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Comments by bunny_hagar

The New Sun Inn, Kimbolton

Always good, staff will keep you well fed and watered. Became our saviour for a long winter period when work was keeping us late and we needed a meal, other pubs in the area turned us down yet the new sun would always rustle something up!
Second only to the pheasant in our opinion (but more conservatively priced depending on what you want).

18 Jun 2009 11:45

The Pheasant, Keyston

Serious restaurant and pub, always excellent (though the new Italian maitre d' has a habit of accepting too many 'walk-ins' so it was a bit overrun on our last visit - but they kept giving us free wine so no complaints by the end of the night!).
Good for a beer and nibbles through to finest a la carte - simply the best in the area by far.

18 Jun 2009 09:01

The Three Locks, Stoke Hammond

Been a couple of times recently, actually not badly done for a refit pub. Decent staff (main barman refused to serve alcohol to an under-age girl which I think is probably a good sign), food has good light lunch options (soup and a sandwich), beers decent, though not necessarily for the specialist.
Not cheap, but then has a decent canal-side location and a pretty nice atmosphere so take your pick.

18 Jun 2009 08:58

The Cheshire Midland Hotel, Hale

Like all pubs should be; completely unpretentious, room to sit/stand and chat with superb beer in a music/games free atmosphere.
Every time I visit I worry that someone will have taken it over and got a refit crew in to ruin it - thus far thank the Merciful Lord not!

18 Jun 2009 08:46

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