.its not. Deeply unpleasant interior, with the worse forms of society inside. Dire pricing. Dire beer. Dire Service. Please never ever come here.

12 Jul 2011 13:29

The Fighting Cocks, Kingston Upon Thames

a crazy boozer. my friend was talked into buying a double vodka, by an australian nutter. he hates vodka. no ale, which is annoying, as some young people like ale. surely it wouldnt hurt too much to have a tap of pride?? a scary bunch of locals, and a rather "scene" crowd. i slipped on piss when i went to the loos though.

2 Apr 2008 18:43

The Marlborough Arms, Tottenham Court Road

decent central london pub, where you can get a fosters for 2 40! more importantly though, is the in house celebrity, none other than Jez of kids tv! friendly staff, especially jez, who was more than happy to shake my hand. guiness tasted fine, clearly things have got better recently. dodgy chisp though. both me and a friend mysteriously fell ill the very same evening. note, do not go for a shit in the right hand gents toilet if you have fat legs.. you wont fit!

28 Mar 2008 15:22

The Red Lion, Twickenham

went to this pub on a friday, and despite being followed by what appeared to be a stalker, right into the pub, had a pleasant time. although we were bricking it enough to leave after only one pint, we were there long enough to be charged high prices, for what should have been a cheap round. the band on show were moderatly entertaining, despite sound checking after every single song; yes this did become tedious very quickly. friendly bar staff, including jonny depp. not very much seating, so would no recommend for someone who likes a sit, on a friday or saturday.

16 Mar 2008 13:48

The Bull and Gate, Kentish Town

a superb pub, in what is a terrifying area. even on a sunday, a large number of people were there. despite sinking into a cavanous hole in my seat, and having a beer mat thrust into my mouth by a so called friend, a wonderderful time was had. the tables made for excellent beer curling arenas, and the prices of said beer were reasonable. not the place for the ale lover, with none on sale, not even for the cider lover, with none in the music venue area at least. hillarious locals, and good music; especially from harry and the endersons.

3 Mar 2008 21:47

The Sherlock Holmes, Charing Cross

a fine establishment for enoying a half of the cheapest whilst embarking on the circle line challenge. although our stay was brief, the staff were friendly and understanding to our outrageous order. not even very pricy for its location.

18 Feb 2008 19:43

The Willoughby Arms, Kingston Upon Thames

in response to the previous 2 comments, i must ammend my rating for this fine pubic house to a nine out of ten; now i know the local licsensing laws, and the point of view of the landlord. the choice of beers and ales was sublime, as was the talented performers including ted, harry and the hendersons and many more. i am sure in later years i shall frequently visit this fine pub; although a complementary pint of australias finest would be much enjoyed and appreciated. this whole kerfuffle is clearly just a misunderstanding, i was eager to make my birthday a joyous occasion for all involved.

18 Feb 2008 19:40

The Grey Horse, Kingston Upon Thames

great music last night, especially from harry and the hendersons, who are the next big thing. good pub, friendly staff, who kindly went beyond beyond the call of duty to provide plastic cups, when we left, to allow us to finish our winter warmers after closing time. maybe you should rebook harry and the hendersons soon! a pleasant selection of ales, although the guiness was a little iffy.

15 Feb 2008 10:10

The Bell Inn, Hampton

a lovely pub. however when recently drinking here an teenage oaf walked and and proceeded to be loud and obscene, thus ruining my drinking experience. this is not the pubs fault. maybe in future such ruffians should be thrown out.

12 Feb 2008 21:03

The Willoughby Arms, Kingston Upon Thames

whilst recently attending the pub on my 18th birtday i was served an ice cold XXXX. to my disgust it was poured away, even after being poured, and paid for. not i had the relevant id. i am sure the landlord is a lovely gent, however to me he was less than understanding on this joyous occasion. the open mic night which i was attending was interesting with talented musicions, however the beer stealing moment tarnished the night, and i shallnt be returning. for a better pub go to the victoria inn in richmond, which is far friendlier. this is not the way of encouraging a younger clientel.

12 Feb 2008 20:57

The Kings Tun, Kingston Upon Thames

a great pub if you love the aroma of rotting piss, or enjoy the feeling of glass being thrust into your eye. really, the only advantage of this pleb-magnet is the cheap prices. the bar staff are slow and bumbling. ales were horrific at best, the ciders were sold out.

12 Feb 2008 20:46

The Victoria Inn, Richmond

a lovely, small, friendly pub. even as a young drinker, the people are friendly; especially the lovely bar staff, who will always lend you a lighter etc. not much choice for the ale lover, but a large range of lagers; which are reasonably priced for a small pub in richmond. not the place for shots really, but for lovely fires you cannot go wrong. would benefit from some high commissioner wiskey for the drinker on a budget.

12 Feb 2008 20:43

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