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The Black Prince, Woodstock

I called at this pub 3 or 4 times during the recent Sealed Knot weekend at Blenheim Palace, as the job of beer finder general I check the pubs for my regiment. the first visits were fine, beer OK and I judged it my favorite pub in Woodstock. The last visit was a disaster, most of my regiment are brilliant folk players and singers and we are always made welcome. I enquired whether we could sing and the young barmaid asked the landlord who said OK until 21.00, this only gave us 20 minutes, the reason given was that a team of Knock Down Sally were coming in from the garden - we would not be in their way so I was bemused. We sang for about 30 minutes and the barmaid came over and told us to stop whilst in the middle of a song, I said OK let us finish it, all the customers in the pub had given us constant applause. The very large landlord then came over and nose to nose with our main player told us to get out in a very threatening way. He is obviously a violent type and was looking for a fight so we left. I would not be surprised if others followed us. The other pubs in the town were fine. This guy needs a lesson in public relations, we will never return here if he is still in charge.

30 May 2013 11:57

The Red Lion, Oxford

I agree with Grahamh8, the ignorant aussie barman gave me a pint at least 10% short and said it was a legal requirement, he did top it up to my satisfaction but was very arrogant and unprofessional, furthermore the next customer was given a glass of beer with something black floating in it, instead of disposing of the pint he scooped the offending item out with a knife and handed the beer over. If I had been from trading standards he would have ended up at best sacked or in court. This place is a dump and best avoided.

30 May 2013 11:40

The Three Tuns, Gateshead

I note no reviews for 6 years, I wonder why. Could this be the answer, travelled from Carlisle based on an advert in N.E. Cheers magazine for Gateshead 4th International Pie Festival, and the Beer Festival ales.
Quote - Thousands of Pies - 16 !!! Dozens of Beers - 3 !!!
Seems an OK pub but misleading customers like this is not only illegal but bad form. Sort yourselves out.

5 May 2013 10:01

Hawkshead Brewery Beer Hall, Staveley

Having just read the comments from AqualungCumbria I would suggest he reads my review of the Oddfellows in Keswick and tries my tasting, how come somebody with such a name has only done 2 reviews in Cumbria and 14 in the North East, could there be some connection to Hawkeshead Brewery. Try the Oddfellows in North Shields and the new Vari-Head sparkler, perhaps you are not Cumbrian, what about a Maccem ?

22 Apr 2013 10:12

The Queen Inn, Great Corby

Now open as the Cumberland Breweries tap house.

9 Mar 2013 11:47

The Cumberland Arms, Tynemouth

This pub had gone downhill at my last visit, I was issued a guest ales collector card last Autumn which I was told would last a full year, when I tried to use it on a recent Saturday the young barmaid told me not only was it invalid at weekends - I only ever visit at weekends, but it was a 2012 card.
The beer I selected was the first of the day out the pump - at 13.15, no wonder they had so few customers, I asked whether it had been pulled through that morning and was informed no, the pumps are cleaned every 2 days, she did however pull 1/2 pint through. The beer was very vinegary and the next customer asked for the same, predictably the cask ran out. The alternative we both got was very flat and dissapointing. All pumps should be tested for quality by the landlord or qualified staff every session, this barmaid was obviously neither. Loyalty cards should be honoured, the Ts & Cs made no mention of weekends. I wont be back in a hurry.

7 Feb 2013 10:17

The Cumberland Arms, Ouseburn

This is one of my Ouseburn crawl pubs, it is always well worth a visit, however on Saturday there was a beer festival on, lots of interesting ales but at inflated Rip-Off prices. Many of the beers were 4 per pint and they were nothing rare i.e. Marble Ginger 4.5%.
This is not what I have become to expect of the Cumberland and if this is to set a precedent I for one will miss this one out, you dont get ripped off in the Cluny, Tyne or Free Trade, nor do they inflate their prices during festivals - Beer or Local.

16 Jul 2012 10:40

The Newcastle Arms, Newcastle

Beer festival this weekend, a regular feature. Lots of choice always in good condition, a rare gem for a town centre pub.
Close to St. james Park stadium and Metro station.

23 Jun 2012 10:10

The Boathouse Inn, Wylam

A must on any crawl of the Hadrians Line, at least 10 real ales always in great condition, there will be something for every taste. The numerous dogs can get a bit intrusive especially on Sunday afternoon when their owners feed them the free bar snacks, dont these people know that Cheese is very bad for them.
Occasional speciality beer festivals.

23 Jun 2012 10:07

The Water Witch, Lancaster

A must on any pub crawl of Lancaster, ale is fairly expensive but Camra card holders get about 20p off, not as good as the borough in the town centre. Cheese display looks tempting but is expensive. Best on a warm sunny day to sit by tthe canal side. Used to have a pool table which has been removed to make way for intrusive diners.
Turn right out of the pub and about 5 mins along the canal is the White Cross, also worth a visit.

