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The Red Lion Inn, Latchingdon

Not a bad pub with emphasis on food.Three real ales on with Barney's Brew and Greene King IPA on as regular with one ever changing guest ale.If the Barney's brew had some hops in it,it might have tasted of something.

1 Oct 2006 10:36

The Chequers Inn, Goldhanger

A gem of a pub.A main bar with another 3 rooms(one with bar billiards)for a quiet drink.Two regular real ales and three changing guest beers on.Very friendly staff.A must.

1 Oct 2006 10:27

The Black Horse Inn, Taunton

Old fashioned town pub.A bit smokey but when you get used to that it's not bad.Pool table at the back of the bar and a skittle alley out the back.Three real ales on with Doombar in excellent condition.Good food served at very resonable prices.Handy for a pint on the way to and from the railway station.

19 Sep 2006 09:08

The Queens Head, Fyfield

Yes.A great pub for real ale.Two Adnam's as permanant beers and four others on as guests.The brewers Gold was perfection.A bit foody but the good beers makes up for that.

13 Sep 2006 19:15

The Nags Head, Moreton

Village pub selling Greene King crap and food at vastly inflated prices.Perhaps they could spent some of the profits cleaning up the place.Nice to see that students can afford to drink here.

13 Sep 2006 19:08

The Carpenters Arms, Loughton

Basic two bar pub 5 mins walk from the High St.Back bar is a public bar and the front bar more like a saloon bar.Good outside seating area.Greene King beers on with a guest.Broadside on my visit was in fairly good nick.

9 Sep 2006 11:02

The Phoenix, Rainham

This is not a bad pub.Old fashion large bar pub with a large function room at the side.Four real ales on and although not one of my favourites,the Directors was first class.Seems about the only pub in Rainham that does real ale.

9 Sep 2006 08:08

Albion, Rainham

Smokey,noisy and no real ale.

9 Sep 2006 08:02

The Railway Hotel, Dagenham

No real ale so dont bother.

9 Sep 2006 07:56

Lord Denman, Dagenham

This pub is a dump and in my opinion has gone down hill over the last year or so.The only guest ale on was a very dodgy Spitfire.Upstairs is smokey and dirty with the downstairs full of screaming babies in prams with their squabbling parents who seem to have taken over the whole of the area.Give it a miss.

9 Sep 2006 07:54

The Theobald Arms, Grays

This is a great little no nonsence two bar boozer,with three rotating guest ales on.Staff and locals down to earth and very nice people.The Archers Crystal Clear that I had today was in perfect condition and I would expect that the rest are just as good.If you make the five minute walk from the station without being mugged or rapped and pillaged by the low life chav fraternity that seem to infest this otherwise decent town then you will be in for a treat.Give it a try.

8 Sep 2006 18:35

Rockys, Buckhurst Hill

Now called Rockys

6 Sep 2006 19:39

The Last Post, Loughton

Went in there today and had a very nice pint of Butcombe Gold.The bermaid was not the usual Wetherkid but an older and much more friendlier person.She even offered me a taster(of the beer unfortunately)which i thought was very good as i didn't even ask for it.Seemed to be better that your average jd.

6 Sep 2006 19:28

The Gardeners Arms, Loughton

Now for something about the beer in this pub.It is all very nice to comment on the food and i am sure that to some people it is very important that they have a water bowl for the dog (sic),but to a lot of us (if not most of us) we go to a pub for a decent beer and have a good chat.After all,that is what a pub is.A place selling beer.A lot of us would prefer to go to a cafe or a restaurant for food.No problem with food in pubs.I love it myself.In a pub beer should come first and if you get decent food then that is a bonus.Now this is a very nice pub perched on the top of a hill with absolutely fantastic views over East London and Canary Wharf.But the beer.oh the beer.Fuller's Pride at 1.50 a half was absolutely and totally crap.Now if the food tastes anything like the beer then i dont think i would want to eat there.If a pub is going to serve good food then it should serve good beer.Perhaps the water wasn't for the dog but for the people who cant tell the difference between that and a decent pint.

