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Bucket Of Blood, Phillack

Destination pub, ie out of theway. Not great for kids, but allowed. No telly, its mainly about beer and the pub itself. Bucket of blood ale recommended. Mind your head, 400 years old....

15 Aug 2012 10:15

The Bluffs, Hayle

Previous reviews a bit old now.this place is what it is, ie, OK, now has pedigree and hobgoblin. As you can sit outside in a big garden and look out over the bay, this all you really need. On a sunny day...

15 Aug 2012 10:11

The Montagu Pyke, Charing Cross Road

There today, 4 kegs on display bside the bar. Great beer at 2.30 a pint in the West End. Can't knock it!

13 Apr 2010 21:11

The Spread Eagle, Camden

This pub has been changed around a lot in the last 30 years - it used to have two separate bars, so a bit of choppig and changing is hardly new. Still one of the best Camden pubs with a great spec and good beer.

13 Apr 2010 21:05

The Earl of Camden, Camden

Landlord is good, but not always on. Wedge card makes for amazing value. Good for sport, comfortable, good location

13 Apr 2010 21:02

The Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak

no point in adding more, other than not a bad spot to start/end a good walk over the Heath. Fifteen minutes walk to Camden Town

13 Apr 2010 20:58

Black Horse Hotel, Heswall

Lovely big pub, good selection of ales, good for the football, several bars, kid-friendly but maintains a good atmosphere

13 Apr 2010 20:55

The King's Head, Wells

Good pub, Magic Merlin from the barrel very nice; Friday daytime very nice and pub-like; Friday night front bar friendly pub atmos, back turns into a busy bonkers 70s disco. My wife (39) got asked for a dance by a teenager en route to the loos...

12 May 2009 10:41

The Queen Victoria Inn, Priddy

good beers; on a walking trip from Wells to Cheddar a great pit stop - pub served lunch for 16 (plenty of outdoor tables) at 2pm on a Saturday. Great setting.

12 May 2009 10:35

The London Inn, Padstow

Very good, friendly pub. if you're lucky the Wadebridge vocal choir might be in the bar having a sing-song! Good beer, pleasant service

20 Apr 2009 18:49

Ice Wharf, Camden

very good value, good range of real ales, good meeting point. Get there by 12.59am and buy two pints, or get their and wait for 15 minutes while the lunchbreakers order meals and pay individually on their cards!

Bit scary once the bouncers arrive for the evening

6 Apr 2009 11:34

The Monarch, Chalk Farm

major refurb, less of a boozer now, no handpumps, no real ale.

6 Apr 2009 11:29

The Caernarvon Castle, Camden

burnt down

14 May 2008 21:02

The Britannia, Kensington

classic case of it ain't broke, break it. Once a nice local pub, now utterly absent of any character.
A Young's pub with no Special even on a tap. Bought a half of Staropramen for 1.95...
2.30pm on a Monday in Kensington, no other customers.
An ex-pub. Shame on Young's.

14 May 2008 20:50

The Lock Tavern, Camden

bag nicked, staff no use.

24 Apr 2008 00:14

The Hawley Arms, Camden

bit burned down at the moment, possibly back in action for the summer

15 Feb 2008 01:06

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