23 Jun 2012 10:01

The Borough, Lancaster

This is my favorite pub in Lancaster, I come down from Carlisle for a pub crawl about once a month. The last reviewer must have landed on a bad day as I only ever have good friendly service here - and they dont know me personally. If she doesnt want to pay 3 a pint join Camra, you get 1 off a pint. A rare addition is handled dimple glasses, these are very rare in the North being a Southern home counties speciality.

23 Jun 2012 09:42

The Black Bull, Haltwhistle

Visited at 12.40 yesterday, pub empty, enquired whether any of the 6 real ales had been sold today - none replied the uninterested landlord / barman. Are you going to pull any off, no replied the same. At that stage I turned round and walked out. This was a great pub at one time, it would be busy with diners and drinkers by this time with a great selection of nibbles on the bar, the current owner has no interest or knowledge of customer service and the usual boring pub-co selection of beers. Try the Comrades Club down the road towards Hexham, great beers and friendly service.

11 Jun 2012 10:04

Turbo Pub, Gran Canaria

Dont confuse this with the fantastic Turbo Bar in Playa D-I Kasbah centre. The best Metal / Rock bar in the area.

11 Nov 2011 11:27

The Old Bar, Leeds University Union

Beer festival this week, good selection of both light and dark beers - well worth a visit.

3 Nov 2011 10:17

The Old Bar, Leeds University Union

My son went to Uni here and I got to know the Old Bar well - I still visit when in Leeds. 6 hand pumps usually on - mainly local Leeds ales and Blacksheep but often others all in good condition, there are 2 + 2 other handpumps but hardly ever used. The staff are mainly students and are very efficient, well worth a visit if you have contacts in the Uni.

1 Oct 2011 10:17

The Swan, Heddon on the Wall

Interesting mix of traditional and contemporary, real ales from Wylam sensibly priced and in good condition. Was very busy with tourists when I visited mainly wanting food, but I was served fairly quickly. Now the down point, the carvery would be suitable for vegetarians, I have never seen such a mean amount of meat served by the most miserable chef / barman I have ever chanced upon, if he was behind the bar the beer would turn sour. Meat does not cost a fortune and if I had eaten here it would be the first and last time and I would tell others. Sort this guy out, it was a great pub otherwise.

28 Sep 2011 11:00

The Keelman, Newburn

Interesting conversion of industrial premises, a mix of old and contemporary.
Full selection of Big Lamp beers and large food menu - although I hav'nt tried food yet. Situated in Tyne Riverside Country Park so ideal for families.

14 Sep 2011 11:09

Crown Hotel, Wetheral

Now has 3 real ales on handpump.

14 Sep 2011 11:06

The Corby Bridge Inn, Great Corby

Getting busier and better all the time, now four handpumps. Forget the Queen up the road - closed since March.

15 Aug 2011 11:17

Battlesteads Hotel, Wark

I went to their beer festival yesterday and found all the staff friendly and attentive, where this pompous bit comes from I cant tell, could it be the other pubs in the village whose reports are less than inspiring. For a small festival its one of the best I have ever been to - even the rain did'nt spoil the atmosphere. Compared to the usual private beer festivals along the line of the A69 this was great value 3 / 2 Camra, and all beers at 2.60 a pint, take note you 10 / 3 pint rip-off merchants ( you know who you are ) there is a new boy on the block, and the festival was for charity so you cant use that excuse. I hope that this will not only be a once a year occasion, I will certainly offer any help I can with publicity. Keep up the good work.

7 Aug 2011 10:04

The Oddfellows Arms, Keswick

This pub is good apart from my earlier comments, you are correct its my choice, the beer does'nt go flat it just appears so, try half with and half without the sparkler - preferably blindfolded, most who have tried this end up prefering the latter and have been surprised, would the landlord insist on giving Black Coffee to someone who requested White. There are pubs who will happily serve short measure to gain revenue - speak to trading standards, there is one national chain who are often guilty of this and I am surprised how few complain, perhaps it's the British attitude. As you may guess I was originally from Surrey and often get ribbed by my northern friends about this issue, but I dont give them grief when they take a sparkler down south in their pocket - yes I know a few who do, it's their choice. Let me know whether you have tried my experiment, let the beer rest on your tongue - it should tingle without the sparkler.

22 Jul 2011 11:00

Woodrow Wilsons, Carlisle

No longer offering discount to Camra card holders, this is not the decision of the pub manager. Also applies to William Rufus nearby.

13 Jul 2011 10:05

Hawkshead Brewery Beer Hall, Staveley

Interesting contemporary drinking hall with all the excellent Hawkshead beers, however my two visits - one in the old bar, and recently in the new were both spoiled by the arrogant attitude of A. the owner and B. a woman of a certain age who refused to serve the beer as requested - without the sparkler.
My view of this dreadful device has been aired elsewhere, yet again a lesson in hydrophysics - the sparkler flattens the beer, not the other way round, would this woman insist someone had their coffee black if they wanted white. In my world the customer is always right. A good afternoon spoiled by a single member of staff, my previous three ales were served by friendly staff as I wanted them and were in perfect condition. I went to a pub in the village and the barman said it was'nt the first time he had heard similar tales. Never again.

