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The Dolphin Inn, Lower Weston

Has been born again as the Lockbridge. 3 real ales on: Bob, Butcombe and Farnham White from Hog''s Back.

Huge pub, focus on food. Not very busy for a Friday night but good place to sit by the canal for a quiet drink.

2 Sep 2017 16:24

The Old Nags Head, Manchester

Choice of three real ales. Lots of pics of Geordie Best. Went back at ten the same evening to find it shutting early due to it being quiet - the arrival of 10 potential customers not enough to change the barman''s mind.

2 Sep 2017 16:13

The Marble Arch, Manchester

Visited early on a quiet Tuesday evening. Broad selection of excellent beers.

2 Sep 2017 16:03

The Horse and Groom, Merrow

3 ales on tap. Doom Bar was ok, Tribute was excellent but went offsale early and wasn't replaced.

My review of April 2012 praised them for over-sized line-level glasses - these weren't in evidence last week and every pint was short.

Brewdog's Nanny State is sold which is good news for drivers, but you still get charged the same as for beer with alcohol. There's a hefty discount in the cost price as there's no duty, yet the pub is trousering the extra margin. £3.75 in this pub, £1.25 in Tesco.

26 Sep 2016 12:35

Chancellors, University of Surrey


15 Mar 2016 22:02

The Goat Major, Cardiff

Visited on an International day so access was controlled but lots of space once inside. Felt customer comfort was more important than £ through the till. Brains Dark of course. Next trip to Cardiff will include a visit to here.

15 Mar 2016 21:49

The Cambrian Tap, Cardiff

Visited at lunchtime before the rugby rush. Good, broad selection of beers. Would be top of my list to revisit next time I'm in Cardiff.

15 Mar 2016 21:42

The Prospect of Whitby, Wapping

Finally visited and was not disappointed. It is one of London's character pubs and should be on a must-visit list for a trip to town.

8 on handpump, a wide selection of trad and modern.

26 Feb 2015 21:06

The Swan, St Peter Port

Sells itself as a gastropub. I didn't eat as was well past lunch but sampled the Randalls VB - the only ale on handpump. Would go again.

21 Aug 2014 20:48

The Three Stags, Lambeth

Is good to see 6X on handpump these days, shame about the Greene King IPA. Nice big pub, though quiet on a Saturday night. Friendly staff.

21 Aug 2014 20:37

The Prince of Wales, Kennington

A quick visit after the cricket and I'm pleased that I've found this great little pub in the corner of a quiet square. Good choice of Shep Neame ales.

21 Aug 2014 20:32

The Hunters Lodge, Woking

Has been renamed the Nag's Head after a speedy refurb. Not open again yet.

21 Aug 2014 20:29

The Langley Tap, Langley Burrell

Ate here on a Saturday evening. Food was good, and good value. Staff were great, though perhaps one more would have made things smoother.

Three ales on tap: 6X, Swordfish and Horizon.

24 Apr 2014 10:04

The Jamaica Wine House, Bank

4 ales on handpump. £3.89 a pint.

Was in and out early mid-week so wasn't over busy. No problem getting served.

12 May 2013 14:27

The Percy Arms, Chilworth

Was truly dismal last time I went and hiding the comments away won't change that.

Interested to see if things have improved but not willing to risk it myself.

1 May 2013 22:34

The Tenby Bars, St Aubin

One ale on draught - a freezing Directors which was drinkable once it had warmed up. Wouldn't go back.

16 Apr 2013 20:39

The Harp, Covent Garden

I can't believe I have only just discovered this place and have wasted years in nearby lesser establishments.

Had lunch on Friday - excellent sausage sandwiches - filled up from 12.30 but before that there were a choice of tables.

8+ ales on handpump. Twitter account updates you on the latest beers available.

A gem.

10 Sep 2012 20:55

The Queens Head, East Clandon

Nice pub. Food good at prices you'd expect round here.

3 ales on on a Thursday lunchtime. I had a pint of the Adnam's mid-strength Sole Star which was in good condition and tasted good for a 2.7% ABV. Only bugbear is that this cost me 3.80 - the low ABV means low duty* yet rather than pass this on to the customer, the landlord has decided to trouser it.

