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Dylan's, Lewisham

The whole of the Beer in the Evening site is becoming more and more out of date!

10 Nov 2011 23:27

The Albert Arms, Elephant and Castle

New landlords Steve and Linda took over on 21 October. Its now a Brakspear pub with loads of real ale.

10 Nov 2011 19:17

The Dartmouth Arms, Forest Hill

One beer we had was good the other not quite so. Nice food though.

7 Nov 2011 11:13

The Prince Albert (Rose's), Woolwich

In the CAMRA 2012 Good Beer Guide and deservedly so

12 Oct 2011 22:07

The Dog and Bell, Deptford

Dog and Bell First Cider and Perry Festival with 7 Ciders and 3 Perrys, 23 and 24 September


Spanish Tapas And Buffet Available On Saturday Night

21 Sep 2011 22:51

The Vigo Inn, Vigo

Longdog1 - submit to BITE a photo of the pub today and it might do the trick

18 Sep 2011 15:39

Great Harry, Woolwich

Now a burned out ruin thanks to scumbag "rioters" on 8 Aug 2011.

9 Aug 2011 15:51

Dirty South, Lee

The pub had all its windows smashed last night by Lewisham scumbag "rioters".

9 Aug 2011 14:49

The Old Tiger's Head, Lee

Real ale is now available - I had a geat half of Sharps Doombar.

8 Aug 2011 12:44

The Beehive, Walworth

Popped in for a half for the first time - a clean and nice place with good service.

8 Aug 2011 12:25

The Hand In Hand, Brighton

We really enjoyed our visit. There always needs to be pubs like this in addition to the more standard ones.

21 Jul 2011 11:35

The Gun, Coldharbour

Nice beer, great interior almost too nice to be a pub - the eating area feels like a restaurant (and the type of restaurant that's too expensive for my pocket). Had a nice real ale - one I had'nt heard of before and sat on the terrace looking at the Millennium Dome and the Thames. Did encounter some slight difficulty communicating with some foreign bar staff. A good place but not entirely my cup of tea.

20 Jul 2011 11:07

The Watch House, Lewisham

Had a lot of consistantly good beer here this year. I'm guessing the interior is due for an overhaul though pretty soon.

17 Jul 2011 15:22

The Evening Star, Brighton

Loads of customers getting through lots of beers means the beer's always fresh, and what with a great selection too it really is a great pub.

16 Jul 2011 20:53

The Ashburnham Arms, Greenwich

The ales were in good shape when I was there taking part on the quiz night. Seems a great place.

6 Jul 2011 22:56

The Anchor and Hope, Charlton

Had two real ales and plenty of customers. For somewhere that seems in the middle of no-where its doing pretty damm good. One niggle - there did seem to be a fair bit of shop talk from bar manager and staff that perhaps could be done prior to opening or at the back somewhere - for a Sunday I found listening to their checks on this and that, briefings to the barman and kitchen staff etc less than relaxing.

4 Jul 2011 12:59

The Duchess, Greenwich

Now undergoing a transformation to something called the Duchess Bar.

4 Jul 2011 12:45

The Plough and Harrow, Catford

The pub is now an African barber shop!

15 Jun 2011 12:21

The Rosemary Branch, New Cross

This Enterprise pub is having a new start and work is well under way with a totally new interior etc. It will be the Old Haberdasher which I think was its name many years ago.

13 Jun 2011 10:32

The Ravensbourne Arms, Lewisham

Coach and Horses has been closed and has re-opened under the name Ravensbourne Arms. It is now a real ale pub and totally different from what it was.

5 Jun 2011 15:58

Hoopers Bar, Camberwell

I come here occasionaly and have done for years. I like the place - generally. Interesting to note that its going to have its own Beer - Ivanhoe Ale (the pub was previously called the Ivanhoe). The ale is to be brewed by Redemption Brewing, and I look forward to supping some.

14 Feb 2011 17:57

The River Bar, Tower Bridge

This bar has gone and is replaced by the Draft House - Tower Bridge, sometime in Oct this year. I am currently reviewing our CAMRA branch beer surveys and can see it scored 7.44 out of 10 for the period Dec 09 to Nov 10. There were 16 samples assesed (what a difficult hobby) by 8 surveyors. It certainly was eligible for inclusion in the 2012 GBG.