29 Jun 2011 10:24

The Free Trade Inn, Byker

The reports seem to vary but I come from Carlisle every other week for the Ouseburn crawl. Bus or Metro to Byker, first the Cumberland then Cluny, Tyne and last Free Trade. Staff are always friendly and knowledgeable. If the crawl is done in this order its almost all downhill. Dont be tempted by the Ship ( if its open, poor service and ale )

22 Mar 2011 10:37

The Queen Inn, Great Corby


22 Mar 2011 10:14

Crown Hotel, Wetheral

Great news, The Crown now gives Camra members with a "current" membership card 10% discount on Real Ale, please don't offer out of date cards or ask for discount on other drinks or food.

9 Mar 2011 10:17

The Queen Inn, Great Corby

Closed Tuesday all day but usually open lunch 12.00 - 14.00 ish.
2 beer festivals planned for this year.

2 Mar 2011 10:25

The Corby Bridge Inn, Great Corby

Pool table is back.

26 Dec 2010 11:27

The Briton's Protection Hotel, Castlefield

A rare gem, certainly one of my top 10 pubs in the UK. If you dont like crowds avoid Saturday afternoon.

12 Dec 2010 11:43

The Peveril Of The Peak, Castlefield

Yet again I travel from Carlisle on a pub crawl to find this gem closed at 15.30 on Saturday afternoon, no wonder its not in the GBG, fortunately there are several other great pubs within a short stroll. Try Rain Bar, Britons Protection and Knotts. Whoever owns / runs this pub needs a kick up the jacksie, when will they realise pubs are not an amusement for themselves but a public service, if this was in the GBG I for one would recommend exclusion.

12 Dec 2010 11:21

The Corby Bridge Inn, Great Corby

At last - new friendly management. Liz, Val and Steve have turned this great pub around as it was dying on its foundations. Seems to be open all day at weekends and from 15.00 on weekdays usually serving food. Best check for opening and catering. 01228 560221

16 Nov 2010 10:38

The Anchor Inn, Lower Froyle

In my top 10 of pubs, great decor and ale, interesting pictures in mens loo - does anyone know the source. Beer prices ok, cant comment on food as i've not eaten there. This is how country pubs should be.

3 Sep 2010 10:52

The Bolton Arms, Old Basing

I went with 6 friends over the weekend and were made to feel very unwelcome despite an earlier assurance that all would be well, the landlady scowled at us for our entire visit and the pub was'nt even busy. This establishment seems to be well known in Basing for this type of attitude - don't waste youe time on it.

1 Sep 2010 10:42

The Coach and Horses, Carlisle

Well Mr. Investigator, your pal has done a runner from both pubs. What did I say about the way he treated staff ?
See the News & Star 23/08/10

24 Aug 2010 10:22

The Coach and Horses, Carlisle

t.i. - Wrong, I used this pub regularly up until a few years ago and it was good, it has now gone downhill - note the police raids. The Bay is souless and has no real ale - the only growth market in the industry. I'll bet you are a lager man !!

21 Aug 2010 10:57

The Coach and Horses, Carlisle

I believe this pub is now owned by the same people as the Bay, if my information is correct their treatment of staff leaves much to be desired - I would not recommend either establishment.

20 Aug 2010 12:48

Lake Road Inn, Keswick

Not a patch on its old self now Robinsons have taken over.

26 Jul 2010 10:09

The Smugglers, Roker

Modern unassuming pub on seafront but closed for my Roker pub-crawl on a busy Friday lunchtime - bad news, and poor for public relations. It would take wild horses to drag me in if I was ever nearby again.

24 Jul 2010 10:52

The Cliff, Roker

If you are a real ale drinker dont bother if this place is empty or has just opened, I asked how much ale had been sold this lunchtime - none was the reply. Do you pull any off ? - No. Exit stage left !!!

24 Jul 2010 10:47

Bank Tavern, Keswick

Fine if you dont mind waiting for the staff to stop chatting, the old woman who served me could make the beer go flat with a single glance. Beer overpriced like many Keswick pubs.

24 Jul 2010 10:42

Dog and Gun, Keswick

Without doubt the best in Keswick, great ales, food and staff. A total opposite to the Oddfellows down the road.

24 Jul 2010 10:38

The Oddfellows Arms, Keswick

The landlord here needs a lesson in public relations - 1. when a customer requests beer served without the sparkler it is HIS choice, this guy has never heard the term " The customer is always right " 2. a lesson in hydro-physics, the sparkler actually makes the beer flat, not the other way round. I suspect the motive is getting 80 pints out of a 72 pint cask - trading standards please note.
I wonder what the Marston Beer Companies guidelines on this old chestnut are, Camra states that southern beer should always be served without the sparkler,and northern beer if requested without. many of Marstons products are southern brewed and therefore will be ruined by this insidious device. I wonder whether he drinks real ale - I suspect he is a Lager Boy.

24 Jul 2010 10:32

The Cumberland Arms, Ouseburn

Well worth a visit on the Ouseburn pub crawl, great ale and friendly staff.

