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Comments by bloodylimey

Tu Chicas, Wimbledon Park

NOW CLOSED - Now a restaurant, but wasn't that great anyway. Shame as a well priced Tex Mex place is needed in SW19

20 Aug 2012 11:21

The Leather Bottle, Wimbledon Chase

continues to be a good pub, friendly staff, cheap edible food and TV screens for football.
Only 3 tap beers, but usually selection of Doombar, Youngs best, Adnams, Black Sheep, Speckled Hen.

20 Aug 2012 11:16

The Common Room, Wimbledon Village

Now CLOSED - Reopened as a French Restaurant.

20 Aug 2012 11:14

Billabong, Wimbledon

Thankfully closed and now reopened as the Old Frizzle (eh? I don't get it?) which is better, a bit expensive gastro-pub style, but not bad

20 Aug 2012 11:10

All Bar One, Wimbledon

Recently visited as invited by friends to an evening there. Having hated in the past, I expected the worst.
However, the bar staff were good, friendly, the food edible, although very expensive, and the atmosphere good.
Only had one beer, Doombar at £3.90, which was OK.
So whilst it's still pretty soul less it's the worst place in the world.

20 Aug 2012 11:08

The Swan Tavern, West Wimbledon

Recently went here with a group of friends for drinks and food, but staff, in particular the manageress, were sooo rude, we decided to leave and vowed never to return.
It wasn't our first visit, have always thought the place wasn't that good, and the 'Village' has many better places, so would suggest find a better place who will be gracious enough to appreciate business.

20 Aug 2012 11:03

The Raynes Park Tavern, Raynes Park

Bit of an everything pub, service very changable, real beer OK. food inexpensive but so-so. However, if you want to watch football NOT on 3D, then this isn;t the place for you....

19 Dec 2011 17:11

The Junction Tavern, Raynes Park

Still closed. Not called the Funktion. Who knows, who cares.....

19 Dec 2011 17:09

Henry J. Bean's Bar & Grill, Wimbledon

Will never set foot in this place again.

19 Dec 2011 17:08

The Wibbas Down Inn, Wimbledon

Great beer selection, well looked after, but as with all Weatherspoons, the clientele are not as well behaved/refined as I'd like, but the food is well priced and exactly what you expect.

19 Dec 2011 17:06

The Terrace, Wimbledon

Awful, just everything I don't like about a place, far too expensive, no real beer, service poor and manageer exceptionally rude. Will never return.

19 Dec 2011 17:02

Edwards, Wimbledon

Real Beer drinkers avoid.

19 Dec 2011 17:01

The Prince of Wales, Wimbledon

I want to like this pub, but the bar management keeps ltting it down, beer quality very changable and regularly only 1 beer on tap.
Downstairs for Berties is OK, but again beer range limited.

19 Dec 2011 17:00

Yates's, Wimbledon

Now called the Slug, and not exactly the best place in town, but if you don't like beer (They have no ales) and love big screen TV for Rugby, then it's fine.

19 Dec 2011 16:58

The Alexandra, Wimbledon

The alex used to be my favourite pub in the area, but recent changes (over the past couple of years) haven't improved my experiences here. But the competition in town is pretty poor so I guess they don;t have to try too hard.
Great beer though if you can afford it.

19 Dec 2011 16:56

George IV, Chiswick

Best overall pub in Chiswick and possibly the best Fullers beer I know. Unfortunately trying to please everyone doesn;t always work, but they do as good a job as any pub I know.

19 Dec 2011 16:53

The Coach and Horses, Clerkenwell

Recently went in a large group for a 'gastro pub' dinner.
Nice pub, beer good, but not cheap, and generally a boozer, with outside seating.
However, as far as food & Service went, the place is far from meeting expectations.
Food was lousy and over-priced as if put together by someone who watched one of these masterchef programs on TV and thought I can do that!, the service was poor and amaturish, overall would not return for food but maybe a pint.

19 Dec 2011 16:50

The Jolly Woodman, Beckenham

Nice pub, good beer, but too expensive, better in summer I would think

19 Dec 2011 16:45

The Coach and Horses, Beckenham

Visited this pub this past weekend, encouraged after reading 'ripitupandstartagain's report from last November, where he recommended the place for fracás.
I told the 'Mrs' to doll herself up, we're off to explore Becknum and to find ourselvles a 'donnybrook'. It's always good to take the liitle lady for such events, particulalry when I need someone to 'hold me back'....She obliged and before we knew it, were safely inside the cramped and over packed interior, where the crowd divided into two side, football and rugby, where numerous middle-ageing geezers appeared in good spirit, they certainly seemed to confirm their King Edward potato look-a-like status, Excellent I thought, looks just the sort of place for us to get in a punch-up! So we stood and were suitably jostled, as I tried to look menacing and 'wanting to know'.... time passed with a rather pricey London Pride and glass of white wine for the lady, not exactly good, but better than I'd expected. Halfway through, still no fight... I started to consider some local pattois, maybe that would help, I rather fancied the old "Oi, you looking at my bird?" (Which I believe is the Beckenham town Motto?) but it just didn't seem to fit. More patrons piled into the bar and I started to get my hopes up, younsters all dollied up for a night out, surely they must be eager for a bit of a dusting?? But as one chap bumped into us he had the audacity to say 'sorry'!!!
Downhearted, we finished our drinks and left....
Maybe next eh?

19 Dec 2011 16:41

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