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The Cricketer, Paris

You used to be able to add places - you know, as a kind of guide to people who travel about (which is what I used to think this site was supposedly about) but fukk it - the site is dying and I can't be bothered picking over the corpse - it's all yours (and your alter egos)

8 Jan 2020 19:32

The Cricketer, Paris

It's a bit too English in that it is like an estate pub with bare boards dubious keg beers (a pretty insipid Brexit IPA which resembled a foamy carling Black) and numerous screens showing English sport. E6 for a pint is cheapish for the area though.

There are plenty of better options in the vicinity, though surprise surprise -none are listed on here.

7 Jan 2020 23:44

L'Acadťmie de la BiŤre, Paris

In contrast to a lot of other establishments on Boulevard de Port Royal L'academie de la Biere is relatively small. Pretty much all of the beers on the menu are bottled with only three 'pression' on draught, which luckily were Vedette brews which am quite fond of. Usually E8.50 for 50cl but happy "hour" (which is from 12:00 till 19:00, later on fri and Sun) all draught beers are E5.50 for 50cl which ain't bad for Paris even if it is south of the river. Food looked reasonable here too but had eaten earlier - worth a punt if you're South of the Seine.

There are also plenty of other drinking establishments in the area but they aren't listed and as this site slowly dies off probably never will be.

7 Jan 2020 23:36

The North Western, Liverpool

Didn't rush back but it is such a difference going to the large high ceilinged room that is on the corner rather than the gloomy corporate interior part. They're like two different pubs (and indeed they do have separate bars). had a Spitting feathers brew which was quite drinkable but the name of the brew was in indecipherable tiny letters.

25 Dec 2019 00:06

The Lion Tavern, Liverpool

The Red Star Pride of the Lion I had here was by far best pint of the day. Still a classic on the must visit list for those who like decent traditional pubs.l

25 Dec 2019 00:02

Volunteer Canteen, Waterloo

Only had Salopian Swan Song on this visit. Still much better in character and feeling to be in a proper pub than any of the micros though.

24 Dec 2019 23:59

The Cornerpost, Crosby

Nice enough micropub occupying what was once a corner shop (hence name). Had a pint of a session Welsh IPA called Pila Pala. Only critisicsm being that all four ales on were pale or golds (a Sherbert lemon brew etc). Fairly convivial locals - okay if you're in the vicinity.

24 Dec 2019 23:57

The Gas Tap, Melton Mowbray

Small micropub with three ales on gravity dispense (I had the Tring brew which was okay).
The other places visited in 'pie' town aren't listed.

22 Dec 2019 09:33

The Geese and Fountain, Croxton Kerrial

Very much the community local. Hosts children's birthday parties, runs a village library etc. Does food and has rooms as well. Four ales on. I tried the Nobby's Northampton Red (which was okayish) and the Lincoln Green Hood (which was much better). Also does Czech Budvar and a couple of other not so ordinary lagers on tap too.

22 Dec 2019 09:28

Au Calice, Calais

fairly solid old school French café bar on the main drag from the station to Theatre. The had four Leffe brews on tap (Ruby, Blonde, IPA and the Christmas brew). I went for the Leffe Ruby which (at the counter) was a fairly reasonable 2 Euros 50.

20 Dec 2019 09:08

Au Davydson, Calais

Now called L'Authentique though Marie Celeste would have been more appropriate. It looked open, every light in and outside of the place was brightly illuminated but the door was locked and the place deserted. It's in between a Carrefour City (French equivalent of a Tesco Metro) and the town tourist office.

20 Dec 2019 09:05

London Bridge, Calais

At the end of the same block as The Bounty. The Bridge has been dropped and it is now just Le London and is primarily a pizzeria.

20 Dec 2019 09:00

Le Bounty, Calais

A standard kind of bar on the ground floor of flats. Has an entrance/exit at each end to the street. 3 Euros for a 25cl glass of Tigre Bock on draught. Little seems to have changed since previous 2006 post. There are plenty of better alternatives (Inc one across the Place D'Armes offering 26 different draught beers) but the site just doesn't add new entries anymore.

20 Dec 2019 08:58

The Railway Tavern, New Barnet

Standard Charles Wells pub, not too big, corporate interior. Only two ales on - Bombardier and Red Robin. The red Robin was surprisingly drinkable. Has plenty of screens for watching sports - inc one over the urinals in the gents.

18 Dec 2019 00:57

The Kings Arms Harvester, Barnet

It's now Miller & Carter Steakhouse - popping in for a pint while not frowned upon is looked on as an oddity here. Maybe if they encouraged drinkers it wouldn't be so desolate and empty on a Saturday night.

16 Dec 2019 13:53

The Arkley Hotel, Barnet

Still very much more a dining than drinking establishment - though there is a little area near the bar that is a bit more drinker friendly. Higher prices to deter the riff-raff (and if it wasn't teeming down outside I wouldn't have ducked in).

16 Dec 2019 13:49

The Lord Nelson, Barnet

Didn't heed my own advice and ordered the Young's Winter Ale which was a struggle to drink.

16 Dec 2019 13:46

Ye Olde Monken Holt, Barnet

Still a pretty lacklustre choice of ales - Abbot, Landlord and tribute .The Tribute was okay and drinkable. There was an Irish Trio playing diddly music.

16 Dec 2019 13:44

Ye Olde Mitre Inne, Barnet

Continues to be the best outlet for number, quality and variety of ales in Barnet.

16 Dec 2019 13:41

The Old Red Lion, Barnet

no chance of it re-opening - it's now been obliterated and flats built on the site. It's getting to the point that there will soon be more closed/demolished pubs on this site than active ones.

16 Dec 2019 13:38

The Queens Arms, New Barnet

redecorated interior (in a corporate style) Now all more open plan. Two ales on AK and McMullens Winter ale which no one was drinking - never a good sign so went for the Moretti here too - £4.95 a pint here. Wonder why 45p more than over the road. has a couple of pool tables to the rear.

16 Dec 2019 13:34

Weavers Bar, Barnet

The 'public' bar half hasn't really changed much. The one handpump was unused on this visit. Went for a pint of Moretti (£4.50 a pint). The 'lounge' half had tables all set up for 'dining'. Plenty of screens showing the football.

16 Dec 2019 13:31

Globe, Liverpool

Continues in the same vein - small place , front part crowded and noisy (with older folk) small back room quiet. The Taylor's Boltmaker was a nice pint on this visit.

12 Dec 2019 02:00

Peter Kavanaghs, Liverpool

Another of those old school Victorian pubs with snugs/rooms/crannnies that the city does so well. Four ales on - inc a golden and a stout...had a pint of the Mobberley 1924 which was a fairly good pint.

12 Dec 2019 01:58

The Express, Crewe

This has quite changed - interior has been modernised more open plan. Lots of tellies for the sport and two ales (both Wadworth..6X and Golden) tried the Wadworth golden brew which was just about okay.

8 Dec 2019 00:19

The Swan, Holmes Chapel

Not sure if this is a pub, was a pub, is going to be re-opened as a pub. it's next to the station and has a sign and plenty of lighting outside but the interior doesn't look like a pub. There are notices on the window asking for couples who want to run a pub but the doors are firmly locked and the there are rocks positioned out front to stop vehicles accessing the place.
There is an alternative with some very nice beers not too far away but can't be bothered anymore as the regular arsehole will just whinge or cry and stamp his little paws.

8 Dec 2019 00:14

The Marble Arch, Manchester

Classic interior but gave up on it - despite being only half as busy as the Angel trying to get served was a nightmare to such an extent I went elsewhere.

8 Dec 2019 00:07

The Angel, Manchester

Fairly standard refurbed interior though decent enough place. Got served swiftly despite it being manic busy - had a pint of the raven red which was a good pint.

8 Dec 2019 00:05

The Pilcrow, Manchester

What looks like random builders huts leftover from some renovation work converted into a bar. It works though - they had three handpumps including a golden, stout and bitter. I plumped for the Leather Soul bitter which was quite a nice pint. Also does 'craft' keg stuff and snacks.

8 Dec 2019 00:02

The Hare and Hounds, Manchester

Classic old Victorian city centre pub. Proper old public bar to the right as you go in. Quite clean and tidy so must have been done out. Sub £3 pint of Holt's - it was ok but had a bit of a tang to it.

7 Dec 2019 23:58

Anthology, Wilmslow

Adjoins the Brewhouse & Kitchen - it actually looks okay inside but a pub called Anthology ? …. suits the pretentious bullshitters of Wilmslow I suppose.

4 Dec 2019 01:26

The Lower Angel, Warrington

Just time for a swift pint of Mobberley Redwinter on this visit - still unchanged retaining it's lounge and bar halves and still the best pub in Warrington. You may need to adjust your watches back to 1974 on entering though.

4 Dec 2019 01:23

Costello's Bar, Warrington

Had a very nice pint of Dunham Massey Big Tree here but this place has very much a non pub feel in spite of the fact most in the place were drinking ale. Small shop premises, big glass frontage, high chairs made it feel more like having a pint in an ice cream parlour.

4 Dec 2019 01:16

Little Manor, Thelwall

Quite surpised with this place - was expecting another 'country eatery' and while there is a restaurant area the main bar to the front was all drinkers and they had eight ales on. The Mobberley 1924 went down well - and once inside you can't hear the hum of traffic from the Thelwall Viaduct.

4 Dec 2019 01:13

Brewery Tap, Lymm

Traditional exterior belies the modern (ish) interior. It's kind of split in to two halves a front and back but not seriously so. The local Lymm Bitter was a decent session brew. Didn't get round to the other Lymm beers will have to drop by again some time.

4 Dec 2019 01:11

The Old Dancer, Wilmslow

Would disagree with the café/bar description as it is more a shop conversion micropub. They had four ales on (The Tatton best was rather nice) and everyone in the place was drinking ale - no food, coffee or cocktails in sight. There is a bit out back and an upstairs bit too which I didn't venture into.

4 Dec 2019 01:08

The Bollin Fee, Wilmslow

This is no longer a Wetherspoons but is now a Brewhouse & Kitchen. Still seems pretty Wetherspoon-like inside though they do brew there own stuff somewhere on the premises.

4 Dec 2019 01:05

The Thatched House, Poulton Le Fylde

Your closest bet for a good pint by the station. Was manic tonight though (not sure if it was because of the footy on the telly or if it is usually like this on a sat night) though the staff coped admirably serving people swiftly and in turn. The pint of Flat Cap was on form - didn't have a duff pint anywhere today, must be a first.

23 Nov 2019 23:04

The Steamer, Fleetwood

Large-ish place off the main street near the Victoria Street tram stop. Numerous well kept ales - been a good day for beer. They also have a pool and more unusually for these days, a snooker table. Bands on in the evening and a separate food half to it.

23 Nov 2019 23:00

Royal Oak, Fleetwood

An old school pub with public and 'posh' halves. Plenty of ales on - had the Mayflower bitter which was good. Might be a bit rough and ready for some folk but it's a good solid town pub. has a pool table to the rear.

23 Nov 2019 22:54

Castle Garden Hotel, Poulton Le Fylde

Typical corporate Ember Inn interior with staff running round like beavers delivering up feedstuffs to folk. Had a pint of Longman's Old Man - a very nice stout which I couldn't fault. They had about four other ales on but when you find a nice pint find it's best to stick to it these days.

23 Nov 2019 22:52

The Old Town Hall, Poulton Le Fylde

Rough and ready town pub with a few decent ales on. The Northland Ruby was a very nice ale. Has a pool table to the rear which has Blackpool FC frescos (club crest, Stan Mortensen, Stanley Mathews etc) on the ceiling above it and old programmes adorning the walls. Ale quality here was very good.

23 Nov 2019 22:49

Swan Inn, West Wycombe

Still an unspoilt old fashioned pub with separate bar and saloon. Had a Rebellion IPA which was served from a row of polypins - which was drinkable enough. I was the only customer though and the previous poster's comment about it not being around forever may well ring true in this affluent part of commuter belt Bucks.

21 Nov 2019 11:26

George and Dragon, West Wycombe

Apart from myself and one token 'old man at the bar' everyone else had their drinks brought over to their tables. The rebellion IPA was okay but I didn't like the place - mainly as the clientele whiffed of snobbery and an 'up their own arses' attitude. Probably okay for what it is but not for me.

21 Nov 2019 11:21

Old Plough, West Wycombe

Small narrow pub with the bar towards the back kind of obscured from the front area. neat and tidy inside - they had Old Trip on handpull but I went for a lager here instead. The locals at the bar seemed affable enough. Worth a drop by.

21 Nov 2019 11:17

The Glan Aber Hotel, Betws-y-Coed

That is because the site no longer adds new pubs, leaves hundreds of now closed pubs on the site, doesn't alter the changes to names of pubs. More and more frequently I will visit somewhere that has a pub listed on here that is closed or demolished and yet nearby is a perfectly good but unlisted pub - you don't reckon it is worth at least a note to say it's closed but there is an unlisted alternative nearby ?

20 Nov 2019 09:53

The Betsey Trotwood, Clerkenwell

Shepherd Neame 'flat iron' pub on a corner. Had Master Brew and Howling Wolf on handpump. The Howling Wolf was okay if a little bland. One of the few places in the vicinity that still resemble a proper pub. There was a band/musicians setting up that took up most of the bar area (and the tables etc) very little room left for punters (though I was the only one at that point)

18 Nov 2019 00:10

The Black Lion, Leighton Buzzard

Very busy well worn town centre pub with about 8 or 9 ales on. The Yeovil brew I had here was the best of the day. Definitely the best in town for choice and quality of ale in LB.

3 Nov 2019 09:40

The Park, Bletchley

Ale-free chav haunt with London prices (£4.50 a pint for lager).

3 Nov 2019 09:38

Wetherspoons, Milton Keynes

There is no such thing as a pub in downtown MK this industrial scale beer outlet in the ground floor of an office block is about the closest you will get. The ale was decent and (@ £1.99 a pint) cheap.

3 Nov 2019 09:36

A L'Imaige De Nostre-Dame, Brussels

incidentally the previous (previous) post mentioned about it being 'more local than a tourist trap' - it is (along with the neighbouring 'aux temps') among the most tourist trap bars in the whole of Brussels.

29 Oct 2019 23:05

A L'Imaige De Nostre-Dame, Brussels

Not as picturesque at the neighbouring 'Aux temps...' but more convivial and with draught beers (inc. Kwak)) a Kwak and a coffee for the missus set us back E8.50 which is ok for downtown Brussels.

Plenty of other places that could be added but some folk aren't too keen on them being listed under other bar/pub names and as the site no longer adds places then that is that.

29 Oct 2019 22:54

Au Bon Vieux Temps, Brussels

It's okay - a nice old style Belgian bar but not worth all the raving some folk attribute to the place - no draught only bottled. Six Euros for a bottle of Chimay is the current going rate. Yes it is worth a visit but if you're expecting something spectacular then you will be seriously disappointed - The Philharmonic or the Crown Saloon it most definitely ain't.

29 Oct 2019 22:48

Le Bier Circus, Brussels

Shuts during the afternoon a bit like the old fashioned English closing hours

29 Oct 2019 22:44

The Barley Mow, Marylebone

Kind of similar to last visit though ale was marginally more varied and better quality. They had Black Sheep, Pride, Harvey's and West Berkshire Good Old Boy (which was my choice and drinkable). Still a bit worn and needing some upgrading. The private boxes are still evident (probably because they're listed or something) but were all reserved and mainly occupied by public school 'ooray arseholes'. Okay though, in an area where pubs have been diminishing and/or been 'gentrified' into eateries.

26 Oct 2019 19:47

Heart of Northumberland, Hexham

A bit foodie but not at the expense of the drinker like many places. Right in the centre of town it's quite trim and tidy inside. Had a decent pint of Consett Ale Works Steeltown Bitter.

Not listed (and unlikely to be as new drinking establishments just don't seem to be added anymore) is the Station bar on the platform at Hexham. They sell High House Farm beers of which I sampled the Auld Hemp Bitter which was nice enough.

23 Oct 2019 23:32

The Milecastle Inn, Haltwhistle

A bit of a misnomer for anyone to say they visited this pub while 'in' Haltwhistle as it's a two mile mainly uphill walk from the town out at some bleak point on the moors. It is a pleasant place though with scenic views towards Hadrian's Wall. Just the two ales on Prince's Bishop and Sunny Daze. The Prince's Bishop was a decent pint and warranted a few more to quench the thirst.

23 Oct 2019 23:25

The Station, Gateshead

It's now called Station East. Three handpumps - all blonde beers. Chose the Northern IPA off the board but it was a keg "craft" which was drinkable I suppose. High ceilinged building that retains some character despite being done out in a 'hipster' kind of way. Nearly everyone in the place had a guitar or double bass kind of container with them. Realised this was due to it being 'open mic' night. The open mic night is good if you are keen on the sound of half a dozen mange ridden moggies chucked into a sack with a dozen spanners and swirled round your head - if that's your thing you'll love the place.

23 Oct 2019 23:20

The Harbour View, Roker

Modern looking (inside and out) with a range of ales on - the Reivers and King Rat were both decent pints though I think I occupied a spot that one of the regulars usually sits at judging by the kind of glare normally reserved for people who have murdered your family. Not cheap for a back of beyond part of Sunderland, probably to try and price out the riff-raff - though hasn't seemed to have worked.

23 Oct 2019 23:14

Dun Cow, Sunderland

Excellent Victorian alehouse that had four ales on - the Simcoe two by two was a decent brew. Intricate cornices to look up at - probably best pub in town

23 Oct 2019 23:08

The Ivy House, Sunderland

Nice enough pub which kind of has a curve to it that follows the alignment of the street. let down by poor quality ale though - the 3 piers 'Endeavour' was pretty rank. left it and went elsewhere.

23 Oct 2019 23:06

Corrour Station House, Corrour

One of the most remote spots in the country only accessible by train or a long walk for most folk. It's a small café/bar with no draught ale only bottles of local brews like Cairngorm and Ossian at a fiver a pop. The Venison Casserole is well worth a try if you're peckish (very peckish as it's quite a sizeable portion). In spite of only having bottles it is well worth a visit and there is even a train right through to London Euston just before it closes at nine.

18 Oct 2019 10:24

Stronlossit Inn, Roy Bridge

Okay for what it is - though doesn't feel too pub-like. At least it was open (unlike the other place here) and it's pretty handy for the station. The Cairngorm Stag they served was one of the few decent ales I had in the area.

18 Oct 2019 10:16

The Steam Inn, Mallaig

Was closed with a for lease sign outside - not sure if the closure is temporary or more long term

18 Oct 2019 10:12

Marine Hotel, Mallaig

Standard small one room locals bar with pool table. Tenents beers mainly - Stella was about as exotic as it gets on the beer front. Pleasant enough - the gents is labelled as 'Laddies' probably to heighten amusement when women mistake it for ladies (which happened twice while I was having a pint.

18 Oct 2019 10:08

The Lochy, Fort William

Estate style pub with lounge and public. The lounge half mainly for eating - the bar half for pool playing and watching the nags. They did have one ale on but it was Deuchars IPA so I swerved it for the Moretti.