*mentioned as a positive on the Adnams' website

10 Sep 2012 20:48

The Peirson, St Helier

Bass and Liberation on hand-pump. Tried the local pint and sat outside in the sun. Would go again.

15 May 2012 20:56

The Church House Inn, Rattery

Village pub with mix of locals and outsiders, but friendly greeting for all from landlord. Legend at 3.50 was in good condition.

13 May 2012 08:13

The Red Lion, Godalming

Saturday afternoon and one ale on handpump: Doom Bar at 3.50. TEA appeared as I was leaving. Staff very friendly and helpful. Would go back.

13 May 2012 08:07

The Horse and Groom, Merrow

Went for lunch this Friday - not too busy. Food not cheap but priced in line with most pubs round here.

Only 1 ale on handpump - Doom Bar - but was in pretty good condition. Only had a half but was impressed that the glasses were line-level over-sized. It may not be cheap but getting all the beer you pay for makes it better value.

21 Apr 2012 21:45

Downshire Arms, Bracknell

Lunchtime visit. 2 clips: Pride & Spitfire. The Spitfire was off, but the Pride was in great condition. I was surprised as the pub is not great, but the Pride was.

5 Feb 2012 20:56

The White Lyon, Worplesdon

Has been painted white.

17 Nov 2011 21:25

The Oxford Bar, Edinburgh

A respectful hush about the place when I went yesterday afternoon allowed quiet contemplation of my surroundings and appreciation of a good pint of Three Sisters.

17 Nov 2011 21:19

The Cardiff Cottage, Cardiff

Smelt a bit - a few airfresheners stuck down the back of the seats didn't mask it all but the range of Brains and the quality sampled was excellent. I would go again.

27 Feb 2011 19:20

The Drummond Arms, Albury

Is more for eating than drinking but drinkers still welcome. TEA was good, Shere Drop has been good before.

27 Feb 2011 19:10

The Keystone, Guildford

Tried the Black Sheep and the 6X. And something from the Cider festival. Beer well kept and a choice of 3. Seems like there's a lot going on - live music when I went, but also salsa, science discussion and a host of community events. Possibly the best pub in Guildford I have visited.

Loses marks for serving 6X through a sparkler - I'd rather have flat and thin in the devizes style.

23 Aug 2010 19:50

The Bulls Head, West Clandon

Shere Drop in good condition. Courage and Youngs ordinary also on. Not bad choice for a quiet Monday lunchtime.

Food alright and I'd visit again, but I wouldn't rush.

23 Aug 2010 19:40

The Albert, St James's

Ruddles and Directors in good nick. Not totally touristy: popular with Chelsea Pensioners too.

6 Jun 2010 19:23

The Stage Door, Victoria

4 ales on. Overpowering smell of the toilet too unpleasant to linger

6 Jun 2010 19:18

The Guildford Tup, Guildford

Went last Saturday at 8pm. Only one ale on - Youngs bitter.

Not at all busy but still took some time to get served

2 May 2010 22:25

The Izaak Walton, East Meon

2 Sharps' and a Ringwood on tap today. Food is standard pub stuff - nothing pretentious and just what we wanted.

Pub is split in half with the dining end having an air of a tearoom and the drinking end with sofas and a pool table. We sat in the sun in the excellent garden which has a trampoline and a wendy house if you like that sort of thing.

A sign in the bar indicated that a leaning towards families meant a 'no swearing' regime was in place. Family friendly but not a screaming-child sort of place.

8 Apr 2010 20:31

Ye Old Mitre, Holborn

A temple of well-kept beer in a great atmosphere. Nice mix of regulars and tourists, though would the latter please shut the door when looking at the cherry tree.

The food is simple but does the job. I recommend a sausage sandwich. I don't recommend the pickled eggs. Contrary to the recollections of Mr Cameron (below), it was a scotch egg not a scotch pie but never mind.

There is a sign forbidding bicycles which, since I have never seen one in there in 5 years, is either very successful or unnecessary.

27 Jan 2010 20:57

The Salamander, Bath

Haven't been in for a few years but the Salamander rarely disappoints. Had a pint of Dark Hare on quiet Saturday lunchtime - top condition.

