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Comments by anotherpintplease

Cobbetts, Dorking

Excellent and busy bar. The cask beers tonight were Surrey Hills Collusion, Arbor I Speak for the Trees, Oakham Citra, Siren Yu Lu, Siren Suspended in Ekuanot, Kissingate Moon and Northern Monk Eternal. I tries five of them and the quality was excellent. The place was heaving at 6:30pm with a mixture of ages, bur service was prompt. On keg were two De Molen beers (one, Bean and Gone was a collaboration between the pub, Surrey Hills and De Molen, and was a 10.3% stout, very tasty). Also on keg were Weird Beard Five O'clock Shadow, Thornbridge Jaipur, one from Northern Monk (Patron series 17:01), and Amundsen Rasp and Lime Berliner Weisse. In the fridge were several interesting cans and bottles. It is basic, but if you love beer, then it is a must visit place.

7 Jun 2019 22:17

Cambrinus, Bruges

Check your bill when drinking here. We first tries the draft craft bar a few doors down and between us had six drinks. We were charged for eight. We then went to the main bar (this one) and had four drinks (so one each) but were charged for six. So both Camrinus outlets tried to rip us off in the space of an hour (and they were not busy). I suspect that this is deliberate.

9 Feb 2017 10:22

The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate

There has been a fantastic beer festival on here over the bank holiday with around 70 beers and ciders. The choice and condition of the beers has been first rate and has been supported by some really good music. Well done Nick - you should be immensely proud of what you and your team have done.

30 May 2016 09:32

The White Lion, Bridgnorth

Nice pub put sells shockingly short measures. The way the barman pours them with a really fast action means that when they settle they are about 10-15% short of the correct measure. And he scarpers when you hang around to get top ups.

19 Apr 2015 22:26

Cobbetts, Dorking

Excellent micropub and real ale off licence. The pub only has room for around a dozen people (the small garden takes another 10) so not the place for a large group of people. A choice of between 3 and 6 cask beers, 2 ciders and 2 beers from a keykeg, plus about 100 bottled beers. Beers tend to be light and hoppy (breweries like Weird Beard, Magic Rock and Kernel are favourites). They also sell their collaborative beer made with Surrey Hills, Collusion, which is also full of hops.

7 Jan 2015 11:34

The Encore, Stratford upon Avon

Rip off joint - Landlord at £4.55 a pint, which is more than you would pay in the centre of London.

14 Oct 2014 13:59

The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate

A fantastic beer festival was held over the bank holiday weekend. There were some really great beers such as Tiny Rebel, Mallinsons, Burning Sky and Celt Experience. Great music too. Thanks to all the team for their hard work - shame about the weather but you can't have everything

28 Aug 2014 19:47

The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate

Perhaps on the brigh side should actually read my review of the pub - I was actually being complimentary. Unlike sevearal other posters.

17 Jun 2014 09:08

The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate

I think some of these reviews are a bit unfair. Nick is going to take time to get things as he wants here and ken is going to be a very hard act to follow. The emphasis will be a bit more on local beers, and the local theme will be continued when food is sold - he will be using local suppliers where possible. Breweries such as Kissingate and firebird are now being supported. Yes there have been some not so good malty brown best bitters, but I'm sure a good number of hoppy beers will be sold as well.

16 Jun 2014 22:40

Watermill Inn, Dorking

AVOID AVOID AVOID. I have just seen the barmaid serve pints on two occasions where she filled them up from the slops tray. I have never ever seen this happen before, but when I saw her do it for the second time I realised it must be company practice to do this. Do not go here EVER.

13 May 2014 20:10

The Seven Stars, Leigh

The website goes on about how they use local produce and that this extends to supporting local breweries. My arse. The only beers on sale were Pride, Doombar, Youngs and Adnams.

10 May 2014 22:45

The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate

Sad to say that Ken, the landlord for the past 20 years, is retiring after Easter. He has made this one of the best real ale pubs for many a mile and has been a great supporter of small breweries both near and far. Ken will be a hard act to follow. Thanks for emptying my wage packet for the last several years - but at least it has gone to a good cause.

14 Apr 2014 19:23

The Savoy Tup, Strand

Hi Dave!

5 Dec 2013 09:04

The Fox and Crown, Basford

Shocking beer (one was warm and cloudy - both had a really unpleasant taste to them. The service was poor and as we disliked the beer so much we left rather quickly.

2 Dec 2013 09:30

The Olive Leaf, Hayling Island

Not a bad pub, but it would have helped if some beer had been pulled through before serving the first pints of the day. Those served to us were not good.

12 Aug 2013 14:33

The Barleymow, Hayling Island

Basically a cheap carvery, but nothing wrong with that.

12 Aug 2013 14:32

West Town, Hayling Island

An absolute dump, filthy interior and no customers

12 Aug 2013 14:31

The Frog And Nightgown, Faygate

Sadly now closed following the deaths of the lanldord and his wife.

28 Jan 2013 18:25

The Jack Fairman, Horley

It is fitting that this pub used to be a garage owned by a former racing driver because it is the pits.