30 Dec 2010 16:38

The Prince Albert (Rose's), Woolwich

There's a sign above the bar "prices may vary depending on customer attitude".

We had some great real ales when we were there on Thursday night and it was pretty full, and for me confirmed itself as a damn good Woolwich drinking venue.

13 Nov 2010 23:08

The Pilot Inn, North Greenwich

Is a Fullers directly managed pub and keeps a tight supply with the Chiswick Brewery. Is now in the 2011 Good Beer Guide. It certainly has good ales, food, and is pleasant inside and in the large garden. It also does bed and breakfast. Our only critisism is the excessive heating in the place, inside its often way too hot. When people are boozing it dont need to be roasting - turn the heating down!

13 Nov 2010 23:01

The Sydney Arms, Lewisham

Now closed and boarded-up. Though with the population of the UK at a record high just where are ordinary people meeting nowadays? Answer - they don't, loads and loads of people now just watch telly at every available moment.

13 Nov 2010 22:48

The Dog and Bell, Deptford

The Lymestone Stonefaced in great shape today. Which beers are on tomorrow? – probably some originating somewhere between Orkney and Whitstable. Oh yes, the pub’s pickle contest is on Saturday 27 Nov. Winners are decided by peer review and public scrutiny, all to be consumed with cheeses bread and crackers! Mmmmm

2 Sep 2010 19:45

The Hobgoblin, New Cross

We popped in. All I can say is believers in miasmatic theory should definitely avoid this pub.

13 Aug 2010 17:48

The Watch House, Lewisham

Today tried Dark Star's Hophead - difficult to see how it could be better (though not impossible as they could have given me th e full pint I paid for ).

4 Aug 2010 14:26

The Watch House, Lewisham

Had one of the last halves of FFF’s Bitter End – it was significantly less than great.
FFF’s dased & confused – some flavour in it was a bit funky.
Westerhams Target – ditto yet was a fresh beer? I am now wondering about the beer lines from the cellar to bar – hope I’m wrong.

1 Aug 2010 17:04

The Dog and Bell, Deptford

Consistently good beer and everything – though nothing in this world is perfect except of course the love of Jesus.

2 Jul 2010 08:39

The Bear Free House, Camberwell

What's with a beer festival and not advertising it? It wasn't even on their own web site yet they had about 7 big casks of stilage beer in addition to the regular handpumps. Twas not even mentioned on the south london camra website, london drinker or anything.

29 Mar 2010 00:35

The George, Beckenham

Had FIVE real ales on when I was there Thursday night. I had Marstons EPA, and a great drink it was too.

29 Mar 2010 00:27

The Ramblers Rest, Chislehurst

What a characterful place inside and out. I dont know of any other pub which has a ground floor on so many levels! Five real ales were on when I went and the Brakspear bitter did taste very good. The outside bench in the photograph wasn't there, maybe taken away during Winter - I hope its re-instated soon. Ive been before and wonder if I'm going to like it when I see young lads there - but I always do.

15 Mar 2010 23:14

The Bulls Head, Chislehurst

The Bulls Head Hotel is Youngs/Wells managed and seems a good place to drink and eat. Its layout is nice and it has a lounge bar, a public bar and another not so well defined area - so thats two and a half different drinking areas with different ambiances. Beer was spot on.

15 Mar 2010 23:03

The Tigers Head, Chislehurst

Its a chef and brewer business, which for some reason I feel somehow negative towards - maybe because British pubs dont need further and further consolidation. Anyway it had four real ales on which is great - that said the four did have considerable overlap on their intended market placing ie.all the same style. If the management could fix that this place would rock in more of a pub way. Hasta la vista.

15 Mar 2010 22:57

The Star and Garter, Deptford

The pub HAS reopened! And not a lot has changed - oh it has folk nights every first and third Sunday (or something).

21 Feb 2010 16:58

Old Chapel Inn, Bigbury on Sea

So glad I didn't live near this pub - I would probably have tried it.
"On January 9th, 2009 at Torbay Magistrates, Mr Paul Clement, of the Old Chapel Inn, St Anne’s Chapel, Bigbury, pleaded guilty to seven charges of failing to ensure his premises are kept clean under Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006.".