6 Sep 2006 19:20

The Gardeners Arms, Brentwood

Not a bad old fashioned pub in a back street off the High Street.Trouble is all the real ale is Greene King.Other than that not a bad boozer.

3 Sep 2006 09:32

The Summerhouse, Ipswich

Now called The Summerhouse

2 Sep 2006 08:45

The Swan, Little Totham

This is a great pub and it has about eight real ales on, served direct from the barrel. The Brewers Gold could not be beaten. There is a lot of emphasis on food and this does not seem to spoil the pub too much. CAMRA National Pub of The Year? No. To win this accolade it needs to be something above the ordinary.This pub is not that.There are a few pubs in Essex that are better than this. The Viper at Mill Green And The Queens Head at Chelmsford being but two. Great pub and great beer but a bit overrated.

31 Aug 2006 17:13

The Prince of Wales, Ilford

Yes.This is not a bad pub.A down to earth basic two bar boozer with a very friendly barmaid.On top of that,the best pint of Young's ordinary that I have had for many a year.Give this one a try.

30 Aug 2006 21:25

The County, Ilford

Now called The County

30 Aug 2006 21:13

Great Spoon of Ilford, Ilford

Very large open space pub.Nothing to write home about but just had the most fantastic pint of Maldon Gold.Things cant be all that bad.At 1.69 a pint how can you go wrong?

30 Aug 2006 21:11

The Hurdlemaker's Arms, Woodham Mortimer

Very nice location and a very nice exterior but other than that not much else.Inside it's just a sterile bar with no atmosphere.The beer range was pretty poor and the pint of Everards was very insiped.Basically not worth a visit if you like a decent pint.May be ok if you want food.

26 Aug 2006 19:55

The Wheatsheaf, Writtle

A great little pub just off the Green.Two very small bars serving two regular beers with Maldon Gold and Burntwood Bitter as guests.No musak,just peace and quiet and good beer.A great traditional pub.Give this one a try.You will not be disappointed.

26 Aug 2006 19:48

The Rose and Crown, Writtle

Now reverted to the name of The Rose & Crown.A good basic down to earth boozer with friendly staff and locals.Two regular and three guest ales on and although not tested the food looked very good and in very large portions.Well worth a visit.

26 Aug 2006 19:37

The Chequers, Hutton

Basically this pub is a dump.It's dirty and the seats are held together with duck tape.Beer is the usual Greene King crap (Broadside was off) and the pub has no atmosphere.Give it a miss

25 Aug 2006 19:30

The Crown and Anchor, Aveley

Nice comfortable pub which is a bit of an oasis in an area that has not got a lot of pubs selling real ale.Spitfire is usually on tap and on my visit it was in top form,even better than many Shepherd Neame pubs that I have visited.Jamie,the guv'nor is a very friendly bloke and in in the middle of doing a bit of a refurb.Food is not served but you are welcome to take your own.

24 Aug 2006 13:47

The Woodlands Edge, South Ockendon

This pub used to be a Wetherspoons but is now owned by Greene King and is now called Woodlands Edge.Still looks like a Wetherspoons but had no real ale on visit but some was just about to be put on.Seems that when real ales are on they are all Greene King beers.Still,as compared to the Crap Hole on the Green up the road this is not a bad pub.

22 Aug 2006 20:21

The Royal Oak, South Ockendon

Outside a notice proclaims"real ale always available.A changing guest beer".Inside is a different story.Real ale does not exist.From the outside the pub looks like an idyllic country pub but inside it is a fizz infested smoke filled shit hole.Do not be fooled by this.Don't even be fooled by any pub in Ockendon.Go somewhere else.Anywhere.

22 Aug 2006 19:49

New Fairlop Oak, Barkingside

On the whole not a bad pub.As like most Wetherspoons pubs it is looking a bit tatty and could do with a makeover.The Archers IPA was 100% and there was another guest beer on.

21 Aug 2006 09:44

The Goldengrove, Stratford

For a Wetherspoons this is not a bad pub.Four real ales on with Deuchars IPA in top form.The usual wetherspoons decor and food and also,unfortunately the usual Wetherspoon service.Twenty people at the bar with only one staff serving with the other one waiting on tables.This is not the fault of the staff.It is down to bad management.

