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The Star Inn, Crowlas

I know this site has gone out of fashion, but in the context of Cornwall this pub really is a bit special. If you want some real Ale and not Bloody St Austell Ales then this place is well worth seeking out. We came here totally out of season but it is only a 20 minute bus ride from Penzance.

1 Dec 2014 19:39

The Village, Muswell Hill

The weird thing is that the very first Wetherspoon was in Muswell Hill. Now, if you are a real ale drinker you have to go down the hill to 'The Turnpike'.

8 Aug 2014 16:54

The Watermans Arms, Richmond

Popped in one lunchtime for a break from the rain while walking the Capital Ring. Had best pint of Youngís ordinary Iíve ever tasted and a beautifully fresh Tuna-Mayonnaise Baguette, so Iíve got no complaints.

25 Mar 2011 13:41

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Wot I'd love to do, is take a whole bunch of interior designers and maketing consultants who are repsonsible for all of those bland, souless gatsro-pubs and lock them in The Wenlock Arms for a week. I wonder if any of them would survive?

24 Jul 2009 15:25

The Minstrel Boy, Barnet

It's definitely a 'geezer' pub. I don't think it's as rough as it was, but I can see why it can be a little intimidating. Beer is crap if you're into real ales. They occasionally experiment with the odd barrel of 'Abbott', but I don't think the staff know how to keep them. Weird thing is they do a roaring trade in the bottled beers.
It's the nearest thing to a local for me, so I wander in 4 or 5 times a month. It's always the same guys there, sitting in exactly the same place as they were the last time I visited. But isn't that what a local is all about?

24 Jul 2009 14:45

The White House, Highbury

Beer are always well kept, and the bar staff actually seem to be really interested in the Ales. Plus the food is always presentable. Yea, I know it's the typical Wetherspoon menu, but it's always well cooked. I've been to a number of other places, in some cases far more expensive places, where this hasn't always been the case. Mind you, if you're looking for a quiet night, I'd avoid it when Arsenal are at home.

24 Jul 2009 14:35

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