18 Oct 2019 10:03

The Volunteer Arms, Fort William

Pretty standard Scottish High Street bar. Seems a bit tidier than the previous descriptions - maybe it's had a bit of a revamp. No ale though

18 Oct 2019 09:58

Grog and Gruel, Fort William

A fairly typical High Street shop conversion with four ales on. tried the Highbridge IPA which was pretty bland and insipid to the extent it put me off trying anything else.

18 Oct 2019 09:56

Tap East, Stratford

Beer still excellent even if it is a 'creche for men' - The Bristol Beer Factory's 'The Great North West was excellent and the best pint have had for a while.

13 Oct 2019 20:51

County Hotel, Ashford

A sad indictment on Ashford is that this Wetherspoon is pretty much your only offering for a (not so great) ale in the town. Not a bad building but the interior is indistinguishable from any other Wetherspoons. There used to be so many more pubs in the town but now they are pretty thin on the ground and of the few that are left (like the George or Tap Room) this is the only one listed on here.

9 Oct 2019 23:21

The Kent Arms, Ashford

hard to say what this place currently is - there is a bar inside but it was closed while outside a notice proclaims that it is soon to become a shisha lounge

9 Oct 2019 23:16

Stamps Too, Liverpool

A bit of a run down, rough round the edges shop conversion which has been renamed The Waterpudlian though it is pretty much unchanged from when it was Stamps Too. They had four ales on and the pint of fab Four was drinkable.

7 Oct 2019 23:52

Volunteer Canteen, Waterloo

Another classic local pub on an old style terraced street. There is a small narrow public bar and a larger lounge the other side of the bar. if you are in the lounge half drinks are brought to your table. Four ales on had a pint of the 'everyone's happy IPA' which was a nice enough drinkable brew.

7 Oct 2019 23:49

The Pilot Boat, New Brighton

One of those places where regulars come up and get served before any visiting folk who have been waiting - zero points

7 Oct 2019 23:41

The Stork Hotel, Birkenhead

Classic tiled interior - but empty and unloved. No ale, no customers (when me and the missus dropped by there was just one owlarse NI guy drinking bottles of lager). Seems to be some renovation work going on at one of the bays. This is a grade II listed building though so hopefully it won't fall foul of the developers.

7 Oct 2019 23:36

Old Colonial, Birkenhead

Quite a weird set up compared to it's Old Colonial days. As the Old Colonial it was a straightforward kind of pub. Now you enter to the right there is a covered patio area and beer garden to the right but the actual bar is downstairs in what was the cellar.
To reach the toilets you have to go back upstairs towards the left side of the pub - and going downstairs to the cellar bar area is the only means of access - so if you are using the garden area you have to go down two flights of stairs, through the bar then back up two flights of stairs to the same level you started at.
As mentioned there are handpulls but they aren't used. The have a few 'premium' lagers (like Warsteiner) and the trams do now run up from Woodside on Sats & Suns. Seems to have a very extensive menu and it is most definitely still called Molly's Chambers. Okay if you're visiting the museum over the road.

7 Oct 2019 23:31

The White Lion Inn, West Kirby

Much improved on the ale front - the Peerless Red IPA being the best of the four ales on. The pub is a mix of sandstone columns and beams and is a few minutes away from West Kirby station.

7 Oct 2019 23:20

Coach and Horses Inn, Greasby

One of those classic old school pubs with a few rooms and nooks/crannies away from the bar. They now have a few more ales on (four on this occasion) though only the Cameron Hopper was out of the ordinary. It's in a fairly non-descript back of beyond part of the Wirral that seems to take ages to get to whatever means you use to get to it.

7 Oct 2019 23:17

Essendine Hotel, Stamford

You can dislike and even whine about whatever you want - and that's your prerogative but other people have different views and are free to post what they see as being relative. If you want a site that reflects only those things that you feel are relevant than no one is stopping you creating one of your own.

7 Oct 2019 23:10

The Globe, Moorgate

Reasonable enough busy pub which did have a few unusual ales on including a quite nice stout.

29 Sep 2019 10:27

The Hoop and Grapes, City Of London

Nice enough mid row City boozer with a few ales on. The Lacon Charter was best pint of the day - though it was £5.20 for a pint of 3.5% mild.

29 Sep 2019 10:22

The Plough, Ipswich

Bog standard town pub - didn't like the look of ales so plumped for a San Miguel. Pretty undistinguished worn down kind of place.

29 Sep 2019 10:19

The Freston Boot, Freston

Large main road establishment primarily for dining though has a few stools at the bar for drinkers. They had plenty of ales on but the quality wasn't up to much. The red Mill was just about drinkable, the Lacon Affinity was dire and I had to have it changed (they still didn't stop serving it though) to Wherry - which was just a patch on what it should be. It also prides itself on being 'the first cashless pub' in the UK. Cards only - no cash

29 Sep 2019 10:16

The Rose Inn, Shotley

Pleasant local with small separate old school public bar. Had two ales on - a mild from Mauldons and Adnams Bitter which was decent pint @ £3 a pint.

29 Sep 2019 10:10

Bohemen Sportspub, Oslo

Football orientated bar with multiple screens showing differing European league games. Flags and scarves from all over Europe adorn the walls and ceiling. Also quite reasonable for downtown Oslo with a pint of Frydenlund (which I found far preferable to the Ringnes) at 'only' N-Kr 73 - which is a bout £6-50 or so. A 33cl of 'craft' beer down by the waterfront will set you back N-Kr 84 so this place is understandably popular and busy.

25 Sep 2019 04:38

The Belfry Pub, Oslo

No drinking establishment at 3 Lille Grensen so would assume this place has bit the dust.

25 Sep 2019 04:29

Oslo Mikrobryggeri, Oslo

Tried the Oslo Pils which was a hazy looking brew but palatable enough and then the Vienna Lager which is a darker beer resembling a 'premium' keg bitter of the day in both colour and taste. Both were N-Kr 96 for a pint (you get around 11 N-Kr to the £) which is about average for Norway. The place Is okay and quite pub-like if you are in the North Oslo envrirons it's worth a drop by.

25 Sep 2019 04:27

The Sir Richard Steele, Belsize Park

This place has gotten a lot worse. They've refurbed it into more of a dive than it was. No ale on at all now and £5.50 for a very iffy pint of Estrella. You get clientele in those plastic hospital shoes shuffling round by the bar. Seems to be in the running for Chalk Farm's top toilet and should win hands down based on this visit.

22 Sep 2019 21:44

The Enterprise, Chalk Farm

Pretty much unchanged from previous account - probably worse if anything. Chalk Farm used to have a number of reasonable pubs but now they're pretty thin on the ground. They had two ales on this time but with no one else drinking them I bottled out and had a pint of Amstel (@£4.50 a pint).

22 Sep 2019 21:40

Cafe Des Arts, Paris

Fairly typical café/ bar for the area with more places outside on tables than inside in the smallish bar area. Has 1664, La Chouffe, Carslberg, Karlsbad, Desperdo and Wit on draught. Two 25cl 1664's at the bar set us back 7 Euros which was about the going rate - this goes up to 12 if you are served at a table.

20 Sep 2019 10:34

Roscoe Arms, Liverpool

Was always an also ran kind of place but it is presently undergoing some kind of conversion into something not looking pub-like.

9 Sep 2019 20:34

The Bowring Park, Liverpool

Large interior space with a band/music on to help fortify the over fifties/sixties. Quite a raucous owlarse crowd in. They have a separate quieter room which is odd in having a row of windows as opposed to a wall to sperate it from the main "arena". Standard keg fare along with the dubious Dom Bar which I swerved as you just know it ain't going to be a good pint.

9 Sep 2019 20:29

The Stanley Arms, Huyton

Pretty much as per last visit apart from the fact they had an ale on in the guise of Doom Bar which I didn't like the looks of so stuck with Stella.

9 Sep 2019 20:25

The Masonic, Liverpool

Reasonable enough backstreet local. They had two ales on at £2.95 a pint or you could pay a tenner and drink as much of your chosen ale as you wanted. I declined the special offer and asked for a pint of the Mire which gave up the ghost as it was being poured so had to settle for the pale Westgate brew which was okay but not ok enough for me to drink any more of it. Probably your best bet if in the vicinity of Liverpool South Parkway station.

9 Sep 2019 20:20

The Lazy Landlord, Wallasey

Excellent shop conversion micropub. Had a very pleasant pale Ossett brew here.

9 Sep 2019 20:13

The Duke of Cambridge, St Helens

Concur with the previous poster on this place - it also exposes the continuing failings of the site. Further up the same street are The News Room (which was kind of okay) and the Talbot (which is probably St.Helen's 2nd best ale pub after the Circketers) neither of which are listed on here.

9 Sep 2019 20:10

Cricketers Arms, St Helens

Most definitely St.Helens best pub for ale and ambiance. Loads of ales, ciders, gins etc on. The Alsl Well was an excellent pint. The only slight downside is it being too successful making it a bit of a bind to get served at busy times.

9 Sep 2019 20:04

The Phoenix Inn, St Helens

Don't know what's happened to this pub but it is most definitely a zero rating. Three handpumps now redundant - asked for a pint of bitter and was offered keg John Smiths. Not a soul in the place (unlike the packed Cricketers up the road). Seems like it has changed hands and the new owners want to run it to the point of closure.

9 Sep 2019 20:01

Earl of Stafford, Hooton Roberts

Primarily one of those 'pub & dining' places (in other words not a pub and all dining'.

1 Sep 2019 00:03

The Fairway, Doncaster

Now closed and boarded up - quite an impressive looking 30's style roadhouse. Wouldn't be surprised if it has some kind of listing. Whether it survives as a pub though is something we we'll have to wait and see

1 Sep 2019 00:01

New York Tavern, Rotherham

Another good town pub though I think this one is the Chantry brewery tap as it has all of their brews on offer. The Steelos and the Mighty Millers were both good pints. Two decent pubs both on the same street in an erstwhile ale desert.

31 Aug 2019 23:55

The Cutlers Arms, Rotherham

Good solid town pub with mainly Chantry brews on. had a decent pint of Iron and Steel. Plenty of diligent staff made sure there was no waiting despite it being busy.

31 Aug 2019 23:53

Doncaster Brewery Tap, Doncaster

Relatively small shop conversion and home to the Doncaster Brewery. An impressive twelve handpumps on for such a small place - six ales and six ciders. Two of the ales were Doncaster brews - the pacific A1 was a decent pint of bitter. Would rate this as the best place for ale in Doncaster.

31 Aug 2019 23:50

The King Street Tavern, Southsea

Quite similar to the Eldon in having original exterior and done out (though not so corporate) interior. pretty much all Wadworth brews - albeit well kept versions.

11 Aug 2019 11:45

The Eldon Arms, Southsea

Old style exterior belies the corporate interior. Though not as bad a job as many. Ale (as noted) was not too adventurous a selection from Cornwall - The Proper Job was a nice pint though and warranted a refill. Okay for what it is.

11 Aug 2019 11:42

The Bell Inn, Chichester

Another pleasant enough place - though still mainly for diners (to the left as you go in) there is a cosy drinkers section (to the right as you go in). Weldons IPA went down well here.

11 Aug 2019 11:38

The Greyhound, Cocking Causeway

Pleasant enough place and the number 60 (Midhurst-Chichester) bus stops outside. They had three ales (Otter, Summer Lightning and another light one I can't recall). had a few pints of the Otter which was okay. Most of the (all empty) tables were 'reserved' for diners with only a few stools at the bar and one small table by the door free.

11 Aug 2019 11:36

The Albion, Barnet

I'll post what I feel I should post - if you don't like it then tough shit.

3 Aug 2019 21:56

The Rusty Bike, Exeter

hey - it's still closed, not re-opened or turned into something else. Nice to have an update. keep up the good work with the updates Trequites.

3 Aug 2019 21:54

Beerhouse, Market Harborough

As described it's a beer house for beer loons - can't say the ales I had (Hawkshead Bitter and the 'Experimental' one) were that good either. It's certainly not a pub - it's a kind of gathering room for people to talk beershit.

3 Jul 2019 22:11

The Red Cow, Market Harborough

Cluttered GK outlet - no non GK ales on. Nowhere to sit or perch even when empty. Either kids occupying tables or space elsewhere cluttered up with kids scooters, vacuum cleaners and other crap. Can't see how you can do this with a town centre pub. Anyone who goes in there once is highly unlikely to want to return (however friendly the staff may be)

3 Jul 2019 22:07

The Avon Mill Inn, Rugby

Boarded up, fenced off and approved for demolition - to be replaced by a 'drive through coffee shop'.

3 Jul 2019 22:02

The Fox Inn, Lutterworth

incidentally - though there are some who hate comments regarding unlisted pubs., the GBG listed Unicorn served up a pretty crap pint of Sharp's Atlantic (their only non GK offering). Would rate it at best a measly 2 but pubs can't be added anymore.

3 Jul 2019 22:00

The Fox Inn, Lutterworth

Okay for what it is - has that 'pub & dining ' interior though it's too small to be one of those. Four ales on but hey were all generic GK relatives so I went for a pint of Kozel instead (at £4.65 a pint). Kind of OK but not somewhere you'd go out of your way to.

3 Jul 2019 21:55

The Harlequin, City

Small pleasant enough Iberian run pub. Had Vedett on draught - with a £5.95 a pint price tag. Not another soul in the place, they're probably saving up or arranging a mortgage for their next visit.

29 Jun 2019 10:28

The Exmouth Arms, Exmouth Market

Archetypal student/hip foodery with a couple of ales on (Cascade and Rooster - the cascade was quite nice). Open plan, bare boards, tables - many of which were reserved for the impending arrival of Henry and Jemimah at 1600 hours. Doesn't have a pub feel to it.

29 Jun 2019 10:23

The White Bear, Farringdon

Another closure - doesn't seem like it's future fate has been decided yet though.

29 Jun 2019 10:20

The Jerusalem Tavern, Clerkenwell

Quaint small pub with a Dickensian feel to it though apparently it is all repro. The St.Peter's best is the most popular brew here apparently - which is quite surprising given that most tourists want something chilled. As mentioned previously, when it's busy outside the interior tends to be pretty quiet. Fairly handy for Farringdon station.

29 Jun 2019 10:18

The Red Lion, Bletchley

Not a great change from last visit - had a decent pint of Exeter bitter, was served in turn by diligent staff. Inside area still had same 'local pub for local people' feel but the outside area by the canal was just right for a sunny day. There's a swing bridge to get you across to the tow path side of the canal which you may sometimes have to move back.

23 Jun 2019 15:11

The Chequers, Fenny Stratford

Smallish pub on a kind of terrace on a main road. Interior a bit fuax wine bar, exposed bricks etc but pleasant enough. Had three ales on - two vale brews and a porter. The Brill Gold and gravitas were both in decent form and went down well. Has a for sale sign outside so not sure how long it will still be around.

23 Jun 2019 15:07

The Sir Robert Peel, Tamworth

Not your classic pub nor really your classic shop conversion layout either. Toilets are up a narrow flight of stairs, Bar area is a bit through other and there is an area where you can look at the passing street traffic. The Church End SR was a pretty good pint though.

20 Jun 2019 01:31

The Bulls Head, Polesworth

Decent enough pub though it does have a clinical 'pub & dining' establishment feel - (there is a separate Indian restaurant on the roof)l. The ale is good - had a pint of Powerplay (a darker brew) which went down well.

20 Jun 2019 01:27

Old Isaacs, Atherstone

marked as closed but not sure if this is now the Angel Ale House which has bay windows overlooking the market square but no entrance at the front.. The site really needs a good sort out regards pubs that have closed or been renamed. (If it is the Angel then it is definitely worth a drop by decent ales Blythe bridge Palmers Poison was nice... complimentary cheese and biscuits)

20 Jun 2019 01:24

The Rising Sun, Shackerstone

Pleasant enough pub in a pleasant enough village - disappointing ale selection though (Landlord, Bass, Pedigree). Bass was drinkable but certainly nothing special.

20 Jun 2019 01:19

The Betjeman Arms, St Pancras International Station

The convenience aspect of the place is the only thing going for it. Four staff behind the bar three 'doing stuff' behind the bar and one serving who was dealing with someone who had 'card issues' in trying to settle their bill. Once that was completed they then decided to have a natter to the other staff 'doing stuff'. Once eventually served then £5.20 for an iffy pint of Trumans. Okay for sitting out and watching the Eurostar arrive but if you have time and want a decent (and more reasonably priced) pint it's best avoided.

13 Jun 2019 11:38

Cambrinus, Bruges

very much the tourist haunt though the whole town is. Stuck with the house blonde and bruin though the others went for the assortment offers. Currently 3.5 euros for a 25cl glass which considering most of the brews are of the headbang variety (the 'lighter' house beer being 7%) isn't too bad.

13 Jun 2019 11:31

The Bridge House, Hertford

Closed since 2014 and now surrounded by hoardings but still basically intact. The local council rejected plans for some pretty hideous looking flats and a shop on the site. There is some support for retaining the building as some sort of 'gateway to Hertford'. Whether that will include some kind of hostelry or bar is unlikely but will just have to wait and see.

11 Jun 2019 20:28

The Old Cross Tavern, Hertford

Still Hertford's top pub. Stuck with a very quaffable Mighty Oak (Maldon) brew. A small but quite pub-like shop conversion well worth a drop by.

11 Jun 2019 20:19

The Standing Order, Stevenage

Marginally preferable to waiting in the rain at the bus station. The £1.99 guest ale tasted pretty much like you'd expect for that price. Seems to be a haven for the clinically obese. Am beginning to think that Wetherspoons should start chipping in a lot more to NHS coffers to cover the results their cheap junk food has on the health budget.

11 Jun 2019 20:14

The Half Moon, Hitchin

Still the main ale pub in Hitchin. Can be a bit parochial at times with a tendency for locals to sit at stools by the bar (with the rest of the pub - a dozen tables and 20 or 30 chairs unoccupied) making accessing the bar awkward. There were three in particular in a row like the three wise chimps who seemed miffed that someone should disturb the perching zone.

Close by on Bridge Street is BB's a shop conversion bar which does two Oakham brews and Pride and has plenty of screens for sports events. Maybe someday the site will start to add the many new, renamed and altered pubs. it's been a good few years since the last new pub was added.

11 Jun 2019 20:10

The Junction, Clapham Junction

Bog standard GK house - went for lager which, served in plastic at busy times.

11 Jun 2019 20:02

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

Large pun by Clapham Junction station. For a pub of it's size it's pretty poor coping at busy times. Gave up and went up the road.

11 Jun 2019 19:58

The Hole In The Wall, Waterloo

Not really improved much since previous visits. A bit run down. the small bar is more pub-like but the larger bar is where to go to watch sports. had a lager here as the ale looed a bit iffy.

11 Jun 2019 19:56

The Railway Tavern, Mill Hill

Update on the Railway is that there is still no ale at all but it is the only place within a good few square miles that resembles a proper pub. The biker clientele are a good solid and relatively friendly crowd. No noticeable knobheads that used to frequent the place. Kind of your only pub in quite a wide area.

