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The Nags Head, Covent Garden

The main thing I like about this pub is that it is very big with a lot of seating so even when it is busy (and it gets very busy) you have a chance of finding a seat. It's got a nice bustling atmosphere, isn't more/less expensive than the other pubs in the area, is extremely convenient for the tube and has well kept (if limited) variety of stuff on tap.

20 Apr 2016 13:17

Lord Tredegar, Mile End

Nicely done up with a good range of beers, the food looked good too, but we didn't eat. Deceptively spacious on the inside as it extends back through to the garden.

11 Jun 2015 17:43

The Ship Tavern, Holborn

It might be expensive, but so are many other pubs in the area. It's actually not even that expensive any more....and the staff are efficient and friendly and the beer is well kept and the food is great and the dining room upstairs is a bonus if you want to sit down to eat on a busy Friday night. Plus it is a very pretty pub and right by the exceptionally busy Holborn underground station for when you can't face the crush without a pint to cushion you. Good pub.

11 Jun 2015 17:39

The Beehive, Tottenham

Last time I was there we requested they open the bar so we could hear over the 'mothers meeting' in the lounge. They obliged and so I'll mark them up for good service :-)

11 Jun 2015 17:31

O'Neills, Euston Road

I like this place. Gets pretty busy at times, being so close to the station and it is a chain pub. That said it's got a bit of atmosphere, does very good food and has a fair choice of beers. The quality of staffing is very variable. Sometimes efficient and friendly other times 7 ppl stood around the food counter with no one serving at the bar. Nice place to meet someone from the train not somewhere to stay once you've had breakfast/lunch.

4 May 2015 12:57

The Beehive, Tottenham

Unfortunately I have to mark this place down because they only open the lounge on non match days and it fills with noisy annoying babies and toddlers. If they only opened the bar so adults could have a conversation not interrupted by screaming and rattles and musical toys of every description it would be great. Good beer selection, a bit pricey, but some cheaper stuff. Good food and a cool garden. Just can't spend any time there on a weekend because of the noisy very young children and their inconsiderate parents shouting at each other over giant pushchairs and prams.

4 Jan 2015 14:17

The Doric Arch, Euston

Very close to Euston, good selection on tap, friendly staff, nice food, nice and plentiful seating. Maybe a bit expensive, but it's worth it as you get a pleasanter all round experience than at other local pubs.

28 Nov 2014 16:47

The Charles Dickens, Southwark

Not going to lie, this place was pretty much my ideal pub. Good beer selection, couple of ciders, polite efficient bar staff, awesome traditional pub menu, great tasting food, no pretensions, clean, good amount of seating, not too loud, beer garden, very good prices...etc etc. It's a bit of a walk from London Bridge (c.10-15 mins), but well well worth it in my opinion. What else can I say - loved it!

6 Nov 2014 20:59

Woodins Shades, Liverpool Street

Slightly more expensive than others in the area but genuinely nice. So much quieter than whetherspoons and with miles better food (standard Nicholsons' style menu). Busy at week nights but a haven of peace on a Saturday lunchtime.

1 Nov 2014 12:19

The Hamilton Hall, Liverpool Street

Good: Lovely decor, cheap beer, right by the station, Lots of bars taffeta and very quick service.
Bad: Gets really crowded and consequently very noisy, lots of staff who try to take your glass away before you've finished then hover about until you have, worse food than normal whetherspoons (not sure how - poor use of the microwave?)
50/50 about this place 5/10

7 Oct 2014 17:07

Dirty Dick's, Bishopsgate

Gang of smokers blocking the entrance who didn't move over when asked so had to be shoved. Generally very rude punters, not helped by overworked staff who couldn't keep track of who was next with one guy refusing to serve anyone as he was "cleaning" despite the fact he'd been checking his phone and chatting to another staff member for ages. Nearly walked out, but did, eventually, get served. The whole place smelt slightly of stale beer with plenty of empty glasses littering the tables - so much for the "cleaning". More expensive than the other pubs on the area. Nothing to recommend.

7 Oct 2014 16:59

The Devonshire Arms, Camden

It's mostly clean now and the toilets aren't flooded with piss, which is a bonus. Still does snake - bite and black at the bar at a reasonable price too. Music can be on the questionable side - depends when you're there. Daytime it can be virtually deserted, evenings it can get very busy. Better than it was a few years back, but still not great. Mind you, most of the pubs in Camden are over priced, overcrowded tourist magnets and the Dev/Hobgoblin certainly isn't, so a win there.