16 Aug 2006 13:43

East India Arms, Fenchurch Street

Nice little one bar pub just around the corner from Fenchurch St.Station.Gets packed lunch time and early evening.Closes about 9 pm and is closed at week-ends.Normally three beers on and the Landlord today was as good as it will ever get and at 2.60 a pint good value for a city pub.Then again,if you find this a bit dear see The Orange Tree,Havering Atte Bower.

15 Aug 2006 19:50

The Lobster Smack, Canvey Island

Fairly comfortable pub with a drinkable pint of Hanncocks HB.About the only pub on Canvey that you will get some sort of real ale albeit Hancocks.Food was fairly good and was good value.If you go by bus it's about 20 mins walk from the King Canute.

11 Aug 2006 16:50

The Monico Hotel, Canvey Island

this is a dump of a pub amonst the amusement arcades of Canvey.One crap bar with a pool table.No real ale and not the slightest bit of atmosphere.Don't bother.

11 Aug 2006 16:40

The Eva Hart, Chadwell Heath

All in all not a bad pub.They had a good selection of real ales.There is an upstairs area for eating only.the place looks a bit tired and could do with a makeover.Ok for a couple of pints then move on.

10 Aug 2006 08:12

The Orange Tree, Havering Atte Bower

This place is a rip-off.2.90 for a pint of Deuchars IPA at its worst.Didn't try the food but if its anything like the beer they can stick it.

10 Aug 2006 08:08

The Monument, Monument

Now called "The Monument".

27 Jul 2006 08:11

The Racehorse, Brighton

Looks like its up for rent.

26 Jul 2006 20:53

The Victoria, Brighton

The pub looks very tired.The Harveys Best was undrinkable.The place cannot get much worse.

26 Jul 2006 20:46

The Queen's Head, Chelmsford

Another great beer drinking session before and after the TWENTY20 cricket match.The Bishops Farewell and Brewers Gold were in great form as was Silent Mike.Best beer you will get in Chelmsford.It just gets better.

25 Jul 2006 12:00

The Bull Hotel, Halstead

A large multi roomed pub at the bottom of the High St.Unfortunely,like most of the pubs in Halstead it only has Greene King IPA and Abbott on as its real ales.If it had a few guest ales on it would be a much better pub.Still,such a big brewery with such a monopoly leaves us with not a lot of choice.

24 Jul 2006 13:36

The Dog Inn, Halstead

Very cosy and friendly two bar pub.The two guests on today were Waggledance and Titanic Best.The Best and the regular Broadside were in top form.This is about the only pub worth visiting in Halstead as the rest I tried (except The Royal Oak which I did not)were total crap.Worth the walk up the hill for about the only decent pint you will get in Halstead.Shame that a town this size with so many pubs has only one that sells a decent pint.

22 Jul 2006 18:36

The Warwick Arms, Maldon

Nice comfortable,basic corner street pub at the lower end of the High St.Single bar with pool table at one end and a seating area at the side.Three real ales on with Maldon Gold,which was excellent, as a regular.

20 Jul 2006 19:16

The Bell Inn, Castle Hedingham

another gem of a pub with a long history set in a lovely part of the Essex countryside, all beers are on gravity and the staff and locals are so friendly, well worth a visit or two. bus 89 from Braintree will put you off outside. dont forget the beer festival on the 15th and 16th July and look forward to a hog roast in the garden!!

14 Jul 2006 06:51

The Blue Lion, Great Baddow

This pub is neither one thing or the other.It is a comfortable two bar pub with two guest ales but lacks atmosphere.Its ok for a quick pint but not much else.

13 Jul 2006 19:19

White Horse, Great Baddow

A food emporium.It has nothing else going for it.

13 Jul 2006 19:12

The Queen B, Chelmsford

As previously stated this may be a fine place to dine and it is really ideal for children but if you want a beer the place is a disaster.There are no real ales and really all it is is a macdonalds selling fizz beer.If you like decent beer then you would be better off to avoid this place.