23 Dec 2012 11:30

Coppingham, Horley

Although mainly a restaurant, there is a bar at the front and it was a pleasant surprise to find a polypin of Westerham Finchcocks on sale.

23 Dec 2012 11:26

The Sun, Redhill

For a Wetherspoons this is not bad. The manager takes an interest in real ale and supports the local breweries. Service is not too bad (especially when compared with the dire offering in Horley).

23 Dec 2012 11:24

The Abbot, Redhill

This pub has given up on real ale. It is really in need on a makeover as since the closure of the nightclub opposite it has lost its reason to exist.

23 Dec 2012 11:19

Three Horseshoes Inn, Sidlow Bridge

Good country pub with a fine range of beer (especially now the Youngs and Harveys have gone). Pilgrim, Surrey Hills and Dark Star are sold instead. Now just to get rid of the Fullers.........

7 Dec 2012 15:55

The Luppitt Inn, Luppitt

Not the easiest place to find in the dark being hidden down country lanes. There is a faded inn sign (showing a Red Lion) but no real indication that you are here as the pub is on the edge of a farm yard. There is one room containing a single table with four chairs - this is covered in wooden and metal puzzles belonging to a local who changes them from time to time (he owns thousands). A back room may be available at busy times (if there is such a thing - the 90 year old landlady informed us that it was quiet most days although there were often a few more in on Mondays as some of the other pubs in the area close on that evening).

Only one beer - Otter - served from a polycask at only 2.50. Apart from beer there are just a few bottles of drink for sale. This pub is probably unique now - a bar on a working farm. The landlady's living room is the other side of the bar and she will leave this to come and serve (and chat) to you. Absolutely no pretentions, and very much worth the time hunting it down. A fantastic pub only open from 7-10:30 Monday to Saturday.

28 Sep 2012 06:58

The Prince of Wales, Reigate

Fair enough although the barmaid who was wearing tiny shorts may think about checking for customers a little more rather than chatting to her mates. The pub sells Shepherd Neame's three of their indistinguishable ales in OK condition.

19 Sep 2012 07:58

The Kings Arms, Saffron Walden

Good Mauldons Mild although expensive. Decent place, lots of romms coming off the main bar. Worth a visit.

10 Sep 2012 22:52

The Fat Cat, Norwich

Excellent beer - the Oakham Green Devil was fantastic, as was their own Stout Cat. Great choice of beer on sale and a good relaxed atmosphere.

10 Sep 2012 22:48

The Temeraire, Saffron Walden

Very poor choice of ales - only one guest on (Grain Store) which was OK. Otherwise it was Coming Soon or Greene King rubbish. Why put Wetherspoon pubs like this in the Good Beer Guide?

10 Sep 2012 22:46

Railway, Saffron Walden

Couldn't be bothered to open lunchtime today (1:30). Waste of time.

10 Sep 2012 22:44

The River Bar, Tower Bridge

I remember this as a Courage pub called the Copper. Things have rather changed since those days, sadly not for the better. As the Draft House I was expecting much, but what I got was overpriced beer and food. The first choice beer was fobbing so we had to chose something else. eventually a barmaid took over from the incompetent guy and beer was served. Note that soft drinks are extremely expensive - 2.20 for a small draught Pepsi.

The food order was also shambolic - we were ignored for soem while - they didn't realise we were new customers as a dirty glass had been left on the table which they didn't clear away. Chips were forgotten. And to make things worse they put a "discretionary" charge of 12.5% on the bill.

Go to the Dean Swift round the corner - much much better.

7 Jul 2012 23:31

The Blacksmith's Arms, Plymtree

Decent local pub, good beer and food, although piped music is not necessary. Popular for early evening food. Beware - closed weekday lunchtime.

1 Jun 2012 22:35

The Otter Inn, Weston

Good food - and very good value. OAP specials are actually available to everyone and give a free pudding. Other meals are good quality as well. Three Otter beers plus O'Hanlons Yellowhammer on my visit. Very good service.

1 Jun 2012 22:33

The Volunteer Inn, Ottery St. Mary

The best pub in town. The small public at the front is pleasant enough, with beer sold from a couple of casks. The beer range has increased recently - three Otter Beers along with one from Dartmouth, There are not may pubs left in Ottery these days (the Kings Arms sells three beers including Branscombe, plus the Normandy House sells Doombar in the cellar bar).

1 Jun 2012 22:30

The Lamb and Flag Inn, Ottery St Mary

The public bar is forever being done up. Otherwise it is a nice enough back street pub. All the beers are from Otter (or at leat have been on my last several visits); Amber was being served from a cask on the bar for some reason. Maybe when it has been fully renovated it will be OK (but please get some different beers in).

1 Jun 2012 22:25

The London Inn, Ottery

Not great - the lounge bar seemed closed. Only two beers on sale the last couple of times I have visited. Doombar is OK, but the other beer (with a handwritten pumpclip) is usualy a bit grim

1 Jun 2012 22:21

The Royal Oak, Rusper

Excellent beer including LocAle beers and also a mild to support Camra's Make May Mild initiative. Very friendly owners, and a beer festival coming up. No wonder it is a Camra favourite!

