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Comments by The_Heavy_Fandango

Castlebrook Inn, Somerton

Following the expected departure of the dismal couple mentioned a couple of years ago, this place had a few months being run by managemnt company staff who wre apparently not up to much. Now being run by a local couple who seem to know what they're doing. I wish them well, and shall be back again for another pint or two.

29 Jun 2017 13:46

The Grapes, Bath

Lease expired and Greene King not bothering to renew it, so this place ceased trading on 9th of April. No great loss.

20 Apr 2017 11:15

The Greyhound, Derby

this place is about to be turned into a mosque or Islamic education centre.

14 Oct 2015 14:35

The Punch And Judy, Covent Garden

Dreadful! No "proper" beer, but Guinness @ £4.94/pint!

25 Mar 2015 14:23

The Market Tavern, Lewisham

This pub had a starring role in BBCTVs The Sheriffs are Coming earlier this week, when the High Court Enforcement team evicted a lot of squatters.

18 Mar 2015 09:59

Castlebrook Inn, Somerton

This place was closed and boarded up for quite a while. Major refurbishment/epansion has taken place, and promises were made about the professionalism of the couple who have taken over the place. Sadly, these promises remain unfulfilled.The place was fully booked for Mothering Sunday lunch, so I hope the food was passable. The selection of beers was a little sparse, as only Butcombe and Doombar were apparently available, but it turned out that this choice was suddenly reduced as Butcombe became unavailable as I watched an incompetent playing at barcellarman trying to look as if he knew what he was doing. The staff are untrained and have no idea what they're doing. I predict an early exit. (Which is what I executed) I shall not return.

16 Mar 2015 14:02

The Pump and Truncheon, Blackpool

We were in Blackpool for only two and a half days, and ended up in here on the second and third. Would have stayed longer, but train was booked.
Excellent ale, very friendly, chatty and knowledgeable staff. (Thanks Alex and Louisa)
THE place to go in this hell-hole. Local regulars are a great laugh.
We shall definitely return.

25 Sep 2014 14:18

The Brook House Inn, Boot

Swift visit on 14th September. Didn't eat, but the food looked excellent.
I had a couple of pints of TED, which was absolutely superb.
Staff attentive, and the place was very welcoming in all respects.
If you have not tried this pub, you should!

16 Sep 2013 19:51

The Canal Inn, Wrantage

I wouldn't know a Spoons drinker if I saw one.

9 Jul 2013 11:09

The Canal Inn, Wrantage

Three of us went here on Saturday 12th. Two of us had Otter, and the other had some Spanish lager. We looked at the menu, as we had thought of having lunch, but on seeing the extortionate prices they expected us to pay we decided to go.
It's pretentious, with untrained incompetent staff, and the two who had the Otter bitter are still suffering the aftereffects of it. (Not the price, but obviously some health hazard incurred by drinking it) £10 for three pints? A joke.
Avoid at all costs.

11 Jun 2013 15:31

The Maritime Inn, Brixham

I've never seen this place open, except on TV.

26 May 2013 14:14

The King William Inn, Glastonbury

Three of us had Christmas Day lunch here, and I kid you not, it was the best meal out I have ever experienced. I have eaten here many times, but this was absolutely phenomenally wonderful.
Everything was as near perfect as is possible.
I congratulate all involved in the production and service of this very special meal.
(The beer was very good too!)

29 Dec 2012 21:23

Steamers Bar, Minehead

Decent pint of Guinness, but not much else to recommend it.

9 Dec 2012 13:13

The Royal Standard, Yeovil

Glad to hear it's improved. It certainly needed to!

10 Nov 2012 15:42

The Newcastle Arms, Retford

This has been closed for a while, and is now to let for 35,000 p.a.

5 Nov 2012 13:08

The Saladin, Little Somerford

Is this the pub that's been saved by the locals and bought for 250,000?
If it is, well done to the five investors, as it's been saved and is now the Somerford Arms. I shall seek it out when next in the area.

1 Nov 2012 18:39

Dr Browns, Ashton Under Lyne

Whasmean "Would of"?

30 Oct 2012 11:58

The Flowerpots Inn, Cheriton

So good you commented twice?

21 Oct 2012 21:27

The Halfway House, Box

The local MP is supporting plans to have the closure reversed. We shall see.

15 Oct 2012 12:33

The New Inn, Somerton

Sorry old fruit.
It is no more.
It has ceased to be.
It is an ex-pub.

29 Sep 2012 19:41

The Crown / Glastonbury Backpackers, Glastonbury

3-45 for a pint of bog standard Butcombe.

11 Sep 2012 14:29

The Red Lion Inn, Penzance

In the 1970s there was a thriving Sunday morning "Crib School" here. Often the landlord would invite participants to have a few pints while they were waiting for the pub to open. I wonder if that still happens?