13 Jul 2006 19:09

The Queens Head, Boreham

A gem of a pub in a very nice village.This is a traditional village pub with bench seating in one bar with another bar for dining.At the moment there are three real ales on with an ever changing guest ale.Home made food is served Wed-Sun(not Sun eve)The landlord and his wife are very friendly and welcomming as are the locals.A bus from Chelsmsford stops right outside.Do give this village pub a visit as it is a real pub selling food unlike the other pubs in Boreham which are restaurants selling beer.

13 Jul 2006 07:54

The Grange, Boreham

nice place to enjoy a pint outside but very dark inside and as it is attached to a premier hotel it is very much a foody place but they had 3 real ales on and 3 more in the pipeline, the staff are very helpful and friendly. worth a visit

13 Jul 2006 07:16

Six Bells, Boreham

not worth a visit unless your stupid enough to pay through the nose for for food and drink and don't even care what beer you drink! i shall NOT be back there

13 Jul 2006 07:12

The Cock Inn, Boreham

If you like food and screaming kids,fine.If you like decent beer then stay at home.

12 Jul 2006 18:56

Six Bells, Boreham

This place is the biggest rip-off that i have been to so far.5.05 for a bottle of Becks and a glass of orange.Where do they think they are?Mayfair?They should remember that they are on the Boreham bypass and that their customers are not all super rich yuppies from the smoke.Apart from that the place is a foody dump with no atmosphere and not even a decent beer.Avoid it like the plague.Go into Chelmsford and enjoy decent beer at a fair price.

12 Jul 2006 18:38

The Barge Inn, Battlesbridge

A weather boarded pub in a village dominated by antique shops. A bit of a foody pub and they have got three or four real ales on tap.The Broadside was in perfect condition.Inside is a bit on the small side but is very cosy.There is a seperate dining area and also an outside drinking/eating area.The staff were friendly enough and they hold a beer festival every year.

11 Jul 2006 11:47

The Endeavour, Chelmsford

Great little basic two bar pub about a mile from the town centre.(on a regular bus route)About 4 real ales on with Maldon Gold being one of the regulars all served by friendly staff.This is a real beer drinkers pub.

10 Jul 2006 13:05

The Cliftonville Inn, Hove

Been here a couple of times and have always found a good range of real ales on tap.Yesterday had a Butcombe Gold which was in good nick.Staff seem to be friendly enough but going by other comments this could have been more luck than judgement.On the whole it didn't seem a bad place.I have been in a lot worse places but then again a lot better.

8 Jul 2006 11:16

The Three Stars, Chelmsford

This pub can be discribed in one word.A shitehole.(ok I know for the pureists that is 2 words)It is stuck in the middle of an estate that seems to have no other choice of a pub other than this dump.There is no atmosphere in this place,not even any real ale.It may be ok if you like pool as there are two pool tables in the back but if you like a beer steer well clear.Dont even bother to spend the 2.90 on the bus fare from the town centre as you will be much better off having a duff pint of IPA in the railway.Believe me,that is saying something.

4 Jul 2006 18:20

The United Brethren, Chelmsford

Not a bad pub for a couple of pints.Woodforde Wherry in excellent condition.Think they have a few changing guest beers.

3 Jul 2006 16:57

The Bell Inn, Castle Hedingham

A truly great multi roomed pub,one of which is non smoking,in a very picturesque Essex village.When you walk in it's like stepping back hundreds of years.All real ales are on gravity with GK IPA always on with a couple of guests all served by very friendly staff.There is a beer festival this year on 15th and 16th july which should be well worth a visit.This pub is a gem and should not be missed.

1 Jul 2006 10:03

The Round Bush, Roundbush

As stated before this is a gem of a country pub.It has two small bars with a cafe on one side and a restaurant on the other.The staff are very friendly as are the locals who both make you feel welcome.(Even Olly the Rottweiler welcomes you)All real ales are served by gravity with GK IPA on all the time with two guests.If you are feeling energetic get the bus from Woodham Ferrers to Cold Norton,Palepit Corner then walk(busy road.Take care)to the pub.After several pints you can then walk to The Bell,Purleigh(30 mins.Quiet road)where after a pint or two get the bus to Maldon.