24 May 2012 22:48

The Three Fishes, Worthing

Unusual - a Wetherspoons (Lloyd No 1) which doesn't put available soon on the beers. The staff just tell you this when ordering. That said, it is quite a decent pub.

8 Jan 2012 21:57

The Swan Inn, Worthing

Well run local, shame there were no interesting beers (just Harveys and national bland beers).

8 Jan 2012 21:55

Sir Timothy Shelley, Worthing

Not great for beer (a couple of brown Arundle beers plus Greene King nonsense), but the service was very good, and unusually for Wetherspoons, not full of drunks.

8 Jan 2012 21:54

JBs, Worthing

Pleasant back street pub selling real ale from Kings and Hammerpot (perhaps not the greatest local brewers, but a lot better than national bland beers).

8 Jan 2012 21:51

The Rose and Crown, Worthing

Large corner pub, food in one side and drinking in the other. Very poor fake beams around the place - sorry, but these aren't going to fool anyone. Toilets signed ladies, gents and fags - take this as you will. Beer nothing to write home about, and 1-90 for a half of Harvey's is frankly taking the p...

8 Jan 2012 21:50

The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate

A great pub serving really good and interesting beer. Recently a number of great porters and stouts have been served, along with an ever changing number of guest beers. The Surrey Hills Ranmore (a regular beer) is just brilliant. I can also recommend the food. No, this is not the landlord writing this, just a very grateful local.

23 Dec 2011 22:55

The White Hart, Dorking

I popped in here after walking out of the pretentious Red Bar and found a very friendly local pub with good beer (although a very unadventurous choice of beer, Bombardier and Courage Best). Some of the other comments here show that people just do not appreciae a good honest pub. There are no frills here, but it is full of genuine friendly people.

23 Dec 2011 22:52

Red Bar and Lounge, Dorking

I agree with thepubvisitor, the service here is appalling. Although not too busy, I waited at the bar to find groups arriving after me were served before seeing who was waiting. When I was served, my beer was not served from the handpump, but given to me by the barmaid who "found" the beer from somewhere. She gave the impression of using the handpump by waiting some time there, and then miraculously appeared with a full pint. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

23 Dec 2011 22:49

The Coopers Arms, Crowborough

Cracking pub, great beer, great locals and really friendly hosts. From the outside it doesn't look but don't let that put you off.

7 Aug 2011 22:46

The Fox Revived, Horley

Dreadful service. Having waited patiently for my turn to be served (there was only one person before me), locals turned up at the bar to be served immediately, The manageress looked at me indicating she knew what was happening. We took our custom to the Surrey Oaks in Newdigate where much better food and beer were served.

24 Jul 2011 08:03

Three Horseshoes Inn, Sidlow Bridge

Excellent beer festival going on with some good hoppy brews. Dark Star Hophead is now a regular on the bar. The landlord is really trying to make a go of this pub and it certainly is worth a visit for good beer and food.

26 Jun 2011 09:29

The Black Horse, Reigate

Selling a very nice pint of Pilgrim Surrey tonight - 3.40 so yes quite expensive, but the landlord has to buy it through Punch.

14 May 2011 21:19

The Cricketers, Dorking

I think it safe to say that the barmaid was not employed for her brain power. Ten pounds given for a three pound pint of beer. Four pounds returned in change. On pointing out that this was incorrect she looked at the change and went "Oh yes", and gave me two pounds more. Once more I had to tell her this was not right. She examined the change, recalculated the transaction and announced that it was correct. She did this sum twice more and could not believe that ten minus three was not six. Eventually she gave in and gave me the extra pound, but was not happy and gave no apologies. I'm sure she thought I was ripping her off. She was easy on the eye so it is obvious how she got the job.

13 May 2011 06:46

The Nutley Hall, Reigate

So much for the battle to keep this pub open because it was a good community local. The landlord has left due to serving under 18s and for the large amount of cocaine found in the toilets.

I don't expect the pub to last.

1 May 2011 13:32

Cafe Vlissinghe, Bruges

You don't come here for the choice of beer (although it is adequate), but for the history. Well worth the short walk out of town to appreciate a genuinely old bar, with an old stove providing warmth, and old paintings and photos around the walls.

21 Mar 2011 20:38

The Dolphin, Betchworth

Great refurbishment. However the staff here are absolutely dreadful. Having seen an advert for a beer tasting tonight I organised a number of people to come along. I checked on Sunday that everything was OK and it was. I came along tonight to find it cancelled. The guy behind the bar, wearing a suit and an earing, could not care less, even though I told him a number of people were turning up. His comment when I told him was "that's a shame".

Many posts on this site complain about the customers. It is not surprising when the landlord has such a dreadful approach to customer service.

Avoid until Young's realise that they are pi$$ing in the wind with this pub under its current management and get someone with a brain to run it.

And no. I have been coming here for nearly 40 years and I have never seen salt beef sandwiches for sale.

16 Feb 2011 23:03

The Market Hotel, Reigate

Only had one beer on yesterday, a very average pint of Hogs Back TEA. But let's hope it doesn't turn into yet another restaurant. Reigate is crying out for a decent pub.

