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The Lord Brooke, Walthamstow

Now closed and for sale due to losing its licence "after police labelled it a 'drug haven'" (Walthamstow Guardian, 4 June 2014).

3 Jul 2014 12:31

The Ten Bells, Norwich

Dreadful refit killed all the atmosphere within this formerly wonderful pub. No wonder it's been pretty empty the couple of times I've been out this side of Norwich. Farewell old friend, you shall be missed.

21 Dec 2011 15:32

The Ferry Boat Inn, Norwich

The pub is now closed, it will apparently be turned into a restaurant. A shame.

18 Jun 2006 23:20

The Golden Fleece, Bank

I have reduced my rating to its lowest possible following being hit by a barman on Thursday night. If a pub is advertised as closing at midnight on a Thursday you don't close it an hour early because you "feel like getting home early". Yes, I probably acted like a drunk when I refused to hand my half-empty pint glass over but I do not expect a member of staff to hit me first. As a former regular (I use the term loosely, previously going there around twice a week) I would appreciate a bit more respect and would expect an apology for this behaviour rather than being squared up to. I will no longer give this pub my custom and would appreciate it if people who expect a good evening out not ending in unwarranted physical violence from staff followed suit.

12 May 2006 00:56

The Princess Louise, Holborn

This place isn't great but isn't bad. The pub is nicely decorated (but as stated below, a bit tatty) and would be very spacious if the bar didn't take up about half the floor space, but there's a bit more space upstairs. Yes, the urinals downstairs are Victorian but they also smell as if that was the last time they were cleaned, you can smell them from the top of the stairs. Sam Smith's prices are very, very cheap, the lager is not the greatest, the stout isn't too bad and have heard good things about the bitter but haven't tried it myself. Food is good but slightly on the expensive side. 6/10

26 Apr 2006 18:26

Reflex, Southend on Sea

Having previously been to Reflex in the City of London I had high hopes for this place, but was disappointed. Again, there is plenty of 80s decor and cheesy 80s music but it's really just a big room with a pole, a DJ and a bar. The bar itself is woefully understaffed, and on the Saturday night I went waiting twenty minutes to be served was common. Bar managers never seem to understand the simple maths of more staff = people served quicker = people drink quicker = more cash put across the bar. It also cost a fiver to get in the Saturday evening I went (shut at 2am), but I have been to more expensive places and enjoyed myself less. And at least there wasn't a guy in the gents expecting a quid for handing you some kitchen towel. If you like 80s cheese in Southend, it's a decent evening out. 6/10 and would be higher if there were more bar staff.

25 Apr 2006 18:14

The Lord Palmerston, Walthamstow

Am taking a couple of points off as the customer service has gone downhill steeply recently. Bar staff change regularly, and some are downright rude for no real reason. I now try and avoid going as much as I can, which isn't how you wish your local to be.

14 Mar 2006 17:50

Reflex, London

It's like the 80s never went away. The bar chain comes to The City, with 80s decor, plenty of cheesy 80s music but unfortunately not 80s prices! I was impressed that this bar/club didn't charge for entry (on Friday night anyway) but the bar prices are pretty extortionate (although I suppose it is a City club), and the guy in the gents expecting a quid for handing you some kitchen towel is as annoying here as anywhere else. Apart from these minor points it's a good night out. And a pole to dance on if you fancy it, don't be shy, there'll always be someone worse than you! If you like 80s cheese, you'll like this. If you don't, you won't. I myself loved it. 8/10

14 Jan 2006 17:00

The Last Post, Southend on Sea

Actually I'm going to take a point off this place as the service is abysmal. I was in here on 24th July for Sunday lunch and when it came to my turn to be served, the barman decided to serve the young girl to my left instead. "Fair enough," I thought, "I'd probably do the same if I were him." But when he then served an older woman and two Wethertramps before getting to me, I thought "f**k this" and went to The Alex down the road. It's not the first time it's happened.

4 Aug 2005 17:09

The Merrymoor Inn, Mawgan Porth

The only proper pub in Mawgan Porth and went here on holiday. Immediately upon entering I didn't feel very comfortable, as if everyone was looking at me for being an outsider. Beer was reasonably priced though, bar area is a decent size with a restaurant area out the back and a beer garden at the front. Carvery on Sundays. Not sure where else you'd go if you fancy a traditional pint! 6/10

19 Jul 2005 20:23

O'Neills, Cannon Street

Not a bad little place, beer and food is good, just not enough tables. Since the road outside was closed off to traffic it's nice to drink outside when it's sunny. Smoking and non-smoking section, and very nice barmaids. Usually full of suits though, and very un-Irish, to be sure. 7/10

4 Jun 2005 20:58

The Cannon, Cannon Street

A very nice pub. Food takes a little while to arrive but when it does it's very good. Standard lagers but at 1.80 for a pint of Carlsberg and 2.00 for Fosters all the time it's excellent value. Good location for city workers and people who've just arrived in Cannon Street, and has a lot more character than most of the horrific gastropubs in the area. They've recently installed a pool table in the front section where the football is shown. My only complaint is that there isn't enough seating, but I suppose if there were you couldn't fit as many people in. 8/10

15 Feb 2005 18:50

The Alex, Southend on Sea

I quite like this place, but mainly due to the fact it's a Scream pub. Full of students which could be a good or bad thing depending on your viewpoint, not a bad size pub with pool tables, couple of fruities, beer garden and decent amount of seating. Apparently there's a club upstairs but I've never been so I couldn't comment. Last time I was in I remember the food being a bit dodgy and it taking a while to get served as the bartenders spent ages talking to their mates but I hope that was a one off. Good value if you've got a Yellow Card. 7/10

19 Dec 2004 22:49

Brannigans, Norwich

I was very apprehensive about this place due to its 'Eating Dancing and Cavorting' tagline but was pleasantly surprised. I always head here for a couple after Norwich City home games and it's very spacious with three bars, beer is quite cheap and there's a dancefloor, my only complaint would be that there probably isn't enough seating for all the space there is. I'd rather go here than Squares to watch the football. 7/10

19 Dec 2004 22:27

The Livery, St Pauls

I cannot tell you how much I loathe this place. I was there last night and the place was packed, it took fifteen minutes (no exaggeration) to get a single bottle of beer, the Guinness was poured far too quickly (you should wait a bit longer than ten seconds between pouring halves), the DJ on the dancefloor was awful (n.b. if you play a Madness track, choose 'One Step Beyond' or 'Baggy Trousers', not 'Our House') and the beer itself is far too expensive for the quality, the service and the whole experience. It seems as if they are only interested in taking your money and not bothering if you have a decent time with it. The only redeeming feature is that they don't have a guy in the gents to wash your hands and take more money, but if anyone from One of 2 reads this they'll probably incorporate it soon. Not that it bothers me, I won't be rushing back in a hurry. The embarrassing thing is I've been here before, was willing to give it a second chance but no, it was as awful as I remembered it the first time. In future I'll go somewhere I can go to the bar and get served in the same song. Other people in my party did seem to enjoy it slightly so I'll give it 3/10

16 Dec 2004 10:27

The Last Post, Southend on Sea

Typical Wetherspoons: cheap drinks, cheap food, no music, no atmosphere. Very large pub and it's right outside Southend Central station so good if you're just coming in and fancy a drink before moving on, or for a last pint before heading off. Smoking/non-smoking sections and generally doesn't take too long to get served. Can get very busy but that's the sign of a decent pub. 7/10

1 Dec 2004 13:20

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