1 Jul 2006 08:55

The Bitter End, Romford

Now called The Bitter End

30 Jun 2006 07:56

The Sun, Richmond

Not as good as it used to be years ago.Just an average Fuller's pub now.The Pride was in very good condition even though at 2.80 a rip off.

22 Jun 2006 08:12

Crumpled Horn, Upminster

Large open plan pub 10 mins walk from Upminster station.Three real ales on tap and the Broadside was in very good condition if not very overpriced at 2.70.

20 Jun 2006 18:13

The Half and Half, Croydon

If it goes it will be a great shame.Best pint of Hophead outside of Brighton.

17 Jun 2006 20:43

The Windmill Tavern, East Hanningfield

Yes.Would agree with Muffin.Very comfortable pub in a small Essex village.Brewers Gold always on tap(which was the best you will ever get) with a changing guest ale.Didn't try the food but it looked very good.No problem with driving as there is an hourly bus service from Southend/Chelmsford until 7pm.Give it a go.You will not be disapointed.

13 Jun 2006 15:52

The Borough Hotel, Southend on Sea

Good fairly large seafront pub.Now started to do guest ales on a regular basis.Pool table one side of the bar and a kids room at the back.Gets packed in the summer but quiter in the winter.Worth a visit when visiting the seafront.

8 Jun 2006 17:32

The Railway Tavern, Chelmsford

Went in there today and had the most dreadful pint of Bitter&Twisted.The gov'nor should be shot for serving a pint of one the past champion beers of Britain in such a state.I and my friends will not be visiting this pub again.Go to the Queens Head where the Landlord knows how to keep and serve a perfect pint of real ale.

31 May 2006 19:07

Ryans Bar, Purley

Re named The Brass Monkey.

27 May 2006 17:24

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

A pub for all tastes.6 real ales on tap and Kentish cider straight from the cellar.A very cosy pub,well worth a visit.From the outside it looks like a shop so dont miss it.

27 May 2006 17:04

The Cricketers Arms, Croydon

yes.and both by anon

27 May 2006 16:58

The Blue Boar Hotel, Maldon

Really old pub with two bars.All real ales are served by gravity from behind the bar.They have their own brew as well as Adnams.The Pucks Folly tastes very strange at first but after a while it tastes pretty good.

19 May 2006 19:30

Swan Hotel, Maldon

Fair town centre pub serving 3 real ales including Maldon Gold which was first class.Friendly staff.

19 May 2006 19:21

The Lonsdale, Chelmsford

Now called The Duke Street Bar&Kitchen

17 May 2006 20:11

The Queens Head, Maldon

Nice two bar waterfront pub.The Maldon Gold was perfect.Three other real ales on.Nice seating area overlooking the river.

17 May 2006 19:22

The Monk and Fisherman, Southend on Sea

At the moment it's closed.The ballifs are in.

16 May 2006 19:41

The Last Post, Southend on Sea

Must give credit where credit is due.Went in there today and they had a beer tent out the back with about 10 beers on.Also there were 12 beers on in the bar.All that i tried were in first class condition.This is for the jd beer festival that ends on Sunday.Ok,i know that it cant be like this all the time but if there was an improvement in this direction the real ale drinkers of southend might have a chance.Yes,will at least give them 10/10 for a very good effort.

16 May 2006 19:16

The Viper, Mill Green

Great pub in the middle of a wooded area.Three rooms,one of which in on the CAMRA list of national inventory pubs.Normally six real ales on tap,one being a dark beer or mild.The Hissed Off brewed by Mighty Oak for the pub is a first class hoppy beer.A bit off the beaten track but well worth the effort.A taxi from Ingatestone or Shenfield,the latter costing about 12.

14 May 2006 10:59

The Nightingale, Brighton

This is now the Grand Central.

