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The Tom Foolery, Bromley

Great beer and a fantastic choice, what lets this place down is the staff seem to fail to clean the tables and often serve pints that are questionable in volume.

7 Feb 2016 17:09

The Swan Inn, Little Haven

V nice

8 Jun 2014 17:14

The Rising Sun Inn, Gunnislake

Very nice, great choice of six ales however could do with being chilled a bit.

15 Jul 2013 19:43

Union Inn, Tavistock

Poor, poor, poor best thing about this pub is the free wi fi I'm using to post this review. Would score a perfect ten if this website was called "shite pub in the evening"

15 Jul 2013 19:40

The Elephants Nest, Horndon

Lovely looking pub, food poor.

15 Jul 2013 19:38

The Crown Inn, Lewes

What I like about this pub is the simple fact it keeps all the useless shits in one place leaving the decent pubs in the area scum free. Clearly you can read and are educated so believe the reviews and go to any other pub in the area other than this.

12 May 2013 22:15

The Jolly Woodman, Beckenham

It's like a kennel, dogs galore.

10 May 2013 19:35

The Tally Ho, Knockholt

Large open space with plenty of parking, outside space and large interior. Nice friendly staff who were quick to serve. I had a pint of Tribute which although a reasonable price was very poor, shame as this will automatically make this a pub I will not return to.

26 Jul 2012 20:55

The Jolly Woodman, Beckenham

A brillIant fantastic backstreet pub with great beer. Could this be the best pub in the south east of London? It's so nice to see attentive bar staff who can serve a drink with a smile in a busy pub. Mr landlord / Manager you are a credit to a dying art.

3 Dec 2011 22:00

The Doric Arch, Euston

The only time in my life when I could have cried looking at my pint of Landlord, awful truly horrendous . The toilets are two floors below but the smell seems to carry to the bar, nothing to recommend this so called pub, leave well alone.

13 Aug 2011 16:32

The Bree Louise, Euston

If your sitting outside great, however if your inside the strong stink of toilet cleaner is over powering which is a shame as the beer and service is good. Note to the owner, thought about moving the toilets upstairs?

13 Aug 2011 16:27

Fleur-de-Lis, Leigh

Dropped in for a quick pint and a bite to eat, the beer was poor and the food was shabby, however I believe a new chef is due to start in a few days so perhaps all will become good. No excuses for the beer....

31 Jul 2011 19:50

The Standing Order, Stevenage

Run of the mill rather souless, can't judge either way, it does what it does and serves cheap food and booze while maintaining the air of the pikey drunk. I shall be moving on.

25 Jul 2010 17:30

The White Lion, Stevenage

Sunday afternoon, and it's very quiet in here apart from the darts that's being shown on the tv at full blast to the one guy who is not watching anyway. Two bar staff one young chap sporting the pikey flat cap, the other a larger woman who either has a headache or is half asleep as she cannot keep her uninterested eyes open while she serves me a guiness which at 3.05 is fine. This pub as potential and it might be worth a visit again
in the evening when I suspect it gets lively and perhaps attracts some tits and arse in the bar.

25 Jul 2010 16:12

The Red Lion, Stevenage

Well my very first review, however also my first visit to Stevenage old town. It's a Sunday afternoon on a lovely summers day, I'm choosing it to sit in this dark and noisy pub sweating away watching some young lads ay pool and a geezer playing on the dart board. A mixture of the old, drunk, rockers and young pups, the large bloke behind the bar seemed ok and was quick to serve, not so the other lad with his headphones on. Stuck with a pint of guiness at 3.10 which was fine and tasting how it should. An ok pub.

25 Jul 2010 15:52

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