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Comments by charlieguille

Hope Inn, Hulme

Still closed.

5 May 2013 23:49

Binary Bar, Castlefield

Functional and sterile bar but not unpleasant. Does basic food and shows football on the big screen.

5 May 2013 23:48

Banyan Tree, Castlefield

Modern bar opened as part of the new block of flats above. Has a good range of beers and other drinks (can't remember if any draught ales) and does good food too including Sunday roasts. Quite cosy for a modern place and on a nice day you can sit outside and admire the wasteland across the road.

5 May 2013 23:47

Pomona Palace, Hulme

Very standard pub. No idea how it stays open as there are never more than 2-3 people in there.

5 May 2013 23:42

Cord Bar, Manchester

Review from March 2008 sums it up. Lively enough but not mad busy at the weekend, possibly because it's hidden on a side street. Relaxed crowd and friendly staff.

5 May 2013 23:39

Bar Centro, Manchester

Now renamed 'Tib Street Tavern'.

18 Dec 2012 15:48

The Bedroom, Sheffield


16 Oct 2009 17:46

Man of Kent, Ashford

Cheap, lager-focused pub in busy location in pedestrianised town centre.

16 Oct 2009 17:29

Swim Inn, Sheffield

Fairly average/competent Wetherspoons, however it's very very dark and you can't see what you're eating or drinking!

16 Oct 2009 17:28

Willow Walk, Victoria

Cheaper than the Spoons above platforms inside Victoria

16 Oct 2009 17:27

The Princess of Wales, Charing Cross

One of the better pubs around Charing Cross/Strand area. Small and dark works well, creates good atmosphere esp after dark.

16 Oct 2009 17:26

The High Brooms Tavern, High Brooms

Lovely old pub, seems permanently on brink of closing down. Small cosy front bar, larger back room with pool tables and monthly folk music night which is always a treat.

16 Oct 2009 17:24

bar s1, Sheffield

Most of the comments below are spot on, also staff permanently miserable possibly for same reasons.

16 Oct 2009 17:19

The Hadfield, Sheffield

Now under new management, more targeted at students.

16 Oct 2009 17:18

Tequila, Sheffield

Competent cocktail bar with wide selection, cheap deals on most of the week, friendly staff. Not the most inspiring decor and not usually that busy.

16 Oct 2009 17:18

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