25 May 2019 22:14

Moranos, Canons Park

It is a friendly and decent local bar - no ale though. Handy for Canons Park tube (in fact your only option for miles around). Currently £4.50 for a pint of Morettis

25 May 2019 22:08

The Albion, Barnet

Seems like someone has made multiple identities to prove their continuing pointless point. It's pretty simple really - you put comments on here and you can either read them or you can ignore them. The world is quite a variable place with people who have differing outlooks and opinions. If you don't like those opinions then you can make your point as to why you disagree with them - - one thing you can't do is deny people an opinion that is different to yours - that is where fascism starts. I will not STOP putting comments on here because someone with a NAZI outlook on life tells me not to.

25 May 2019 22:04

The Albion, Barnet

A few people do have an historical interest in to what has become of their once favourite drinking haunts even if you don't.

People's views and opinions are not subject to your personal control. If you want a site that conforms to your outlook then why not set up one of your own.

23 May 2019 14:23

Kings Head, Barnet

Kind of gone the opposite to the last poster - used to be somewhere to drop by but now it's somewhere to avoid.

22 May 2019 23:26

The Black Horse, Barnet

Pretty much as previously - they try on the ale front but they fail miserably.

22 May 2019 23:25

The Albion, Barnet

There is now a catholic church built on the site

22 May 2019 23:22

The White Lion, Barnet

This has been closed and boarded up for some time now - another CLOSED pub still listed.

22 May 2019 23:20

The Green Dragon, Barnet

Scrolling down there is some lineage devoted to this place. It is a pretty bog standard "pub/dining" affair with the emphasis very much on the dining element. That said the area by the front entrance has more of a bar set up to it. They had two ales on (Tring Side Pocket and Sharp's Atlantic) with a third (St.Austell brew) coming soon but I swerved them and had a pint of San Miguel (or two) it being a warm day. Not as remote as it appears though - it's a 15 minute walk to/from Barnet and the 614 Queensbury - Hatfield bus stops near enough outside and runs till 11pm Mon to fri. Okay for what it is.

22 May 2019 23:17

The Grouse Inn, Oldham

Funny you should mention this as I've had some sad twat harassing me on here for mentioning that pubs are closed or that there are alternatives nearby not mentioned on here despite trying to add them to the site.

22 May 2019 23:07

The Lochavullin Bar, Oban

Those of you suffering withdrawal symptoms since the axe-ing of the Jeremy Kyle Show can always drop by here to see the real thing. May not be a good idea to go in if you are wearing anything green.

17 May 2019 15:15

Corryvreckan, Oban

Dreadful even by Wetherspoons low standards. Ordered a pint of nethergate Suffolk it was £2.09 a pint but undrinkable. Left it and went for the train. It's handy for the station but I would rather go without than go here again.

17 May 2019 15:10

The Oban Inn, Oban

it is open again and probably regained the best pub in Oban epithet. A touristy kind of place overlooking the harbour with a 'history dating back to 1790' they served a range of Fyne ales which were in reasonable nic'.

17 May 2019 15:08

The Commercial (the Comm), Lochgilphead

Characterful little public bar with friendly locals. Keg beers only. It has a strange wee Gents with a sliding door just behind the bar. Handy for the bus stops.

17 May 2019 15:05

The Argyll Hotel, Lochgilphead

Old school bar that is linked to the hotel. Keg beers on offer and your usual friendly locals at the bar.

17 May 2019 15:02

The Burnside Bar, Campbeltown

Standard town drinkers bar drink inside , smoke outside.

There were a couple of other places in town that were okay but not listed on here. The site doesn't seem to list any new places for inclusion anymore though.

17 May 2019 15:00

The Feathers Inn, Campbeltown

The place was empty at 10pm with loud music blaring out for no one's benefit. A swift lager and away from the place. It was at the centre of three pubs in a row the other two not being listed on here.

17 May 2019 14:55

McCuaigs, Rathlin Island

It is a choice between here or the small bar at the Manor as to where you can have a pint on the island. This is more the proper pub though and although all the draught beer was your usual keg stuff they did have some unusual bottled beers - I tried a Pint of the Donegal Atlantic which was a dark ruby ale which was probably the best pint so far. You can sit by the window and watch for your ferry to arrive.

17 May 2019 14:50

The Anglers Arms, Ballycastle

Had a decent pint of Guinness in this friendly waterfront bar. Though it is called the Anglers (has a small sign outside and another inside) the large sign above it says 'Bakewell'. Not sure if it's the current owner's name or a previous incarnation.

17 May 2019 14:43

The Central Bar, Ballycastle

Opposite O'Connors but with more of a pub feel to the front - though the rear seems more for diners. The window of the front bar opens out so you can look straight out on to the main street. Front area seems mainly for drinkers. Guinness was good here.

17 May 2019 14:40

The Harbour Bar, Ballycastle

Another standard bar down at the Waterfront - the Guinness was reasonable.

17 May 2019 14:38

The Glenshesk Bar, Ballycastle

Square roomed place with bar in the middle and a pool room to one side. Your standard keg fare on offer - went for Carlsberg here (as it's what the others were drinking).

17 May 2019 14:36

The Boyd Arms, Ballycastle

Proper classic atmospheric irish pub in the town. Quirky doors adjoining doors which seem to alternate as to which are open and which are locked to get in. The Guinness was good in here - would echo previous poster as it being the best pub in Ballycastle, certainly the most characterful.

17 May 2019 14:34

The Anzac Bar, Ballycastle

has the lounge area for loud music, a bar for sports and drinkers and a back area for food. Tried the Smithwicks here but it is just a poor keg bitter even when served well.

17 May 2019 14:32

OConnors Bar, Ballycastle

pretty standard town pub with tables for food and stools at the bar for drinkers. Usual array of keg lagers and stouts on offer..

17 May 2019 14:29

The Atlantic Bar, Portrush

Music bar on a side street. Went for the Rockshore lager here. It's okay for what it is.

17 May 2019 14:26

The Quays, Portrush

Typical Irish town bar opposite the station with multi-screens covering various live sporting events. Had probably the best pint of Guinness in Portrush here.

17 May 2019 14:24

The Harbour Bar, Portrush

very much a tourist haunt down at the harbour. Small rooms on ground floor with more a couple of larger rooms on first floor and an outside smoking room on top floor. barman was pretty professional in pouring the stout and serving people in order (despite potential queue jumpers). Pleasant enough place.

17 May 2019 14:21

The Unicorn Inn, Newton Solney

It may have escaped your attention but for some years now the site hasn't been properly maintained and updated resulting in pubs that exist not being added and pubs that are closed not being deleted. Not allowing open pubs to be added while retaining those that are closed is more meaningless and disjointed than mentioning that there are other pubs in a vicinity apart from what is listed on here.

Not sure what your idea about 'the point of the site is' but surely it is to inform people. If you think any post should be deleted then report it for removal.

12 May 2019 10:22

Edwards, Burton-Upon-Trent

This is now the Locomotive 'sports' bar which magically turns into 'grab-a-granny world' at 8pm (that's when Door operatives appear along with a gaggle of brooding hefferweight prime livestock)

11 May 2019 02:10

The Boot, Repton

..what is it they say about not revisiting your heroes ? - Still had a good pint but not quite up to the mark of the previous one - it was much busier this time though, but would expect better quality with a greater turnover.

11 May 2019 02:03

The Unicorn Inn, Newton Solney

The neighbouring Brickmakers "good beer guide" entry doesn't want to be on this site - probably due to it's very un PC clientele - though some are just downright ignoramuses. It does do a good pint though just plagued by 'iggos' who clog up the entrance and pretend to be deaf. ..and before any of you precious bitches out there soil your panties, yes this comment is about another pub than the one listed but the site has stopped adding anything new for some time now so it's the only way to add a comment about nearby places.

11 May 2019 02:01

Elms Inn, Burton-Upon-Trent

The barmaid did well under trying circumstances and the pub was kind of okay but was let down by a poor ale choice and a fairly duff pint of Bass (rare not for it to be duff these days though). Not worth the trek out from town.

11 May 2019 01:52

The Dog, Burton upon Trent

A good solid town pub with six ales on - the Black Country Fireside was on good form.

11 May 2019 01:49

The Gatehouse, Lichfield

It tries but when you are sitting round the stills whereas most breweries keep such areas clinically clean you can see why the beers turn out somewhat murky. They charge a pound a pint more than the Horse & Jockey round the corner for an inferior product - probably explains why it was pretty desolate on a Friday afternoon (wouldn't have dropped in myself if bolts of lightning weren't trying to make me jump to some unnatural dance moves while hailstones were desperately assaulting my bald patch)

11 May 2019 01:47

The Horse and Jockey, Lichfield

Good solid town pub with six ales on though the Bathams wasn't 100%.

11 May 2019 01:41

The Bitter Suite, Lichfield

Excellent little two roomed establishment - no bar but ale is served to you. Five different ales (and a few ciders). Had the Lionheart from Walsall's Backyard brewery. Close to the Lichfield City station and the bus station.

11 May 2019 01:39

The Horn, St Albans

Good for tribute bands, good for a late pint and also closest to the station. The ale can be a bit hit & miss though and I tend to stick to lager here.

9 May 2019 12:48

Sow and Pigs, Toddington

It used to be the best pub in the village and there was a hope it would re-open - am just confirming that as it is now occupied as a dentists that is now not likely to happen. Toddington was a good place to go for a crawl but half of it's pubs have now closed.

9 May 2019 12:46

The Great Northern, Luton

Only St.Austell Tribute on which was drinkable. Had the feel of a parochial irish pub, a tad cliquey with most of the space in the smallish bar occupied by the few locals spreading out to take it up.

8 May 2019 12:09

The Victoria, Dunstable

Not changed much since last visit - it's okay but only a couple of ales on. They had a Victoria brew from Tring that was nothing special.

8 May 2019 12:05

Crown, Dunstable

Still closed though the lease is advertised if you're interested.

8 May 2019 12:04

The Bird in Hand, Dunstable

Closed and boarded up - there is a battle on to retain it as a pub instead of knocking it down for flats

8 May 2019 12:03

Sow and Pigs, Toddington

Unlikely to return to being a pub a sit is now been converted into an NHS dentists.

Dropped into the nearby Griffin for a pint but it isn't listed on here

8 May 2019 12:00

The Cuckoo, Toddington

Closed with a bigger For Sale sign on the outside of it than the Angel

8 May 2019 11:55

The Angel Inn, Toddington

Closed with a For Sale sign on the outside of it.

8 May 2019 11:54

The Snooty Fox, Three Bridges

The whole point of the site is for people to express an opinion - some may disagree with mine but I am not changing my views because locals are not happy with it. I understand that people can get upset and become protective about their local but you can't describe the place as a cosy pub. It's a busy chain pub done out to Greene King's usual pub/eatery spec I only dived in because it started raining heavily. It's okay for what it is but it isn't anything remarkable and it ain't going to win any awards. If you think the comment is unfair then you can always report it for removal.

7 May 2019 09:56

The Garland, Redhill

There is some posting history for this place - I found it a decent old school boozer serving a decent pint of Harveys with a horseshoe type bar and a bar billiard table. Worth the additional walk from the station for a decent pint (the only other ale option being a Wetherspoon outlet)

4 May 2019 22:20

The Snooty Fox, Three Bridges

identikit GK pub - it's handy for a swift pint before a train and that's about it. Only GK ales so had a lager instead.

4 May 2019 22:17

The Half Moon Inn, Balcombe

Pleasant friendly community owned pub. There is an emphasis on food though not to the detriment of those wanting a pint like many places. The High Weald brew I had was a decent pint. Worth a drop by - though you don't have much choice in the village.

4 May 2019 22:15

The Railway, Radlett

It's now called the Broadwick and can be best described as a café serving alcohol.

28 Apr 2019 11:34

The Falcon, St Albans

Pretty standard locals pub with screens for watching sport. They had a couple of ales on including a Tring brew but it just didn't lend itself to being an ale drinkers pub so I went for the lager here. Nothing special but at least it is still a pub in an area where so many have closed.

28 Apr 2019 11:28

The White Hart Tap, St Albans

Not to be confused with the White Hart. Nice enough place with a good selection of ales. Had a pint of Almasty which was a pleasant enough Simcoe brew but it not one you'd have a second pint of. It's started the habit of reserving tables for Kevin and Jocasta at 7 - not something I'm a fan of in pubs. Surely you reward those who spend more time and money in your establishment by letting them sit where they want rather than shifting people for late coming interlopers.

28 Apr 2019 11:24

The Boot, St Albans

Busy due to it's location but the service is shit and the staff will serve whoever they feel like when they think they should. Can't be arsed with all that so went elsewhere.

28 Apr 2019 11:19

The White Hart, South Mimms

Still pretty much unchanged from previous reviews. Still a two bar set up, still a McMullens tied house, still a so-so pint of Country and still useful as a waiting room for the 84.

28 Apr 2019 11:15

The Liverpool, Liverpool

keg only pub on the ground floor of the office buildings that cover James Street. Every table in the place was occupied by an elderly couple - not sure if they were doing some Darby & Joan speed dating night.

26 Apr 2019 13:03

Crown, Liverpool

had the same Dark Isle beer I ordered at the Philharmonic yet here it was a nice drinkable pint. Always prefer it to Wetherspoon for a pre-train pint.

26 Apr 2019 13:01

Skew Bridge Alehouse, Rainhill

Nice little clean and tidy shop conversion in the small precinct a couple of minutes from the station. The ales (and crisps) were all fairly localish and on good form - even had a decent pint of stout from Speke.

26 Apr 2019 12:58

The Magazine Hotel, Wallasey

Still has a lot of bass paraphernalia at the front and still sells the stuff but I went for the Trappers Hat instead. Nice enough place with a snug to the right as you go in and bar to the left which narrows towards the window . Views out over the river. Worth a trek along the front.

26 Apr 2019 12:55

The Lion Tavern, Liverpool

Had a decent pint of Formby Lion Pale on this visit. Still going strong and still under threat.

26 Apr 2019 12:52

The Palatine Hotel, Liverpool

Redcorated interior -has two halves, no ale bog standard locals pub nothing of note.

26 Apr 2019 12:45

The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

The ale was okay on this visit but the interior sadly lacks the character it once possessed - a place that looks far better from the outside than it does on the inside.

26 Apr 2019 12:41

West Kirby Tap, West Kirby

Had another good pint of a Spitting Feathers brew here - didn't realise how barn like the place is on last visit.

26 Apr 2019 12:34

The Ship and Mitre, Liverpool

Going downhill again - service is fine but now the ale is poor. They only had one proper bitter on which I had and ended up leaving. I understand why this pub gained popularity when it was the only real ale pub in the city but there are far better about now.

26 Apr 2019 12:32

The Roscoe Head, Liverpool

Probably one of the best pubs in the city. Bar area and three small rooms - convivial and never had a bad pint here. The sword of Damocles is still hanging over the place so might be an idea to get a visit in while you can.

26 Apr 2019 12:30

The Philharmonic, Liverpool

Treat as a tourist attraction as opposed to a pub - once again found service to be indifferent and the ale on this occasion (a Dark Isle brew) was undrinkable. I used to say just drop by for the one to have a look at the interior but now I'd say drop by to look at the interior and don't even bother having a drink here.

26 Apr 2019 12:26

The Cavern, Liverpool

The ales are gone and your keg stuff is served in plastic. Cheap beer for a tourist attraction but over priced for the city. Okay for a one off and sometimes the band on is reasonable enough to listen to. Has as been stated previously it isn't the original that was dug up/filled-in when the extension to the underground was done or for a car park depending on who you ask.

26 Apr 2019 12:23

The Waggon and Horses, Elstree

Bills itself as a 'traditional pub' but that couldn't be further from reality. Annoying loud music that seemed to be to no one's taste (neither staff or clientele - so why play it?) Original interior gutted to make it look like a cross between a coffee bar and the Gallery from Vision On. One ale on (Doom Bar -another one I swerve) Went for the highly recommended Italian lager they do at a fiver a pop - which turned out to be the Italian Carling Black.

20 Apr 2019 00:36

The Cat and Fiddle, Radlett

Pleasant and friendly enough but pretty empty for a Saturday night. Went for lager here as they only had taylors landlord on and I swerve that outside of Keighley. The only proper pub left in Radlett.

20 Apr 2019 00:31

Brooks, Radlett

renamed again - now called The Office. A sports bar populated by fake tans, fake eyebrows and fake lips (and that's just the blokes). Over priced lager - that's about it.

20 Apr 2019 00:28

The Newcastle Arms, Worksop

I beg to differ - wouldn't you want to know if you intend making a special journey somewhere whether or not a place you want to visit is still open?

12 Apr 2019 21:41

The Flying Scotsman, Caledonian Road

Still garbage for those who like a good pint of cask beer - fine for your keg and "craft" crowd but they just ain't got a clue when it comes to proper beer.

10 Apr 2019 23:51

O'Sullivans, Paris

Even boggier standard bog standard attempt of a pub on one of the main shopping drags - which you pay for, E6.70 for ordinary Kronenbourg, E7.80 for 1664. At least smoker can sit outside and watch the traffic go by.

10 Apr 2019 23:14

Hall's Beer Tavern, Paris

Bog standard kind of Parisienne attempt at an English pub that kind of gets half way there. Plenty of keg lager/Belgian headbang brews on tap (like the 9 per cent kwak Belgian headbang) and I ended up going for the Halls lager - which was probably as close to Carling Black as you'd get - at E6.50 a half litre. Okay for what it is I suppose - top end of the street has some pretty nasty looking hookers...if fat, tree trunk legs and ugly as a snub nosed pug is your thing then you're in for a treat

10 Apr 2019 23:10

Hanbury Arms, Caerleon

Button must have stuck and double posted. Would have made comment in relevant place but the St.Julians isn't listed and they don't seem to add any new entries anymore.

7 Apr 2019 11:29

Hanbury Arms, Caerleon

Actually found (surprise, surprise seeing how crap this site is descending to) that the St.Julians just on the edge of Caerleon had the best ale in the vicinity

6 Apr 2019 22:21

Hanbury Arms, Caerleon

Actually found (surprise, surprise seeing how crap this site is descending to) that the St.Julians just on the edge of Caerleon had the best ale in the vicinity

6 Apr 2019 22:21

Hanbury Arms, Caerleon

Made the mistake of going for San Miguel because of the crap I got from the White Hart but the Reverend James that was ordered just before I asked for a pint did look good. Okay pub with nice view over he river usk.

6 Apr 2019 22:17

White Hart Inn, Caerleon

could be a good pub but the beer is shit - should be SHIT in capitals because the Wadworth 6 x I got was undrinkable. Shows how crap the GBG can be on occasion.. If your looking for ale give this craphole a wide berth

6 Apr 2019 22:14

The Bell Inn, Caerleon

In the GBG but shouldn't be really. Looks good from the outside but faux interior and second rate beer served by staff who couldn't give a flying shite Not quite nil points but pretty close to it

6 Apr 2019 22:11

The Express Tavern, Kew Bridge

Still continuing to serve decent (if pricey) ales but like so many places in London it seems to miss out on proper bitters. There were plenty of pales and golden ales and a few stouts (the Barton macchiato stout was the one I tried) but no decent bitter on offer.

31 Mar 2019 02:08

The Olde Swan Hotel, Chertsey

Worn looking town pub with some shades of junk shop with the interior. The Thames Harrier Bitter was drinkable enough.

31 Mar 2019 02:03

The Town Hall Tavern, Chertsey

pretty much as it was before (name still isn't altered on here to reflect it is now called The Thyme at the Tavern). Four ales on - I treid a pleasant pale with some pig name I can't recall.

