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The White Horse, Pleshey

The White Horse is a former pub which before the present owners was a focus for locals from the outlying villages. It was not unknown for plates of decent food to be served at 10pm if you were late back from work. Now it's become a food factory; all drinkers, including me, have packed their bags and scattered after being banished to a 'reception' bar the size of a pantry. These rambler-restaurants are a curse on the local community, I'm afraid.

1 Mar 2008 13:13

The Chequers, Felsted

A basic pub with an almost hilariously clear class divide between ordinary locals in the bar and public school teachers and parents in the lounge. Outside at the back is a patio where one can watch one's child playing cricket on Felsted School's 'Front'. It's worth a visit just to enjoy the demographics.

1 Mar 2008 13:03

The Compasses, Littley Green

The Compasses certainly provides refuge for dinosaurs. The seating is arse-punishingly basic, mobile phones are banned and service slow - definitely a throw-back. The Hartford End Brewery down the road has now shut.

1 Mar 2008 12:59

The Pig and Whistle, Chignal Smealey

Recently taken over by Shep Neame (which explains the overhanging jungle of hoppery in the bar), this pub has had a chequered past which included nearly closing down on two occasions. It's survived, in much better shape. The landlord is eager to please, and the food is of reasonable quality and price. Give it a go.

1 Mar 2008 12:52

The Black Lion, High Roding

This pub is run by a personable young man principally for his friends. The pool table destroyed the saloon bar. Accommodation for smokers is non-existent. Food is variable but well-priced. Beer selection is courtesy of Greene King. There are one or two better elsewhere in the district.

1 Mar 2008 12:47

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