11 May 2006 19:54

Lloyds Tavern, Ipswich

This pub has been renamed "Lloyds Tavern"

11 May 2006 10:48

The Red Lion Inn, Shoreham by Sea

Very olde worlde pub with a single bar area and two seperate dining areas each side.Plenty of outside seating back and front of pub.Six real ales on tap.Watch your head as you walk around.Very low ceilings.

11 May 2006 08:31

The Swan, Bank

This pub is a gem.The manager has always got time for you and makes you really fell welcome.The Fuller's beers are always in perfect condition which says a lot for the way the manager cares.Truly a great city pub.

9 May 2006 20:05

The Crooked Billet, Leigh on Sea

Agree with all previous reviews.A real traditional pub opposite Osbornes cockle shed.On a day as today enjoy a pint of real ale and a pint of cockles outside.Usually three real ales on and the London Pride was 100%.This pub is really well worth a visit.

5 May 2006 18:24

The Crown, Claydon

Another Greene King Hungry Horse emporium.Ok if you like dried up microwaved food.If you like beer dont bother going there.Better of jumping on the bus and going into Ipswich.

4 May 2006 15:18

The Cricketers, Ipswich

Usual Wetherspoons.Plenty of pump clips but no beer.

4 May 2006 11:46

The Bath Brew House, Bath

now renamed The Metropolitan.

27 Apr 2006 13:38

The Royal Oak, Bath

A great real ale pub which had eight beers on when I visited. As stated before,well worth the short walk from the city centre.

24 Apr 2006 19:03

The White Hart Hotel, Midsomer Norton

A truly great pub. Sells two real ales,Butcombe and Bass straight from the cask. Has two rooms with a bar and one on it's own to enjoy a quite drink. A real old fashion old traditional pub.

24 Apr 2006 18:50

The Fromeway, Radstock

Nice comfortable pub. A couple of real ales on tap. Not cheap.

24 Apr 2006 18:23

The Somerset Inn, Paulton

Now under new management and is now a comfortable two roomed pub. Only had draught bass on as the real ale and this was in excellent condition. The locals say that this pub has vasly improved since the new management have taken over so give it a try.

24 Apr 2006 17:51

The King and Queen, Caterham

A very cosy four roomed pub selling excellent Fuller's beers. Very friendly staff which makes a visit worthwhile.If you go by train beware of the very steep hill from the station. If you do climb it you will really be ready for a drink.

20 Apr 2006 12:35

The Railway Tavern, Prittlewell

Not a bad pub but unfortunately no real ale.Stay on the train and go to the Cork and Cheese instead.

8 Apr 2006 21:59

The Station Hotel, Ipswich

Not a good pub for beer.No real ales on so you are better off going into town for a decent pint.

8 Apr 2006 21:54

The Lazy Toad, Shoreham by Sea

A pub that is very easily missed as it looks like a shop from the outside. Once inside it is a very nice little pub with a friendly welcome from the staff. All the real ales are on gravity and on my visit there were 4 on.A good pub for the real ale drinker.

30 Mar 2006 14:01

The Duke Of Wellington, Shoreham by Sea

A bit plain but worth the visit for the great Dark Star beers. Also had three guest beers on.Very friendly staff. Yes,well worth a visit

30 Mar 2006 13:56

High Street Bar, Shoreham By Sea

Now turned into a trendy wine bar and cafe and renamed "The New Wood On The Nose"

29 Mar 2006 13:30

The Harrow, City Of London

Small split level Fuller's pub off fleet street. Beer very good but lacking previously stated,staff not much interested.

16 Mar 2006 09:55

The Banker, Cannon Street

Nice pub underneath Cannon St. railwy bridge.Sit in the conservatory and watch the boats go up and down. Pride first class

16 Mar 2006 09:44

The Chamberlain Hotel, Aldgate

Clean and comfortable hotel bar. Very friendly staff and the full range of Fuller's beers. The Pride was in top condition.

16 Mar 2006 09:41

The Mint, Tower Hill

Basically just a suities pub. Not worth the walk from Tower Hill. Not even the full range of Fuller's beers on.

