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Comments by anfield95

Dick Whittington, Gloucester

A large imposing building in the city centre which looked inviting, with nice comfortable seating inside. 2-3 real ales available but I suck with a Guinness. Brisk business with the catering side and the food looked decent & nicely presented. The staff worked very hard, only complaint was the empty plates etc from earlier diners took about 15 minutes to be cleared after we sat down.

8 Feb 2011 22:26

The Chambers, Gloucester

Well positioned Pub just off "the city centre run. Very busy when we visted but not uncomfotabe, and the busy staff were polite & efficient. Some of the drinks such as bottled beers & cider were available @ reasonable prices as too wines & spirits.

8 Feb 2011 22:11

Fountain Inn, Gloucester

A large welcoming boozer with a big open fire thowing some real heat out, ideal for the likes our party who had been dragged around the shops on a cold winters afernoon. Good real ale coice inc Jennings, Black Sheep, and a couple from local Breweries The Great Wetern & Battledown. Definately worth a visit.

8 Feb 2011 21:55

The Imperial Inn, Gloucester

This is a Typical "Drinkers pub", with very traditional decor inside and features from the outside. Looked to very popular with the locals in the area and had pleasant & helpful bar staff. A good choice of 3-4 real ales, also good hearty sandwiches @ resonable prices.

8 Feb 2011 21:44

The Woodman, Bradford

Now re-opened after a short closure, the Woody is the same as it's always been a decent no frills local's boozer. Not the same as when Bill & Margarate had it in the 80's but all pubs have gone backwards.

29 Nov 2010 15:02

The Top House, Bradford

Typical locals pub, not as busy as it was years ago but still worth a visit. Best avoided when the Bradford Bull's are playing at home (over the road), as it's only a small place and can get uncomfortable.

29 Nov 2010 14:57

The Crown, Bradford

A very overated dump, poor beer and terrible smell of greasy food.

29 Nov 2010 14:46

The Craven Heifer, Bradford

Returned there recently after many years and I'm afraid like many Bradford pubs it's gone down the nick. What used to be a great locals pub is now just home to the local low life looking for a cheap pint.

29 Nov 2010 14:44

The Bay Horse, Stamford Bridge

Any pub which flies a Leeds Utd. flag above the door should be burnt down not visited !!

29 Nov 2010 14:36

The Swordsman Inn, Stamford Bridge

Typical Sam Smiths pub really, average beer but at cheap prices, the Pure Brew lager is as good as any premium lager on tap. The Swordsman is really a local's pub but can get a lot of passing tourists in the summer ... but the food is best avoided, typical Sam's "Chicken Ping" ! But friendly staff & friendly locals, worth a drive out to.

29 Nov 2010 14:33

The Golden Last, Scarborough

Great place to visit & nice and cheap for accomodation & you can barter on the price of a room, but don't plan to take the "other half" here for a romantic break as the rooms are very basic, ideal for groups of lads, stag nites etc. Having visited the 2 sister pubs in Benidorm many times before, I knew that this place is a big loyalist pub with every single Rangers game shown live, but it's not "in yer face" stuff and there are dozens of other different teams shirt's hang from the ceiling (bar a certain green & white one !) The bars are basic, ripped seats and pool tables in need of repair etc,but the beer is ok, average beer at average prices,and the double house whiskey great @ 2.20. But the staff are friendly and some of the locals are interesting, to say the least, but keep away if you have a fear of parrots landing on your shoulder and chewing on your clothes !

29 Nov 2010 13:35

Valley, Scarborough

A great place this, and like the Cellar's a few doors down is definately worth looking up. Rather uninspiring from the outside but very welcoming once inside. A great range of bottled lagers and as a cider drinker I was in mini heaven with the half dozen different variety's on offer, with the bar staff only too willing to let you taste before purchasing.A good mix of clientel, many appearing to be locals., with a very busy local poetry group meeting in the upstairs bar on the evening we were there. Also a pool table tucked nicely out of the way upstairs too. Will be back.

29 Nov 2010 12:54

Cellars, Scarborough

A gem of a place this, much nicer than some of the more "touristy" pubs in town, & definately worth the 10 minute walk from the seafront. Good and varied mix of clientel, both young & old. Quite during the day (tho it was a Thurs pm in November) but very busy when we returned on the Saturday evening when the excellant live band The Shamrockers had everyone tapping and singing along.

29 Nov 2010 12:39

The Gillygate, York

If you are thinking of visiting this place FORGET IT ! No atmosphere (we were the only people in mid Sat afternoon), no TV, no music, and certainly no smiles from the grumpy chap behind the bar. Like fools we ordered food, BIG MISTAKE unless you enjoy rock hard burnt baguette's (which my girlfriend left 50%) or fish & chips where the fish is 95% burnt batter,with very little fish inside, served with cold mushy peas, quite obvious everything on the very limited menu is microwaved. The characterless chap behind the bar was even less amused at seeing the food we had left, but didn't ask why or even offer us a refund. There are some great pubs & restaurants in york, but definately not this place.

18 Nov 2010 16:47

The Terrace, York

Great pub for sports fans, 2 different football games on at the same time, as well as rugby. Good atmosphere and decent food & drink

18 Nov 2010 16:28

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