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Comments by adamsim

Farriers, Guildford

Heard The Farriers had a restaurant upstairs and my wife and I thought we'd have a look on Sat night. The reasonably-priced menu by the front door looked nice so we went in. A short walk up the iron spiral staircase did not leave sufficient distance from the pub-goers below, and then when handed the menu we discovered the one at the front door was not on offer and a far-pricier one featured instead! We didn't bother trying the food, and so I won't submit a score rating but would-be visitors should beware.

10 Feb 2008 20:52

The Fountain, New Malden

How this place hasn't been closed and razed to the ground by now, is staggering. It is truly one of the worst pubs one could imagine stumbling across.

My only hope is that it one day it will attract so much scum that, rather like a black hole, it collapses under its own weight and every other pikey is dragged in and crushed to the size of a pinhead.

Alas, I fear this will remain only ever a dream . . .

28 Sep 2006 14:14

The Litten Tree, Kingston Upon Thames

Companies House website reports Litten Tree Limited as 'Dissolved' as of 19 September. Presumably in a pint of cheap sh*tty lager?!

22 Sep 2006 12:56

The Fortescue Inn, Salcombe

Well-known Salcombe pub at one end of the main strip. Comprised of two bars, ye olde style original bar and a 'modern' bar next door.

Ye olde bar comes complete with obnoxious old buggers who spit bile at the tourists, all the while forgetting exactly where the town gets all it's money from! Food pretty good though and fair choice of drinks.

'Modern' bar is an inexpensively outfitted venue for the usual teenage hoorays from the Home Counties to start getting tanked up in before heading off to Fusions. Has table football and pool table with outside area.

Seating is a premium throughout unless you're eating. As with all Salcombe pubs it's very busy during holidays.

7 Feb 2006 17:36

Abaya, Weybridge

Very pretentious but unapologetic about it. Innovative styling and superbly located for rail links to Woking, Guildford, Surbiton and Waterloo. Must mention the music. Absolutely brilliant. DJ called Max (I think it was) mixing superbly in the corner!

7 Feb 2006 16:39

Gordon Bennnett bar + kitchen, Surbiton

GB's has been around for several years now though struggled to get punters early on. However new management in recent years has turned this place into perhaps the premier bar in Kingston borough. The atmosphere (and prices) tend to attract an affluent 25+ age crowd. Most nights are busy though Thu, Fri and Sat particularly so. Staff are friendly and professional. Ashtrays kept clean and empties never left on tables for long. A pricey menu though generally worth it. Liquor is pricey also though this is probably to attract the preferred demographic. Ideal place to catch up with friends after work and a stone's throw from Surbiton train station. Much recommended.

7 Feb 2006 13:02

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