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Comments by alboy

Three Horseshoes Inn, Sidlow Bridge

Good little country pub, cosy, nice garden. Had no problem with the beer or cider, it was fine. Food is very good. I must admit with previous comments that the loud local pensioners who ALWAYS seem to be there (whatever the time!!) hog the part of the bar that welcomes you in from the door, forcing you to work around them. Get them up the end so customers can see the bar.

28 Jul 2013 08:55

The Dragon, Colgate

The 2 of us went here about 2 weeks ago, and although it was nearly as cold in the pub as outside(the log fire hadn't been going long), the landlord and landlady came and spoke to us for about half an hour, they're very friendly. Plentiful food and cooked very well. Good old Badgers beer (I love it!)

1 Mar 2011 20:36

The William IV, Bletchingley

We've always been on a Saturday night (twice). We've eaten in the restaurant and both times the 4 of us have been the only ones there! Funny restaurant, you have to go out the bar, semi outside and back in another door at the back of the pub. The food is 'ok' nothing stunning. The chef was 'hanging on' for us to order the desert at 9pm. The beer was good though!

1 Mar 2011 20:26

The Plough Inn, Ifield

Always seems full with most people eating which is a good sign. I've had no problems with the food or beer, always good, service friendly and quick. Nice location for the outskirts of Crawley. We go there regularly.

1 Mar 2011 20:17

The Gate, Ifield

How can they do so much choice in food! All cooked well, lovely quaint restaurant, in a quiet country lane location. I love Badgers beer, so this place is heaven.

1 Mar 2011 20:10

The Gate, Ifield

How can they do so much choice in food! All cooked well, lovely quaint restaurant, in a quiet country lane location. I love Badgers beer, so this place is heaven.

1 Mar 2011 20:10

The Half Moon, Charlwood

Been to this pub 3 times recently and the food is excellent, hot and served very quickly. very 'cosy' restaurant. comfortable bar. Friendly staff

1 Mar 2011 20:05

Beehive, Reigate

It's funny you never go into a pub by what you hear by word of mouth which is a very powerful thing. We've been in the area for years and never went here because of this. However, we went and were very pleasantly surprised. Nice inside. food is very good value and good quality and the beer is good. I will now add this to 'our pubs to go to' list!

10 Oct 2010 16:34

Hedgehog Inn, Copthorne

Never again. The previous post comparing this place to Fawlty Towers is spot on. Although we didn't stay, there were 12 of us dining during midweek (the far superior Dukes Head was full). Food was cold, plates were dirty and the service was disgraceful. Some diners had finished before others had started! We'd had enough of this farce by the time some of the puddings arrived on dirty plates(those of us that actually got their puddings!), and asked for the bill. Portions aren't great either for the price. I must admit the manager did adjust the bill, but that's not what you go for. Half of us went home for something else to eat. No-one from this group will be returning, shame because it has much more going for it.

10 Oct 2010 16:17

The Jolly Farmer, Horley

Booked a table for four. If required, the 'Jolly Bus' (free) comes to pick you up if you are local as it is out of the way. Restaurant is quite nice with candles on tables. The food was excellent and a large choice. Had to wait a long time though, but the waiter appologised several times, it was very very busy (good sign). Still very busy at 11:30pm in the bar when we asked for the 'Jolly Bus' to take us home. Excelent evening. Good beer/wine. helpful staff.

28 Apr 2008 20:09

The Prince Albert, Bletchingley

Went here with friends about 6 months ago on Saturday night(fish night?). Sat down at 8pm, told that they had run out of several fish dishes (reminds me of Monty Python Cheese Shop sketch) eventually ordered after approaching the waiter at 9pm. Got starters at 9:45pm. got main course at 10:30pm. Got free bottle of wine after asking where the food was. Pudding about 11:30pm. The free drinks were good. The ones paid for wern't as good.

20 Jun 2007 21:11

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