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Comments by binford

The Canonbury, Canonbury Place

Disagree with below reviews, refurb is great and staff were very friendly and helpful - not over priced (although expensive) and good choice of beers and food

7 Sep 2009 14:38

Polo Bar, Rydges Kensington London Hotel, Kensington

Drunk in here a few times, good selection and great service

7 Sep 2009 14:35

Amore Bar and Restaurant, Frodsham

I hate this place! So pretentious for small town Frodsham and too full of shipped in locals from over the bridge pretending they are 18 when they are thirty something. I wouldn't bother, it you like a beer buy it from the supermarket and go to teh local park ratehr than drinking in here!

26 May 2006 12:57

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