16 Mar 2006 09:31

The Dove, Ipswich

This pub is a haven for the real ale drinker.15 beers on when visited yesterday.One large bar with two side rooms,one for peace and quiet.Three ciders also on.the staff and customers are very very friendly.No seriuos real ale drinker should miss this pub.I will certainly be making frequent visits.

9 Mar 2006 11:21

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Basic boozers pub that is locked in time. On the edge of the delightful Wenlock estate it boasts 6-8 real ales and doorstep sanwiches. Didn't hear any swearing on my visit but imagine this could go on. This pub is a real old estate pub that should not change. Best to accept it for what it is.

2 Mar 2006 13:17

The Oakdale Arms, Harringay

Very basic and friendly boozer. All the beers that I tried were in tip top codition and the guv'nor seems to take great care of them. Seems they do some great curries friday lunchtime. Will be returning very shortly to try. Hope that this pub is not under threat as it would be a great loss to us real ale drinkers. Perhaps CAMRA will put their weight against any threat of closure.

2 Mar 2006 09:01

Gilpins Bell, Edmonton

Large Wetherspoon's with a large central bar and alcoves leading off for a quieter drink. Quite a good selection of real ales at the usual good prices. All in all quite a good pub for a Wetherspoon's.

2 Mar 2006 08:46

The Dog and Duck, Soho

Very small and cosy corner pub. Quiet on my mid afternoon visit but would imagine it would get crowded in the evening. Best pint of Landlord for miles.

23 Feb 2006 14:50

The Star Tavern, Belgravia

Very nice comfortable Fullers mews pub. Can be difficult to find but well worth the trouble. Had the best pint of London Pride that I have ever had. Can get very busy lunchtimes with local Embassy staff. Food prices very resonable considering the area.

23 Feb 2006 13:36

The Horse and Groom, Belgravia

Small, friendly pub in a small mews serving the full range of Shepherd Neame beers which were in very good form on my visit. Worth a visit if in the area.

23 Feb 2006 13:29

The Grouse and Claret, Belgravia

Very comfortable pub with two upstairs bars and a cellar bar. Good range of real ales mainly from Hall & Woodhouse.This pub has recently been refurbished to a very good standard.

23 Feb 2006 13:19

Horse and Groom, Rochford

Now the proud and much deserved winner of the South East Essex CAMRA Pub OF The Year 2006.Give it a try.

18 Feb 2006 09:39

The Queen's Head, Chelmsford

Would agree with all the latest comments. This is a great pub and without doubt the best in Chelmsford. The staff and landlord (Silent Mike) are very very friendly and Mike always keeps his great selection of beers in tip-top condition.Always a great choice of beers on and always a dark one on to cater for all tastes. Also serves lunches Mon-Sat. Just a ten minute walk through the park from the railway station. Do not miss this one.

17 Feb 2006 17:58

The Buckingham Arms, Shoreham by Sea

Great pub, right next to the station.Usually about eight real ales on tap. The best pint of landlord that I have had for a very long time.Biddenden cider straight from the barrel.(ask for it).Will definately be back.

16 Feb 2006 20:13

The Horse And Groom, East Ashling

small two roomed village pub in a rather boring village, four decent real ales on tap, has a seperate restaurant at the rear serving very good looking food but a bit too expensive unless having a special occasion meal. all in all well worth a visit as dark star hophead was perfect

10 Feb 2006 09:44

The Stanley Arms, Portslade

Down to earth no nonsence street corner boozer.Very friendly guv'nor and staff.Normally four guest beers and a cider on tap.Holds a beer festival three times a year.10 mins walk from Fishersgate station.Well worth a visit

2 Feb 2006 14:40

The Stand Up Inn, Lindfield

Enjoy Dark Star beers at their very best in a perfect pub in a perfect English village.A very comfortable pub with very friendly staff and locals.Apart from Dark Star beers there are normally three guests on tap plus a couple of ciders.A must.

1 Feb 2006 08:45

The Cricketers Inn, Westcliff on Sea

Large open plan pub. Usually has a guest beer and holds occasional beer festivals which are very good.