"Following a routine inspection of the pub on April 22nd last year, Environmental Health Officers found the kitchens to be dirty throughout and without any adequate facilities for hygienic hand washing or drying. Rotting foodstuff was found on walls, floors, worktops and in the rear courtyard and unwashed cooking utensils were piled up in sinks.

Poor food safety practices were in operation and items such as duck, cheese and salmon were often left out for several days at a time. Cigarette butts were found to be clogging up sinks and there was no hot running water in the kitchens. "

One can only hope Mr Clement never has anything to do with the food and drink trade again.

18 Dec 2009 01:25

The Birchwood, Swanley

The beer was at reasonable prices. The gents toilet could have been better, but over all still a nice pub with friendly staff , clean glasses, full pints etc. Perhaps not quite the best pub in the world but definitely more character than a lot of clone-pubs. Go visit.

12 Dec 2009 14:00

The White Hart, Wood Street

The propriety of comments is in this forum is unverifiable - "Bar is excellent" indeed. But having just commented on the Cask Pub and Kitchen in Pimlico, something came to mind about the White Hart - it serves loose tea in a pot with a decent volume of hot water, at a reasonable price - and that deserves some recognition.

30 Oct 2009 18:25

The Watch House, Lewisham

This week has been Welton’s week at the Watch House, with 3 Welton’s beers always on as guest ales and lots of differing brews. Tuesday saw thirty of us on the Welton’s Brewery tour (coach to Horsham and back) organised by this pub. It was a great night out starting and ending in the pub, plus plenty of drinking at the brewery. The previous commentator notes “very poor 'guest' ale selection. Only 2, both Weltons” – I noticed a similar situation at the Brewery – it was full of only Welton’s beers –mmmmm.

31 Aug 2009 12:12

The Sun, Godalming

A fine looking pub inside and out, a nice and light area with tables and chairs by the bar at the entrance, with a darker area on the other side of the pub, plus an outside seating area for drinking/smoking. Beer wise notable for Hoffbrau Haus larger - brewed in the UK under licence, plus several real ales availible (though I wasn't entirley convinced by the K&B Sussex Ale). A good pub.

23 Aug 2009 11:29

The White Hart, Wood Street

I see no one has commented for a year on this seemingly busy pub and that the positive comment put up a year ago was put there by someone who has never commented before or since.

We were in the White Hart on Friday night, the Hogs Back TEA smelt like someone had put a bit of vinegar in it and tastewise was the worst condition I have ever experienced that great beer in. What more can I say?

23 Aug 2009 11:08

The Little Brown Jug, Chiddingstone Causeway

There's no places round here at JDW prices, though this pub has a slight feel of a JDW gormet location, maybe because its big and has had a harvester pubbification make-over, with quite an emphasis on dining. Lots of different types of people seemed to be there on Saturday night.
Real ale wise, they were not bad.

9 Aug 2009 13:34

The Rock, Chiddingstone Hoath

Seems a nice pub, and also a pub that locals like going to. I understand its the brewery-tap for Larkins which I've not tried before - the beer we tried was great summertime easy drinking. It was also nice to see that canines are welcome.

9 Aug 2009 13:17

The Leicester Arms, Penshurst

Had on Harvey’s, Master Brew, Bombardier, and Spitfire. Not every pub is going to be a prize winner – and this is one of those but there’s certainly nothing wrong with it, or the beer.

9 Aug 2009 13:06

The Crown and Mitre, Kings Lynn

I went on Thursday, 30th July. We were cheerfully welcomed by Geoff. The pub is full of nautical memorabilia and the new conservatory looks out over the Great Ouse, and looks wonderful at night. I tried 2 of the 6 real ales and persuaded my friend to try one too, well worth it. We, 3 ladies of about 50 ish, all had a fun evening, friendly banter with Geoff & Donnie, hope to return… Friend of Trinker

3 Aug 2009 23:30

The Star and Garter, Deptford

The original saloon and public bar survived its whole life (now called the front bar and back bar). It was a place for ordinary unpretentious decent Deptford people. I won’t claim to have known it that well, and I’ve never known real ale there, but it had a barman as professional as one could want, attentive courteous, welcoming, pulling full pints, keeping good order…I could go on. Anyway the front bar had been closed for sometime, but now the pub has finally sucomed. Its not clear what its future will be – some say it and the whole block it stands in will be demolished, others that the business is going to be taken on but I doubt that somehow. Its last day was Sunday 2 August 2009.