10 Feb 2011 22:53

The Nevill Crest and Gun, Eridge Green

mendes, you must have been drinking too much! This place was never a King and Barnes pub - the only K&B pub in the area was the wonderful Huntsman by the staion.

5 Jan 2011 12:01

The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate

I cannot understand why someone would come on this site just to abuse a pub without any factual information to support their tirade. Deservebetter makes no comment that fits the Surrey Oaks. The beer is easily the best for many miles, and the Soaks is actually run as a traditional drinking pub, albeit one which does excellent food. As others have mentioned, it has won many Camra accolades; however it is not a "beer tickers" pub. Ken, the landlord, supports all his local brewers (such as Surrey Hills, Pilgrim and Dark Star), as well as offering beers from further afield. Gabby, the chef, is a lovely guy who has a passion for good quality home made food. The only items which are deep fried are the scampi(which is made in-house) and the chips.

This is the best pub in Surrey, do yourself and visit it and ignore deservemore's rant.

5 Aug 2010 18:44

The Jolly Farmers, Betchworth

We came here for a meal last night, and came away very disappointed. The beer was good, but the food very average. A starter of smoked haddock with duck egg was mostly potato with a thin piece of fish on top. My main course was pork belly, which arrived with crackling than was so flabby it could have been wrapped around a pencil. On mentioning this to the waitress all she said was "Oh that is a shame, usually it is very good". When another waitress asked us later how the food was and I told her she said "Oh, and crackling is the best bit of belly pork," No interest in apologising or talking to the chef. I would avoid this place as there are several better places around.

17 Jul 2010 07:55

Plough at Blackbrook, Blackbrook

Jeremy - this is the best news I have heard in ages. The Plough was reknowned as selling the best beer in the King and Barnes estate, but went rapidly downhill when those Badger Bast***s took it over. As Goosegog states, good quality real ale sells very well in this area (the previously unloved Fox Revived at nearby Norwood Hill is testament to this).

Please let us know more as soon as you can. Best of luck.

31 May 2010 11:29

The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate

Big beer festival here over the bank holiday weekend with a good mixture of local beers and ones from far away (including the fantastic Brewdog).

25 May 2010 11:17

The Parrot Inn, Forest Green

Not that I would condone poor service, but the owner of the pub (who also owned the farm from which most of the the meat comes) was killed in a tragic accident last week. I suspect the bar staff were in shock.

16 May 2010 22:38

Six Bells Inn, Bardwell

More of a restaurant than a pub. One real ale available (from a cask away from the bar) which was Old Chimneys Great Raft, and was good. Not really the place to come for a night on the beer though.

5 May 2010 06:38

The Black Horse, Thetford

Best pub in town. Woodfordes Wherry was good (all the other beers were run of the mill). Food was good and cheap. Worth the walk out of town.

5 May 2010 06:34

The Kings Head, Thetford

Greene King IPA was fine in this basic town centre local.

5 May 2010 06:33

Albion, Thetford

Pleasant pub a short stroll from the town centre. Good beer. No food, but they will order take aways for you to eat at the pub.

5 May 2010 06:31

The Red Lion, Thetford

Being done up (I think, otherwise it is falling apart). Greene King beers were OK.

5 May 2010 06:29

The Green Dragon, Thetford

Keg beer only, but friendly enough

5 May 2010 06:27

The Bell Hotel, Thetford

There is loads of building work going on, and so things weren't up to scratch. One waitress only working, and over 50 guests wanting breakfast meant raised temperatures and long waits for food. Beer was fine though.

5 May 2010 06:26

The White Hart, Dunmow

Perhaps the most miserable landlord I have ever encountered. Not a please, thank you or anything. Stood behind the bar in a pink shirt stuffing his face with a sandwich. People came in asking if food was still being served, he just turned away, went to the kitchin and came back "yes". Nothing else at all. Change was just thrust back in customer's hands This great lump of pink lard doesn't deserve customers.

3 May 2010 22:00

The Royal Oak, Rusper


I was trying to point out the irony here.

According to their posts, mjeeves is a lager drinking "respectable" business man. Beerbiker is just an ale drinking business man.

Who would you prefer in your pub?

28 Apr 2010 15:39

The Royal Oak, Rusper


I note that you do not consider yourself to be a respectable business man.

28 Apr 2010 14:47

The Running Horse, Leatherhead

Beer quality dire.

Saturday lunchtime most pumpclips turned around and the only beers available were Late Red, Canterbury Jack and something called Top Hat. I asked for a pint of this to be given a pint of cloudy vinegar. I returned it to be given the question "What's wrong with it?". After pointing out that it was cloudly, and that it was, err, vinegary, the barman just looked at me, and appeared disinclined to go anything.

I asked whether it may have been the first pint poured today (even though the pub had been open over two hours), and was told that it was. After suggesting that perhaps pouring off some beer may help, this was tried, but the beer was worse.

On realising that perhaps I was not going to accept this, I was asked whether I wanted something else, and I had a pint of Late Red which was just adequate.

I was given no apology at all, and I noticed that the offending beer was not taken off.