6 Oct 2014 17:42

The Ship, Tottenham

Only time I went in it was like a saloon bar in a bad Western film. All the locals went silent as I walked in and stared at me as I ordered my pint, which came in a dirty and very scratched glass. The seats were in such poor repair that I nearly fell through the bottom of mine. Then an altercation broke out and the barman was being threatened with a pool queue while the locals vocally taking sides. Interesting experience, but I wouldn't care to repeat it....

6 Oct 2014 17:34

The Elbow Room, Tottenham

Traditional local with a 50/50 population of old Irish racing gents and real (local)Tottenham fans. Predominantly male clientele but very friendly, sometimes too friendly and difficult to escape from! Great staff and a reasonable selection of well kept beers. Only problem is the barman keeps pouring you another pint before you get to the bar so it's really hard to leave!

6 Oct 2014 17:24

The Ferryboat Inn, Tottenham Hale

This place is one of the very few family friendly pubs serving food in this area. Good selections of both beer and cider (they have cider festivals every so often. Unfortunately there ends the good points. Exceedingly slow and disinterested service, noisy kids running around, reheated microwave food of usual chain pub type quality and zero atmosphere. It's such a shame because this could be a great place if only they stopped running it as a cafeteria with a ln incidental booze licence.

6 Oct 2014 17:18

The George, Liverpool Street

Good solid British style pub. Small but we'll kept beer selection. Nice but expensive food. Friendly and efficient staff. Right by the station so ultra convenient for the train home. Slightly more expensive than the whetherspoons round the corner, but no kids, a great mix of 80s/90s music and not too noisy - apart from Thursday/Friday after work crowds.

6 Oct 2014 17:11

The Ship, Soho

Love this pub. Efficient, friendly staff. Reasonable beer choice. Now has Stowford Press cider rather than ubiquitous Aspells. Does get very busy weekday evenings.

5 Oct 2014 12:16

The Garden Ladder, Harringay

CLOSED. Now reopened as Brou-ha-ha

5 Oct 2014 12:12

The Salisbury, Harringay

Went on for Sunday lunch a couple of weeks back. Last time we came here it was really nice - if a little expensive. Not so this time!

It took ages to get served despite the fact it was not busy - the bar staff just did not seem interested. Had a pint then ordered food. It took ages to turn up, and was virtually thrown onto the table - we were also only provided with one set of cutlery, until we asked. They gave us the wrong dinners - which had to be changed. Fair play they did it without any issue. However, the food was not good - with the roast potatoes being inedible - burnt and too hard to get a knife through - only a small quantity of vegetables, all over-cooked, and tough meat. The previously inattentive staff started clearling the table while one of us was still eating, but it still took ages to attract attention at the bar.

Seriously not worth the money - the Garden Ladder over the road does a lot better value roast dinner with attentive bar service too.

13 Dec 2008 11:32

The Garden Ladder, Harringay

Great pub - nice food - lovely staff - good cocktails as well as good beer.

Only issue is that it is somethimes difficult to get to the bar because of people sat on stools all along it. But the staff keep an eye out so you still get served.

1 Dec 2008 17:36

The Beaconsfield, Harringay

Smelly pub, annoying dogs - which also smell - and tend to crap on the carpet. Plus last time went in barman picked up a packet of peanuts from the floor to sell to me (!) but had to tell him not to bother when I noticed a mouse had nibbled through the packet at one end!

had one pint and left - felt ill the next day.

1 Dec 2008 17:34

The Orwell Bar, Islington

Had a great night last night @The Orwell. Particularly like Stowford Press Cider on tap - good mix of goth, eighties and industrial music. Well done - best pub night I've been to in ages.

18 Oct 2008 12:53

The Devonshire Arms, Camden

Been to this pub a few times recently & seriously unimpressed. Constant loud metal, death metal and punk covers of metal songs played at high volume - no variety, no Goth or Industrial music and the SAME songs played over and over and over. Last time I was there heard Metallica's "So What" 3 times - which is too many by anyone's standards. The pub was nearly deserted, the doors wide open so it was freezing cold, and the decor just plain dull - toilets were unpleasant. There was one group of decently dressed punks - who had clearly made an effort - however, they left after one round of drinks. No-one who came in stayed for long and personally can't blame them. I like a pub to have character, interesting people and good music - sadly I found none of these at the Dev.

On the bright side - beer not too expensive, decently poured pint and not far from the tube/bus stops. So will probably pop in for a quick one every now and again, but not a pub to spend any great length of time in.

18 Sep 2008 13:32

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