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Bar 366, Earlsfield

Nice to see so many locals loving the place. Sadly i think, no more.

What was a like-able little place to while some time away has it appears got ideas above its station. The sport obviously was a big pulling point here with the non-antipodean crowd gathering together, but those days are gone.

Instead we have a very poor, very overpriced, pathetic attempt at a cocktail bar. Printed wall-paper and empty frames on the wall a-la any poncey Soho bar sets the tone for this disgraceful rehash of everyone else's ideas.

The prices are truly disgusting for the area, making some central London bars cringe. Soft lighting is taken to a new level, (bring night vision) and curtains in the window, I'm not sure why.

The staff are the stereotypical, arrogant, waist coat wearing idiots you expect to see in 'exclusive' bars. Taking all the time in the world to 'craft' your drink while you slowly die of thirst.

Some solace can be found in the fact that the owner hasn't paid too much for the shoddy refit though, but i do hope he/she made their money before choosing this new direction.

Sure the bar had its problems in the past, bit too hot when busy, some 'choice' drinkers at times, but it was open late, it sold cheap beer and had a decent DJ. Easy to find as it was named after its address. Easy to sit and watch a game with a pint and remain anonymous. This was it's charm, this was its back bone.

Simply slapping the words cocktail bar on something do not make it so

So if over priced is what you're after, here it is. Its here in bundles with arrogance and pretentious. All wrapped up in a place so devoid of soul that they haven't even given it a different name.


28 Mar 2011 18:36

The +Venture, Balham

Its a little tucked away but worth a visit. All the staples of the cocktail bar are here, low lights and candles, menus on every table and most of all a decent Happy Hour.
Prices can seem a little steep but the drinks are good quality and the staff chatty to boot. Whilst waiting for my partner to arrive, this was a bonus.
As the night got on , the music crept up a few notches and the place had a nice vibe about it, with the fun centred around the bar and led by the staff. It all seems a little forced and rehearsed, paper towel wrapped around heads, heavy metal 'horns' being thrown to middle of the road rock classics, but fun none the less.
Happy Hour is definitely a big plus here, as i said the drinks can seem a little steep, but when you add in the friendly vibe and the general attention to detail it makes it worth the journey to Balham

19 Mar 2011 16:19

Mel's, Earlsfield

Decent little all rounder. Food is good and reasonably priced. Perfect for lunch and early evening eating. Staff are friendly enough to make you feel welcome but not all over you while you eat. Not sure about its potential in the evening as it seems a little 'yummy mummy' orientated (plenty of prams at lunch-time).
But if you can get past the ocassional child's wail, you'll get one of the better eating experiences in the area

19 Mar 2011 16:17

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