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The Globe, Baker Street

I have to say this is one of the worst pubs I've been into. Firstly, it had that awful stale beer smell which I'm sure regular cleaning would get rid of. Secondly, I expected it to be busy of course because of it's location but we were there to watch a game of rugby and no less than 3 fights were broken up by staff in the space of the game at least one looked pretty serious. Been to loads of rugby games and more than my share of pubs and never seen anything like it. One guy was trashed (he seemed to be "minesweeping" which I thought died out years ago) and making a nuisance of himself which to be fair the staff dealt with as best they could but I coudln't shake the dodgy feeling in this place.
Drunk, loud and singing I can totally accept (I may have even been guilty of this myself in the past)... wasted, obnoxious and screaming like a fool I can't. Maybe I picked a bad night but I wouldn't go back. The staff dealt with the situations well but there seemed to be a degree of familiarity with that type of situation which makes me think it always happens here.

15 Feb 2008 16:13

The Mayflower, Rotherhithe

Can't understand why anyone would not like this pub. Overpriced food might be fair comment although in fairness I've been tempted a few times as the food always looks amazing. But I have to say that for service this place is great. We go here infrequently but we're always met with a smile from our very first time right up until last week.
The pub itself is small and quirky (which personally I like). There is an open fire at the back and a beer garden outside. It's close to the temporarily closed Rotherhithe station and is either the starting point or final call on the Rotherhithe Rd pub crawl which we participate in whenever out-of-town friends visit for some drinks. Overall this is a nice quiet place for a few drinks which has plenty of character.

15 Feb 2008 15:48

The Kings Arms, London Bridge

A brilliant bar. Me and a few friends were walking past a few weeks back looking for another pint and spotted that the King's Arms had a quiz on (Monday night). We went in and were so glad we did. Been every monday since. We got lucky the first week and found a table but you have to book in advance for this usually. The subsequent mondays have alwasy been packed and the quiz is genuinely good and entertaining (Quizmaster Steve is entertaining and a great character) and the food here is fantastic. I really can't say enough about this pub. So friendly and a great atmosphere is backed up by a real cosy feel. There are even boardgames to play here if your not quizzing or watching sport. If I was looking for a bad point it would possibly be the loos but they are certainly not the worst I've seen. One of my favourite new finds since moving to this side of town.

15 Feb 2008 15:27

The Wellington, Waterloo

Quite a large bar which manages to always show sports, although, on the occasions I've been this is without sound. Expensive are fairly indifferent staff on most occasions.
It's an obvious choice for a meeting place because it's so easy to find and close to Waterloo station but to guarantee a seat and to save a small fortune I use the nearby Hole in the Wall for this function. Cheaper, less busy and better staff in my experience.
However, if you like your bars busy and don't mind spending the extra cash the Wellington or it's near neighbour the Fire Station are easy to find meeting points if you are arranging a night out with friends who are not familiar with the area.

15 Feb 2008 15:10

The King and Queen, Fitzrovia

Had a booking at a local restaurant last night and popped into this place beforehand as we were a bit early based on the previous reviews.
Glad we did. Friendly staff and a good atmosphere, the Spurs game was on but I didn't feel that this took over as it can in some places. Most of the patrons seemed to be just chatting and laughing away. Great relaxed atmosphere. Definitely plan to go back again to watch a 6 nations match before long.

15 Feb 2008 14:55

The Black Horse, Deptford

Went to this place as it was the only pub I could find locally that was showing the football. Wandered round the quays for ages but found nothing. At first I thought the place was a bit unfriendly but after about half a pint I was having a chat with some of the Arsenal fans (i'm not one) in there and enjoying the game. Played pool with another group of locals for hours and had a really good night. Been back a few times since to watch the football and have always left there smiling. A really relaxed unpretentious bar which shows sport, sells reasonably priced drinks and has a decent and varied jukebox.

15 Feb 2008 14:44

The Hole In The Wall, Waterloo

This pub is as good a meeting spot as any at Waterloo. Not as packed as the nearby Wellington but from my experience this seems to be just based on the fact that the Wellington is easier found.

Having said that I wouldn't recommend the pub for anything more than a starting point or meeting place as the toilets are pretty awful and it hasn't had a lively atmosphere whenever I've visited.

Good range of beer and spirits though and cheaper than other bars in the immediate area.

15 Feb 2008 14:27

The Walrus Bar and Hostel, Waterloo

Been to The Walrus a few times and each time the staff have been brilliant. They now have Bulmers on tap which is a bonus for cider drinkers but they have a pretty wide choice of other drinks too particularly for a bar of it's size (it's quite a small place but that's part of what makes it work so well in my opinion). The upstairs function room used to host a good comedy night but this has stopped recently. They still have live bands there though and it's well priced for the area. Overall a really decent pub for a drink or eight.

15 Feb 2008 14:20

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