4 Jul 2010 11:31

The Cluny, Ouseburn

Great place, lots of ale and friendly staff, the manager even went out of her way to direct me to the Cumberland Inn after my pint. See the report I made on the Ship Inn opposite.

4 Jul 2010 11:29

Ship Inn, Newcastle

14.05 Saturday afternoon, sunny hot day. 2 hand pumps, I enquired which had sold most this lunchtime - none was the reply. Are you going to pull any off ? no said the disinterested bar maid, does that mean its been standing in the lines since last night ? yes she said. Needless to say there wasnt a single customer in the pub. Exit stage left to the Cluny opposite, packed with customers and lots of good real ale, friendly knowledgeable staff and a great atmosphere.

4 Jul 2010 11:26

Crown and Cushion, Appleby-in-Westmorland

One of only two pubs open on Saturday lunch during the horse fair, ran out of real ale as I was being served but only charged for half pint although nearly full, very popular with the gipsies who added to the character of this fine pub. All the closed pubs should be kicked out of any guide listing them.

6 Jun 2010 11:33

The Golden Ball, Appleby-in-Westmorland

Down to earth town pub from Marstons next to amazingly low cost Indian restaurant. I mention this as one of only two pubs open on Saturday lunch during the horse fair and the only one with real ale, this is'nt good enough and all the closed pubs should be kicked off any guides listing them.

6 Jun 2010 11:29

The Queen Inn, Great Corby

This excellent pub is now accessible from Wetheral station - the bridge footpath is finally open, good news for those on the Whistle Stops rail ale trail from Carlisle / Newcastle.

29 May 2010 11:26

The Coach House, Heads Nook


26 May 2010 11:34

The Queen Inn, Great Corby

Now open every day 10.30 - 4.30. Present beers are Loweswater, Allendale & Corby. Viaduct still closed, so no access from Wetheral thanks to Capita.

9 May 2010 15:57

The Rovers Return, Douglas

Probably my favorite Douglas pub, great ales and very friendly, only downside can be a bit scruffy and smelly after a session.

3 May 2010 11:51

The Queens Hotel, Douglas

Good spot on the road between the 2 railways, nice beers and good atmosphere, went several times during Camra conference. One of 3/4 pubs on or just off the promenade.

3 May 2010 11:48

Woodrow Wilsons, Carlisle

Still a good place for real ale near the station - 3 minute walk, friendly staff, it sometimes seems like a Spanish bar when the staff start singing and acting.
Far better than the nearby Griffin which can be very erratic on quality and availability. Show a Camra card and get a pint for 1.49

3 May 2010 11:43

Crown Hotel, Wetheral

Well Pubman, why not indendtify yourself, I still feel we have something in common, if only good beer.

25 Apr 2010 16:12

Crown Hotel, Wetheral

Ah - you've woken up at last, it must be spring. I would agree the beer is overpriced, as for poor quality I cant remember sending a pint back exept when it was first out and warm, my only complaint is when bland non local beers i.e. Theakstons and Green King are the only ones available. Geltsdale should always be on.

15 Apr 2010 09:06

The Wheatsheaf Inn, Wetheral

the Wheatie has really turned round since Punch sold it, always 3 real ales on in great condition including my favorite - Hawkeshead Bitter. Open all day every day, somewhat unusual in this area. If strange to the area also try the Crown Hotel, Waltons Bar.

3 Apr 2010 10:37

The Queen Inn, Great Corby

Paul plans to open lunchtimes from Easter. Beer festival planned to coincide with the village fete 25-27 June. Corby Bitter always on plus 1 or 2 guests.

29 Mar 2010 09:35

Mitre, Edinburgh

Great M&B pub on the Robert Burns ale trail, good selection of real ales although a bit pricey, if you get 6 stamps on the trail brochure you get a free t-shirt.

7 Mar 2010 11:17

The Borough, Lancaster

Found this pub yesterday recommended by the barman at the Boot & Shoe in nearby Scotforth which is itself well worth a visit. I have known Lancaster for years and never been here before, what have I been missing - the best pub in town. Great selection of fine ales very friendly knowledgeable staff and an interesting fellow Camra enthusiast, unusually a lady. This pub must be included on any Lancaster crawl.

2 Mar 2010 12:04

The Boot and Shoe Hotel, Scotforth

Visited yesterday, good range of ales - perhaps too many for winter but both I tried good, friendly barman gave lots of information on local pubs so a good pub crawl which ended in the Borough in town centre - brilliant finish.

2 Mar 2010 11:31

The Victoria Hotel, Leeds

One of the best pubs in Leeds, interesting real ales and friendly knowledgable staff, try the T-shirt trail.

8 Feb 2010 11:03

The Scarbrough Hotel, Leeds

Good if you are waiting for a train, as previously stated not the best Nicholsons pub in Leeds but definately worth a visit if only for a pie and pint

8 Feb 2010 11:00

Saltgrass, Sunderland

I believe it has now been chucked out of the Good Beer Guide, what a waste Punch have a good reputation for Real Ale normally.