27 Jan 2006 12:29

The Haystack, Canvey Island

Large two bar pub in the "town centre".No real ale,so not worth a visit.

27 Jan 2006 12:15

The Last Post, Southend on Sea

This pub is a total waste of time. If you are lucky enough to get a decent guest beer it usually tastes like crap. Mind you,the other day the guest beer didn't taste like crap,they didn't have any.This is of course, not very unusual. This is all down to very bad management.A couple of years ago the management changed and things have gone downhill ever since. Now it has hit rock bottom and there does not seem any way back. It should be law that any comments made about jd pubs should go direct to Tim Martin. Perhaps then he will take notice.

25 Jan 2006 18:07

Elms, Leigh On Sea

Some days are good.Some days are bad.Today was a good day. Then again my dear,tomorrow is another day.

25 Jan 2006 17:42

Loyal Toast, Southend on Sea

A dark and dingy craphole. It' even darker and dingier when you get inside. The customers looked miserable and depressed.Then again,so would you if you had a local like this.Better off getting a take away from Morrisons next door.1/10 for the fact that it sells beer.(that is if you consider Greene King to be beer).

25 Jan 2006 17:15

Varsity, Southend on Sea

Large one bar Wetherspoon type bar.Cheap food. Buy a "v" card for a pound and get 20% off some beers.Not much in the way of real ales so not worth a visit if you like real ales.Ok for the so called "students" from the college around the corner.All I can say is,first and last time.

25 Jan 2006 10:12

The Rochester Castle, Stoke Newington

As wetherspoon's goes,not a bad pub.Nice conservatory at the back and an outdoor seating area.8 guest beers on when I was there and the ones I tried were in very good order.Again,most unusual.Then again,am I still asleep?

23 Jan 2006 16:03

The White Cross, Richmond

Perhaps someone should tell YOUNG'S about the landlord.

19 Jan 2006 16:31

The George and Dragon, Tarring

I agree with all the comments below. This is a very good pub to visit. The staff are very friendly and there is a good selection of beer. It is well worth the 10 minute walk from West Worthing station.

19 Jan 2006 09:59

The Vine, Tarring

Pub was nothing out of the ordinary but beer was good and a bit pricy. Best to try the George & Dragon down the road.

19 Jan 2006 09:54

The Henty Arms, Ferring

Pub not too bad. Quiet with a roaring log fire in the saloon bar. Public bar has pool table. Seperate restaurant. Worse thing about it was the beer. About the worst pint of Deuchars IPA that I have ever had.

12 Jan 2006 09:30

Moon On The Square, Basildon

Good pub,good crowd.Shame there was no Pimms.

6 Jan 2006 18:16

J J Moons, Hornchurch

Visited today.For a Wetherspoon's it's not a bad pub.Plenty of beers and the staff were very friendly.Only thing missing was Gareth.Seems he has moved on.As the staff said,there are two sides to a story.Yes.Will definately give it another visit.

6 Jan 2006 18:00

Golden Lion, Rochford

Down to earth small traditional no frills pub.Usually 6 real ales and a cider on tap. Join in the friendly banter with the locals. Brewers Gold always on. Well worth a visit. Easily the best pub in Rochford.

27 Dec 2005 19:14

Horse and Groom, Rochford

formally the Horse and Groom.Now the brewery tap of Blanchfields Brewery. Newly refurbished to a good standard. Normally 6 real ales and a cider on tap. Friendly staff and a good choice of food. occasional beer festivals held.

19 Dec 2005 15:07

The Evening Star, Brighton

Very good pub. The APA beer cannot be beaten. Plenty of guest beers on. Also real Cider. After the use of the magic words "excuse me" you will have no trouble getting to the bar. Great value baguettes with salad served by friendly staff. The best pub in Brighton. You've tried the rest now try the best.

19 Dec 2005 14:50

The Fat Cat, Ipswich

Great pub. Friendly staff and locals. Up to 17 real ales on tap, mostly straight from the barrel. Try the scotch eggs. Highly recommended.

19 Dec 2005 14:40

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