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The Dark Horse, Brading

Really good food, service and well kept beer.

18 Sep 2011 20:13

The Village Inn, Shanklin

This pub has gone really expensive (drink and food) and appears to be taking advantage of once being a really good pub. The ale was really cold too (same temperature as the lager). Agree also about the bar staff - one evening the 2 girls behind the bar seemed more interesting in texting friends than serving customers (I waited 2 minutes at an empty bar while they both texted friends, or maybe each other). Shame as it used to be a good pub.

Food is still good, but expensive.

18 Sep 2011 20:11

The Bootlegger, High Wycombe

Much improved, good range of ales.

It's a pity that they seem to have now closed the Tap Room where they used to serve ale straight from barrel.

17 Jul 2011 20:13

The Seven Stars, Falmouth

Real great character pub, great for sitting and listening to locals or sitting outside and watching world go by.

Well kept beers, straight from the barrel.

The decoration and exterior of the pub is showing signs of wear and tear, and guess one day something will need to be done but it'll be a shame as it is like you've gone back in time.

27 Jul 2010 20:21

The Front Bar, Falmouth

Great little pub with a good selection of ales. Good athmosphere too.

27 Jul 2010 20:14

The Oddfellows Arms, Falmouth

Seems to have new owners here. On a recent visit made to feel very welcome.

27 Jul 2010 20:13

The Quayside Inn, Falmouth

Since the refurb a couple of years ago has changed for worst.

On a recent visit had a pint of Skinners, it was not very good.

Why did they stop serving ales direct from the barrel?

27 Jul 2010 20:12

The Firefly, Bourne End

I have to agree about the atmosphere in here. Every time I've been in it feels like a fight is likely to kick off any minute.

Some of the customers do appear very young, although I notice they've recently put a sign on door about ID checks.

I hope the refurb (mentioned below) improves the pub, but think it needs major change. To improve it's reputation (which reading posts it appears to have) I think it needs to chuck out the darts boards, pool table, TV, tacky adverts outside, move smoking area to back and mark it look more appealing by darker lights. Also, how about a change in name to Railway Tavern or Nags Head (both historical names with that area of Bourne End)?

27 Jul 2010 20:09

The Ferry, Cookham

Lovely location for a pub and good potential with the right management. bar staff very slow, and they focus more on diners and those popping in just for a drink tend to get treated as though they're more of a nuisance.

Also stopped serving Rebellion, which is a shame. There are better pubs in Cookham

27 Jul 2010 19:56

The Bricklayers Arms, Putney

Great little gem hidden away. Lovely garden in the summer. Shame it closes at 11.

12 Jun 2010 14:18

The Plough and Barleycorn, Shanklin

What a change! When I'd been on the island before this was a the type of pub I'd avoid, but it now serves good ale and the food is of a good standard and prices are reasonable. If this was in the Old Village it would be packed, but it's worth walking down high street to try it out.

27 Sep 2009 20:30

The Yarbridge Inn, Yarbridge

Great little pub with a good selection of well kept ales and friendly service. Tuesday is quiz night.

Only criticism is that the lights are too bright.

Recommend that you leave car at home and take the bus that stops at the crossroads at top of the road as you'll want to try so many of the ales.

Wish all pubs were like this.

27 Sep 2009 20:28

The Alehouse, Reading

I have to agree that this pub is sadly going down hill.

The bar staff are not that friendly and have a take it or leave it attitude, and seem to treat customers as an annoyance.

The beer is still good quality, although the trend seems to be for heavy and dark beers and at over 3 is more expensive than London.

There are better places to go where you're made more welcome with similiar quality of ale.

It's sad this pub has changed for the worse. Come on, get your act together.

10 Apr 2009 11:44

The Bell, Maidenhead

Surprised to 3 real, cask ales served straight from the barrel on the bar. Not sure why the sudden change, or how long it'll last, but a welcome sight in Maidenhead.

23 Mar 2009 22:24

Prince Of Wales, Putney

Have to agree with Martinl that nearly everybody else on here hasn't written a review for any other pubs.... Looks a bit fishy to me too!

27 Jan 2008 23:05

Hogshead, Marlow

It's now a slug and lettuce. It's better than the last refurb they did and have tried to go upmarket, but it's not a patch on the original Hogshead when it first opened.

Service is pretty poor and bar staff are quite rude. It's typical of chain pub where profits come before customer service.

21 Nov 2007 21:31

The Chainlocker and Shipwrights, Falmouth

Good range of Cornish Ales. Had many happy evenings sitting outside on a nice, warm evening.

29 Aug 2007 22:03

The Crab Inn, Shanklin

This pub has been ruined! The outside may still look traditional (except for Greene King putting up their own sign instead of traditional pub sign) but as soon as you step inside you're inside a pubs version of McDonalds! The old interior has been gutted and it now looks like it belongs in Vegas or somewhere as an American version of a "traditional" english pub. Yes, its now part of a chain!

The beer is not very good either.

One for the day-trippers after a meal, but not a drink!

12 Oct 2006 23:12

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