14 Jan 2010 11:20

Crown Hotel, Wetheral

I guess pubman is not local otherwise he would have tried the Crown a couple of times, pubs are rarely busy at all times. Judging by his lack of reports he is probably not a regular pubgoer, I go in the Crown almost every day - and I have no connection with it, as for working in any pub - no thanks. If he cares to identify himself if ever in the area again perhaps I could enlighten him about village pub life.

6 Jan 2010 10:18

The Boathouse Inn, Wylam

Last time I was in they had fallen out with Wylam Brewery and were no longer the brewery tap, I hope this has been resolved.

28 Nov 2009 11:49

Crown Hotel, Wetheral

I cant understand the last two comments, staff are always friendly and bar always clean, if its busy of course you may have to wait to get served - a busy pub is a good pub.

24 Nov 2009 11:26

The Queen Inn, Great Corby

Now open only Fri / Sat / Sunday lunchtimes during winter.

6 Nov 2009 10:39

The Griffin, Carlisle

Tried it again as it got national GBG entry, Brew Dog in fine condition but served 10% short, pub too busy to argue the point and at 1.35 per 1/2 pint I wont bother again, I get a full pint for only 14p more at Woodrows as a Camra member.

27 Sep 2009 17:21

The Griffin, Carlisle

Tried it again as it got national GBG entry, Brew Dog in fine condition but served 10% short, pub too busy to argue the point and at 1.35 per 1/2 pint I wont bother again, I get a full pint for only 14p more at Woodrows as a Camra member.

27 Sep 2009 17:21

The Wheatsheaf Inn, Wetheral

Back on its feet again and serving interesting ales in good condition, well worth a visit on the Corby / Wetheral pub crawl.

27 Sep 2009 17:05

The Cooperage, Newcastle

Closed due to the yuppies in their river flats next door objecting to music. why did they move next door to a pub ?

23 Sep 2009 11:22

The Wheatsheaf Inn, Wetheral

Now privately owned and hopefully improving, watch this space.

23 Sep 2009 11:19

The Queen Inn, Great Corby

Amendment to my last entry. Opens 12.00 - 14.00 weekdays, sometimes later if busy.

23 Sep 2009 11:15

The Queen Inn, Great Corby

Paul has just been awarded entry into the national Camra good beer guide, a rare accolade in this area, usually 2 local ales on and often 3. A good bet for a pub crawl of Corby and Wetheral. Usually closed weekday afternoons and all day Tuesday - best to ring first, 01228 562008 / 560278.

23 Sep 2009 11:11

The Corby Bridge Inn, Great Corby

New tenants Percy and Alison are doing well, no food yet but should be on soon, usual beers from Thwaites but no guest ales.

4 Sep 2009 10:27

The Corby Bridge Inn, Great Corby

Under new tenants from today - watch this space.

17 Aug 2009 09:49

Saltgrass, Sunderland

Went a couple of Sundays ago about 13.00, only person in. Some people later came for food - non available kitchen closed, what a state to let this previous great pub to get in. Kayleigh has gone - dont blame her.

4 Aug 2009 12:05

Saltgrass, Sunderland

Went a couple of Sundays ago about 13.00, only person in. Some people later came for food - non available kitchen closed, what a state to let this previous great pub to get in. Kayleigh has gone - dont blame her.

4 Aug 2009 12:04

The Bulls Head, Arthingworth

Great real ale pub handy for Kelmarsh Hall, good food & friendly staff - the landlady Sandie is fantastic, she has even given us lifts back to Kelmarsh Hall after closing when we have put on Civil War re-enactments, weel worth a visit. Northampton Skittles in back bar.

30 Jul 2009 10:25

The Wheatsheaf Inn, Wetheral

Unfortunately the new tenants seem to care more about reading newspapers than making their customers feel welcome, on my last 2 visits there were only a couple of customers in including me - and that was Sunday lunchtime, as usual once I had been served my pint I was ignored. The 2 real ales were of the boring common variety - GK ipa & Black Sheep Bitter, have these people no imagination whatsoever, Punch have a good guest list. Not worth the bother, try the Crown instead.

30 Jun 2009 10:45

The Withies Inn, Compton

I used this pub during the recent Sealed Knot battles at Loseley, owners very welcoming and friendly, we had a folk night here on the Saturday. Beer good and reasonably priced for the area, didnt eat so cant comment although it looks pricey. Its true about the waiters - perhaps they should wear smiley masks, all in all well worth avisit if you are in the area.

10 Jun 2009 10:37

The Good Intent, Puttenham

I went to the beer festival over bank holiday, really superb. I always liked this pub but when my friend was charged 5 for a very average burger I was furious, even worse was when the BBQ chef took a fag break and returned to cook without washing his hands, handling sausages and bread - minging !!! not what I expect, it wouldnt have happened under the last tenants.

1 Jun 2009 11:48

Saltgrass, Sunderland

Great pub but as with many other Punch taverns overpriced to tenants who are about to leave. Kayleigh behind the bar is a gem - I hope she stays on with the new mugs - sorry tenants.