31 Mar 2019 02:02

The Barley Mow, Shepperton

very much a locals alehouse with a lived in feel to it. has a Joanna and a few other instruments and had four or five ales on. Had a dark brew which was very palatable. In proper working Shepperton as opposed to snotty Shepperton.

31 Mar 2019 02:00

The Albert Hotel, Tamworth

A once pleasant little boozer handy for the station has now been gutted and turned into some cheap and nasty café with a bar . Keg only - okay for a swift lager before the train and that's about it.

29 Mar 2019 10:22

The Market Vaults, Tamworth

Classic small town pub with front bar and step up to rear bar. Brass lions secure the handrail to the bar. Mainly Joules brews which were well kept and eminently drinkable.

29 Mar 2019 10:18

The Last Heretic, Burton on Trent

A kind of standard micropub - had a pint of mad Ruby which was okay if flat as a witches tit.(why are witches tits flat?). Okay for what it is and it is very popular with young folk which is good to see as they are the grizzling, moaning old ale drinking gits of the future.

29 Mar 2019 10:15

The Coopers Tavern, Burton-Upon-Trent

Always worth visit when in or around Burton station. Still as it was and still serving top rate ales (Joules mainly) - the Slumbering Monk was a very drinkable pint.

29 Mar 2019 10:12

Corner House, Burton-Upon-Trent

Believe this is now called Crossings. it's a big old town pub that has had a corporate makeover. A few ales on and the aye up duck was okay. Seems to attract refugees from the Jeremy Kyle audience.

29 Mar 2019 10:07

The Bulls Head, Repton

Creche come canteen. A child friendly eatery. had a pint of The Usual which was poorly kept and a struggle to drink. Complete contrast to the Boot.

29 Mar 2019 10:04

The Boot, Repton

Down a side road off the High Street. Has a bit of one of those refurbed 'Pub & Dining' interiors though the small size of the place still lends it a pub feel. They have a microbrewery on site and had five ales on - the Boot Bitter was excellent, would go as far to say it is the best pint I've had so far this year.

29 Mar 2019 10:02

The Sidings, Castletown

Largest selection of ales encountered on the island though all mainstream (as well as a couple of local brews). Found it more of a contrived place - lacks character and feels more like a shop conversion bar.

22 Mar 2019 00:05

The Glue Pot (Castle Arms Hotel), Castletown

Nice old town pub beside the harbour. Decent pint of Okells.

22 Mar 2019 00:02

Albert Hotel, Port St Mary

Standard size pub of two halves. Went in the 'posher' bit with a real (if contained - and unnecessary as it was quite warm) fire which overlooks the harbour. Went for the Bushys here which was nice and drinkable.

22 Mar 2019 00:01

The Bay, Port Erin

Another decent pint of Okells in a pub overlooking the bay. Another (as with many IoM pubs) rough and ready establishment -though none the worse for it. it's quite an impressive looking building as you approach it but when inside the pub seems quite small and underwhelming.

21 Mar 2019 23:58

The British Hotel, Douglas

Nice enough and the Okells was a decent enough pint but pretty much a muchness as in it could be a pub in a lot of other places.

21 Mar 2019 23:55

The Albert Hotel, Douglas

Another old school pub of two halves next door to the market. Not as rough and ready (though the pool table appears to be in the lounge or 'posh' half) as the market with a £2-95 price tag for a pint of Okells bitter probably keeping the riffier raff out.

21 Mar 2019 23:54

The Old Market Inn, Douglas

proper old school alehouse with bar and other half. Popular with smokers (though they have to go out front) and gamblers (slips from all local bookies available at bar). The quite reasonable pint of Bushy's bitter was only £2-50 though the locals seemed to prefer paying more for cans of Carling (there's a cup for the used ring pulls.)

21 Mar 2019 23:51

The Parcel Yard, Kings Cross

Just can't take to this place - the layout is too much like sitting in a series of corridors as opposed to being in a proper building. Staff are always disinterested and the (expensive) ale never really hits the mark.

19 Mar 2019 12:55

GNH Bar, Kings Cross

They aren't keen on serving you at the bar and (as mentioned above) still add a charge for service if you do. Designed to intimidate the riff-raff off elsewhere - it worked with me.

19 Mar 2019 12:53

The Betjeman Arms, St Pancras International Station

Refurb seems to have been something behind the scenes as it hasn't changed in the main bar area. Quality of ale is still not great. One thing that has changed is the ever upward spiral of the price of a pint - now £5.25 for a mediocre pint of Mad Goose.

19 Mar 2019 12:50

The White Hart, Northolt

Closed and boarded up - not sure if it's permanent.

17 Mar 2019 00:48

The Castle, Acton

Pretty much unchanged for a decade (unlike the surrounding area which has been transformed into a mini-Manhattan skyline-wise). Not much more to say about it - had a pint of Toast Marmalade which was a struggle to drink, like trying to drink a pint of Marmalade so suppose I got what I asked for.

17 Mar 2019 00:39

The Kings Arms, Ealing

Not as good as when last visited and expensive - £5.25 for a bog standard pint of Kronenbourg. Like most of Ealing it's over priced and up it's own arse.

17 Mar 2019 00:34

The Forester, West Ealing

What is it with this area and the need to inflict pre-school children on the drinking public - they've got McDonalds FFS why inflict your brats on the rest of us ? At least they were well behaved here and not running round screeching and knocking things over like the last two establishments.

17 Mar 2019 00:31

The Dodo, Hanwell

Another toddler roaming around the floor - sorry but I go to a pub to have a quiet pint not to entertain someone's brats - ale etc doesn't come into it - another nil points.

17 Mar 2019 00:28

The Fox, Hanwell

Entered to be greeted by the hazard of three toddlers roaming around on the floor. The parents oblivious to the H & S implications for both the toddlers and anyone who could have tripped over them. The toddlers later continued running around the place maniacally unabated. Everything else is immaterial - a pub should not be a creche. Nil Points.

17 Mar 2019 00:26

The Flying Scotsman, Caledonian Road

Still poor with regard to serving proper ale (as the GBG acknowledges by dropping this dead donkey from the book). It's too hit & miss - handy for KX and St.P but certainly no beer destination. For a pub that serves four or five ales they really don't have a clue about keeping or serving them.

15 Mar 2019 23:12

The Stags Head, Fitzrovia

A proper working man's boozer. Drink, as opposed to food, orientated. Three ales on, two of which were Tring brews, went for the Tring Nosebag which was okay as opposed to good. One of the few real pubs left in Central London.

15 Mar 2019 23:08

The Midland Hotel, Hendon

Still around and undergoing a repaint. One New River brew on handpump but I swerved it and went for lager here. It's looking like West Hendon's sole remaining pub is safe for now.

15 Mar 2019 01:50

The Sir Colin Campbell, Kilburn

it is now in the GBG - only two ales on Taylor's (yuk) Landlord and a stout. The stout was a nice pint. It has a wine bar feel to it now though and the old style character pub it once was has now gone. Think I'd prefer keg beer and a proper pub to be honest.

15 Mar 2019 01:45

The Duck House, Ruislip

Not sure if this is now the HOP & VINE... 18 High Street.

If so it is a pleasant little micropub. had 4 ales on which were all on form.

15 Mar 2019 01:42

The North Star, Finchley Road

Seems a little more inviting than on past visits. They had some unusual brewery ales on but it didn't look too inspiring and not a soul in the place was drinking it so played safe and had a lager. No vagabonds about on this visit and the beware of pickpockets notices have gone.

12 Mar 2019 13:45

The Flask, Hampstead

Can be okay if you go to the old bar (more food less) half which has more character and feels more pub-like and less eatery. Had a pint of Proper Job which was quite nice - though should be at 5p short of a fiver.

12 Mar 2019 13:40

DesVins Cafe and Wine Bar, St Pancras International Station

Re : The Barrel Vaults - this has now slipped into typical Wetherspoon mode. Has more of a through other feel to it as well. Now £3.65 for ales (Truman's Swift - which wasn't up to much) or £4.15 for Pride. How can they justify an extra ten bob for an inferior product ?

12 Mar 2019 13:37

Craft Beer Co., Islington

All Ilkley brews on . Seems an increasing thing with London ale pubs to keep all pale or golden beers and maybe a stout and omit to serve any classic English bitters.

12 Mar 2019 13:33

The Brunswick Inn, Derby

Continues to be a good ale pub and handy for the station - it's one downside seems to be the lack of staff serving at busy times.

2 Mar 2019 22:16

The Old Bell, Derby

Worth a drop by and a look round the old Tudor bar. Different ales on offer in both main front bar and rear Tudor bar. Had a Drunken Duck brew (that had some stupid name I have now forgotten) which was quite a dark palatable beer. One of the better places in the main 'circuit' and shopping part of the town centre.

2 Mar 2019 22:13

The Thorn Tree, Matlock

It is without doubt a proper pub and has views over Matlock - proper old school two halves of bar and snug. Ale quality is good but it is still a GK house and limited to their 'list' - and not a solitary local brew among them. Taylors (yuk - when are people going to admit this is now a crap beer?) Landlord, Bass, Batemans and the Hogshead TEA (which I had). Beer was nice enough but a few unusual or local brews would really enhance this place and make it worth the trek up the hill.

2 Mar 2019 22:08

Moca Bar, Matlock

A bit similar to the 10 /20 but a bit more pub like (less cakes/food/brats though still evident). Suffers from anti-English bitter syndrome which seems quite common among the quasi-"real" beer brigade. Everything on offer bar one porter was a pale or golden.

2 Mar 2019 22:01

Twenty Ten, Matlock

More of a café/snack bar/creche/shop than pub. The Thronbridge Marples was a nice pint but the bar counter being mostly taken up with cake stands kind of epitomises the place.

2 Mar 2019 21:58

The Geldart, Cambridge

Another of those decent back street locals that Cambridge does so well. Has two separate rooms with the one bar. They had five ales on - the Exeter Avocet went down well.

It appears that new entries aren't accepted on here anymore - which is a pity with the constant changes of closures and new establishments. As they can't be added I though I'd comment on three that are in the vicinity of the geldart but aren't listed

CALVERLEY BREWERY TAP- Hooper Street. Basic small room in brewery with a couple of benches with a few more benches and outbuilding. Tried the porter and the pale both quite palatable. They have a food truck parked in the street outside. Only one single toilet so expect to queue for it.

STATION TAVERN - ground floor of new building outside station. A Youngs/Wells corporate house - bland in all respects.

THE OLD TICKET OFFICE - Part of the original station building with five ales on offer. Forgot the one I had but it was a decent pint. In another town this would probably make the GBG but there are too many other good pubs in this town. Worth a swift pint before catching your train though (and preferable to the bland Youngs pub opposite)

17 Feb 2019 10:57

Sheffield Tap, Sheffield

Couldn't fault the ale - (it was just called Best Bitter) and it was so much pleasanter on a quiet evening. It's good but there are better pubs in the city.

13 Feb 2019 00:37

The Anglers Rest, Bamford

Community run local serving decent ales. As mentioned they have put a lot of effort into retaining this pub for the local community and visitors alike (It could have ended up like the Derwent down the road). Four ales on those sampled were on good form. It is a bit of a hike (give yourself 15 minutes) up from or down to the station.

13 Feb 2019 00:33

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese Inn, Castleton

Another tourist orientated pub - ale was good (Abbeydale Moonshine) but not quite up to the Nags head.

13 Feb 2019 00:27

Ye Olde Nags Head, Castleton

Pleasant enough tourist pub in a pleasant enough tourist village. Ale was on good form and worth dropping by for - The Kelham Island Bitter in particular.

13 Feb 2019 00:25

Piccadilly Tap, Manchester

Give it another try on a quiet day. Still not impressed. Mainly for your "craft" keg afficienado - even the 4 casks on including a so called Yorkshire Bitter all resembled hazy craft brews. Leaning on the tables/shelves may find you sticking to them - not really a good advert for cleanliness in a place just opened for the day.

13 Feb 2019 00:23

The Railway Tavern, Hungerford

pretty much as per last entry - unremarkable, ale second rate (like pretty much every Fullers pub) with added hound sniffing about (spill some beer on it's head and it will go away). It's handy for the station full stop

10 Feb 2019 01:01

The Borough Arms, Hungerford

Okay Wadworth pub - the 6X was drinkable.

10 Feb 2019 00:58

The Plume of Feathers, Hungerford

This is now the GBG listed Hungerford Arms. One harassed member of staff on a busy Saturday afternoon with at least a dozen waiting to get served meant I gave up on this place. Definitely worth walking past.

10 Feb 2019 00:57

Cow and Cask, Newbury

pleasant little micropub among a twee set of shops. Indigenous brew I had was quite good though had to dash for a train so couldn't savour it more.

10 Feb 2019 00:54

The Catherine Wheel, Newbury

Reasonable enough town pub with a few ales on plus a fridge with a varied bottle selection. had the West berks Good Old Boy (a nice clear pint unlike the unadulterated filth masquerading as said same beer from the Scotch Stores at Kings Cross).

10 Feb 2019 00:53

The Frog and Rosbif, Paris

Chain pub on Rue St.Denis (that has some 'naughty' shops further along it). A few differing keg beers - the Polar bear winter ale was pretty dour - the Wham American IPA was drinkable. 7 Euros a pint these days. OK for what it is but there are plenty of decent corner local bars with decent lager to go to before making for this.

6 Feb 2019 00:00

The Buck Hotel, Langholm

Was closed though it was a very quiet Thursday afternoon.

Wandered down to the bar of the Crown Hotel not listed on here but it was open if empty - only Fosters, John Smiths and Strongbow available there but could forgive them that for the classic old public bar with roaring open fire to help beat off the freezing fog outside.

25 Jan 2019 19:36

Mucky Mulligans, Perth

Think this may now be the Green Room. If so then it's a place where inhospitable neds with mange-ridden mutts crowd the bar (interchangeable - can be inhospitable mutts with mange-ridden neds) of an otherwise empty establishment. How the hell did that shithole win CAMRAs Tayside Pub of the year ? Ale was okay - albeit a good ten bob a pint more than other Perth pubs but certainly ain't worth the hassle of having to wade past a watered down muppet version of trainspotting to get served.

25 Jan 2019 19:28

The Agricultural, Penrith

Much improved (and seemingly much busier as a result) on the ale front - had a pretty good pint of Hawkshead here. Friendly enough place.

25 Jan 2019 13:46

The Griffin, Carlisle

Nothing really special - so we sauntered over to the station where the buffet on platform 4 now does decent ales and is a much better bet for a pre- train pint.

25 Jan 2019 11:31

The Glass House, Carlisle

Difficult to keep track of what is what on Devonshire Street as bars seem to come and go and change name at a frequent rate. Anyhow if this is now Fat Gadgie then it is a reasonable bar style ale house and the pint of Chop House Session pale was quite nice.

25 Jan 2019 11:28

The Exchange Bar, Hawick

Classic old bar with a plainer basic room to the back.Not really an 'ales' pub despite it's GBG inclusion. Just the one ale on which was a struggle to drink tbh - worth a drop by but would go for the lager next time.

25 Jan 2019 11:23

The Settle Inn, Stirling

Decent enough place with three ales on and ceilidh type music in the back room if you like the sort of stuff.

25 Jan 2019 11:20

The Greyfriars, Perth

pleasant friendly little bar where I was offered the local evening paper to read with my pint of Eden Mill red. Bogs are a bit of a trek up two steep flights though, There is also other rooms upstairs.

25 Jan 2019 11:11

No 2 Baker Street, Stirling

fairly unremarkable GK place opposite the Wetherspoons (which it tries to mimic on a small scale). Ossian was the only none corporate offering.

25 Jan 2019 11:04

Ye Cracke, Liverpool

They had a few ales on but I swerved them and had a pint of Stella. One of the 'institutions', 'John Lennon ate My Hamster in the toilets here' the rest is history kind of places. A pub of strong opinions so gear up for a good argument though Thatcherites and Sun readers would be well advised to steer clear.

18 Jan 2019 02:39

The Ship and Mitre, Liverpool

It's okay am grudgingly starting to go back to it. The old miserable red faced fella has long gone.

18 Jan 2019 02:18

The Augustus John, University of Liverpool

Had a pint of 'adequate' Purple Moose here. Sixties modernist pub in the middle of the University zone. Okay as opposed to good.

18 Jan 2019 02:15

Globe, Liverpool

Constant Beatles/Merseybeat music played with a clientele that were around when it first came out. Small but not quite perfectly formed - floor slopes. Brew I had was good.

18 Jan 2019 02:12

Pen Factory, Liverpool

Sub basement with primary school tables and seating - nice enough beer though.

18 Jan 2019 02:07

The Roscoe Head, Liverpool

Thankfully still with us and still selling good ale. Still under threat which seems crazy given all the vacant plots that could be used for even more student accommodation..

18 Jan 2019 02:06

The Grapes, Liverpool

If it was somewhere else the new art and ecelectic drink mix would make it a rae for hipsters but this is mainly your average Joe Ragarse (albeit ragarses who wannabe David Baileys but are more Baileys No Ice) hangout. Some unusual brews on and in good nic too.

18 Jan 2019 02:02

Hard Times and Misery, Liverpool

Tried dropping by on three separate occasions when it was supposed to be open but wasn't open on any of those occasions. Will make a big effort NOT to bother with the place in future. If they can't be arsed letting people know when it is open then I can't be arsed giving them my custom. Big fat ZERO is all it deserves.

18 Jan 2019 01:57

Mackenzie's, Liverpool

Was "lucky" to get served at quarter to eleven. Ale seems to be on the back burner her and it is more a gin and whiskey bar.

18 Jan 2019 01:55

The Willowbank, Liverpool

Classic pub with separate sections - however the ale was pure garbage (Higsons Pale) which I left behind...the place was like the Marie Celeste and couldn't find anyone to change it.

18 Jan 2019 01:51

The Queens Head, St Pancras

Another pleasant visit though one slight criticism is the four bar stools they have at the main bar. Tonight two couples facing each other and sprawling out managed to take up 90% of the available bar space making it awkward for people to get served. Losing two of those stools would make life easier for all concerned (apart from the lardarses sitting in them that is)

11 Jan 2019 00:24

Craft Beer Co., Islington

Still a good beer pub - was busy but we discovered there is a seldom used upstairs room when it is a bit full downstairs. You do have to negotiate two flights of stairs to reach it though.

11 Jan 2019 00:20

The Queen Boadicea, Clerkenwell

Now as mentioned below the Blacksmith & Toffeemaker. describes itself as a vegan pub. Basically a second rate hipsters dive. Three handpumps but no ales so it's all keg and no unusual kegs (apart from Lagunitas). Overpriced pretentious hole - a scull up and move on kind of place.

11 Jan 2019 00:14

Hat and Feathers, Clerkenwell

No change from previous comment - drop in for a swift lager maybe then fekk off elsewhere.

11 Jan 2019 00:10

The Harp, Covent Garden

Seven years since I last commented on this place - it hasn't changed and is one of the few non food dominated pubs left in Central London. Plenty of ales on - went for the Hophead as a kind of benchmark and it was far better than the last pint of it I had. Probably one of literally a handful of decent true pubs left in Central London.

