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The Ship Inn, Preston

Not bad. Used to avoid it when at uni in Preston because it put itself over as the'funky' student-friendly pub when it reality it wasn't that much cheaper than anywhere else also got stupidly crowded during term time. They probably lose a fair bit of custom because of the space given to a couple of pool tables into which they could fit a lot more people and make more money - an odd decision really. Food is ok for pub grub though and the staff are efficient and friendly. Nice place outside of term-time for non-students and a pleasant little beer garden (when the crowds aren't there).

9 Jul 2007 09:45

Time Square, Preston

Now called the Mad Ferret and apparently much improved since it was Time Square.

5 Jul 2007 14:22

53 Degrees, University of Central Lancashire

The Polygon is no longer there. Replaced by a night club called 53 degrees.

5 Jul 2007 14:21

The Black Bull, Fulwood

Not a very welcoming place. Packed with half-dressed wannabees on a Friday and Saturday and older men who seem to get off on the fact. Beer is nothing special, food is average and the bar staff all had looks on their faces as if they'd suffered bereavements. Won't be going back in a hurry.

5 Jul 2007 14:19

The Ocean Bar And Grill, Preston

Been a couple of times. The decor is more Manchester than Preston (not necessarily a bad thing). It can become hard to breathe amongst the deodorant and perfume which accompanies the crowds on their pre-club friday and saturday visits but this is no great shakes. It's a nice crowd rather than a boisterous one and the security guy on the door is usually a credit to his profession. I had cause to return some very poorly cooked food when I ate there once but this is apparently very rare (no pun intended!) and the manager dealt with it excellently. They also went out of their way to assist our wheelchair-user friend so full marks on that count.

5 Jul 2007 14:05

The Cheshire Cat, Chester

In terms of decor and staff friendliness and efficiency, I couldn't fault this place. The interior is tasteful without having reverted to the uniformity of a 'chrome & glass' makeover. Some great seating outside and far enough from the nearby A41 not to be noisy or stinking of exhaust fumes. However, the food was nothing to write home about. We ordered the sunday roast which came fairly swiftly but was stone-cold. The mash was distincly instant. At over 7 per meal this was really shoddy and the portions were noticeably stingy. Hopefully they'll sort this out because they really let themselves down on it.

4 Jun 2007 10:28

The New Britannia, Preston

Great place. A bit of a CAMRA joint but none the worse for that. They always have a good selection of guest ales from across the UK. The place is small and popular so it can get a bit crowded but this is no big put-off. I'm a bit mystified as to why, with such limited space, they give over so much of it to a pool table. Nobody I know goes there specifically to play pool. Also, they have a folk night from time to time and even if you want a quiet drink with music in the background this can be problematic - it's so small that whether you are near the singer or not the music inhibits any conversation. This again is no big disadvantage and this is high on the list of must-visits for visitors to Preston. A lovely pub.

2 Apr 2007 15:23

The Market Tavern, Preston

This place can be a little crowded during the day as it is small and has the market on its doorstep. However, it's a great place for a quiet evening drink and usually has 3 or 4 guest ales on tap. Nice to find a town centre pub that has not fallen prey to the corporate makeover treatment. I've heard it can be a little expensive but can't say I found this to be the case and I've not met any Preston locals with a bad word to say about it.

2 Apr 2007 15:18

The Dog and Partridge, Preston

Outstanding place. No pretensions, no corporate promotions plastered all over the place, reasonably priced beer served by staff who seem to know their stuff and a great atmosphere. It might not be everyone's cup of tea but if you want to avoid corporate pubs and experience a real local with character then give it a try. The biker crowd is much reduced in comparison to years gone by but I've always found it a friendly place. The previous poster is right - there are several aspects (such as a smelly loo) that you would criticise other pubs for but there is something about the D&P which renders such considerations irrelevant. A real pub run by real people for real customers.

2 Apr 2007 13:24

The Adelphi, Preston

When I first went to uni in Preston, fellow students and I used this place all the time. Then the landlord left, the decor changed into the 'oh so original' chrome & wood look and the place lost its atmosphere overnight. My last visit was last year when I had cause to complain about the over-officious attitude of the surly door staff and 'security' (complete with ear pieces) who stand around the place like bad CIA agents spotting potential transgressors at a demonstration. The mangeress was needlessly rude, arrogant, unhelpful, and confrontational. The beer is average and overpriced and the food is mediocre at best. A shame really because the staff are friendly and helpful but this is not enough to save this place. Awful.

2 Apr 2007 13:18

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