11 May 2009 12:06

The Queen Inn, Great Corby

Beer festival over Easter 7+ ales, similar is planned for first May bank holiday, good start yesterday all on including the new Cumberland brewery across the road from the pub.

11 Apr 2009 12:18

The Griffin, Carlisle

This place has gone downhill a lot since my last review despite claiming to be Camra pub of year / season, often advertises lots of interesting ales on board outside but frequently only same old boring Theakstons Bitter and Mild on. I have also had to send back ales in poor condition. One of their latest accolades is a fine beer award - judged by no less than cask marque - a subsciption organisation, how they got this with a 100% mark leaves much to the imagination. Worth a try if you have only 10 or 15 minutes before your train otherwise Woodrow Wilson 2 minutes down the road is the best local bet.

28 Dec 2008 11:06

The Queen Inn, Great Corby

Black Sheep is now off the menu and is replaced with an ever changing variety of Cumbrian ales, probably the most unusual selection in the area. If you make it over Christmas the rare Robinsons Old Tom is available - it wont last long if I get near it !!!

24 Dec 2008 11:23

The Wheatsheaf Inn, Wetheral

New younger couple now in but still a bit quiet, hopefully will soon re-establish itself. Worth a visit along with the Crown if you are in Wetheral.
Try the 2 pubs across the river in Great Corby.

30 Oct 2008 11:31

The Broadway, Derby

Great for a big roadhouse and "plastic" pub, interesting range of real ales served by willing and friendly staff. Walk through Darley park to the nearby Abbey Inn ( but not after 15.00 as it closes in the afternoon )

1 Oct 2008 17:46

The Abbey, Derby

This has got to be most interesting pub for miles, great Sam Smiths beer at prices beyond belief, plenty of parking and on the edge of Darley Park, walk through the park and there is a great Ember Inn at the top of Darley Park Drive - I can't remember the name though. They must have cleaned the place up recently because I did'nt detect all the faults previously mentioned.

1 Oct 2008 17:41

The Duke of Cumberland, Henley

Gem of a pub, best on sunny days as can get full, great beer, food looks interesting although I hav'nt eaten here for many years. Try the Holliss at Lodsworth if in the area.

1 Oct 2008 17:32

The Hollist Arms, Lodsworth

Visited this pub last week for the first time, what a gem. Landlord and the lady behind the bar were fantastic ( I don't think it was his partner) beer great - Kings from Horsham, I did't eat but my friends did and although the prices were high to me ( I'm from Cumbria ) they seemed average for area and food looked very good. Try the Duke of Cumberland at Henley if in the area.

1 Oct 2008 17:25

The Queen Inn, Great Corby

For those who missed it the beer festival was excellent, as a result Paul intends having a regular change of one guest beer along with the rare Black Sheep Ale.

1 Oct 2008 17:08

The Wheatsheaf Inn, Wetheral

A shadow of its former self, usually deserted - if they bother to open at all. This pub needs young blood behind the bar as it was a haunt of students in the past. Punch needs to sort a reasonable rent - why should tenants work for nothing ?

8 Sep 2008 10:35

The Plough Inn, Stathern

Friendly village pub, real ale and helpful landlord - David. Food is reasonably priced for area but 2 out of 10 in my party complained ( to me ) about size of portions, one had only 2 bits of meat in his pie. Well worth a visit though.

31 Aug 2008 11:00

The Kings Head Inn, Carlisle

Good REAL pub behind the old town hall, Yates ale plus 1 or 2 others, can get a bit crowded but worth seeking out. Owner also has the Linton Hotel off Botchergate - an architctural masterpiece but too far to walk and find, worth a taxi ride. Also try the Howard Arms nearby.

3 Aug 2008 10:53

The Howard Arms, Carlisle

One of the few REAL pubs in Carlisle, 2 real ales usually Theakstons & Black Sheep, neither are great favorites of mine ( too common around here and rather bland ) but always in good condition. The tiled exterior shows the Camra mob ( thats me folks ) that Lager is not a recent sad trend, these antique tiles were covered by board until a few years ago and may now be listed. Well worth a detour from the station, also try the Kings Head a few minutes walk through the lanes.

3 Aug 2008 10:47

Kings Highway, Inverness

I stayed at the lodge on Saturday night and had none of the problems reported earlier, always someone at or near reception, beer as good as any Wetherspoons and the Beef Rendang I had on the specials notice was excellant - now the bad part, breakfast on Sunday morning was cold except the fried egg which had seen the pan for a few seconds on one side only, this seems to be a common fault in many Wetherspoons, maybe all the chefs are only trained to make salad. All in all still well worth a visit.

30 Jun 2008 11:27

Johnny Foxes, Inverness

The reports are a bit old so I dont know if management has changed, pub is OK but as far as price goes this has to be the biggest rip-off in Inverness, 1.65 for half pint of Deuchars IPA, a pint of this is less in the Kings Highway up the road. No price list on view ( I thought that was illegal ) barman said it must have been stolen !!!!