11 Jan 2019 00:04

The Imperial Arms, Chislehurst

Pleasant cosy pub up the hill from the caves. Missus enjoyed her tea while I had a pint of TEA (the Hogs back variety). Was it Paul or Simon who declared they smoked a pint of tea a day ?
Anyhow worth a visit when in the vicinity.

10 Jan 2019 23:59

The Robin Hood, St Albans

Continues to be best place for ale near to City station.

6 Jan 2019 12:26

The Fighting Cocks, St Albans

Trades on it's location and claims to be 'oldest pub in the city/ county/ country'. Quirky outside but bland corporate interior. An improvement on the ale front with a few Farr's and Purity brews on - which were drinkable. It's popular with younger folk and the dining didn't dominate. Still lacks atmosphere and although the ales were okay didn't fancy staying for another.

6 Jan 2019 12:21

The Farriers Arms, St Albans

Still a small backstreet old man's local. Ale selection was pretty bland though the Youngs Bitter was fairly good. Not everyone's barrel of biscuits but these old school small local pubs are dying off at a tremendous rate so nice to bale to have one to drop into.

6 Jan 2019 12:16

The Duke of Hamilton, Hampstead

Although it is called a Jazz Club it still operates like a pub. Not keen on the refurb. They still sell Hophead and Pride on handpump but the ale quality here has taken a nosedive.

5 Jan 2019 02:47

The White Horse, Hampstead Heath

Now the Cork & Bottle primarily a wine bar.

5 Jan 2019 02:44

The Freemasons Arms, Hampstead

Suave looking bar with mainly waiter service populated by the 'up their own arses' Hampstead set. One handpump (Pride) hidden behind a bottle of lime juice. beers priced to keep out the riff-raff though any self respecting riff-raff wouldn't want to go in to this den of pretentious shit-bags.

5 Jan 2019 02:37

Paper Mill, Hemel Hempstead

A new build on a new development around the canal at Apsley. Wasn't exepcting a lot from it but for a large food orientated drinking barn it wasn't too bad and the Dark Star Crème Brulee (the ale that is not an after dinner dessert) was quite drinkable.

2 Jan 2019 13:22

The Leather Bottle, Hemel Hempstead

The most publike establishment in the vicinity. Four handpumps but only Speckled hen, GK IPA and Rocking Rudolph on. Ale was okay - at least it isn't another brat filled feeding hole like the others in these parts.

2 Jan 2019 13:19

The Green Man, Hemel Hempstead

More interesting from the outside than within with hexagonal annexe section but inside they have just made it look like a typical GK corporate eatery. Only Rocking Rudolph on the ale front but at least it was drinkable.

2 Jan 2019 13:17

Plough, Hemel Hempstead

cafeteria / feeding station - not a pub

2 Jan 2019 13:13

Dew Drop Inn, Hathern

Apologies to God for not complying - if you don't like posts don't fkkn well read them you prick

1 Jan 2019 02:37

Arnos Arms, New Southgate

A vast improvement on it's former incarnation though it is more of a bar/cafeteria style than a pub. A few Windsor & Eton brews on and some others - ale was drinkable. Pretty much the only pub near Arnos Grove tube.

31 Dec 2018 13:02

O'Neills, North Finchley

has the appearance of a small Wetherspoons but it has a better feel and better choice of ales and lagers on. A few LBC brews (their best bitter and 100 Oysters stout were nice) and Tyne Bank brews along with Stiegl lager. Not bad as drinking barns go but still far removed from being a cosy local. There is also a cellar bar area but it was closed off for a private party.

31 Dec 2018 12:59

The Elephant Inn, North Finchley

largely unchanged and still a standard old style Fuller's house. Only Pride and ESB on draught and both were pretty bland.

31 Dec 2018 12:53

The Malt Shovel, Coventry

So why did you post

"Acorn 30, Epsom
Closed - boarded up, with steel hoardings" ?

Smacks a little of hypocrisy.

27 Dec 2018 02:37

Case is Altered, Old Redding

Four ales on, two Watling and two Farr's brews. The Farr's Pale was ok, the Watling Red seemed far too pale to be a red ale, think it must have been on wrong tap - was about drinkable though whatever it was. The Watling Brown was a bit of a struggle to drink though. The decking area affords views across the Middlesex plains (sans wildebeeste) and it has serious potential. They still need a little work on the ales though.

14 Dec 2018 17:37

Brooks, Radlett

renamed as O'Sullivans but appears to be closed as it wasn't open on a Sat night.

9 Dec 2018 11:15

The Red Lion, Radlett

Awful pretentious chav wannabe haunt charging central London prices because there are no other pubs around. All the handpumps were turned round so had the Camden IPA (5.55 a pop)

9 Dec 2018 11:14

The Great Northern, St Albans

They had three ales on though only one out the ordinary which was drinkable as opposed to good. Not really a pub anymore. It may look like one but I was asked to move across (politely of course) from the 'reserved' table I was at (though still had 10 mins before time on card) so that a young pimple faced couple of teenage brats could have their two pints of coke and order their pizza.

9 Dec 2018 11:09

The Mermaid, St Albans

Remains a good drinker's pub. Had a pint of Oakham Red Ruby and Nethergate Black Pig stout and both were on good form. A favourite with visiting fans to SAFC.

9 Dec 2018 11:04

Micro Bar, Manchester

Pleasant enough bar just inside the Arndale centre. Three ales on at £3.10 a pint - had the Titanic Plum Porter which was best pint of the day in Manchester. Friendly enough little place. More sterile shopping centres could do with such places to drop into while the missus blows the gas bill money on tat.

2 Dec 2018 09:42

The Bulls Head, Manchester

Caught out again, pretty much as before £4.90 for a pint of Kronenbourg - London prices for a bog standard provincial alehouse.

1 Dec 2018 22:16

Piccadilly Tap, Manchester

Stupid queues for the toilets and even stupider queues to get served - the place can't cope couldn't be arsed and went elsewhere.

1 Dec 2018 22:12

The Circus Tavern, Manchester

Now has two ales on (Tetleys and Robinson Dizzy Blonde). Still worth a visit but can be difficult when busy (as in more than 10 people in the place)

1 Dec 2018 22:07

The Gas Lamp, Manchester

Cellar bar with loud cha cha cha music for ann unappreciative audience. Three draught ales on the of which the Entire brew was drinkable as opposed to good. Plenty of over priced (up to £9 a pint) keg "craft" brews if you want them - over priced pretentious bar … come on now this is Manchester a provincial backwater ffs.

1 Dec 2018 22:04

George & Dragon, Leigh

Yet another reasonable pint for under £2.50. Has a bit more of a chain feel to it though. Next to the bus station.

31 Oct 2018 00:15

The Pendle Witch, Atherton

Honest barman gave me back a pound from the £3.20 I proffered for a pint as it was only £2.40. Another ok as opposed to great pub but worth the slink off down a back jigger to find it.

31 Oct 2018 00:12

Atherton Arms, Atherton

Classic town local of old. Large front room with another back room housing a snooker and pool table. £2.40 for an excellent pint of Holt's Bitter.

31 Oct 2018 00:10

Union Arms, Tyldesley

Standard Lancashire town pub (a la Coronation Street circa 1974). Only two golden ales on (Wainwright and Acorn Gold) . Okay rather than good.

31 Oct 2018 00:08

Yard Bar and Kitchen, Cardiff

Not sure what to call this - a pub it certainly isn't. Drinking barn doesn't seem right either - Yard is probably a good name as it is some kind of open plan drinking space over two levels. It was desolate of a Sunday evening although will give them their due they did do a decent pint of Brains SA. The toilets are akin to some army barracks latrine (with mixed washing facilities - so the girls can't have a natter round the sinks without some hairy arse bloke earwigging.

29 Oct 2018 10:47

Mumbles Alehouse, Mumbles

Yes agree it is a nice little friendly micropub. Ales can be a bit hit & miss here though but they will change them if you're unhappy (and you can always try first of course).
Would disagree with Mumbles 1 though as I reckon there are three (inc Victoria) within 5 minutes walk that are all decent alehouses.

29 Oct 2018 10:41

The Park Inn, Mumbles

Good little mid-street local with four ales on. Had the heavier Mumbles brew which went down well. Though a good little pub found it a bit less of a 'local' than the Victoria.

29 Oct 2018 10:39

The Victoria Inn, Mumbles

A proper back street local, something very rare these days. They had Rev James and Bass on. The Rev James was as good as you'll get it.

29 Oct 2018 10:37

The Devonshire Arms, Bedford

Didn't mind this place - it's a proper locals pub in the middle of a residential street. Beer was drinkable if not great.

26 Oct 2018 00:00

The Castle Inn, Bedford

Concur with the previous poster... ale is second rate here and takes second place to 'reserved' tables for "gourmet" burgers. Had a very bland pint of black sheep (which was the most exotic brew on offer). Definitely worth swerving for the ale when a decent alehouse is a few yards up the road.

25 Oct 2018 23:56

Three Cups, Bedford

Quite probably the better of the ale pubs in Bedford - more of a local pub than a 'Camra Destination' (a la Wellington). Had the Ampthill Pale which was more of a bitter in style than a pale. There was a mini beer festival going on outside but it was a bit parky to go out. A nice pub in a nice (which is rare) part of Bedford

25 Oct 2018 23:54

The Kings Arms, Bedford

Second rate corporate GK house. No none GK beers, had the Ghastly Ghoul a 'seasonal' GK offering - was bland, tasteless ...GK = Garbage Kings

25 Oct 2018 23:49

The Guinea, Moggerhanger

Can't really call it a pub - five stools by the bar and a small table with two stools are the only spaces for drinkers. beer was okay but it just ain't a pub.

25 Oct 2018 23:47

Sir William Peel, Sandy

Good kind of pub feel to it - had a Nethergate brew which was a bit hard work to drink though.

25 Oct 2018 23:45

The Vines, Liverpool

Almost opposite the Vines on Lime Street is a new micropub called Sanctuary which does a few decent brews and is probably the best ale pub near to Lime Street station.

23 Oct 2018 23:29

Beer Station, Formby

Caught it open this time and it is well worth the drop by. Three ales on - a pale, a golden and a porter. Nice, convivial kind of place. Closes at 9pm. Handy for the station.

23 Oct 2018 23:26

The Three Swans Inn, Frome

An eclectic clientele and a pleasant pub serving a decent pint of Butcombe - about as good a pint of it as you'll get.

21 Oct 2018 11:10

The Griffin, Frome

Bit of a trek up to get to but well worth the effort. Plenty of well kept ales on and a good atmosphere. The Milk Street brews were all in good nic.

21 Oct 2018 11:08

The Butchers Arms, Yeovil

A proper pub without any pretentions - the ale (Butcombe) was quite drinkable too. One of the few places to have a decent pint in the town.

21 Oct 2018 11:06

The Assembly House, Kentish Town

£5.70 for a pint of Gamma Ray - seems to have been a relatively swift ascent from the five pound pint and am sure the £6 pint will be with us before the year is out.

19 Oct 2018 00:56

The Grafton Arms, Kentish Town

Made it on a quieter afternoon - wasn't worth the effort. A hipster joint with only two ales on... ELB Vanilla mild and Taylor Landlord. Give the Landlord a try but it is just a pale bland imitation of the beer it once was.

19 Oct 2018 00:53

The Royal George, Euston

Improved on the ale front - had two Portobello brews and two redemption brews as well as the GK dross. The Redemption brews were not bad though it's still somewhere to drop in for a swift pint before a train rather than a destination pub.

19 Oct 2018 00:50

The Midland Hotel, Hendon

Only one ale on (Oakham Citra) and not a soul was drinking it so I stuck to lager myself. This is yet another pub under threat as there are plans to demolish it and build flats on the site. London's NW postcodes are not only a real ale desert but will soon be devoid of pubs too at the current rate of closure.

14 Oct 2018 00:01

The Assembly House, Kentish Town

Okay for what it is but the actual cask ale selection is never anything special.

13 Oct 2018 23:57

The George IV, Kentish Town

Lots of greenery going on at the exterior walls but inside it is a standard London boozer. No ales on only keg but this once standard type of backstreet boozer is becoming an endangered species - especially in trendy NW5.

13 Oct 2018 23:56

The Grafton Arms, Kentish Town

gets too busy and manic and getting served becomes such a struggle that you give up.

13 Oct 2018 23:54

Farmers Inn, St Ouen

Nothing particularly special - average kind of pub. The Liberation Ale was drinkable and was the only option (the bass was off). Useful changing point if you're switching from the number 9 bus from Greve de Lecq on to the 8 for the War Tunnels.

11 Oct 2018 10:24

Le Moulin de Lecq, St Ouen

Moulin Wheel Ale was the only one on handpull and it was drinkable enough. There bar takes a definite second place to the restaurant area as it never had a member of staff dedicated to it - someone always had to come from somewhere else to serve.
bar has wooden waterwheel feature built into it. Also gave the Liberation keg pale a try which was okay. Not many people about though suppose not many expected the warmest October day on record. Number 9 bus to Greve de Lecq - worth the trip out for the beach and walks alone.

11 Oct 2018 10:21

The Bootlegger, High Wycombe

Had an 'Alchemy North' brew that was pleasant enough. Okay for what it is and handy for the station.

Seemed like the height of civilisation after Brackley and Banbury though.

7 Oct 2018 00:17

The Bell Inn, Banbury

degenerated further from the last visit - a scruff house with abominable ale. Long since dropped by the GBG and populated by wastrels and hobbledehoys.

7 Oct 2018 00:14

The Red Lion, Brackley

it doesn't get any better. it's the handiest pub for the bus stops out of the place. The corporate makeover is fading and the clientele incudes a HI-VI jacket clad Arthur Askey re-incarnation garnered for the Jeremy Kyle generation. Brackley is one of those 'one-horse' towns where the horse has been minced into Chappie sometime ago.

7 Oct 2018 00:10

DesVins Cafe and Wine Bar, St Pancras International Station

This hasn't re-appeared as a pub/bar but within the station along the opposite end (towards Kings Cross) there is a new Wetherspoon (can't seem to add new pubs anymore - maybe they won't let me because I'm such a twat).

It's called the Barrel Vaults and was absolutely manic on a Wednesday afternoon. The pint of Darwin's Original was a good pint. Unlike many Wetherspoons they had 9 staff behind the bar working like demons and it was still a struggle to get served - you need all your barging and shouting skills to manage it. Pretty understandable why it was so busy though - even at £3.55 for your pint of ale it's still substantially less than the fiver plus most of the neighbouring establishments charge.

3 Oct 2018 22:06

The Old Kings Head, Borough

Kind of concur with BS - the approach (down an alleyway) leads you to expect more from this place. Though it is okay enough if you're in the area. Not an adventurous selection - the proper Job was about the best of them.

3 Oct 2018 21:48

Simon The Tanner, London

A bit faux hipster as opposed to pub but a decent enough place serving well kept ales. Had a pint of Hillfoot a darker looking bitter from Sheffield that was probably the best pint of the day and a sub £4 pint which is good value considering how many places are knocking you over a fiver for any pint. Though someone did come in after me and had a pint of some trendy sour keg brew that set him back £6.60 - we all have our own tastes and have to pay for them.

3 Oct 2018 21:45

The Royal Oak, Borough

Very much the old school boozer - yes very worn and tired (as befits a lot of the clientele) but a proper pub in the sense of the word. Seems to be a Harvey's tied house and no guest brews were on offer.

3 Oct 2018 21:39

Swan, Flitwick

Does seem to be a hangout for middle aged delinquents (bellowing along to 80s compilation albums). The ale is good though - so ok for a swift pint waiting on the next train

30 Sep 2018 09:32

The Albion, Ampthill

Still a class pub with plenty of differing ales on for around the £3.80 mark can now be reached from Milton Keynes by the 34 bus as well.

30 Sep 2018 09:29

The Old Ale House, Woburn

Clean modern interior with more of a standard bar than micropub feel to it. Plenty of ales on which were well kept - had a Leighton Buzzard brew and another localish one my addled brain has forgotten.

30 Sep 2018 09:23

The Station Hotel, Woburn Sands

Decent enough pub surprised to find they had two ales on - Doombar and Phipps but had ordered a lager before noticing them. Also has a dining area and an outdoor bit though retains a pub feel.

30 Sep 2018 09:20

The Three Hammers, Mill Hill

A bit rich looking at the drivel you post

28 Sep 2018 00:50

The Three Hammers, Mill Hill

Dying for a pee I ventured in here to use the toilets but just couldn't face the grief of trying to get served in a relatively empty pub - it's long been dead as a pub but still has some use as a public toilet.

27 Sep 2018 22:37

The Lion and Unicorn, Kentish Town

Hipsterish up it's own arse eatery with a fiver plus a pint to keep the oiks out - wouldn't so much mind if it was any good.

27 Sep 2018 22:30

The Junction Tavern, Kentish Town

Pretty poor on tonight's showing. The gastro half was empty. Ordered a pint of Wye Valley HPA which stuttered out of the pump - to be told "it's supposed to be like that" by a slip of a girl behind the bar who is unlikely to know the Wye Valley from San Fernando Valley. It isn't a bad building as a pub goes but the annoying drone they have as background music (which I found replicated elsewhere later on) and the poor ale quality make this a definite miss in an area with some reasonable pubs'

27 Sep 2018 22:28

The Bell House, Camden

More of a younger persons hangout though not in a Big Brother, Ibiza kind of young person type of establishment. Ale was okay not bad for the area.

27 Sep 2018 22:21

The Thornbury Castle, Marylebone

have to mark it down a bit as I feel they have used the trend of so called "craft" beers (i.e. basically over priced and marketed keg beers) to rack up the price of proper ales - they are not alone in London pubs in doing this but they pushing the £5.10 + for a pint as the norm for all pints.

27 Sep 2018 22:16

The Railway Bar, Antrim

Another keg only zone but opened out a bit and with a few booths. Empty apart from the Emmerdale addicted staff.

25 Sep 2018 02:03

Maddens Bar, Antrim

Standard Irish pub where men go to shout the odds at horse racing on the telly. A bar where men are men and horses are dog meat. All keg... had the Rockspider lager... or rock whatever it is.

25 Sep 2018 02:02

The Imperial Bar, Bangor

Old man's horse racing hangout (aren't they all) - has a bar and lounge. Not too friendly to outsiders.

25 Sep 2018 02:00

Spirit Merchant, Newtownards

Actually had a reasonable pint here - and for £1.35. They also advertised an Ulster Fry for £2.70 and coffee at 90p. For all the 'value' still didn't stop for a second but have to admit it was the only decent pint of ale (and cheapest by far) consumed in the six counties

25 Sep 2018 01:57

The John Hewitt, Belfast

A definite downgrade on this visit - only one Shepherd Neame brew on so went for the keg Yardsman Stout which was kind of ok but disappointing . Not the quality ale venue it was.

25 Sep 2018 01:53

The Bankers Draft, Bedford

They seem to have kept up the Wetherspoon tradition of understaffing the bar as I had a bit of a wait to get served but the barman was pretty diligent in serving people in the correct order. Went for the Braxator which was a nice enough pint. The have some shiny brewing equipment in the bar and even though it is basically unchanged from the Wetherspoon layout they manage to dispel the feel of a Wetherspoons. Was best beer of the night.

