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The Unicorn Inn, Deddington

In a small village with an abundance of pubs, The Unicorn stands up well to the competition. The menu was simple but very tastym the beer was well kept with a decent selection

23 Jan 2011 19:32

Victoria, Oxford

The pies are great, the beer was good, the chips were nasty and the staff were indifferent. It was deserted when I went in there on a sunday lunchtime, when all the other pubs in Jericho were fairly busy, Maybe that should have been a hint.

23 Jan 2011 19:30

The Royal Oak, Oxford

We eat here regularly, and the menu is frequently changed. The food is tasty but the prices have risen sharply recently and they've started using poncy wood boards to serve on. There is a good selection of wine, whisky and the beers are in general very good. They have frulli is you like something fruity, all the regular big names plus a rolling selection of real ales, including Ubu (my favourite) on ocassion. There's huge tables if you're with a big group but it can get very busy during termtime.

23 Jan 2011 19:01

The Lamb and Flag, Oxford

The beer was fine, but the staff were surly, and I had my wallet stolen whilst I was there. The staff were far from helpful. They don't take cards. It was an unlucky experience but I won't be going back.

23 Jan 2011 18:50

Royal Blenheim, Oxford

The White Horse brews are great, the food is also good. If you're into rugby i should imagine it's close to the perfect pub, though I tend to avoid it when they're showing a game as it gets very crowded.

23 Jan 2011 18:37

The Head of the River, Oxford

There's usually a decent selection of ales, occasionally a very nice wheat beer. On balance, there are better value pubs very close by and you're just paying over the odds for the river view.

23 Jan 2011 18:35

The Bear, Oxford

It's great to see a local pub selling local beers, like Shotover. We've had a great few pints in here. It's tiny and the tie collection in the back room will keep you entertained. The sign directing ladies to toilet near the front door always makes me snigger.

23 Jan 2011 18:25

The Bookbinders Ale House, Oxford

The back room is my favourite bit of this pub. It's cosy and full of musical paraphenalia. The guest beers we've had have all been fine. Although in general I'm not a GK fan, this pub seems to rise above its association.

23 Jan 2011 18:21

The Woolpack, Banbury

The Woolpack has been shut for two years, which is a real shame.

23 Jan 2011 18:16

The Swan, Banbury

They have a good selection of real ales at The Swan, and it's well kept. It's the best pub in Banbury to watch the football, when it's usually packed. There's plenty of banter but its not too lairy even when there's a derby match on.

23 Jan 2011 18:14

The Coach and Horses, Banbury

In general The Coach and Horses is a decent pub. The high stools and tables are a bit naff but the decor is a lot better than it was before the refit. When the sun is out, the little courtyard out the back of the pub is a great sun trap. We've had one duff pint at the end of a barrel in 2 years. The menu has been cut down dramatically since they opened and it is a shame that they stopped doing seasonal specials. It's not exciting but the food is tasty and there's a lot of it. If you ask nicely, they will turn down the music which is usually a bad selection of golden oldies.

23 Jan 2011 18:04

The Sun Inn, Hook Norton

We used The Sun Inn for a knees up this summer with a group of brewers. There were no complaints about the beer and it was a very choosy crowd, They put on an excellent buffet for us, which although more expensive than the other pubs in the village, was well worth it. The garden is great over the summer and I'd prefer to be out there when the weather's nice as sometimes there are some snooty stalwarts in the bar itself. The landlord tries but isn't always the most sociable but the other staff usually make up for him.

23 Jan 2011 17:40

The Pear Tree Inn, Hook Norton

The Pear Tree Inn is an old fashioned, no nonsense sort of pub. As it is spitting distance from the Hook Norton brewery there is a good selection of the local brews which have always been well kept when we've been. When they have a live band in it's crowded but good fun.

23 Jan 2011 17:29

George And Dragon, Chacombe

We often use this pub as a base for walking in the area. We've never had a bad meal or a bad pint, though for some reason the chef puts creme anglaise on virtually all deserts regardless of what they are. The staff are friendly and the service is great.

23 Jan 2011 17:21

The Blinking Owl Country Inn, North Newington

There were so many promising things about this pub: beautiful village, roaring fire, the cosy atmosphere, friendly landlord, simple good food. Unfortunately the beer was terrible. Out of the three beers we had, two were off. There were far too many pumps on and I suspect there just isn't the trade to get through the casks before they turn. The landlord didn't seem especially bothered that he was selling beer that was way past its best. It was a real shame.

23 Jan 2011 17:12

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