5 Sep 2012 14:35

The Red Lion, Feltham

Good God!!!!

1 Sep 2012 22:17

The Halfway House, Pitney

No, but Glastonbury Ales have been sold here.

30 Aug 2012 16:13

The Halfway House, Box

Nobody will be rushing back.
Novalis, the half-brained charity which bought the place, say that "people who have more knowledge & experience of the trade than anyone would have a right to expect" have tried to run the place at a profit, but to no avail.
Their spokesmadman also said they had tried to make it a place for fine dining. It's a PUB fer chrissakes!
It has been a pub for over 230 years, and you bastards have wrecked it.
Apparently it is to become a community shop and tearooms!
Another one bites the dust.

29 Aug 2012 18:46

The Sparkford Inn, Sparkford

wolvesfan, if you win the big one, what makes you think you'll attract customers to those particular establishments? Your track record isn't particularly good is it?
If you were able, you'd be doing it. Running a pub as a locum is not the same as being the responsible person. Think about having a real life, and get on with cashing your Giro.

27 Aug 2012 21:36

The Wyndham Arms, Clearwell

Had a couple of pints of the locally brewed (Tintern) bitter, which was very good, but the main comment is about the food. There four adults in our party, and three noisy grandchildren. Everybody enjoyed their food, and it's good to find a pub where they know how to cook carrots and broccoli properly. Not cheap, but good value.

6 Aug 2012 19:04

The Rose and Crown, Tintern

Back to try again.
Steaks were absolutely perfect. Beer was top-notch. Worth the trip.

30 Jul 2012 12:38

Blacksmiths Arms, Alvington

Butcombe and Hancocks bitters available, and both were in good nick. I can confirm the friendly welcome from the landlady, who has a good sense of humour, indeed she's quite a bubbly personality. Although we had already eaten I did notice the price of the Sunday carvery at 6-95! That's got to be worth a try, so we'll return when next in the area.

30 Jul 2012 12:35

The Queens Head Hotel, Minehead

Hancocks HB rebranded as Queens Head Ale @ 1-80 a pint is pretty good value.
Not very busy, but worth a visit.

21 Jul 2012 08:49

The Admiral Benbow, Shrewsbury

Or possibly "Mediocre"?

6 Jul 2012 17:25

The Plough, Amersham

I believe this pub has a "celebrity creche" now.
Perhaps someone can confirm this?

11 Jun 2012 10:43

The Kings Arms Inn, Thornford

Quite amusing mistake on the website where it states " Formally 'The Kings Arms' "!
Come on A & A!

10 Jun 2012 16:27

The Bricklayers Arms, Shamley Green

I well remember Workington Brewery Co. Ltd., who made their Golden Bitter for years before that. I first drank it in the 1950s in Barrow-in-Furness.

16 May 2012 12:27

The Mitre, Glastonbury

Walked past at 18:40 today.
CLOSED (or at least not exposing themselves to the risk of doing some business).

11 Apr 2012 19:02

The Halfway House, Pitney

Tried again today.
More room, as everyone was in the front and rear gardens.
Beer sublime, but food very poor. Somebody has no idea about cooking vegetables.

1 Apr 2012 18:44

Royal Oak, Somerton

Oh dear.
Dreadful place.

21 Mar 2012 12:32

The Eagle, Brighton

This place has changed hands again. Let's see if the new lessee, Indigo, can make it pay. (Considering the extortionmeister landlord Greene King)

21 Mar 2012 12:23

Hop Poles, Brighton

The Spotted Dog will reopen this weekend (March 23) as the Cask and Kitchen, run by London craft beer entrepreneur Martin Hayes on a completely free-of-tie lease.

21 Mar 2012 12:18

The Halfway House, Pitney

Terrible pub. Please DON'T visit this place!
I went there yesterday, and I couldn't get in for a long time.
The pub was packed, as was the front and rear garden.
If people persist in coming here, how the hell can I get in for a beer and a drink or several?
Pints of Exmoor Ale and Steam Shamrock were supped, and roast beef with all the trimmings, including an imaginative choice of vegetables and tasty gravy followed.
Please don't go here. It's FINE for me, but you won't like it!

19 Mar 2012 16:35

The Queens Head, Glastonbury

Plans are in for permission to change from pub to offices.

22 Feb 2012 18:16

The Lark Rise, Winton

I imagine the previous entry was meant to be addressed to MARSTONS.
Would it not be better to go to their website, obtain their postal address, and write to the CEO? Just a thought, as I don't see the point of posting on here. It's unlikely to achieve anything.