As I left a lady was querying the price of a bottle of house white wine (14), which she thought very expensive. The barman could not care less.

Avoid this dreadful pub at all costs.

29 Nov 2009 10:33

The Dolphin, Betchworth

Sorry pub2009 you did not just say the meal was lovely. You accused the several contributors to this site of being offensive.

I actually praised the beer. I have been visiting the Dolphin for over 30 years and live very near, and so I think I know what I am talking about. I can only assume that you are something to do with the pub and this is why you condone such mediocrity.

20 Nov 2009 00:44

The Dolphin, Betchworth

Sorry, but pub2009's comments really annoy me. He/she has never posted before today, and then tells us off for being offensive. For complaining about the bad language being used in the pub!!! So who is being offensive here? Pub2009, please run away and stop posting drivel.

19 Nov 2009 18:24

The Dolphin, Betchworth

I think what people are saying is that there are problems here. Personally I can say that the beer I had last night was fine, and the food was OK (not great, but OK), and I would return for both. However, what has been pointed out by several reviewers, is that there is an group of unsavoury characters here. There may be few of them, but they are always there when I have been there. They are loud and uncouth, and unfortunately dominate the pub. Their swearing cannot have gone unnoticed by the managers, so they must be ignoring it. Hence the negative feedback on this site.

I'm, sorry Bella, but you need to take your blinkers off.

18 Nov 2009 22:50

The Kings Arms, Dorking

A visit last Friday found a quiet pub, with a few groups of after work drinkers. Sad to say that the beer was of average quality, with only Shepherd Neame's own beers completing with some from Cottage brewery (perhaps a contender for the worst breweryin the UK). A shame really, as this has the makings of being the best pub for miles around.

17 Nov 2009 22:47

The Jack Fairman, Horley

A late night visit on Monday found the pub very quiet, but with a great choice of beers. The two I had were in very good condition, and I left happy. A good Wetherspoons.

17 Nov 2009 22:44

The Dolphin, Betchworth

Why does Dolph1967 think we should leave this pub alone? If things are not right surely we should point them out. Anyway. we popped in here tonight for a meal, which was very pleasant. However ther were foul mouthed boors sittng at the bar effing and blinding away, with the voice of one of them at least echoing through the dining area. The barmaid obviously knew them as she chatted to them. I'm sorry, but this sort of behaviour is just not acceptable in a country pub like this (or indeed anywhere).

Youngs, all you need to do is bar these morons and the customers will flood back.

17 Nov 2009 22:42

The Dukes Head, Beare Green

Things have undoubtably improved here. The pub is clean and welcoming, and the food looks good. The main problem is the poor beer range, probably because Punch offer the worst beer choice of any PubCo.

Only Youngs on offer, and sadly that won't drag me back, no matter how good everything else is.

6 Nov 2009 21:41

The Royal Oak, Rusper

I have been looking at mrgrumpy's other "reviews" and think he is trying to wind you up. This is a very good pub indeed with great customer focus. Perhaps there are too many beers on at times and one or two may not be at their greatest midweek (this is not to say there are undrinkable), but this is something which can easily be resolved. As for "lamentable Devon beers", well perhaps some of them are not to your taste, but that is the beauty of craft brewers, they are producing a product that is not the same as the next brewery and some you will like and some you will not. And the Surrey Hills Ranmore has never been less than superb on my visits.

13 Sep 2009 15:11

The Jack Fairman, Horley

Popped in here on the way home and was impressed with the beer quality. There was only one beer marked as not available (Hogs Back), but the Weltons was of very good quality. Kings was also available, and here I would agree with mrgrumpy, they are not beers I would drink out of choice. I think mrgrumpy likes stirring things up from looking at his other comments as this is certainly one of the best Wetherspoons around.

13 Sep 2009 15:05

Plough at Blackbrook, Blackbrook

closed again.

If it ever re-opens, please serve some decent beer as we do not like the putrid badger rubbish

10 Sep 2009 18:04

The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate

Another fantastic beer festival has been on this weekend with over 40 beers available. The quality has been great. As others have said, it is not the easiest pub to get to, but it really is worth it. The local breweries of Pilgrim, Surrey Hills and Dorking were all represented, although the latter's India Red Ale was not on on Friday night - oh well, another visit is needed!. A great pub with a great landlord and great staff.

31 Aug 2009 13:44

The Market Hotel, Reigate

Someone must love this evil little dump as it has a remarkably high rating (3.5 at the moment). The upstsairs bar is never open, and the man bar is usually full of pissed up oiks, with a one or two unsuspecting punters sitting in the raised areas by the door gaping open mouthed at the detritus hogging the bar area. Never have a visited such an unpleasant pub where just a bit of love and attention could turn it around. As mentioned by many others, the beer is disgusting. This pub is an absolute toilet and a disgrace.

12 Jul 2009 22:32

The Market Hotel, Reigate

Someone must love this evil little dump as it has a remarkably high rating (3.5 at the moment). The upstsairs bar is never open, and the man bar is usually full of pissed up oiks, with a one or two unsuspecting punters sitting in the raised areas by the door gaping open mouthed at the detritus hogging the bar area. Never have a visited such an unpleasant pub where just a bit of love and attention could turn it around. As mentioned by many others, the beer is disgusting. This pub is an absolute toilet and a disgrace.

