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Watermill Inn, Lelant

Eaten here 4 times this year, and it's excellent as always. The beer is always well kept, the staff well trained and friendly, and the pub always clean and pleasant.

The proprietor, Frank Symes, knows his stuff and is regularly behind the bar. He is certainly not a complete basket case - I think ROB54 may have some allegiance to the Old Quay House...

The best pub in Lelant, and the best food for miles around - 10 out of 10.

8 Dec 2010 09:39

The Old Quay House Inn, Hayle

This place is terrible - don't waste your time or money, go to The Watermill instead.

8 Dec 2010 09:37

Admiral Boscawen, Truro

Used to be a great pub, now it's a confused wine bar - usually 2/3 of the beers are not available, and very little in the fridge.

Excellent juke box has gone as this place tries to reinvent itself a wine / tapas bar, when it'd be better off becoming a very good local boozer / train station pub.

26 Aug 2010 15:16

The Star Inn, Crowlas

This place is absolutely AWESOME

25 May 2010 12:17

Bucket Of Blood, Phillack

Looks nice but is shut during the day. I'll get a pint in there one of these days!

25 May 2010 12:17

The Beehive, Edinburgh

Total rubbish - avoid

26 Nov 2009 12:31

Farmers Arms, Penzance


26 Nov 2009 12:26

The River Bank, Truro

Closed yet again, supposed to be open in November, probably with yet another new name!

8 Oct 2009 11:24

Watermill Inn, Lelant

This place is excellent, good pub area downstairs, serving excellent meals, and a nice restaurant upstairs. The best of all, is the EPIC beer garden, split in 2 sections by a stream - ideal in the summer. Food has always been excellent, staff friendly, and a half decent range of beers. It's not the cheapest pub in the world, but that's Cornwall.

If in Lelant, don't bother with the Old Quay House or Badger - this is the place to go.

19 Jun 2009 09:02

The Sir Humphrey Davy, Penzance

Went in the other week and the place is a lot nicer than previously - decent pint and friendly staff. Food however, was pretty awful.

9 Apr 2009 15:11

Queens Hotel, St Ives

Gave this place another go the other day - the place has gone downhill fast. One ale on 3 taps - Tribute, woopydoo, and the atmosphere was cack.

One cockney wideboy with short man syndrome (he may have even been the manager) swearing his head off all afternoon, without a word of warning from the barstaff who were hunting for bargains on ebay. Toilets freezing, dirty and absolutely stinking.

I won't be back.

9 Feb 2009 09:56

The Stromness Hotel, Stromness

This place is now shut due to a lack of commitment by the proprietors - massive shame.

7 Jan 2009 13:44

The Stromness Hotel, Stromness

This place is now shut due to a lack of commitment by the proprietors - massive shame.

7 Jan 2009 13:41

The Flattie Bar, Stromness

Had a fairly recent lick of paint, so a little of the 'olde worlde' feel has gone, but still the best bar in Stromness by far. Always the busiest, with friendly, professional bar staff and well kept beverages.

The open fire in the winter is awesome!

7 Jan 2009 13:37

The Ferry Inn, Stromness

Worse than EVER!

Torn seats as far as the eye can see, slow, disinterested bar staff, and a filthy floor - my how this place has gone to the dogs. Avoid at all costs.

7 Jan 2009 13:34

Kings Arms, St Just

Excellent pub, lovely in winter with fire going full tilt.

9 Dec 2008 15:02

The Tinners Arms, Zennor

Visited once - not a member of bar staff to be seen, and two punters sat there saying nothing. A massive disappointment - much better pubs to be had in Pendeen / St Just.

9 Dec 2008 14:55

The Gurnards Head, Zennor

Visited 30th November, 2008 (Sunday afternoon) - enjoyed a pint by a log fire in the front bar. Nice little pub, smells of agriculture, and very homely. Unfortunately the barman overcharged me by 2 (6 for a pint and a half), and was more interested in sorting out the restaurant for later on. Nice place, but a little bit stuck up - better pubs to be had in St Just.

9 Dec 2008 14:52

Old Monk, Sheffield

Extremely scummy - do not put anything down, IT WILL GET NICKED.

13 Oct 2008 13:23

The Red River Inn, Gwithian

A bit disappointed after all the previous reviews, more like a long, thin, featureless room with no atmosphere. Decent beer though.

