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Comments by bobhopeless

The Dove, Ipswich

The recent beer festival was excellent, over 70 beers, and the current lowly 7.3 score this pub has is a joke, BUT 3.50 for a burger? 2.50 for chips??

26 May 2009 17:23

The Fountain, Tuddenham

Pretentious restaurant masquerading as a pub. Warm Adnams bitter available direct from the barrel.

26 May 2009 17:00

The Dog Inn, Grundisburgh

Closed on mondays, including bank holidays

26 May 2009 16:57

The Sorrel Horse, Shottisham

A welcome suprise, beer on gravity dispense and above average food. Above average prices as well, 9.95 for a sunday roast, but just about worth it.

16 Jul 2008 11:42

Bentlands, Codsall

I was looking forward to going here, due to the mexican food they advertise. However, their Famous Bentlands Chilli has got chicken in it!!! Due to this heresy I cannot in any way, shape or form recommend this pub. The beer wasn't much kop either, although the staff were nice enough.

2 Jul 2008 16:14

The Codsall Station, Codsall

57evie - you do sound a bit of a mug mate, why go to a real ale pub and drink carslberg?

I found the three holden beers I tried all top drawer, just a shame its abit out of my way.

2 Jul 2008 16:11

The Bricklayers, Colchester

The fact its now 3.10 for a pint of broadside has made me review my previous high score, although its still a decent enough place

29 Apr 2008 17:43

The Dog and Pheasant (Hungry Horse), Mile End

Hungry Horse are a chain of pubs owned by greene king. The only beer they sell is that made by greene king. The pubs themselves are specifically designed for families of chavs to go dining in. Older chavs may drink stella all day whilst watching sky sports, whilst younger chavs are left in the play area - i.e. the pub

The bland food comes on big plates which you'd have thought they'd have trouble fitting in the microwave, but somehow they manage. The only positive is that service is so slow it gives you time to reconsider your choice of pub and make a swift exit before ordering

6 Jan 2008 16:13

The Bricklayers, Colchester

Just echo what the previous post said - excellent beer, a good range plus one of the few pubs in Colchester where you can get a pint of real cider, Crones being always on tap. The only others I can think of being the playhouse and the odd one out.

My only quibble would be they could maybe be have a bit more variety in their choice of guest beers. But still 10/10.

6 Jan 2008 15:06

The Fox and Fiddler, Colchester

Probably the best pub for a pint in the town centre itelf - well kept interesting beers from local breweries, and staff that notice when you come in.

I'm also suprised by the low rating - it does occasionally attract some rather loud types that swear a lot, and the sunday lunch is pretty revolting, which may have something to do with it. Oh, and there's no real cider, but overall well worth a visit.

6 Jan 2008 14:51

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