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The Sports Cafe, Haymarket

Went in there on Friday to watch an ice hockey game advertised on their website. It was switched off 30 minutes from the end and it took 10 minutes of wrangling to get it back on again.

Ordered food and, after half an hour, asked where it was. Was told the order had not gone to the kitchen.

In short not a bad place as long as you arent watching a minority interest sport and eat before you go there.

13 Oct 2010 11:39

The Bell, Walthamstow

A dismal hole of a place full to the brim with violent, coke addled scummers.

7 Jul 2010 16:54

Edwards, Romford

What an utter, utter dump.

7 Jul 2010 12:36

Fitzroy Tavern, Fitzrovia

A lovely building in a great location is let down by the bizarre policy of only having one member of staff on at lunchtime. If you only have an hour for lunch this is best avoided.

28 Oct 2009 15:00

Waxy's Little Sister, Piccadilly Circus

Oh dear...

A nice space in a great location should make for a cracking west end boozer.

However, visits here on the weekend reveal the pub to be deserted thanks to the heavy handed and overly physical and abusive nature of the door staff.

One to avoid until something changes its distinctly unpleasant atmosphere.

21 Jul 2009 14:13

The Green Man, Soho

A crap house. Went in last night and stood at a none too busy bar for 15 minutes without getting served by the useless staff. When you cant get a drink in a pub whats the point in going?

4 Jun 2009 15:05

Sun, Hoddesdon

Always been less a pub and more the reception area to the kind of hotel Alan Partridge would live in. Expensive, ropey beer and less atmosphere than Pluto.

3 Jun 2009 15:13

The Highway, Hoddesdon

I worked in this pub a few years ago and would advise anybody to give it a miss. A truly rank set of regulars sipping dodgy beer at west end prices make this one to avoid.

3 Jun 2009 15:11

The Stonehouse, Hertford

A total dump. Poo.

13 Dec 2007 14:15

Baroosh, Hertford

This place is a total hovel.

13 Dec 2007 14:06

The Star and Garter, Soho

Following our Exodus from the Comedy and our win over Stoke, watched in here, this will now be the London Blades regular haunt for TV matches.

20 Nov 2007 10:54

The White Bear, Broxbourne

This pub is full of bubblecuuuuuuuuuuuuuunts.

7 Nov 2007 17:57

The Golden Lion, Hoddesdon

Used to be a really quiet old mans boozer this but I went in on Saturday and its had a right lease of life. Open till 2, a DJ and plenty of crumpet.

Downside is the landlord being a Sheffield Wednesday fan.

7 Nov 2007 17:56

The White Swan, Hoddesdon

I went in this pub at the weekend and its dying on its arse. It used to be a busy pub for the 'too old for the Salisbury' crowd. There were only about 10 people in there on Saturday.

The beer in this pub was superb a few years back when Tom ran it but its been going downhill since. Serves the usual slop now.

Sorry to say that this pub has seen better days and is resting on its wilting laurels now.

7 Nov 2007 17:54

The Kings Head, Abergavenney

I stayed in here at the weekend and was totally bowled over by the place. The atmosphere was relaxed, the food was amazing, the location was spot on and the staff were both welcoming and efficient. Fantastic.

29 May 2007 13:33

The Coach and Horses, Walthamstow

Newly reopened and I quite liked it. A mix of drinkers, pretty cheap, a fair bit of space and Arab TV for the football.

16 Mar 2007 11:21

The Warrant Officer, Walthamstow

This pub was featured on Skys 'Roughest Pubs in Britain'.

27 Feb 2007 16:32

The Village, Walthamstow

Nice beer garden, awful beer.

27 Feb 2007 16:31

The Victoria, Walthamstow

This is my regular in Walthamstow. My rendition of the theme tune from Minder always goes down a treat in here.

27 Feb 2007 16:30

The Rose and Crown, Walthamstow

Walthamstows premier Wars of the Roses themed pub. Beer can be hit and miss but its pretty good. Not sure whats going on with the opening hours though.

27 Feb 2007 16:28

The Queens Arms, Walthamstow

One of my favourite places in the Stow. Beers decent and pretty cheap and the locals have never given anyone hassle that Ive ever seen.

As for the other reviewer; what do you expect if you order orange juice and lemonade? Its a pub not a Soda Stream.

27 Feb 2007 16:26

The Nags Head, Walthamstow

This pub is full of pretentious knobs, it serves fruit beer for Gods sake! The shag pile on the tablecloths is so deep I could stand my beer up.

27 Feb 2007 16:24

The Lord Palmerston, Walthamstow

When I lived across the road (2004-2005) this was a cracking pub. Now its a hovel.

27 Feb 2007 16:22

The Goose, Walthamstow

A rotten pub. The beers cheap, but then it does taste like piss. Its only saving grace is its proximity to the tube station.

27 Feb 2007 16:20

The Comedy, Piccadilly

Current match venue for the London Blades, we havent lost a match weve watched in here and weve been coming in since August 2005.

Beer is so so and pretty pricey, the seats are comfy enough but its a bloody long climb to the top.


25 Oct 2006 16:33

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