21 Sep 2018 11:55

Pig N Falcon, St Neots

A bit higgledy piggledy making it difficult to find somewhere to perch but there is plenty of covered outdoor space (more than there is actually in the pub. had the Facon Red which was one of the better brews on what was turning out to be a duff night for beer.

21 Sep 2018 11:49

Ye Olde Sun, St Neots

Olde Worlde interior. Went for a pint of Wherry which was just about drinkable. Not somewhere I'll be rushing back to.

21 Sep 2018 11:46

Golden Pheasant, Biggleswade

Standard locals town pub - nothing special but was badly let down by quality of the ale. Not much of a selection and I went for Marstons pedigree - which was dire and undrinkable, left half of it. Poor show for a GBG entry

21 Sep 2018 11:43

The New Inn, Biggleswade

Old pub on the market square with a GK corporate interior finish. Okay for what it is - though no great selection outside of GK offerings. Ale was okay here (I tried one of the GK seasonal brews forgotten it's name now).

21 Sep 2018 11:41

The Cock, Broom

As many have pointed out it is worth a visit to see an old fashioned multi-room layout and the lack of a bar along with decent ales (Tring Whirlwind was nice). It is a locals pub first though.

21 Sep 2018 11:39

The Sparkford Inn, Sparkford

Standard pub/dining type of place that's a but worn round the edges. They had three ales on but I didn't fancy risking them - think it was the right choice as people coming in after who bought ale (Hobgoblin) were sitting with a cloudy looking pint. had a pint of San Miguel.

Mutts are allowed by the bar area - where they are welcome to come and drag their arses along the floor.

9 Sep 2018 09:20

The Victoria, Lincoln

Another old school classic pub with a variety of ales on. Worth a drop by while in Lincoln's tourist zone.

4 Sep 2018 22:43

Strugglers Inn, Lincoln

While realising that it is one of the best outlets for real ale in the city it does have the feel of 'cosy' dog basket. A bit worn round the edges.

4 Sep 2018 22:41

The Morning Star, Lincoln

A kind of mid terrace local town pub that was once a part of British culture but is now quite rare. Ale was okay rather than good though.

4 Sep 2018 22:38

The Adam and Eve Tavern, Lincoln

Corporate feel (i.e. no character) in a pub that should have loads - ale, Harvest Pale was duff too. Not sure how this is in the GBG.

4 Sep 2018 22:36

The Malt Shovel, Northampton

The Albion - Phipps Brewery Tap is also on Bridge Street. Although it looks the part the ales (brewed on site) were not up to scratch though

2 Sep 2018 00:52

The Bull, Towcester

had ale on (Wells) but stuck to lager - it's painted white rather than yellow these days.

2 Sep 2018 00:49

Towcester Mill Brewery Tap Room, Towcester

okay for what it is - decent ale but the large groups and screaming brats make it feel more like a visitor attraction than a bar.

2 Sep 2018 00:47

Mount Vernon Hotel, Liverpool

Another old style landmark pub demolished in the name of progress. with it's corner location surely it's one that could have been incorporated into the new layout for the area?

27 Aug 2018 16:14

The Parcel Yard, Kings Cross

Seems to be resting on it's laurels a bit - sat with a duff second rate pint of Hophead while people around me were bitching about the wait and quality of their feedstuffs.

25 Aug 2018 22:59

Cock, Baldock

fairly disappointed with this one - it looks and feels the part as few proper pubs are left in this town but only a Sharps brew apart from the GK offerings and it wasn't that great a pint.

25 Aug 2018 22:54

Manor House, Royston

A poor Wetherspoon in a poor town for ale and pubs. It's the only GBG entry in the town but the ale I had (a Canadian IPA) was garbage which I ended up leaving. Like a kind of McDonalds/Creche/Cheesey Charlies. Maybe the bank holiday brought out the hordes of brats. There's a clown on here thinks I shouldn't criticise Wetherspoons and it's the same old same old comments - well maybe because I end up being misled (in this case by the GBG) and others because the company I'm with drags me into the places but still going to make my comment - if people don't like them then start your own 'pro-life Wetherspoons' comments - it is a "free" country after all - innit?

25 Aug 2018 22:44

The Assembly House, Kentish Town

It is now a reasonable option though you are often restricted to having the one ale on. There are 'craft' ales on - Camden Hells, Gamma Ray all at an enhanced price. Gave the Hells a go at £5.10 a pint and had it served in the new special Camden Hells glass which had more than a passing resemblance to a large jam jar with the Hells logo on it.

25 Aug 2018 11:21

The Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak

Can be one of the best when caught at right time - a Tuesday evening for instance (as opposed to a Saturday night when it's a fight to just get served) with an eclectic mix of patrons across all walks and a reasonable piano man. Still not too many bitters though. - and don't expect to pay by card

25 Aug 2018 11:15

The Old Oak, Arlesey

A typical faux GK style village pub interior and only GK ales on offer (IPA and Abbot) swerved them and had a Kronenbourg instead. Okay for what it is - closest pub to the station.

25 Aug 2018 11:10

Vicars Inn, Arlesey

Kind of echo the unchanging cosy village pub feel to this place. Not much in the way of ale (an Otter brew) but what they did have they served well.

25 Aug 2018 11:07

Engineers Arms, Henlow

Was pretty much going to echo my last comments - even inadvertently ordered another Leighton Buzzard brew to start with (Train Robber at 5%). They also had a Gin section (looked like a few bottles on a wallpaper paste table to me) out back. Has a good old school local pub feel to it and the locals were enjoying themselves. They do cobs (varying from Cheese & Onion etc) at a reasonable price to soak up the ale.

25 Aug 2018 11:05

The Admiral, Clifton

Friendly enough old fashioned village local. Ale selection not too adventurous but what I had (Brains Rev James) was well kept.

25 Aug 2018 11:00

Royal Oak, Pewsey

Standard Wadworth tied house - was okay.

19 Aug 2018 10:05

The Crown Inn, Pewsey

Tried the Gurt ale (Three Castles brewed on the premises) which was decent enough. Reasonable if a little tired looking interior.

19 Aug 2018 10:04

The Shed, Pewsey

Pretty much is what it says - a shed on the main street in Pewsey. Room for about a dozen inside at a pinch and four ales on. The ale was on top form and was in no doubt that it was the best pint in Pewsey.

19 Aug 2018 10:02

The Crown, Faringdon

Old building looks the part and buses to Swindon and Oxford stop right in front of it. They're the major selling points - everything else is downhill, ale rubbish, thugs hanging round by the door, dirty run down feel to the place.

19 Aug 2018 09:58

The Royal Oak, Wantage

Still a class act though think it has stiff competition from the Shoulder of Mutton and Kings Arms for best pub in Wantage.

19 Aug 2018 09:55

The Kings Arms, Wantage

Now related to the Cross Keys in Thame and will be surprised if it is not in the 2019 GBG. Six ales on and friendly staff another top alehouse in Wantage.

19 Aug 2018 09:53

The Shoulder of Mutton, Wantage

Still a classic alehouse makes the awkward journey to Wantage worthwhile.

19 Aug 2018 09:51

Metropolitan Bar, Baker Street

can be very hit & miss on the ale front - not that cheap and indifferent service too. Handy for the station though

17 Aug 2018 16:24

The Thornbury Castle, Marylebone

The Thai food is fairly simple but always very fresh and reasonably priced for the location. This is now probably one of the best in this part of London for decent ale. had a Bohemia Pale, a Tring brew and a Session IPA and all were eminently drinkable.

17 Aug 2018 16:22

The Queens Head, St Pancras

It does have a good feel to it - and can be a quiet oasis of calm of a mid-afternoon. The three handpumps consisted of the permanent Redemption 3, something per cent brew another 3.5 summer ale and a porter. There does seem to be a definite aversion to standard bitter here.

15 Aug 2018 11:28

The Craft Beer Co, City of London

Still carrying a lot of Thornbridge brews - getting a little weary of them to be honest. The Marples bitter wasn't that great.

15 Aug 2018 11:21

The Bloomsbury Tavern, Bloomsbury

It looks the part of a proper English pub but the ale quality (Whitstable IPA) lets it down. Mainly populated by tourists who opt for Guinness or lager and who can blame them with the second rate ale served.

15 Aug 2018 11:15

The Museum Tavern, Bloomsbury

Not as good ale wise as it used to be - had a poor pint of Wandle here. It's getting increasingly difficult to find a decent ale pub in London.

15 Aug 2018 11:13

The Garrick Bar, Belfast

Classic style Belfast pub with two halves. Supposedly does ale but I couldn't track it down - worth a punt when in downtown Belfast.

6 Aug 2018 01:06

The Robins Nest, Lisburn

Modern style bar (and 'modern' prices to match) opposite the station.

6 Aug 2018 01:04

The Tuesday Bell, Lisburn

As someone has pointed out - am not usually a 'spoons fan but in NI it is your best option. Not as big as you'd expect and relatively empty considering it costs half what some of the nearby dives charge.

For instance, the nearby Hertford Arms. The hertford isn't listed here and probably with good reason - wearing a Rangers top isn't enough, wearing a rangers top and sporting a Follow Follow tattoo isn't enough... you need to be wearing a Rangers top (preferably tattooed on) and sporting a Rangers tattoo, a King Billy tattoo and a FTP tattoo and you may just about be ok here.

6 Aug 2018 01:02

McConville's, Portadown

hard to say how attached the neighbouring Ma Berry's is to this place - there seems to be a through way from one bar to the other. It was okay 4.50 here for a pint of 'premium Belgian lager' I'd never heard of before (Hever Lee) though it weren't bad and I sculled it off easily enough.

6 Aug 2018 00:54

Talbot and Falcon, Wakefield

Rough house pub with karaoke and/or the ex member of Creme Brulee doing the Dj-ing. Pretty typical of Wak-oh though.

14 Jul 2018 17:41

The Black Rock, Wakefield

Still a decent ale house with an entrance from two sides. Ale was still quite reasonable. Locals get preference at the bar though.

14 Jul 2018 17:37

The Raven Hotel, Wigan

Went in but the pounding music was too much so went back out.

14 Jul 2018 17:35

Wigan Central, Wigan

The beers okay and it's handy for the station (underneath it in fact) but I wouldn't add to the accolades - found it pretty average really.

14 Jul 2018 17:34

The Crown, Chorley

Fairly ordinary town pub that does a reasonable pint

14 Jul 2018 17:31

Shepherds Hall Ale House, Chorley

Another decent ale no nonsense micropub in downtown Chorley. Ales from £2;90 to £3.20.

14 Jul 2018 17:24

The Market Ale House, Leyland

Pleasant micropub in downtown Leyland Vasey. decent ales at £2.90 a pint

14 Jul 2018 17:15

De Admiraal, Amsterdam

Has Heineken and Brand IPA on draught along with a sizeable selection of 'snaps. longish bar with stools and other perches inside and tables outside. Mainly populated by tourists. Okay for a swift one or two but more of a place for larger groups in the evening.

11 Jul 2018 11:49

Cafe 't Smalle, Amsterdam

Pleasant classic Dutch 'brown cafe' with an even mix of visitors and locals. Your standard 25cl was Eu2.75 so roughly around £5.50 a pint. There is a little gallery with some seats up pretty steep stairs towards the back. They do have other ales apart from the ubiquitous Heineken.

11 Jul 2018 11:45

The White Horse, Hertford

You have your opinion as I have mine - no one is making you read it. You can always ignore posts from people who's posts you don't like. I mainly use the site as a record to where I've been - if any of the of the posts annoy you that much then you can always report them for removal.

6 Jul 2018 22:28

The White Horse, Hertford

That is the whole purpose of a site like this - to inform people who are travelling about. Locals get used to changes and vote with their feet by either going to or not going to a particular establishment.
Some of us do like a change and to get out and about.
This is a national (in fact international ) website providing information for people in all areas. It is useful to have input from locals but also useful to see how places treat guests so pretty much all comments are valid.

6 Jul 2018 11:59

Woodland Tavern, Leamington Spa

Old school town pub serving decent ale

30 Jun 2018 00:32

The Nursery Tavern, Coventry

Bit of a timewarp pub from the 70s though not so bad for that. Not 70s prices though but the ale is drinkable.

30 Jun 2018 00:30

Old Colonial, Birkenhead

Does the tram still go up to it ?

29 Jun 2018 10:34

Panniers, Barnstaple

Garbage even by Wetherspoon standards (as in they can't even get the lager/craft ale kegs right).
Popular with people who wear HI-VI coats and jackets.

23 Jun 2018 01:33

Golden Lion Tap, Barnstaple

previous entry must be by the bum fluffed shaggy from scooby doo -a-like. It's a case of skip the last entry and look at the two prior to that - i.e. it's one of those town centre toilets. Building is a little unusual but it's one of those 'feet-stick-to-the-floor' kind of places. Mind you in a dead horse town like this it has to be an option.

23 Jun 2018 01:32

The Great Western Hotel, Exeter

Main change is the 'back door' entrance to the lower bar is now locked.… that's it.

23 Jun 2018 01:27

The Glen Rothay Hotel and Badger Bar, Rydal

Nice enough place - most if it is for gorgers of food but the area closer the bar was more drinker friendly though you do share it with a number of badgers (stuffed and otherwise) Beer was good and the buses to Windermere, Ambleside, Grasmere and Keswick stop near enough outside.

22 Jun 2018 07:57

The Bitter End, Cockermouth

More eatery with the seats for drinking around the bogs. Tried their own ale which was insipid and uninspiring. Would give it a miss on any future visits.

22 Jun 2018 07:53

The Swan Inn, Cockermouth

Another pleasant local town pub in a town that is still well endowed with hostelries unlike many of a similar size. Another with decent ale too.

22 Jun 2018 07:51

The Cock and Bull, Cockermouth

On a back street kind of parallel to the main street is this place. The main room isn't quite a straight four square walls. Does a few good ales and is worth scouting out.

22 Jun 2018 07:49

The Castle Bar, Cockermouth

Decent town pub serving a number of ales in good nic'. As stated before during 'happy' hour (which has been extended so is now 3pm to 7pm) ales are just £2.20 a pint - usually they are £2.80

22 Jun 2018 07:46

The Pheasant Inn, Keswick

Typical of most pubs in the lakes food is king with drinkers relegated at best to a space by the bar (usually, as in here, next to the toilets). The ale here was decent though and it is a pleasant little stroll out of town.

22 Jun 2018 07:43

Packhorse Inn, Keswick

Down an alley off the main street. A worn looking pub with a kind of mini gallery set up towards the op end. Didn't rate the ale. Mainly populated with visitors to the town but then so is everything else in Keswick.

22 Jun 2018 07:40

York Tap, York

As below but the ale quality has taken a bit of a dip

19 Jun 2018 01:00

The Black Bull Inn, Boroughbridge

It's more a step into a different world - Royston Vasey (or maybe Royston Vaseline) springs to mind. A local pub for local out patients. I suppose it's there while you're waiting for a bus out of the place.

19 Jun 2018 00:58

The Golden Lion, Ripon

Where you go because the One Eyed Rat isn't open. Has ale but not as we know it.

19 Jun 2018 00:54

Royal Oak, Ripon

Up it's own arse Taylor's pub where the pretentious and the wannabes of Ripon go to talk loudly to "impress" visitors. The ale wasn't really up to much either.

19 Jun 2018 00:52

The One Eyed Rat, Ripon

Never open when you nee a decent pint

19 Jun 2018 00:50

Little 3, Thirsk

Few places ever seem to be as good on a re-visit -alas the case here. Pub still okay but the ale (Moorhouse's Witchfinder) was a struggle to drink.

19 Jun 2018 00:48

Abercorn Arms, Stanmore

It's now unequivocally and Indian restaurant - though you can sit in the bar area at the front and have a swift pint when it isn't busy.

15 Jun 2018 10:51

The Vine, Stanmore

now private residences though pub sign is retained to fool people in to thinking it is still a pub.

15 Jun 2018 10:49

Case is Altered, Old Redding

Closed - not sure if it is permanent

15 Jun 2018 10:48

The Castle, Harrow On The Hill

A multi-roomed old fashioned looking pub only saved because of it's listing and being in a conservation area - otherwise Fullers would have knocked it in to one big trough swilling piggery like it does with most of it's establishments. They do try to deter drinkers though with reserved cards on most tables and charging a cool £5 a pint for average lager.

15 Jun 2018 10:43

The White Horse, Harrow

Bland soulless corporate eatery that couldn't sort out a pint of lager on a hot day - gave up waiting and went elsewhere. Needless to say it's a Fullers house.

15 Jun 2018 10:39

The Robin Hood, St Albans

Much improved. has been tidied up and the flies have been banished. Ale quality has improved. Harveys is a regular and was best pint of the day.

11 Jun 2018 10:27

The Harpenden Arms, Harpenden

Pretty much as per previous visit - only thing going for it is it is the nearest drinking hole to the station.

11 Jun 2018 10:23

The Slug and Lettuce, Harpenden

Was about to give it a try but the whole of the front area was populated with dozens of screeching infants mewling and puking over ice creams and milkshakes

11 Jun 2018 10:22

The Cross Keys, Harpenden

The Tring brew wasn't up to much on this visit. Was quiet on a busy day elsewhere. Maybe the 'Royston Vasey of the Home Counties' crew had gone on an outing.

11 Jun 2018 10:20

The Old Bell, Harpenden

Another foodery where drinkers are tolerated on a perch near the entrance (unless gorgers of food have to wait for a table then they take up that space while waiting).

11 Jun 2018 10:17

The Fox, Kinsbourne Green

An'Up It's Own Arse' establishment populated with 'Up Their Own Arses' clientelle. Basically an eatery for arseholes to stuff their gullets at.

11 Jun 2018 10:15

The Black Horse, Luton

It's had a bit of a"refurb" since the last visit - posh by Luton standards but still a bit of a rough house to the rest of the world. They have bands on. Ale was okay as opposed to good.

11 Jun 2018 10:12

The Mallard, Doncaster

A Hungry Horse establishment in a shopping centre - need I say more. Horses will like it. (well some horses will)

2 Jun 2018 22:47

The Tut 'N' Shive, Doncaster

It's okay I suppose and the Roaring Meg Leveller was a decent pint but it does feel a bit syndicated and without character.

2 Jun 2018 22:45

Corner Pin Inn, Doncaster

After the delights of the Corporation Brewery Tap but a few minutes walk away this became a beacon of humanity whereby it is really just a standard street corner local doing a decent ale (Barnsley Bitter). Handy for the station.

2 Jun 2018 22:44

Corporation Brewery Taps, Doncaster

One of those Sam Smiths 'museum pieces' only this one is more about the clientele than the building. As a building it does have some art deco-ish leanings but it's main 'attraction' is the 'people'. I chose the lounge over the bar but in spite of there being only five people in the lounge area I had to stand at the bar as the old school obese regulars (they being Classique obese as opposed to the fast food generation of nouveau obese) managed to sprawl out enough to occupy all the available seating space. Asked the barman for a pint of bitter and his retort was 'Do you want OBB or Mild ? ( I asked for bitter I isn't mild something not bitter ?). Across the bar in the public bar area some gaunt looking Victorian waif who looked about 10 years old scowled towards me as she sipped her G & T. The keg Sam Smiths bitter when it arrived cost £2 but was surprisingly drinkable - though I didn't fancy staying for another. Although close to the town centre the area around the pub is decidedly dodgy and if you wish to use the subway to cross the road back towards the station and some semblance of civilisation then a weapon of some sorts will enhance your chances of getting across without hindrance. Worth dropping in for the experience but I wouldn't plan on making a night of it.