19 Feb 2012 16:25

The Elms Inn, Street

We went here for lunch today, and noted the carpark was chockfull and the driver said "Sod that then". I said we should try to squeeze in, as a busy carpark is a good indicator of a good pub, and sure enough, a car left and we were able to fit in.
Very good move, as it happened. We had Butcombe & Tim Taylors Landlord, both in very good condition, although maybe a little too cold, but probably so to encourage the lagerists to try the proper stuff.
Saw a couple of old pals here, who I hadn't seen for some time, so that's a good sign. The food was better than most pubs I've tried (and I've tried quite a few).
My pal (the driver), who is a chef with many years experience, pronounced the repast as one of the best pub meals he's ever eaten, so that just about sums it up.
Suits me.

18 Jan 2012 18:31

The Mitre, Glastonbury

I'm told this place will have the benefit(?) of a change of patron today.

18 Jan 2012 10:32

The Unity Club, Street

Fine for me.
Each time I visit there are different ales on (apart from the fizzy ones of course) and they're all in good fettle.

18 Jan 2012 10:23

The Red Lion, Swanage


16 Jan 2012 16:20

The King's Head, Wells

Poholer, Merlins Magic and Tottypot on today. I had the latter, which was excellent.
Seems quite popular, and justifiably so in my opinion.

26 Oct 2011 16:52

Fishermans Inn, Sedbury

Now renamed as "The Village Inn".
Official opening night tonight, which I was unfortunately unable to attend.
There is a new restaurant, which is very well patronised.
I look forward to my impending visit.

15 Oct 2011 22:01

The Star Inn, Congresbury

Wife and myself had a rather late lunch here on Wednesday, so it was fairly quiet, apart from the dirges on the musak system.
Staff and service was spot on, although the three handpumps offered a choice of Butcombe, Butcombe or Butcombe. I chose the middle one.
The beer was fine. Wife had an enormous cod & chips, and I opted for steak and chips. Food was okay, but the batter on the fish was too thick, and therefore only partially cooked. The peas must have been the cheapest possible frozen catering pack peas which were even worse than those sold by Wetherspoons (and theirs are really awful) very much like tiny marbles.
Verdict for service/staff 9/10.
Beer choice(?) and quality 7/10
Food = average.

23 Sep 2011 15:45

The Major from Glengarry, Weston Super Mare

In the 1960s it was known as The Glengarry Club, and was owned by the same people who had the Webbington Country Club, so it's been through several mutations.
It was never my idea of a pub though, but perhaps after all this time, it deserves another look.

23 Sep 2011 14:12

The Ship, Swanage

Well, if they're employing a bouncer of such advanced years, they couldn't be accused of ageism!

19 Sep 2011 15:12

The Ring O'Bells, Ashcott

Popped in for Sunday lunch.
Roast beef was overcooked and then shaved off in very thin slices, two tiny roast potatoes, and veg consisted of red cabbage (not with beef!) carrots and courgettes.
Gravy which was congealed and a Yorkshire pud which was the only part of the meal which was acceptable. Tried the Hedge Monkey @ 4.6% and the Lady of the lake @ 4.2, both of which were fine, but not as good as before Greg Nicholls stopped brewing.
Beer OK but such a shame they can't cook!

18 Sep 2011 15:01

The Kings Arms, Grains Bar

I think you'll find the contact number is correct.
It's just that this site will make a commission from use of the 0871 numbers as shown on every entry on here.
Standard procedure.

13 Sep 2011 18:11

The Royal Oak, Hardington Moor

Called in for lunch yesterday, and had a couple of Cheddar Gorge Best along with the 5 Chili beef and rice with the relevant bits and pieces. Food good, beer excellent, service from friendly attractive staff was spot on. Very busy lunchtime.

11 Sep 2011 07:09

The Mandeville Arms, Hardington Mandeville

Went past here yesterday lunchtime, but it didn't appear to be open.

11 Sep 2011 07:06

The Engine Inn, Penzance

Many years ago this place was run by Les Rowe, and his mother lived nearby.
If notice was given, Les would have his mother prepare "proper" pasties, and these were the best I've ever tasted, complementing the excellent beer which he sold. Les is the funnier brother of Jethro, the well known Cornish comedian, and a true gentleman.

30 Aug 2011 21:51

The Lethbridge Arms, Bishops Lydeard

Cotleigh Tawny and Barn Owl were on when I visited yesterday.
Apparently there was an official reopening night on Friday 26th, so someone else is having a go. During my brief stop some locals were in conversation with the chef/proprietor and complimenting him on the general ambience, the pub in general and the meal they had recently enjoyed. One thing I learned whilst there is that they have a gin (48%) which is made from apples. Blimey!
Makes a good pink gin though.

