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Comments by TheChairmen

The Prince Blucher, Twickenham

Good pub, helpful staff and cheerful locals. Great for watching sport.
New decor suits the place. Excellent real ales and a fine garden.

23 Jun 2014 16:25

The Clock House, Teddington

Going Downhill Fast
I recently stopped in at The Clockhouse for lunch with friends but was extremely disappointed.
The food menu was extremely limited and when I asked if there was a 'Specials Board's, the giant girl who was supposed to be serving me said
' Take it or leave it' ?
Almost immediately she turned up the piped muzak so we were unable to hear the cricket.
I asked to speak to the manager she replied that she was the acting manager.At this point, my friends wife told her that she was obviously not acting very well in our opinion.
We were then told to leave our drinks and get out as we were banned.
As a middle aged professional group we declined and suggested she either refund us the cost of our drinks or we would finish them in our own time (which we did).

23 Jun 2014 16:16

The Sussex Arms, Twickenham

This pub is now excellent !
Following the refurbishment, I frequently find myself looking for an excuse to walk past and quite
Well kept beers and a friendly atmosphere have made this one of the best pubs in Twickenham.

24 Nov 2011 13:41

The Clock House, Teddington

The other day we stopped in at The Clockhouse for the first time in many moons.
The atmosphere was very relaxed and we sampled a couple of pints of TT ale with a mixed meat and cheese platter between the two of us while we watched the rugby.
Marvelous !
No spam on us...unlike some other reviewers.

24 Nov 2011 13:24

Kou Kou Bar, Teddington


10 Jun 2011 20:52

The Anglers, Teddington

This pub becomes unusable every sunny summer weekend due to children running riot and hideous queues for awful food and unmotivated bar staff.
It's a great pity because its a lovely venue and if the owners sorted out the summer problems a lot more local people would use it all year round.

3 Oct 2010 18:58

Bar Estilo, Teddington

Awful tapas if you've ever had tapas in Spain. Slow service. Expensive red wine is poor and odd varieties of strong lager served in smaller than half pint measures.
Good coffee and attractive decor in the bar is this place's saving grace.

3 Oct 2010 18:47

The Royal Oak, Teddington

I've enjoyed excellent food on the ground floor here on a number of different occasions. The atmosphere at the bar always seems too formal and somewhat subdued which is a shame because its otherwise a good venue. Some live Jazz might wake it up.

3 Oct 2010 18:38

The Teddington Arms, Teddington

In the evening its an awful teenagers haunt with crowds smoking and reeling around on the pavement with fairly regular visits from local police.
At lunchtime the atmosphere is relaxed and the food is good although the wallpaper is 1960's 'flower power', stylee.

3 Oct 2010 18:21

The Kings Head, Teddington

The newly opened restaurant seats 140 people and its mostly open plan which makes it feel like a very well presented 1980's Tex Mex.
I have now eaten here several times as visiting friends wanted to try it. The food looks attractive but portions are very small considering the price and fairly bland in taste.
The bar at the front is very narrow and to access the small snug rooms you need to traverse the entire length of the bar which doesn't really work, for this reason smokers are made to feel especially unwelcome and access to the rear patio garden is reserved for summertime diners.

Overall the bar feels like a waiting room for the restaurant and on my final visit, the male barman was offhand when I queried why a lager shandy was about to cost me 6.20 .
Apparently they only have bottles of lemonade and that wasn't their problem...until I walked out.

3 Oct 2010 18:08

The Clock House, Teddington

Excellent local pub with highly rated French chef formerly of Petite Auberge, Teddington. Friendly atmosphere and good real ales.
The ClockHouse was entirely refurbished about two years ago and has improved dramatically. Attractive enclosed terrace garden with heaters and small car park at the rear.

3 Oct 2010 17:34

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