3 Aug 2009 21:03

The Pelton Arms, Greenwich

I'm really appreciating this pub since Geoff Kene took over. Had some great real ales there at good prices. The evening of 15 August sees Tootinskamoon playing all the classic 2-tone sounds. We're looking forward to that - the dawning of the new era might be 30 years ago but its still fresh to me! In answer to the Beat's rhetorical question -yer,we are ready to go!

25 Jul 2009 16:32

The Jolly Farmers (ex jordan), Lewisham

I visited again today after an absence of some time– the pub has had a few minor changes, the most pointless being a small area raised area at the front. Its one step above the rest of the pub and accommodates just one table, it really is quite inconvenient. Generally I think the pub is now trading only on its crowd of regulars who drink here for each others friendship and in this respect I agree with the previous comment, but the beer I had today I couldn’t finish – it was quite poor (flowers original). I also note there’s a sign in the gents having a go by inference at the nearby Wetherspoons. The place needs to raise its game somewhat.

6 Jun 2009 16:48

The Cricketers, Orpington

A great example of a standard British pub, its not specialist or niche it doesn't have a gastro or guardianista handle -its simply on target like one of the great pints of regular bitter it serves.

4 Jun 2009 20:10

The Grape and Grain, Crystal Palace

Twas opened anew on 3 April with eight real ales, two meantime brews, foreign lagers etc. The Grape and Grain is looking decidedly on the up. I wish it well. Whether it can sustain that many casks open all the time? – I hope so. Its near two other pubs with each having a different clientele and drinking experience. Its by the bus station, park and on the main road. Mostly the ales were on form, but a couple did feel like they were on the second half of the barrel and had been on the go for a few days, which is strange as this was its opening night (vented too early?). That said, the Hogs Back Hop was very fine indeed.

5 Apr 2009 10:23

The Dog and Bell, Deptford

My favourite pub! Since the current licensees started in 1988 this moderate sized friendly back-street pub has received many awards and commendations for the quality of its guest, constant, and seasonal beers. It also does meals which are uncomplicated and match its traditional pub atmosphere. I’ve been drinking here on and off for some years and I really do appreciate it!

It boasts the rarity of a working bar-billiard table. Sunday evenings are quiz night, And a yearly highlight is its pickle festival – this light hearted event puts peoples home cooking to the tasting and voting of customers.

23 Mar 2009 13:17

The Jolly Farmers (ex jordan), Lewisham

Well the pub has indeed reopened, and although not much has changed inside, it still seems at minimum readiness and not at all like its moved up a gear. My beer was poured almost with the barmaid’s fingers in it as she was holding the glass so high. Some room for improvement I’d say. Beer wise -two Youngs and a Nelson’s beer were on tap.

27 Sep 2008 11:13

The Beehive, Brixton

Brixton can be a busy, vibrant, and sometimes slightly scary place - full of lots of people with quite strong identities. The Beehive reflects this and is buzzing (sorry about the pun) – it’s a pub with an atmosphere that is almost attitude (apparently not everyone likes places like this). The real ale is good, the food is good. Go and visit it!

18 Sep 2008 22:01

The Hope, West Norwood

An unremarkable but classic boozer with good beer, there isn’t enough of these places around.

18 Sep 2008 21:27

The Park, West Norwood

There was no cask ale when we went so I bought some Hoogarten, these two glasses of draft beer cost me £9.00!! That’s a new high for me – and way too high. I also got a piece of lemon in mine when I didn’t request it - I think breaks a law about adulteration of edible products. The Park pub is not my kind of place – but hey it still has customers.