30 Jun 2008 11:18

The Corby Bridge Inn, Great Corby

Both pubs in Corby are well worth a visit, real ales from Thwaites - not my favorite but always in fine fettle, plus the fabulous Kingstone Press Cider - Keg but never the less very tasty. Eddie has just built a barbeque in the attactive front garden to make the food range wider in the summer. Look out for the interesting railway prints and posters in the bars.

5 Jun 2008 10:57

The George Inn, Warwick Bridge


5 Jun 2008 10:41

The Queen Inn, Great Corby

Both pubs in Great Corby are now well worth a visit, the Queen is more food orientated but always has two real ales on including the rare Black Sheep Ale - not to be confused with the Bitter. A date for the diary is the weekend of 26-28 Septenber when Paul is putting a beer festival on, 9 ales are intended mostly from Cumbrian breweries that do not appear around here. Closed on Tuesdays.

5 Jun 2008 10:40

The Fox and Pheasant Inn, Armathwaite

Robinsons house with the usual real ales, unimaginative but served in good condition, why does'nt Old Tom appear occasionally.Look out for annual Bikers rally, good craic and lots of bikes to admire.

9 May 2008 10:53

The Duke's Head Hotel, Armathwaite

Up market hotel and restaurant with couple of real ales, two bars, one seems to be more for drinkers and fishermen. Look out for the beer festival end of May bank holiday.

9 May 2008 10:50

Crown Hotel, Wetheral

Up market hotel near station, Waltons bar usually stocks two real ales - one from local brewery Geltsdale. Friendly staff and homely atmosphere, closes most weekday afternoons.

9 May 2008 10:46

The Boathouse Inn, Wylam

Still as good as ever and now stocking Geltsdale beers from Brampton, often has folk music on Saturday afternoon.

17 Mar 2008 10:16

The Boathouse Inn, Wylam

Amazing place, mega friendly locals and staff and beer heaven as stated earlier, rated in my top five pubs ever.

30 Dec 2007 11:40

The Corby Bridge Inn, Great Corby

New tenants John & Eddie are doing a great job - cheers

30 Dec 2007 11:36

The Queen Inn, Great Corby

I have been in a couple of times and what a change - friendly, welcoming and more pubby. Food has already had a good referral from friends, can't wait to get the pool table back.

18 Dec 2007 10:43

The Queen Inn, Great Corby

Queen plans to re-open Tues eve 11th Dec. New tenants used to have the Fox & Pheasant in Armathwaite which had a good reputation for food, so watch this space.

8 Dec 2007 12:26

The Stag Inn, Crosby on Eden

Still as good as ever, take cash for food as they may not have card facilities yet.

21 Nov 2007 12:06

The Wheatsheaf Inn, Wetheral

Latest rumour is open first week in December, same with Queen in Great Corby.

21 Nov 2007 11:37

The Queen Inn, Great Corby

Latest rumour is first week in December, same with the Wheatsheaf in Wetheral.

21 Nov 2007 11:36

Twice Brewed, Hexham

Still a good place for real ales although they cut down in the winter, B & B and you can walk to the Milecastle Inn about 2 miles to the west for a couple of good pints. A good pair.

4 Nov 2007 16:33

The Black Bull, Haltwhistle

As expected S&N have installed their usual boring selection of ales, however there are still 6 on tap if you can cope with the same old stuff.

4 Nov 2007 16:27

The Queen Inn, Great Corby

Rumour has it that the Queen may re-open soon, watch this space.

2 Nov 2007 11:19

The Queen Inn, Great Corby

I do'nt Know who Alison is but she obviously did'nt know it before the last disasterous "non hosts" and I have used this pub for 40+ years, perhaps she was their only friend. Perhaps she should check their previous poor record.

6 Oct 2007 18:59

The Wheatsheaf Inn, Wetheral

Closed 2 days ago - Why ? its a Punch Tavern - surprise, surprise.

21 Aug 2007 20:08

The Griffin, Carlisle

One of the few good real ale haunts in Carlisle, Camra beer festival from 27 - 29 July, good if waiting for a train - also try Woodrow Wilson 200 yards down Botchergate.

27 Jul 2007 12:21

The Stag Inn, Crosby on Eden

Lovely country pub, good beers and food, soon to change tenants - watch this space.

25 Jun 2007 10:59

The Corby Bridge Inn, Great Corby

Now up and running as a pub should be, Duggie, Liz and Martin have turned the place round. It is now the busiest pub in the area.

25 Jun 2007 10:56

The Corby Bridge Inn, Great Corby

Now under new management, food available and looks interesting, will also open B & B rooms - about time !

1 Jun 2007 12:15

The Greyhound Hotel, Shap

Excellant large pub with up to 8 real ales on, visited May bank holiday and busy without being overcrowded, Keswick ale was to kill for. 3 other pubs in village so a good crawl.

8 May 2007 08:31

The Black Bull, Haltwhistle

This freehouse has been bought by Scottish & Newcastle, if you want to try it before hand over you have about a week. It may not change much although S&N beers will probably dominate, I reserve judgement.

17 Apr 2007 08:51

The Talbot, Knightwick

Great beer, Great food - say no more squire.

