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Comments by StephanB

The Unicorn, Ambleside

The beer was okay, but the food didn't smelled particularly appetising and when this pub had customers they all tended to be over 70. The room for the pool table is too small for it and the pub wasn't homely at all, despite the decor.

23 Sep 2011 17:25

Royal Oak, Ambleside

The Royal Oak is a popular Ambleside pub, with a decent range of beers that have been well kept. The atmosphere is good, though the seating is very limited. There is free wifi and a covered outdoor smoking area. We didnít get to try the food though, as we werenít prepared to wait for forty minutes.

23 Sep 2011 17:23

The Golden Rule, Ambleside

This was our favourite pub in Ambleside; excellent beers, well kept; free wifi; a covered smoking area; friendly bar staff. In addition, the pub is more spacious than first appearances would suggest, with three seperate rooms in the bar, including a games room.

23 Sep 2011 17:21

The Churchill Hotel, Ambleside

Sky Sports screens are everywhere if thatís your thing, and the range of beers is perfecly adequate, but the taste wasnít quite right. This pub is like Mars - totally devoid of atmosphere. This was our least favourite pub in Ambleside.

23 Sep 2011 17:19

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