12 Jul 2009 22:32

The Cricketers, Dorking

The Cricketers is probably Dorking's best pub at the moment. There is a good atmosphere and good real ales (especially when the London Porter is on!). Recently had a small beer festival with twelve beers on sale, mostly served from the nicely terraced garden. Well done!

4 May 2009 15:04

The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate

Popped in for a well earned pint and found that Surrey Hills beers are still on sale. So that is an extra point! The garden was popular with families and boules players. Emma behind the bar was lovely as well.

4 May 2009 15:00

Three Horseshoes Inn, Sidlow Bridge

Rob has breathed new life into this pub, and his enthusiasm is infectious. Recently has had a beer festival featuring mostly local beers. It is so good to see a pub supporting local suppliers. Well worth popping into for a pint or two.

4 May 2009 14:59

Plough at Blackbrook, Blackbrook

Oh dear, still a Badger pub. I'm sorry, but it's like a pub with no beer.

4 May 2009 14:56

The Yew Tree 'Time well spent', Reigate Hill

The pub is certainly more pleasant than it was before and looks like a worthwhile stop if in the area. Shame that the beer range is not more interesting though.

30 Dec 2007 09:14

The Rai D'Or, Salisbury

The local Camra rag contains an advert for the pub detailing its opening hours. Saturday lunchtime it says it is open. Walk out there - as dead as dead can be.

4 Mar 2007 22:05

The Haunch of Venison, Salisbury

Lovely old pub but miserable bar staff.

4 Mar 2007 22:03

The Duck Inn, Laverstock

Open all day, so the signs in the window say. Lights on, 3pm Saturday afternoon, all doors resolutely shut. What a waste of time. Surely a note in the window to say you are not open would be possible?

4 Mar 2007 22:01

The Kings Head, Holmbury St Mary

Fabulous food in a proper country inn. Others mention high prices, but for the quality, they are not at all high. Beer is good as well, with the local Surrey Hills brew Shere Drop on sale along with three others.

28 Feb 2007 16:00

Royal Oak Inn, Staffhurst Wood

Upmarket restaurant with a good bar attached. The beer is expensive, but of very good quality, as is the food. I have always found the service to be very professional

11 Feb 2007 15:46

The Good Companions, Warlingham

It doesn't look promising from the outside, but this 1930s roadhouse is pretty good. The menu changes daily (and is printed with the day's date) and has some pretty decent food on it. The beer is OK - from Westerham. Worth a visit.

11 Feb 2007 15:43

The Royal Oak, Rusper

Major surprise - no longer a Badger pub serving their third rate ales, but a free house serving Surrey Hills Ranmore and Dark Star beer, along with a beer from Archers and real cider. Proper food, real fires, what a great pub. Well worth a visit.

30 Nov 2006 21:54

The Pride of Spitalfields, Shoreditch

Just off Brick Lane and the best bet for a pint before a curry. A proper pub with good beer and a decent atmosphere. You can also watch football on the large screen if that's your thing.

30 Nov 2006 13:52

The Shepherds Crook, Crowell

It looks a bit run down, with piles of rubbish in one window, but inside is a good pub with a choice of four ales (all around the 4% mark, a stronger one giving a bit of variety would have been nice). Good food is available including an unbelievable fish for a fiver deal on Wednesday. Just off the M40 motorway if you need a stop.

30 Nov 2006 13:49

The Olde Tavern, Kington

What a great pub. OK, it didn't open on time, but it was worth the wait. A great atmosphere, really cheap beer (and good). We were told that it was owned by the King of Kington - he's doing a good job.

29 Nov 2006 17:58

Red Lion, Chinnor

Went there today, or at least tried to. The car park was full of notices such as don't park here for the shops, and don't turn here. A blackboard outside advertised four real ales, and that the pub was in the 2007 Good Beer Guide. Good food was available 12-2:30. The place was shut at 1:30. What a waste of time - has the landlord ever thought that the customer should be informed as to what is going on. Note to others - don't bother.

29 Nov 2006 17:56

The Lagham, South Godstone

This is now more an Indian restaurant than pub. Didn't try the food, but the menu looked OK. The Spitfire was in poor condition though.

25 Nov 2006 17:17

The Deer Leap, Exmouth

Typical Hungry Horse menu. Inside there is an area reserved for over 18s. Best sit outside on the patio and look over the sea. Beers are all Greene King, and OK if you like that sort of thing

12 Nov 2006 20:23

The White Hart, Charter Alley

Big old country pub surprisingly close to Basingstoke. Timeless atmosphere, good beer, a fine pub all round.

5 Nov 2006 11:05

Crown Inn, Westcott

I don't think this place has changed in decades, and it is like that favourite pair of slippers you have. They are really comfortable, but suddenly you wake up and realise that it is time to get some new ones

4 Nov 2006 13:55

The Pheasant, Shefford Woodlands

Good atmosphere and not mucked about with - drinkers to the front and diners out back. Note to the landlord though - it doesn't hurt to smile.