2 Jun 2018 22:39

The Hole In The Wall, Scarborough

Nice old fashioned narrow town pub on two levels (it's on the slope of a hill so one half is lower than the other. A decent range of ales of which the Titanic Plum Porter went down nicely.

2 Jun 2018 09:33

Waiting Room, Whitby

Pleasant enough micropub in Whitby station. Locals are friendly enough though the ale was fair rather than good. Doesn't usually open till 4.

2 Jun 2018 09:30

The Cod and Lobster, Staithes

Pleasant tourist haunt in the harbour and food looked nice - ale wasn't though was garbage. Left half of it as I couldn't be bothered gaining the attention of busy food orientated staff to get it changed, Another bum steer from the GBG.

2 Jun 2018 09:27

The Doric Arch, Euston

I caught it on a particularly bad day last time as they had no non-Fullers beers. (Hence the snarl)

2 Jun 2018 09:20

The Philharmonic, Liverpool

Had an okay dark brew here another one of those Formby ones) but noticed the corner bar seems to be a bit frayed round the edges. Get the feel it kind of rests on it's laurels sometimes (especially the 'restaurant' upstairs).

26 May 2018 15:44

The Lion Tavern, Liverpool

It's another of those pubs perenially under threat from redevelopment or modernisation. Always found it good for getting served and quality of ale. Those Formby brews seem to be growing and multiplying. Still have a hawkshead ale on but have gone off them.

26 May 2018 15:40

Navigator, Stoneycroft

Not listed but further up towards Old Swan there is a micropub/shop conversion called the Alehouse which is well worth a visit in the ale desert of East Liverpool.

26 May 2018 15:32

The Caledonia, Liverpool

Old fashioned city pub with old fashioned crowd - ale was drinkable rather than good.

26 May 2018 15:29

The Dispensary, Liverpool

Still find this a pleasant old school old man's alehouse with decent ale. maybe being an old get makes it more appealing to me.

26 May 2018 15:26

The Roscoe Head, Liverpool

Still one of the city's best pubs and still under threat from redevelopment. Surely if they build around Zorba's Greek restaurant round the corner (which isn't the most aesthetically Victorian buildings) they can build round this one.

26 May 2018 15:24

The Freshfield Hotel, Formby

Large-ish pub which actually defines the eating and drinking areas (we sat on the boundary table). Not a bad pub for it's size/owner etc had a decent drop of one of those Formby brews.

26 May 2018 15:18

Beer Station, Formby

May close early if no one about

26 May 2018 15:17

Grasshopper, Southport

Excellent little micropub where the bloke behind the bar has an interest in the beers and whether the customers like them. Worth getting off the train at Hillside and with more of a proper local pub feel to it than the café/bar style of the Pines round the corner.

26 May 2018 15:15

The North Western, Liverpool

gave it a try but the poorly lit interior gives it a gloomy feel. They could do so much more with the main body of the building. Ale was ok and cheap - as per what you would expect from Wetherspoons . Won't be rushing back.

26 May 2018 15:11

West Kirby Tap, West Kirby

Nice enough pub-like feel and a good selection of ales on make it worth taking the trip out to West Kirby.

26 May 2018 15:08

The Excelsior, Liverpool

Continues to improve though it just doesn't seem to get the patronage it deserves.

26 May 2018 15:06

Doctor Duncans, Liverpool

It's okay for what it is - being another place that was not originally a pub. Ale selection was pretty limited and quality just about passed mustard.

26 May 2018 15:05

The Ship and Mitre, Liverpool

Was dragged back in as all the company wanted to come here. It hasn't changed at all regards décor or ale selection but it finally appears that the staff they now have actually want to do the job so I suppose it should be back on the map for me.

26 May 2018 15:04

Mackenzie's, Liverpool

Reasonable - one large open plan area. A few ales on that were okay as opposed to good. They do have a good selection of Scotch (including one that was £14 a shot). Worth a drop in to if in the vicinity.

26 May 2018 15:01

The Rockingham Arms, Elephant and Castle

Third rate Wetherspoons

30 Apr 2018 22:37

The Duke of York, Borough

Corporate interior with Central London prices - ale not up to much.

30 Apr 2018 22:36

The Royal Oak, River

Decent traditional pub - the hosts behind the bar should give lessons to other places on serving behind a busy bar. Swift and in order of arrival.

18 Apr 2018 12:13

The Lanes, Dover

Good town centre micropub that does have more of a pub than a shop feel to it. Good selection of ales all were at £3.20 a pint (I think)

18 Apr 2018 12:10

Past and Present, Gillingham

Former shop micropub on the edge of town. Ale was decent but the locals seem to sprawl out over the limited space making it even more difficult to find a perch somewhere.

18 Apr 2018 12:05

The Victoria Inn, Rugby

Went in to the small public bar with pool table this visit and it was a bit like being in an episode of 'Shameless'. The Atomic brew was good though.

15 Apr 2018 12:35

The Squirrel Inn, Rugby

Still has music on (with the band taking up half the bar area) but the ale quality was much improved on this visit.

15 Apr 2018 12:34

London Calling, Rugby

'Clash' themed café bar opposite the Wetherspoons. Okay for what it is - plenty of punk memorabilia on the walls. has bands on. Plenty of tellys for watching matches etc. Only had one ale on - Youngs Bitter (ironically as a 'London' brew for the pub's theme) but it was as good a pint of it as you'll get.

15 Apr 2018 12:32

Seven Stars, Rugby

Good solid old school boozer with main bar and a few drinking area off it. Ale was good

15 Apr 2018 12:29

The Infant Hercules, Middlesbrough

Fairly typical of the genre 'micropub'. Pleasant and friendly enough and one of your very few options for a decent pint of ale in 'boro.

14 Apr 2018 12:43

The Station Inn, Whitby

Certainly not the pub it once was.

14 Apr 2018 12:41

The Dolphin, Whitby

Tourist pub overlooking the harbour and River Esk. Nice enough and had a decent pint of Tetley's (as decent as you get )

14 Apr 2018 12:40

The Endeavour, Whitby

A tripper's pub (as in daytrippers ) okay for what it is. Difference between a trippers and tourist pub is that they don't do food but you can bring your own fish and chips in to scoff. Ale was ok.

14 Apr 2018 12:39

The Black Horse Vaults, Whitby

Good old fashioned small town pub with bar and snug. Three ales on in good nic' though they also had two pages of gins.

14 Apr 2018 12:37

The Railway Tavern, Chelmsford

Proper old man's pub opposite the station

8 Apr 2018 10:20

Carpenters Arms, Dunstable

Thomas Wainwright in garbage condition on this visit. It looked like Wilf Mannion's socks had been steeping in it and tasted worse. The 'mein host' disappeared and had to wait to get it changed - to Woodforde Wherry.... this was clearer but still tasted like it had been strained through a badger's bum. Had enough and decided to leave. South Beds CAMRA deemed this good enough to go in the GBG. God knows why the beer was rubbish and landlord obviously didn't give a shit.

1 Apr 2018 23:53

Swan, Flitwick

Not a particularly friendly place - populated with a few owlarse chavs with Cybil Fawlty laughs bragging about how many jags they own. Did have a decent pint here though - just didn't fancy staying in the place more than the time it took to scull it

1 Apr 2018 23:47

The Crown, Flitwick

Made the mistake of dropping in on quiz night. Beer selection was fairly bland (Doom Bar, some other ubiquitous one I can't recall and Caledonian Edinburgh Castle). The Edinburgh Castle was pretty tasteless.

1 Apr 2018 23:45

The Bricklayers Arms, Dover

Still boarded up and looks a bit of an eyesore. There is a fight to oppose plans to turn it in to flats by locals.

31 Mar 2018 10:32

Leading Light, Faversham


30 Mar 2018 21:11

The Railway Bell, Temple Ewell

Now re-opened - has a standard pubco feel to it. had ale on but no one was drinking it so went for the lager instead.

30 Mar 2018 21:09

The Fox Inn, Temple Ewell

Nice enough pub - not so food orientated as many in the vicinity. The Breakwater brew was nice as was the Cotleigh Fox. Landlord seemed diligent enough - I don't think many people the other side of the jump seem to realise how disarming saying ' I'll be with you in a minute' is when they are doing some other task they need to finish before serving.

30 Mar 2018 21:07

The Lydden Bell, Lydden

Only Doom Bar and Hellfire on (which was an excellent pint) but it is a reserve your table eatery as opposed to a drinker's establishment - and when jolly hubby and wifey and their 2.1 brats turned up 'for a spot of lunch' and hadn't booked meant the smaller drinking zone became smaller. A few minutes of 'Stop chewing your hair Jocasta or you won't get your fishcakes' and 'Jemima pleeeease stop screeching it isn't very clever' had me out walking to the next pub despite the torrential downpour outside.

30 Mar 2018 21:03

The Carpenters Arms, Dover

Wasn't open at quarter past twelve (says it opens 11 during the week and 12 on Sundays). Would normally chalk it down as I should have checked before walking to it but as it was pissin' down and I got a tad wet has to be a booo!

30 Mar 2018 20:57

The Betjeman Arms, St Pancras International Station

The main bar is being refrubed at the moment and there is only a limited range of keg (lagers) available on the concourse area.

29 Mar 2018 16:13

Crate, Hackney Wick

Went through more of the range this time and all their ales were in decent nic. The pizzas were eatable (though served on some MFI offcuts), staff fairly good at serving. Some of the customers were a pain though - taking ages to decide what beer to buy doing a Jilly Goolding impersonation in the process (ooh there's hints of burnt eucalyptus leaves mingling with koala bear toenail clippings in that one) while you're stood behind with a mouth like Gandhi's flip flop. Okay if you like eating and drinking on canteen benches in a warehouse environment.

29 Mar 2018 08:30

O'Neills, Bridgend

This is now called the Kings head and although it does have a chainy-wetherspoony feel to it they do sell a decent pint.

20 Mar 2018 21:25

The Mitre, Knaresborough

decent pint of Leeds Pale and a reasonable if a tad faux pub. As mentioned handy for the station.

19 Mar 2018 21:56

Cross Keys, Knaresborough

Sometimes it is little things that distinguish a place as being a decent alehouse. Apart from the fact the beer was good here the lady behind the bar serving me said the brew I chose was a bit lively and needed to settle and fair enough she served the next customer as it settled - once it was ready the guy I assumed to be the landlord stepped in and topped up and served me the pint as the lady was still serving. An indication that they actually value the customers as well as the beer.

19 Mar 2018 21:54

Market Tavern, Knaresborough

Main change from the last comment is that there is no ale on offer (ended up on the Amstel). Staff and clientele were quite friendly.

19 Mar 2018 21:48

The George, Easingwold

Has something of a hotel bar feel without really being a hotel bar - ale was good for what it was (Taylors Boltmaker). Anyone who is an aficionado of having someone splutter over their face will be pleased to learn that Freddy 'Parrotface' Davies is alive and well and will be performing in Easingwold next month.

19 Mar 2018 21:46

Little 3, Thirsk

Well worn old pub serving decent ale with staff who take an interest in the ale and customers. Only slight gripe is that all four ales on were blonde-ish.

19 Mar 2018 21:39

The Harpenden Arms, Harpenden

It's pretty bland Fullers corporate kind of place lacking any character.. As usual drank lager in the place.

2 Mar 2018 20:32

The Bricklayers Arms, Luton

Still the only place in Luton for decent ale. Still a proper pub only criticism is that it isn't the warmest of places when it's parky outside.

2 Mar 2018 20:24

The Bree Louise, Euston

Indeed it is now boarded up and the site destined to be part of platform 22 at the new enlarged Euston.

1 Mar 2018 11:10

am to pm, Berlin

I think this is now the Kilkenny Irish pub as it is in the arches under Hackescher Markt S-bahn station. If so then the bit you come in to first from the station does have a bit of a pub feel to it. The locals drink Guinness and the Irish drink lager. Guinness and Berliner Kindl were the main draughts on offer both at E5.80 for 500ml.

28 Feb 2018 16:14

The Chichester Inn, Chichester

While I had probably the best pint of the day here it all seemed a bit faux and twee and un pub-like. Felt more like I was in an issue of 'It's Grim Up North London' though I do realise I am a miserable old gnarled bastard - i.e. I do prefer a beermat to put my pint on as opposed to a shard of Vermont Structural slate.

25 Feb 2018 01:34

Eastgate, Chichester

Found this a pretty bland Fullers house with no great selection of ales - the Cousin Jack being the only unknown. Was drinkable. London prices again ( they are a London brewery I suppose)

25 Feb 2018 01:25

Hatters Inn, Bognor Regis

Below average Wetherspoons in a below average seaside resort - about the best you'll get in the town though. No real redeeming points about this town where the stress and emphasis definitely lies with the first syllable.

25 Feb 2018 01:23

The Jack Horner, Worthing

This is now called the Corner House. It's in the GBG and it looks the part from the outside but inside it is too food and family friendly to be a decent pub. There wasn't a great selection of ales - they did have a reasonable pint of Hophead but at a price.

25 Feb 2018 01:19

The Egremont Hotel, Worthing

Reasonable enough though does have a little bit of a wetherspoony feel to it. The previous poster commenting on the absence of a telly will be disappointed as they do now have them. Has some ornate glass windows and outside is adorned with Kemptown brewery ownership. The Kemptown Brown ale on draught was quite nice. It is pretty much London prices though.

25 Feb 2018 01:10

Old Star Ale and Cider House, Shoreham by Sea

Micropub seems to be the modern term for the old street corner local pub before the breweries, pubcos etc decided that small pubs and bars weren't worth their effort and wanted us all to frequent their vast drinking barns and drink what they wanted us to.... anyhow this is a pleasant and friendly little local pub with ales served straight from the cask.

25 Feb 2018 01:06

The Thornbury Castle, Marylebone

Dropped by for a swift pint enroute to elsewhere. They always seem to do at least one Marlow brew and as I generally like them this is always a good port of call. Can't say I found the manager hostile - though we all have our bad days at times. Have ate here in the past and also not had a bad pint here so on the beer front is worth a visit. The parking and squatting front may be different but space is at a premium in these parts.

22 Feb 2018 20:40

The Chapel, Marylebone

Seems to be even less of a pub than it was. It did have Black Sheep and Portobello Star on draught but neither were up to much.

22 Feb 2018 20:31

The Railway, West Hampstead

Still having a serious gee-raff with it's prices £5.45. for a pint of Camden Pale in a fairly bog standard alehouse - even the Islington hipster bars give you industrial washing machines suspended from the ceiling for a bit less than that price.

22 Feb 2018 20:29

The Bridge, Mill Hill

I know I know it's my own fault - I shouldn't even bother with this shithole but just as exceptional service needs to be recognised so does the worse...


22 Feb 2018 20:06

Cuba Libre, Angel, Islington

No longer there

17 Feb 2018 11:36

Craft Beer Co., Islington

Good across the board selection of ales on from Stout to Bitters to Pales - albeit at a price.

17 Feb 2018 11:34

The Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak

They have found the obvious gap in the market for a proper pub but someone running the place seems to have an aversion to a proper bitter. Plenty of goldens, pales, stouts and ciders but no classic bitter. As commented on you do need to get in early - especially if you want a table to scoff your pork roll (very nice it was too). Good as it is the fact people are extolling how great a pub this is appears as more of an indictment on how poor London's pubs have become and particularly the NW postal districts with barely nothing of note outside NW1 and NW5.

11 Feb 2018 13:08

The Old Dairy, Finsbury Park

Was heaving with crowds watching the Arsenal Spurs game which they obviously hadn't anticipated judging by the staffing levels. Woefully inadequate for the crowd that was in so I gave up and went elsewhere.

11 Feb 2018 13:00

The Flag, Crouch Hill

Had a reasonable pint of a Kentish Town brew but it looks and feels more like a café than a bar/pub. Also didn't notice the table I sat at was reserved -though from 2pm and that was 20 minutes away. Didn't stop the a/h who reserved it having a whinge though. Only came in here because the Old Dairy was manic and the bar under staffed there. Staff were okay and friendly enough.

11 Feb 2018 12:58

The Tomas O'Raida Bar, Dublin Airport

An airport bar no more or less - though once again Guinness seemed to be better quality and lower price than many city centre bars.

4 Feb 2018 16:30

Thomas Reads Bar 2, Dublin Airport

Actually had one of the better pints of Guinness here and cheaper than in central Dublin. Apart from that as stated though it's a standard soulless airport bar with large windows letting you view the arriving and departing buses outside.

4 Feb 2018 16:29

John Mulligan, Dublin

Good old school Dublin bar near Tara Street station. As with must city centre bars a bit pricey E 5.20 for a mediocre pint of Smithwicks. A selection of lagers and red 'ales' that all tasted the same. Plenty of old school character just need to find a Dublin pub that sells a decent pint as well.

4 Feb 2018 16:25

The Galway Hooker, Dublin

Average station bar at Dublin's Heuston station. Fiver for a pint of stout - which marked me as a visitor. Most Dubliners drink lager or cider.

4 Feb 2018 16:21

Casey's Bar, West Hendon

@formworker123 - no, only zombies in here

1 Feb 2018 18:12

The Harp, West Hendon

It's a building site now - more flats.

1 Feb 2018 18:09

Piries Bar, Horsham

Small old bar down an alley off street near the main bus stops. Ale was good.

28 Jan 2018 14:49

The New Inn, Littlehampton

Pleasant and friendly street corner local not too far from the front. Ale was ok though minor gripe is it all comes off the GK playlist.

28 Jan 2018 14:32

The Black Buoy, Wivenhoe

Old pub with decent ales on. Can get a bit crowded and larger bar is more food orientated.

21 Jan 2018 22:06

White Hart, Clacton on Sea

Average kind of pub with average ale nothing remarkable.

21 Jan 2018 22:04

The Victory, Walton on the Naze

Pleasant enough friendly locals pub that actually feels like a pub.

21 Jan 2018 22:03

The Old Lifeboat House, Clacton on Sea

Has more of a social club feel to it than a pub. Probably your best (if not only ) bet on finding a decent pint in Clacton.

21 Jan 2018 22:01

The Haymakers, Chesterton

Okay localish pub not far from Cambridge North station and the footlball ground. Can be a bit Jeremy and Jemima bringing little Jocasta and Julian out for lunchykins though. Ale was drinkable.

21 Jan 2018 21:54

Coach and Horses, Wellingborough

Dropped down a lot - a bit League of Gentlemen meets Straw Dogs on last visit. Couldn't get a seat as someone was saving them for people who hadn't turned up by the time I'd left. Couldn't get near the bar as some fat get was spread out along it. Landlord was loudly nattering about how he wasn't going to let riff raff from other pubs come in to is - can understand why has he already has enough of his own.

21 Jan 2018 21:47

Vivian Arms, Wellingborough

Been a pile of rubble for a while

21 Jan 2018 21:44

Old Bridge Hotel, Holmfirth

Soulless corporate eatery - ale was just about drinkable. handy for the bus station.