18 Sep 2008 21:20

The Ladywell Tavern, Ladywell

I was in this pub years ago and some bloke was bragging to me how he got away with murdering someone – I just smiled and nodded – and never went back! Today this pub now seeks to offer an upmarket central London feeling, but does it locally. Hence prices are higher as you don’t have to travel or be in central London. It could also be viewed as a pub for anyone who doesn’t want to drink with the retired, or anyone on benefits or people who earn less than £30K a year. I paid £4 for a pint of Otter Brewery Bitter! At that price I get quite fussy, but still could find no fault with either the beer or pub. That said, I did think the barman was quite scruffly dressed and needed to see a barber as a matter of some urgency. At such an establishment, staff’s turnout needs to say “I’m taking working here seriously”. I had similar reservations about the barmaid’s attire, and the necessity for her to put on view her extensive lower back tattooing.

23 Aug 2008 21:48

The Jolly Farmers (ex jordan), Lewisham

I went in today and had some great Cornish Coaster beer. But this is the message on the blackboard;

"Dear Friends/Customers, thank you for all your support over the last 3 years unfortunately we will be closing Wed 10 Sept. Our last day of trading will be 9th Sept. Come and say goodbye on Sat 6th Sept. Thanks again - Jules,Chantel,Sam,Berri Cawford & Jemma, Amy,Ben. Oue lovely staff. XXXXXXX "

23 Aug 2008 21:19

The Jolly Farmers (ex jordan), Lewisham

Sadly I understand it’s closing down in early Sept, and will not be re-opening. I must check to see if its still doing its real ales.

22 Aug 2008 11:51

Salopian Bar, Shrewsbury

Have been for the first time. The Salopian doesn’t have the usual British pub décor. In fact it doesn’t even call itself a pub - it a Bar. But its ambiance stands out in a great way. It does great food and great beer - and great cider. It’s the Shropshire pub of the year 2008, and deservedly so. I even think its better than my local pub of the year.

19 Aug 2008 21:46

The Wynnstay Arms Hotel, Llangollen

Yes it has high steps to enter - these were designed so you can easily dismount your steed or step from your carriage without having to step in the road. These front steps are even worn with the footsteps of the perhaps hundreds of thousands of people who have entered the building over its long history and it’s a pleasure to add one’s own to that tally. While the wooden bar its self is new the original ground floor room layout remains, and it is not modern - it is stepping back in time! Good luck to the landlady Liz. The place is worth a visit.

19 Aug 2008 21:21

The Sun Inn, Llangollen

Drunken rowdiness in a pub? Whatever next? But seriously we went there several times during our stay in Llangollen and the Sun varies from an ale drinkers paradise to a kicking Saturday night rock pub with a late licence. Five real ales at a time were on when we went, including Wobbly Bob at 6%, Bryson’s Hurricane Bitter, Milestone – Cromwell Gold and some others I’m a bit hazy about. We got bought a beer each from some local chaps who we got talking to, also met other holidayers including one doing a trip on the nearby Shropie Canal. One small niggle - the pub has a couple of husky dogs which are allowed to mingle with the customers when its quiet, including going out into the courtyard – I’m not totally convinced about them as they do pester people who have crisps etc, and when its raining they still keep going in and out and get wet then you can smell them. But a great put to go to.

19 Aug 2008 20:56

The Catford Ram, Catford

Not sure about the previous "dim and grim" comment - on both counts. Its lighting is adequate and it certainly is not grim, the decor and furnishings are clean and in good condition, albeit perhaps in neither a contemporary or classic style. The place is just itself. It is pretty large inside and has the feel that it should be a football pub. The beers are good! And no, its not JDW prices.

10 Aug 2008 17:47

The Wellington, Birmingham

The three of us went for the first time on Friday August 8. The evening's music was acceptable to good and provided by a two piece combo squeezed into a corner. It didn't detract from the place and covered The Zutons, Amy W, to old classics.
The place was pretty rammed but there were still some chairs availible. We also got chatting to others for some of the time - two of us even got snogged!
The worst aspect was the lack of carpet cleaning - the pub didn't smell good, and in fact it was the most unpleasant smelling pub I have been in for some time.
The beers - in great condition and some really characterful ones availible.

10 Aug 2008 15:16

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