30 Aug 2011 13:13

The Duke of Wellington, Minehead

I'm not a Wetherspoons fan usually, but this place is one of the better ones of that chain. Tried a couple of beers (GK IPA and Exmoor Beast) which were fine, and had a steak which was good, but overcooked. Not a bad experience though.

30 Aug 2011 13:07

The Queens Head Hotel, Minehead

Quite an impressive array of hand-pumps, all of which (bar one) were in use.
Beer was in good nick, but the best bit was the very chirpy Irish barmaid who seemed to be kissing all the regulars as they arrived, and as they left.
I managed to escape unkissed, but I'll return and run the gauntlet again, no doubt.
No food until 1800.

30 Aug 2011 13:03

The Blue Ball Hotel, Bruton

Or buy it at auction at the Bristol Golf Club on 1st September.

22 Aug 2011 13:58

The Lion At Pennard, West Pennard

. . . . and you can buy it for 77,500 leasehold.

22 Aug 2011 13:47

The Yew Tree, Odstock

You could even buy the place (leasehold) for 65,000!

22 Aug 2011 13:39

Virginia Ash, Henstridge

Well, you could now buy the freehold for 325,000 if you fancy having a go!

22 Aug 2011 13:31

The Kings Arms, Bradford on Avon

Freehold now for sale @ 240,000

22 Aug 2011 13:28

Castlebrook Inn, Somerton

Had a couple of pints of St Austell Proper Job. Absolutely perfect!

18 Aug 2011 17:36

The Anchor, Pill

Not a bad pub, but service a bit slow, due to inadequate staffing. Maybe I'll try at a later date.

17 Aug 2011 11:39

Kings Arms, Easton In Gordano

Very friendly pub, with several beers on stillage behind the bar, including Courage Best, Box Steam "Derailed" and at least two others. Worth the detour.

17 Aug 2011 11:38

The Rudgleigh Inn, Easton In Gordano

Had lunch here yesterday.
I'd never been here before, although I have seen the place often over the last forty years. Food not bad, and unusually the chips, although frozen stock (where isn't?), were very tasty, as was the rest of the offering.
Gem and Doombar were on, and the Doombar was splendid. Didn't try the Gem.

17 Aug 2011 11:32

The Longacre Tavern, Bath


15 Aug 2011 22:39

The New Moon Inn, Biddisham

I'm fairly certain this is an ex-pub. It has ceased to be.

15 Aug 2011 20:08

The Red Bull, Cambridge

What's wrong with Rory McGrath?

14 Aug 2011 11:50

Riverside Inn and Restaurant, Cheddar

Visited last night with a companion of the distaff persuasion, and I was very pleased that I did. Main bar was fairly busy, as the peasants had been watching some "sport" on one of those new-fangled television things, so we went in t'other side, where we perched on barstools and tried Otter, Tribute, Spitfire and Cheddar Ales' Potholer. All in excellent condition, but quite a range of prices.
The service was spot on, and I'm fairly sure I counted eight or more black-clad ninja staff, who ensured no-one waited long to be served. We didn't eat here, as we were heading for the fish and chip restaurant across the road. Come to think of it, most of the diners were out in what looked like a conservatory extension, so diners and drinkers were apart, which is no bad thing if there's room. 8/10

14 Aug 2011 09:11

The Red Lion, Draycott

This was the second pub I drove past on Saturday night, and, like the first one, this place was closed and in darkness. Haven't been here for years, so I don't know what the beer's like now.
What's going on?
Middle of the holiday season, and two pubs in close proximity in a tourist area both closed.

14 Aug 2011 08:58

The Westbury Inn, Westbury sub Mendip

Drove by at eight o' clock on Saturday night, and the place was in darkness, with a flimsy note pinned to the door. I didn't stop to read it so I have no idea if this closure is temporary or final (again!).

14 Aug 2011 08:53

The Countryman, Meare

Seems to have been an empty site for a long time.

13 Aug 2011 17:04

The Three Old Castles, Somerton

This looks like a redevelopment site. Certainly not a pub.

13 Aug 2011 17:03

The Waterloo Cross, Uffculme

It's rather like a Wetherspoons, in that the food is a bit "boil in the bag" style, but the beer's average, and there's not much local competition, so it's just about acceptable.

13 Aug 2011 15:47

Hawthorns Hotel, Bar and Restaurant, Glastonbury

I have to say that on two recent visits to Glastonbury, this place was closed both times.

12 Aug 2011 16:57

The King William Inn, Glastonbury

Good food, but Guinness a bit pricey.

12 Aug 2011 16:55

Fishermans Inn, Sedbury

Seems OK so far, according to the "spy" from the Boat!

12 Aug 2011 16:53

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