4 Nov 2006 13:52

Queens Arms, Basingstoke

Probably the only proper pub near the centre of Basingstoke. Well worth a visit, although perhaps a bit down to earth for some. I like it though.

4 Nov 2006 13:49

The Plough, Little London

Yes, a really great pub, with some good beer. Spoilt by a large group coming in with children, and the children (about 12 or 13 years old) smoking!

4 Nov 2006 13:46

The Falcon Hotel, Bridgnorth

Nicely done up with a long queue for the carvery. Seems to be a good choice of wines. Althogh advertising five real ales, only four were on and three of those were from Archers. Friendly bar staff.

7 Aug 2006 06:35

Paggies Sports Bar, Thatcham

Convenient for the supermarket and that is about it (although the air conditioning made it rather pleasant on a hot day). Avoid the toilets though, unless you can hold your breath a long time.

23 Jul 2006 19:04

Spotted Dog, Cold Ash

Extremely ugly pub with bad signage. The beer was rubbish even though it was only 1.80 a pint.

23 Jul 2006 19:00

Castle Inn, Cold Ash

Quite a nice village pub serving a good pint. A shame that the barmaid was smoking by the bar though.

23 Jul 2006 18:58

The Bunk Inn, Curridge

Yes it is very expensive - 2.95 for a pint of bitter, but is really a restaurant with a bas attached. The landlord was friendly and took time to talk to us even though we had only popped in for a drink.

23 Jul 2006 18:57

The Blue Ball, Walton On The Hill

Absolute dump - the other pubs are much better

18 Jul 2006 19:12

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

Went there Sunday lunchtime, a couple of OK beers on, although most people were drinking lager. The toilets are disgusting, with one of the two soap dispensers missing (nicked?), and the whole placed reeked of pish. But of course, being Wetherspoons, some spotty oik with the manners of an amoeba has proudly marked that they had inspected them each hour. Tim Martin, sort this out.

18 Jul 2006 19:09

The Hare and Hounds, Waytown

Good sandwiches and good beer, but a strange layout with a small bar and larger dining room. The small room by the toilets has more tables, but is soul-less.

9 Jul 2006 11:22

The Anchor, Seatown

Fantastic location by the beach in a small hamlet. Beer OK but expensive, but the food looked good. Beware, limited parking at the pub, and it costs 3 to park in the beach carpark.

9 Jul 2006 11:20

Greyhound, Bridport

One of the worst Wetherspoon's I have been to for ages. A very poor ale selection (all Greene King and Marstons), and a rather grubby feel to the pub.

9 Jul 2006 11:17

The George Hotel, Bridport

A good pint of Palmer's and despite the other comments, it wasn't a rip-off. Perhaps the other visitors had spent too much time in the awful Wetherspoon's across the road.

9 Jul 2006 11:15

The Swan Inn, Sidmouth

Good beer and a friendly atmosphere. A bit off the beaten track, and surrounded by car parks, but worth the short walk out of town to get here.

9 Jul 2006 11:12

Plough at Blackbrook, Blackbrook

More of a restaurant than a pub, but it has an excellent old fashioned atmosphere. Certainly not a place for letting your hair down, but a good for a quiet civilised evening.

25 Jun 2006 12:04

The Plough, Coldharbour

We went here one afternoon a few weeks ago, late one afternoon, and the pub was quiet. The barman (who, I found out, is the landlord's son) was sitting at a table smoking and drinking a cup of coffee). I ordered a pint of beer (which was OK) and a coffee, to be told they didn't serve coffee. In the half hour we were there three other couples came in, all asking for drinks and coffee, each to be told that coffee was not available. What fantastic customer service.

18 Jun 2006 12:00

The Sandrock, Boundstone

Brilliant pub, great beer, very friendly and knowledgeable guy behind the bar. One of the best pubs I have been to in ages. It will be closed at some time for a refurbishment, with a restaurant appearing, but the beer choice won't alter.

5 Jun 2006 06:51

The Foley Arms, Claygate

Lovely garden but only the Bitter was drinkable as the special was cloudy and sour.

5 Jun 2006 06:45

The Angel, Reigate

Twice before I've written about this dump and each time my comments have been removed by someone after a week. Believe me, it's not a nice pub.

22 May 2006 20:50

The Plough and Furrow Inn, Smallfield

Oh. It is now the Plough & Furrow and is wine bar trendy in appearance. Sofas, nice lights, that sort of stuff. In a country pub. Rubbish.

22 May 2006 20:47

Swan, Iver

Looked nice from the outside, and it was comfortable within. Things continued to impress when I saw that they were serving Grand Union beers, one of the best of the micro breweries. Then I tasted it. Awful.

17 Apr 2006 10:12

The Wellington, Strand

Convenient for Covent Garden and Theatreland, and selling good cool beer. A nice pub.

20 Mar 2006 19:43

The Rose and Crown, Huish Episcopi

You know that feeling you get when you go somewhere you have always wanted to visit, go there and then wonder what the fuss was about? Well this is that place. OK, there's no bar, but the rooms to drink in could be anywhere as could the pool table.

