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Lardicake, Andover

two and half years since my last comment yet I drink in here every week.
It's still a local pub with cracking characters. the 3 real ales are still same brands (Timothy Taylors Landlord, Courage Best and London Pride, with a Scrumpy on the pumps as well.
This is a REAL pub. Large garden for smokers that has been well used all winter.
Always worth a visit if ust to listen to the local wit all around you!

13 May 2008 09:55

The Foresters Arms, Andover

Year and half since my last comment - but i'm now a irregular visitor to this smashing ale house. Dave and Anne have really turned this place round and its now a very popular pub. The menu is good old fashioned pub basics and the food is excellent.
Real ale regular Ruddles is well kept and there is usally a guest ale on as well.

Well worth a visit!

13 May 2008 09:50

The Globe Coaching Inn, Andover

I'd have to say after my most recent visit that the new tenants are trying hard to turn the pub around. Suffers a bit from the high steps at the entrance of the High Street, but it's popularity seems to be rising again.

24 Sep 2006 12:14

The Foresters Arms, Andover

Have to say that the new tenants are doing a great job of bringing this pub of life support. Friendly pub and food back on. Worth a visit again.

24 Sep 2006 12:10

The Angel Inn, Andover

Visited again for the first time in 3 months. New tenants have turned it around. Nice atmosphere and the real ale kept very well indeed

24 Sep 2006 12:08

The Globe Coaching Inn, Andover

Third of 3 town pubs on life support by Greene King.

4 Jun 2006 08:27

The Foresters Arms, Andover

Another town pub placed on life support by Greene King. Just what is going on in Andover these days? All the traditional pubs are failing.

4 Jun 2006 08:26

The Angel Inn, Andover

Currently pub is on life support and in a coma. Greene King have it on the market. Not open 3 to 6 Monday to Friday and not at all on a Sunday.

4 Jun 2006 08:25

The Bourne Valley Inn, St Mary Bourne

Excellent country pub. The menu is extensive on a evening and weekend (except Sunday when the Carvery is a deligt not to be missed!) Food superb.

Cheerful friendly and well worth the trip into the wilds of Hampshire.
See also a railway viaduct as you approach the village.

2 Feb 2006 16:23

The Foresters Arms, Andover

A friendly town centre pub that surprisingly does no food at all. This probably contributes to the fact it never seems busy at luncthime during the week. Another Greene King pub the ales reflect the brewery.
Ruddles best here though instead of the usual GK offering of IPA or Abott.

26 Dec 2005 16:52

John Russell Fox, Andover

ALthough the selection of real ales is always excellent the lack of staff mean you wait too long sometimes for service. Pub meals are popular though nothing special.

26 Dec 2005 16:49

Lardicake, Andover

The beers are kept really well. It's a local pub with some cracking characters. Real ales comprise courage Best, Landlord and London Pride.
If you don't like real pub s then stay away. Otherwise this is a pub worth the visit.

29 Oct 2005 20:01

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