12 Apr 2007 12:22

Hare and Hounds, Brampton

Now closed and converted to expensive yuppy cottage

19 Mar 2007 10:03

The Pheasant Inn, Cumwhitton

Good country pub with real ales and famous for Sunday lunches.

19 Mar 2007 09:56

The New Beehive Inn, Bradford

I stayed here for 3 nights at the weekend for the Leeds Beer Festival, the rooms are basic and a bit tired but clean and adequate. As for cheap accomodation I dont consider 32 + 6 for breakfast cheap for a single room, (try Wetherspoons for breakfast - about 2.60 ) I normally pay about 25 B&B for this standard. As for the pub - what a delight Gas lights, Pool table, friendly locals, good beer !! and you guessed it - no pump clips, definately worth a visit.

19 Mar 2007 09:22

The Black Bull, Haltwhistle

Best pub in Haltwhistle, great selection of real ales and a cosy local atmosphere, most of the other pubs in town are scruffy and smokey - a few miles to the north are the Milecastle and Twice Brewed both worth a visit.

11 Mar 2007 10:39

The Union Rooms, Newcastle

Not my favorite Wetherspoons but certainly good for the station, some complain about the main downstairs bar being a bit rough and dirty, try upstairs - much more civilised. Good selection of ales usually but often dominated by " Not available " from the Sorry brewery.

28 Feb 2007 11:35

The Quayside, Newcastle

Ok as far as Lloyds / Wetherspoons goes, reasonable real ale but not always a good selection, worth visiting if only as a stopping off place for the Cooperage opposite which is excellant.

28 Feb 2007 11:13

The Cooperage, Newcastle

At last - a decent landlord who cares about customers and quality ale, this old pub has been rescued from the pits and is well worth re-visiting, I think I will call in tomorrow.

28 Feb 2007 10:57

Crown Posada, Newcastle

One of the best in town, interesting real ales, stottie for 1 and facinating interior, a great first stop on the way to the Quayside from the station or Wetherspoons.

27 Feb 2007 08:45

The Pheasant Inn, Cumwhitton

Friendly village pub serving 2/3 good real ales and interesting food, rustic atmosphere and non of the pretension so common in this area. Check for lunchtime opening as can be erratic. 01228 560102

26 Feb 2007 08:38

The George Inn, Warwick Bridge

Watch this space - pub re-opens Fri March 2nd.

25 Feb 2007 11:27

The Bitter End, Cockermouth

Have the staff changed in the last few months, I have never had anything but good service,as I only visit during the day is this an evening problem ? Great guest ales and even better pub brews, definately the best pub in Cockermouth.

2 Feb 2007 10:12

The Belted Will Inn, Hallbankgate

Well worth a visit, good real ales ( Often from the new Brampton brewery ) friendly staff and a pool table - increasingly rare in this up-market area east of Carlisle. Try the Blacksmiths in Talkin if in the area.

1 Feb 2007 09:01

The Old Bull and Bush, North Hampstead

I used to use the B & B in the mid to late 70s and it was the best place in London to meet girls and friends, especially foreign students and au pairs, it was well worth the trip from Streatham most nights, great beer and always crowded - in a nice way. It's very sad to hear what it is like now - do the publicans never read web sites like this, who owns it now ?

30 Nov 2006 09:03

The Blacksmiths Arms, Talkin

Splendid village pub with good variety of real ale and food, very friendly staff and locals who make strangers feel welcome. Many pubs in this area are becoming poncey restaurants, but not the Blacksmiths.

30 Nov 2006 08:38

The Kings Head Inn, Carlisle

One of the few pubs in Carlisle I would recommend to strangers, interesting beers - usually has Yates, my favorite Cumbrian brew, and well placed in the centre of the shopping area so you guys can let the wench wander around the lanes whilst you have a scoop. Can get a bit smokey.

5 Nov 2006 11:21

Woodrow Wilsons, Carlisle

My favorite pub in Carlisle, as is usual with Wetherspoons interesting selection of beer most times although "Not Available" by the Sorry brewery appears a bit too often. Very good value food - try the amazing breakfast for less than two quid.

5 Nov 2006 11:13

The Linton Holme Inn, Carlisle

Great find for a town residential centre pub, interesting ales and a very unusual layout.Looks as if they also have the occasional band playing

5 Nov 2006 11:08

The George Inn, Warwick Bridge

When will they ever learn, another Punch pub destined for property development!!! - surprise, surprise. Closed at the moment and been through more tenants than a Scottish football hooligan. Great potential but needs a strong landlord and a decent area manager.

3 Nov 2006 10:49

The Corby Bridge Inn, Great Corby

If you think this is bad try the Queen up the road, the Bridge has recently been sold to Thwaites so I guess it may become more pubby, at least you can still play pool, darts & dominos. Beware of the staff, they will close the bar on a whim.

3 Nov 2006 10:44

The Wheatsheaf Inn, Wetheral

3 real ales, interesting well priced menu, well worth a visit but can get smoky when busy. Try the Killoran nearby before it closes.

3 Nov 2006 10:30

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