27 Jan 2010 20:47

The Raven, Bath

Popped in on Saturday lunchtime. Raven was excellent and the pies looked great.

Only downer was the price (1 more than over-the-road for a pint of ale and a pint of lime and soda) and the rockabilly barman who was not overly pleased to be disturbed.

27 Jan 2010 20:44

The Boater, Bath

Strange mix of students and rugby fans. Was rammed with Ulstermen before and after the game on Saturday but remarkably quick to be served. The Gem was okay, but had better elsewhere earlier in the day.

27 Jan 2010 20:36

The Horse and Groom, Merrow

Not great but seems reasonably busy so no incentive to change anything.

Can have the atmosphere of that pub in Terminal 5 when quiet and the food is ropey, but the range and the churn of beers is impressive and they are usually in good nick.

Only niggle is I've had to return a few pints and several times this has been questioned. 'Noone else has complained' does not cut it when you've paid for a pint of Sarsons.

4 Nov 2009 20:34

Stephan Langton Inn, Abinger Common

Ate here a couple of Saturdays ago. Tried the Pilgrim and the Surrey Hills which was as excellent as when I buy it direct from the brewery.

Food was fantastic. Superb quality and although not cheap, great value. A real find.

If you go in the winter and need to park in the overflow carpark, you'll be glad of a torch.

4 Nov 2009 20:16

The Barge Inn, Seend Cleeve

Ate here in September - late Saturday lunchtime. Food very good, imaginative and high quality. Beer in good condition, I stuck to the IPA.

The dining room is typical of Wadworth's extensions to pubs in the 70s/80s and is a bit noisy but overall I was impressed.

Wasn't asked to pay up front unlike a previous reviewer.

4 Nov 2009 20:08

The Three Pigeons, Guildford

The sign says '3 Pigeons' again.

15 Oct 2009 19:13

The William Bray , Shere Guildford Surrey

9.4 off 5 ratings - that's my 7/10 and 4 x 10/10s. It's good but not that good.

13 Oct 2009 22:16

The William Bray , Shere Guildford Surrey

Pleasant bar and very smart dining room. Food is either ploughmans / sandwich or 10+ main plates. There is a middle ground that could be filled especially on a weekday lunchtime.

Shere Drop was very good.

7 Oct 2009 17:20

The Prince of Wales, Shere

Pleasant bar and very smart dining room. Food is either ploughmans / sandwich or 10+ main plates. There is a middle ground that could be filled especially on a weekday lunchtime.

Shere Drop was very good.

10 Sep 2009 21:39

The William IV, Albury

Good food and, more importantly, a good range of well-kept ales. Ranmore and Shere Drop excellent.

I've been a few times now and everytime I've found that more regular patrons are very protective of their pub: huddling round the bar; pushing in front of me whilst I was ordering; talking to the bar staff over other customers who were mid-way through their orders. Perhaps I need to be more pushy.

A good pub that would loses 2/10 for its interpretation of customer service.

15 Apr 2009 16:03

The Pear Tree, Whitley

Although very much a restaurant, the bar remains and drinkers are welcome. Doom Bar 2.90.

15 Apr 2009 15:51

Farriers, Guildford

Not enough space to have a pint unless you want to stand in the window like an Amsterdam hospitality worker. Have been in a few times but I always get the feeling that drinkers are second to eaters in the eyes of the management.

Reasonable pint of 6X last week.

19 Mar 2009 21:52

The White Swan, Holborn

Gets busy after work when the service can't cope. Fine when it's quiet, otherwise dreadful

19 Mar 2009 21:40

King Of Diamonds, Camden

Dreadful. This pub is inexplicably popular with local office workers yet most of them spend their time waiting to be served and moaning about the terrible service. Good range of beers but it just takes too long to get one.

6 Sep 2008 18:40

Pub, Chilworth

Not so much a pub as a Happy Eater with beer.

Bill came to 42. Paid with 3 x 20 notes. Had to go and ask for my change after 15 mins and was told they'd assumed it was a tip.

8 Aug 2008 13:44

Printworks, Clerkenwell

No Sky.

8 Aug 2008 13:41

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