3 Sep 2008 11:14

The Castle Inn, St Ives


3 Sep 2008 11:12

Queens Hotel, St Ives

Average pint and food pretty basic. The place to go if you want football blaring out on a million TVs, but avoid it if this is not your scene.

One final point - THE TOILETS ABSOLUTELY HONK - buy some blach!

3 Sep 2008 11:11

Badger Inn, Lelant

Still same as ever - average and expensive.

Beer tastes alright but is dear. The place is heaving in summer with tourists who either couldn't get into the Watermill (down the road) or don't know about it. Meals are actually pretty poor with the exception of the carvery.

Other bug bears is that they've taken the pool table out for the summer, and the quiz machine is permanently set on it's hardest level.

Avoid and go into St Ives or the Watermill - a million times better!

3 Sep 2008 11:07

The Old Quay House Inn, Hayle

Tried this pub for the first time, and quite possibly the last. Actual pub doesn't seem too bad, although it feels more like a restaurant than a proper pub. Nice tables outside and a decent feel to the place.

Was served by the manager who did not interrupt his conversation with someone else the whole time he served me, just took my note, gave me my change etc., and was not overly personable.

Carlsberg was fine, Betty Stogg's was rancid. Tasted like vinegar and had sediment in the bottom, avoid it unless you fancy a day off work via gut rot!

Never ate, but the sweets we saw looked good, but the mains looked average at best.

There are much nicer pubs with excellent food within walking distance from the Old Quay House, therefore I shall more than likely avoid it in future. Lovely area and nice setting for a pub - shame about the staff and beer.

11 Aug 2008 09:49

Pedn-Olva Hotel, St Ives

Nice, great views etc, but very very expensive

8 May 2008 14:15

The Western Hotel/Kettle and Wick, St Ives

Stinks of pish

8 May 2008 14:14

The Bothie Bar, Kirkwall

Reopened after fire, but even more AVERAGE than before

30 Jan 2008 13:27

The Longboat Hotel, Penzance


8 Jan 2008 12:23

The London Inn, Penzance


8 Jan 2008 12:22

The Flattie Bar, Stromness

awesome boozer

6 Dec 2007 14:53

The Ferry Inn, Stromness

average boozer - always get the feeling you might get lynched in here. stick to the flattie

6 Dec 2007 14:52

The Regent, Penzance

weird place

14 Nov 2007 13:57

Tremenheere, Penzance


14 Nov 2007 13:57

The Turks Head, Penzance

welcoming boozer, good pint, good warm fire

14 Nov 2007 13:56

The Union Hotel, Penzance

decent gaff - top pint of peetermans

14 Nov 2007 13:55

The Sir Humphrey Davy, Penzance

awful boozer

14 Nov 2007 13:54

The Star Inn, Penzance

average at best

14 Nov 2007 13:54

The White Lion, Penzance

horrible pub

14 Nov 2007 13:52

Badger Inn, Lelant

Decided to give the place another go on Friday night, for a quick drink and a go on the quiz machine (one of the 2 saving graces (previously 3, see below). but no, it's broken.

So now this place has one saving grace, it's beer garden......

There were 2 power cuts in the time i was in on Friday, and I was charged 2.50 for a can of Red Bull. TWO POUND FIFTY?!?! given that it costs between 1.50 and 2.00 in the pubs and wine bars of Truro and St Ives, this is absolutely ridiculous.

This place has been given numerous chances, but unless they fix the quiz machine and put the pool table back in, I shall be avoiding it in future.

22 Aug 2007 10:47

Badger Inn, Lelant

when was it taken over then?

and also

where is the pool table?

that might force me to reconsider my review and i might even go back in this pub again

14 Aug 2007 15:57

Tremenheere, Penzance

Cheap as with all wetherspoons, but pretty average otherwise. Staff tend to be very very slow, and about 6 weeks ago they refused my 20 note because it had been through the wash. I understand them not accepting it, but calling it 'fake' and holding on to it to 'alert the police' I thought was a bit over the top. They told me if it wasn't fake, I would get it back from the police - I still haven't received it....

23 May 2007 11:43

Badger Inn, Lelant

decidedly average boozer given over primarily to food. haven't tried eating here but have heard it isn't much cop. its saving graces are the quizzer, the beer garden, and the pool table - they have since removed the latter to make way for more tables - BOOOO!

22 May 2007 14:17

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