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BITE user comments - Yogbeer

Comments by Yogbeer

The Sands, Ainsdale

This place can become a little chaotic when the Pontins holidaymakers pile out of the camp across the road because of the exorbitant prices there. That said, the food is spot on and the drinks (including local real ale) are sensibly-priced. It features furniture from Toad Hall. I'd like to think that it is patronised all year round.

6 Jul 2012 22:48

The Windmill Inn, Southport

Marvellous boozer - a touch olde worlde - but that's my thing. Wonderful selection of reasonably-priced drinks, enormous portions of tasty food, friendly staff and engaging regulars.

6 Jul 2012 22:38

The Noose and Monkey, Aberdeen

It's alright - the beer and the food are okay and you can usually get a chair & table.

Very friendly staff.

31 Oct 2009 00:33

The Australia, Porthmadog

Yes, this place truly is the pits.

I visited this place with my first wife in 1987 (it was called something different then) and it was truly awful. It was like we were strangers walking into a saloon in the Wild West.

I took a peek in with my second wife earlier this year and it was, most likely, worse.

31 Oct 2009 00:28

Ship and Castle, Porthmadog

Yes, I also visited recently and it is boarded up.

Looked like it might have been alright...

31 Oct 2009 00:24

The Railway Tavern, Reedham

A great place, in its day. The hospitality and customer service were second to none. Or very few.

31 Oct 2009 00:20

The Kings Arms, Ludham

Don't know what it's like now but it was fine when I visited in 1984. We were probably a bit too late for food but they still dished up huge portions of chicken in a basket for 2.50 and, from what I remember, we were made most welcome.

31 Oct 2009 00:08

The Charleston Inn, Charleston

Great pub, reasonably-priced drink, free lemonade to add to your nips, champion atmosphere.

Now demolished :-(

30 Oct 2009 23:59

The Glen Clova Hotel, Glenclova

I probably haven't been there for more than 25 years but it was a great pub then!

30 Oct 2009 23:56

The Trades House Bar, Dundee

Has loads of really nice draught beers and lagers (some of which are really expensive - but they take debit cards.) Service is fantastic.

However, many of the regular clientele appear to be really false. Living on credit don't make you attractive.

It can also be a problem, because of its popularity, getting a table and chair.

30 Oct 2009 23:34

Ross's Bar, Dundee

Nice and small, informal place for those who have drinking at heart.

If your wife / girlfriend / civil partner phones looking for you, the bar staff will always check with you as to whether you are there, or not. If you know what I mean.

30 Oct 2009 23:23

Old Bank Bar, Dundee

Formerly Huxters and prior to that The, er, Old Bank Bar.

Very reasonably priced draught lagers and ales, as is the special offers on the Bill of Fare.

You can sometimes be kept a while to be served. And if you like whisky but don't like Bells' then you might be struggling.

Live football on the TV, if you like that sort of thing.

30 Oct 2009 23:19

The No.1 Bar, Dundee

Used to be The Pullman, back in the 1980s and, would you believe, was one of the places for young men and women to go on Friday and Saturday evenings, along with Sinatra's, The Cactusville and Winston's?

Things have changed since then but not necessarily in a bad way. Long gone are the tank tops, chinos, mullets and moustaches, the cocktails and the strange bar which followed the stairs.

The place seems a lot more spacious these days and has been a favourite of mine for some time now. The new landlord appears to be attracting a bit more business and getting a mixed crowd in and good luck to him.

The toilets are, er, basic (just as I remember them) the drink is very reasonably priced, as is the food, and the ambience is just fine.

30 Oct 2009 23:11

Nether Inn, Dundee

Used to be the Parliamentary, back in the day.

Now, it's all loud music and huge-screen TVs, fruit and quiz machines, and the smell of 5 burgers. Student loans keep this place going, I imagine.

On the plus side, it does have a very nice selection of draught lagers.

Visit Groucho's Record & Tape Exchange next door instead, I say.

30 Oct 2009 23:00

Capitol, Dundee

Very spacious, nice food, efficient staff, good pricing structure. Don't really have anything bad to say about it except that it perhaps attracts some of the shellsuit-wearing, buggy-pushing brigade at times.

30 Oct 2009 22:48

The Counting House, Dundee

The beer and spirits are good (and reasonably priced) and the toilets are clean.

However... you can wait ages on being served, the carpet is dirty, you'll be lucky if you can get a table and the food is dreadful.

30 Oct 2009 22:40

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