24 Feb 2006 12:53

The Bird In Hand, North Curry

Stopped here for a quick pint and something to eat and thought it really nice. Upmarket and quiet though, but a good stop nevertheless. Perhaps a bit expensive.

24 Feb 2006 12:48

The Railwaymans Arms, Bridgnorth

A bit basic and full of train spotters. But a nice pint and really cheap.

24 Feb 2006 12:42

Powder Monkey, Exmouth

What crap decor - purple walls and tables set out like a school classroom but with pensioners sitting open-mouthed at them, It looks really nice outside (which is probably the best place to be).

24 Feb 2006 12:33

The Prince of Wales, Reigate

Worth missing a train for. Usually quiet and not full of the idiots who frequent the town centre pubs.

24 Feb 2006 12:26

The Compasses Inn, Gomshall

The landlady is a bit scary (that hair is really weird and I bet there are a few items of lost property just waiting to be found in it). She keeps really good beer though, including the lovely Surrey Hills Shere Drop, so I forgive her.

24 Feb 2006 12:23

The Old House At Home, Dorking

Not sure why this has such a low rating. It is a really good town centre pub with great beer, late opening and good TVs for watching the footie.

24 Feb 2006 12:19

The White Hart, Dorking

Ah, the Snakepit. Not for a romantic evening with the missus, but it does have a certain charm and really cheap sandwiches.

24 Feb 2006 12:17

The Cricketers, Dorking

Good if unremarkable town centre pub. The beer is the best reason for coming here - a very good pint. In summer the garden is a great place to be.

24 Feb 2006 12:15

The Kings Arms, Dorking

Can be hit or miss. It was very smokey on my last visit and the beer wasn't at its best. The friendly barmaid had plenty of cleavage on show (two sorts!).

5 Feb 2006 11:49

The Plough, Coldharbour

In the running for the coldest pub in Britain. The landlady is pretty frosty as well.

3 Feb 2006 22:31

The Dolphin, Betchworth

Is there a worse pub for locals refusing to give up space at the bar? You go there and try to get served and the morons at the bar just look at you as if you have invaded their pub. Shame because its in a great location and the beer is good.

3 Feb 2006 22:28

The Rising Sun, Charlwood

Despiter signs to the contrary on a recent visit there were spikey haired kids running through the pub. There were bits of old food scattered around the floor and yes, a fair amount of swearing at the bar.

9 Jan 2006 07:14

The Half Moon, Charlwood

Very well extended with good food. All areas are accessible to the disabled. Worth a visit.

9 Jan 2006 07:12

Wetherspoons, Birmingham

Tiny Wetherpoons that has no real purpose apart from showing the footie scores on the silent TV. Beer OK though.

8 Jan 2006 11:24

The Wellington, Birmingham

I'd heard so much about this pub and was disappointed. OK, I knew it would be full of beer spotters wearing too small t-shirts with "funny" jokes on the back, but the pub was soul-less and expensive. The beer glasses were warm, and as commented elsewhere, there was no atmosphere.

8 Jan 2006 11:22

The Yard Bird, Birmingham

Good Landlors, good barmaid, but oh so smokey

8 Jan 2006 11:17

Raphaels, Birmingham

Very dull but cheap beer (possible to compete with Wetherspoons opposite). Not worth it.

8 Jan 2006 11:15

The Sun on the Hill, Birmingham

OK bar but lacking identity. Bored bar staff.

8 Jan 2006 11:13

The Weighbridge, Alvechurch

A good pub but unfortunately very smokey

3 Jan 2006 06:56

The Rising Sun, Epsom

Still Epsom's best pub. No national beer brands but an esoteric selection chosen by the landlord. There were some wicked Christmas beers on draught including one at 11% ABV.

3 Jan 2006 06:54

The Malt House, Dorking

About as useless as Dorking Football Club who play next door. Rubbish beer (a really slimy pint of Guinness last time I was there.

2 Jan 2006 10:59

The Black Horse, Bridgnorth

Great atmosphere and very good beer in this traditional two bar pub near the river.

2 Jan 2006 10:57

The Country Girl, Selly Oak

Handy for the hospital but very smokey. The Brew XI was very cheap (but strangely not on the price list which advertised real ales 50p more).

2 Jan 2006 10:52

The Man On The Moon, Kings Norton

Better inside than it looks, although you have to get past the pool table to get to the gents. Cheap beer although the bar staff were clueless on my last visit

2 Jan 2006 10:50

The Rising Sun, Charlwood

Good place to go if you like swearing at people.

1 Jan 2006 14:34

The Garland, Redhill

Very good pub in a bad town generally. The landlord always wears a tie and is a "good old boy". Serves loads of beers, including some dangerously strong ones at times.

1 Jan 2006 14:30

The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate

The pub has a shabby chic look but is no worse for that. The beer is always good. And with regard to locals getting served first, not true. Everyone has to put up with the landlord's grumpy ways. I think it is a great pub and there are some very friendly locals (unusual for Surrey).

1 Jan 2006 14:23

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