18 Jan 2018 18:17

The Old No. 7, Barnsley

One of Barnsley's better pubs - good selection of ales pretty central to town.

18 Jan 2018 18:10

Parcel Yard, Leicester

Worthy addition to Leicester's ale scene though you wouldn't think so from the entrance which is more like that to a snack bar or baker's shop. Opens out to a proper pub proportions inside. Decent selection of ales on and very handy for the station.

18 Jan 2018 17:58

The Ale Wagon, Leicester

Still a good old school city centre boozer - a bit like a large version of the Rovers in Stan Ogden's day.

18 Jan 2018 17:56

Shinner and Sudtone, Sutton

Trendy section of old department store converted to pub. it's okay though and the ales are decent.

18 Jan 2018 17:47

The Bobbin, Lancaster

Reasonable selection of ales in decent nic' - handy for the bus station.

18 Jan 2018 17:41

The Engine Inn, Cark

Nice enough pub though the ale (the darker Lancaster one) wasn't up to much - maybe why it's been dropped from the GBG.

18 Jan 2018 17:38

Millers, Ulverston

had a bland corporate feel - ale was okay but more eatery really.

18 Jan 2018 17:34

Devonshire Arms, Ulverston

Good selection of ales on in this fairly open plan pub. usual sorts channels on tellys etc. Closest to the station for a decent pint.

18 Jan 2018 17:31

Old Court House Inn, Saint Aubin

More an eatery - popular because there are too many people on the island.

18 Jan 2018 17:29

The Peirson, St Helier

Old school boozer (they still sell cigs from behind the bar) ale was drinkable

18 Jan 2018 17:27

The Lamplighter, St Helier

reasonable enough pub - found the Liberation ales a bit insipid but think that is more down to the beer itself.

18 Jan 2018 17:25

Bar Bach, Caernarfon

As mentioned a small roomed bar just off the main square. Beer was average.

18 Jan 2018 17:18

Tafarn Y Porth, Caernarfon

Just another Wetherspoons

18 Jan 2018 17:16

The Black Boy Inn, Caernarfon

beer was okay but we didn't find it the most welcoming or hospitable of pubs. gave up on it after a pint.

18 Jan 2018 17:15

The Spooner's Bar, Porthmadog

Ale was okay but you do feel like it is the cafeteria of a tourist attraction rather than a pub.

18 Jan 2018 17:14

The Australia, Porthmadog

Difficult to find a space to perch as the seats get taken up quickly and table space is at a premium (especially if you want to eat). Ale was good (Purple Moose) but just didn't feel like staying there.

18 Jan 2018 17:13

The Hippodrome, Market Drayton

Typical Wetherspoons - it is handy for the bus station.

18 Jan 2018 17:10

The Sandbrook Vaults, Market Drayton

Another Joule's house - okay though expected more as the brewery isn't far away.

18 Jan 2018 17:09

The Kings Head, Market Drayton

can't say I was over impressed with the pub or the ale to be honest - though there was some work going on in the 'next door' bit.

18 Jan 2018 17:08

The Beat at Hodnet, Hodnet

As per previous reviews - more food orientated though it is okay to drop in for a pint

18 Jan 2018 17:06

Old Town Hall Vaults, Whitchurch

Fairly typical Joule's house (which isn't such a bad thing)

18 Jan 2018 17:04

Black Bear, Whitchurch

It's okay - beer reasonable but can be a bit more food orientated at times.

18 Jan 2018 17:03

The Nag's Head, Shrewsbury

More consistent for a decent pint than other pubs in town.

18 Jan 2018 17:01

The Vine, Maidenhead

Predominantly old school Irish boozer. They had ales on but no one was drinking them and didn''t fancy risking them so stuck to the lager here.

13 Sep 2017 18:11

The Old Swan Uppers, Cookham

Decent enough pub - now the closest to the station. Had a decent pint of Butcombe . I see what halo means about the pavements being small or non existant being a problem with ignorant and arrogant 4 x 4 drivers tearing along with no intention of stopping for anything or anyone.

13 Sep 2017 18:09

The Bounty, Bourne End

looked more like a tea room from the outside and a den on the inside. friendly and nice enough place though and the Grumpy Cow was a decent enough pint.

13 Sep 2017 18:06

The Fleece Inn, Mossley

Locals pub in downtown Mossley. Reasonable selection of ales. Side room was a bit cluttered (as in the kind of clutter you have in your spare room) but worth a drop by if in the vicinity.

5 Aug 2017 14:05

The Q Bar, Stalybridge

handy for the station and an alternative to waiting a lifetime to get served in the station bar. Hydes Ales kept in decent nic.

5 Aug 2017 14:02

Angel Inn, Dukinfield

it should tick the boxes - retains separate bar and lounge, sells a few ales but didn't find it too welcoming. Ale was okay as opposed to good.

5 Aug 2017 14:00

The Sportsman, Hyde

Good honest old school town local with public ad lounge bars. Bit rough round the edges but serves a decent Rossendale brew.

5 Aug 2017 13:57

The Enterprise, Chalk Farm

Standard open plan boozer with central bar area. Ale didn't look inspiring so went for one of the "craft" kegs which was drinkable (though so it should at a fiver a pint)

24 Jul 2017 14:02

The Hill, Primrose Hill

Faux microbreweery and scaffolding outside - went in at 10pm to be told it was closed despite opening hours being till 10.30pm. Can't be arsed giving it another try and has I got no beer will have to give it no marks.

24 Jul 2017 14:00

The Sir Richard Steele, Belsize Park

has a few old signs and stuff to give it a bit of character. Only one ale on (Sambrook's Junction) which was average.
Staff have that annoying habit of putting your change on a saucer - and giving coinage instead of notes in anticipation of a tip. This un-pub like behaviour should be banished back to the evil continent - isn't it why we voted out of the EU ?

24 Jul 2017 13:56

The George, Belsize Park

Pretty average GK offering - ale was about okay (Truman Scorcher). I suppose it's more a drinker's pub than another eatery though.

24 Jul 2017 13:50

The Duke of Hamilton, Hampstead

Alas the Duke is now closed and with it has gone Hampstead's last proper pub.
it is supposedly re-opening in September as a Jazz Club

24 Jul 2017 13:47

The Wellington Arms, Bedford

Still nowhere in Bedford to come close to it for decent ales

31 May 2017 02:06

The Bedford Arms, Bedford

It's kind of okay - average kind of pub. had a pint of Young's Special which was okay by average standards but not a patch on the Wandsworth original

31 May 2017 02:02

The Stone Jug, Clophill

had a decent pint of GB (from some Bedfodrshire brewery) - was a nice enough pub in a well off village.

31 May 2017 02:00

The Brewery Tap, Shefford

Solid standard pub with decent ales (as you'd expect from a brewery tap)

31 May 2017 01:57

Engineers Arms, Henlow

Still a good alehouse - tried a Leighton Buzzard brew on this visit which was probably best pint of the day.

31 May 2017 01:55

The Old Transporter Ale House, Henlow

It's in Henlow Camp as opposed to the village (a good mile and a half away). Had five barrels behind the bar served by gravity along with some keg lagers.. Tried a Studland brew which was okay if a little sweet tasting for me

31 May 2017 01:53

The Vaults, Newark

Cellar bar where you have to climb up steps from the street to where the toilets are before going down a steeper flight to access the bar. Serves a few different ales in reasonable condition. worth a drop by.

29 May 2017 09:22

Just Beer, Newark

Small bar down an small road off Castlegate. had a few differing ales on. Boasts having sold over 3000 different ales since opening.

29 May 2017 09:18

The Flying Circus, Newark

Different but not completely different. A Monty Python themed pub complete with deceased blue parrot (toy) in a cage. Has a large selection of draught, keg and bottled beers. Tried a fairly tasty darker ale.

29 May 2017 09:15

The Horse and Jockey, Newark

Now called Oscars In(n). Not too bad a place with a good selection of draught ales and ciders along with premium kegs. It's in the style of one of those large roadhouse pubs but seems smaller inside than what it appears from outside.

29 May 2017 09:08

Harvester, Edgware

Now re-opened - almost exactly as before (a bland archetypal harvester), the slight difference being the nominal pub name they gave it (The Jolly Badger) is now a bit more prominent on signage. It was originally called The Green Man.

26 May 2017 21:19

The Railway Engineer, Mill Hill

It was an update - it was CLOSED then, now it's demolished, there is a difference even if you're too thick to spot it.

26 May 2017 12:15

The Mill, Mill Hill

Not quite - it was CLOSED four years ago, it was only recently demolished and the flats built on the site.

26 May 2017 12:13

The Three Hammers, Mill Hill

Service has improved unfortunately this seems to be at the expense of quality as even the lager was awful.

26 May 2017 12:09

The Sun, Stafford

One of the better pubs in Stafford - always had a decent pint in here (Iceberg on this occasion). They do all the titanic brews.

25 May 2017 16:50

The Lion, Runcorn

Old pub modern interior, old school locals. Had a Robinsons brew (Pint of Thones) which was a struggle to drink - noticed everyone else was drinking lager should have followed suit. Probably the nearest pub to the station

25 May 2017 16:49

The Norton Arms, Runcorn

Nicely located near to the castle of Halton and a pleasant enough pub. it is a GBG entry but the walk on a hot day made me go for the lager (the eyetie one) which wasn't cheap for the area.

25 May 2017 16:46

Railway Hotel, Doncaster

Standard blokes pub with pool table, darts etc... Something made me go for the lager inhere as although they had an ale on no one was drinking it and I had a sneaky feeling it wouldn't be up to much.

25 May 2017 16:44

The Cornerhouse, Beverley

Found it a bit bland and like a small chain pub - plenty of ales on but the one I chose was a struggle to drink.

25 May 2017 16:41

The Marine Bar, Bridlington

A bit of a walk along from the centre (there is a land train along the front that will take you most of the way). Had plenty of brews on and it appears an ever changing rotation of ales. More like a seafront hotel bar than a pub - overlooks the sea and you can sit outside. Worth the trek up from town for.

25 May 2017 16:36

The Star Inn, Filey

Another good solid open plan town pub with 4 ales on. had a Helmsley brew (legend) which was nice enough.

25 May 2017 16:32

The Angel Inn, Scarborough

A good solid town centre pub with three ales on. Tried the Taylors Gold ale -which was okay.

25 May 2017 16:31

The Who'd Ha Thought It, Rochester

Found it pretty average - ale was okay.

1 May 2017 19:31

White Rabbit, Maidstone

Reasonable for a chain pub - ale was drinkable.

1 May 2017 19:29

The Water Rats, St Pancras

Dreadfully overpriced for something not at all special - was charged £5.80 for a pint of "craft" keg that resembled Whitbread Tankard. Poor beer and mediocre surroundings at vastly inflated prices - there are far far better places in the vicinity.

21 Apr 2017 19:10

DesVins Cafe and Wine Bar, St Pancras International Station

The area of the bar is currently under hoardings for refurbishment - not sure if it will be re-appearing. The Sourced market across the way is usually better for beer anyway though it doesn't open late.

21 Apr 2017 19:07

Navigator, Stoneycroft

Ale quality was a great improvement on my last visit here - still a typical Wetherspoons though but I suppose even I have to relent and give them their due for bringing proper beer to the ale desert of Old Swan and Knotty Ash.

21 Apr 2017 18:56

The Black Horse Hotel, Preston

Probably your must visit pub if stuck in Preston, Classic Victorian building, decent selection of ales on in good form, with a bar the perfect height for those people who like to lean on a bar.
I can't find a listing for the nearby Black Bull though judging by comments and from my own visit it's probably unsurprising they have had it removed.

17 Apr 2017 15:33

The Narrow Boat, Skipton

It was okay, a nice enough place and the ale was good but for the more purist it's more an ale selling business than a pub if you get the drift.

17 Apr 2017 15:28

Kings Arms, Kirkby Stephen

Small bar with other rooms for eaters and also has rooms. I missed the two handpumps and ended up ordering lager but was probably wise as I saw no one else drinking ale in the place.

17 Apr 2017 15:26

White Lion, Kirkby Stephen

No Jennings anymore - just Marston's Pedigree carling and Fosters - has the bare minimum offerings of beer a pub could get away with. Cheap but as mentioned previously disappointing for what looks like and inviting pub from outside.

17 Apr 2017 15:23

The Blue Bell, Preston

Old style pub Sam Smiths bitter at £2 a pint. found the locals a bit miserable on this visit though.

17 Apr 2017 15:19

Cask, West Derby

Paid another visit and sampled a few brews - all in good nic' - The 12, 13 and 15 buses from the city centre drop you less than a 10 minute walk away (get off at The Jolly Miller) Cross city routes 60 and 81 stop close by but don't serve the city centre.

17 Apr 2017 15:17

The Continental Pub, Preston

Not the most aesthetically pleasing interiors but location and ale make up for it. Good selection of ales, gins, craft kegs, bottles, cams etc and the staff were efficient and decent at their job. Not the easiest of places to find even though it's only a 10 minute walk from the station - it's by the river where the mainline railway crosses.

17 Apr 2017 15:11

The Taps, Lytham St Annes

Maybe I picked a bad night but this place was heaving with the o aye Oyston 'Fylde Coast Exective' set in twin set and pearls, golfing jumpers and a faux superior feeling - for all that trying to get served at the bar was worse than at one of the manic spoons in Blackpool. Gave up on it and left.

17 Apr 2017 15:06

Fifteen of St Annes, St Annes

average kind of pub with a bit of a pubchain feel. Ale was okay rather than good - the smaller number 10 round the corner was much better ambiance and ale wise but don't think it's listed here.

17 Apr 2017 15:00

Washington, Blackpool

Has the feel of a small chain pub replete with pushchairs and the idle poor imbibing with their benefit brats in tow. The beer though was on top form ( a dark Lytham brew - alas as good as it was I didn't fancy staying)

17 Apr 2017 14:58

The Thatched House, Poulton Le Fylde

Decent sized alehouse with one bar and a number of rooms serving a few decent ales. As mention it's a short bus or train ride out of Blackpool but a welcome oasis of calm in comparison.

17 Apr 2017 14:53

The Chequers, Hendon

Currently closed for a 'refurb'

12 Apr 2017 19:11

The Greyhound, Hendon

Drops further down the ratings - another duff pint them back and had to pay 80p for the privilege of changing it to a keg drink.
Was also deserted - even with the Chequers closed. Poor ale and no clientelle how does it survive ?

12 Apr 2017 19:10

The Assembly House, Kentish Town

Much improved on the ale front had a decent pint of a Twickenham brew and appeared a bit less foody on this visit.

12 Apr 2017 19:07

The Lord Nelson, Barnet

In a sea of dross I can see how this place comes across as characterful but it used to have decent ale too and it now hasn't for a while. I don't risk the ale here anymore and went for the lager instead this time.

9 Apr 2017 17:47

The Black Horse, Barnet

It's just too hit & miss here - you go one time and wait ages to get served but the beer is good, you go another get served straight away but the beer is poor - their own brews are seldom on. Some of the staff are good others lacklustre, some of the beers are on good form, others you have to take back and change. Maybe they'll get it right one day

9 Apr 2017 17:41

The Builders Arms, New Barnet

Though still a back street local this has gone right down the grid as far as ale is concerned. Only GK brews on offer and the pint of London I had was undrinkable. No longer a haven for decent ale drinkers anymore.

9 Apr 2017 17:29

The William Withering, Telford

Pretty bog standard spoons (as in indiscriminate service, second rate ale, toilet location to dissuade people using them) though it was quite relaxing to sit by the window and watch the world (as in the odd mobility scooter) scurry past outside in the sea of charity shops.

3 Apr 2017 20:37

The Foresters Arms, Madeley

Reasonable kind of pub with live music (a band doing the heavy rock staples of deep Purple etc) . Quite friendly despite it being very busy. Ale was a struggle to drink though so I switched to lager.

3 Apr 2017 20:31

The All Nations, Madeley

it is a good old fashioned pub serving decent ales in a pleasant location etc etc I did find it just a touch 'League of Gentlemen' though.

3 Apr 2017 20:29

The Royal Oak, Shrewsbury

Sought refuge here after the screeching and squawking kindergarten across the road though had to settle for lager as they didn't have any (noticeable) ale on. It does feel like a proper pub here though.

3 Apr 2017 20:27

The Town Crier, Chester

A chain style pub but a little more pub like than a Wetherspoons. Quite busy for 10 in the morning with a lot of folk looking like they'd been in there a while. the ale wasn't up to much though (Marstons) would have lager if I drop by again. It is over the road from the station.

3 Apr 2017 20:18

The White Hart, Aylesbury

Service was abysmal the archetypal Wetherspoon model - 8 staff on duty, 7 faffing about with till rolls, dusting etc etc and the one person at the bar clueless as to who to serve next.

22 Mar 2017 17:30

The Farmer's Bar, Aylesbury

Still get a decent beer here but found it a bit too touristy this visit. The Chiltern brews are well kept though and there aren't a lot of options for a decent pint in Quack Town.

22 Mar 2017 17:26

The Elephant, Faversham

Ale was decent on this visit and friendly enough though only a few in the place - although those few were all sat on stools along the bar. At least they did make way for me to get served.

8 Mar 2017 19:20

The Twelve Taps, Whitstable

A little twee and trendy but better selection (and quality) than the other micropub. Lady who appears to run it knows her stuff.
Female friendly (as in somewhere the ladies can go for a hassle free ale)

8 Mar 2017 19:16

White Bull, Bamber Bridge

Pretty much as previous poster. Okay if you want a quick pint of lager while waiting on a train

5 Mar 2017 10:01

Ye Olde Original Withy Tree, Bamber Bridge

Would have been a reasonable report but the usual blatant cronyism on serving people gets it a nought.

5 Mar 2017 09:59

The Crown Inn, Accrington

A few more ales on this time - though none really out of the ordinary. The Jennings Cumberland was okay.

5 Mar 2017 09:57

The Greyhound Inn, Accrington

Only one ale on and didn't fancy risking it so went for lager. has a pool table and big screen for showing football.

5 Mar 2017 09:55

Peel Park Hotel, Accrington

The ale quality was a bit better this time. It is probably one of your best bets for a decent pint in Accy.

5 Mar 2017 09:54

Olde Cottage, Chester

Good old school boozer, friendly enough and a good selection of ales on.

5 Mar 2017 09:50

Telfords Warehouse, Chester

A warehouse conversion that doesn't feel like 'just another warehouse conversion'. It is okay though rather than good - ale was drinkable (Weetwood) but they had bouncers on the door (and should have been £4 to get in for the band only I told them I was only having a swift pint and not staying for the band).

5 Mar 2017 09:49

The Larrik, Marylebone

two ales on - Hook Norton Hooky and Taylors Golden Best. The Hooky was drinkable. It's okay for what it is but nothing special.

2 Mar 2017 23:30

The Lexington, Kings Cross

Looks like a dosshouse from the outside and feels like one on the inside. Entry is often barred by police crime scene tape.

21 Feb 2017 21:47

The Compass, Islington

Now called the Joker of Penton Street. It's a former pub re-hashed as a "trendy Islington bar" with 'industrial' lighting, bare boards and tables etc. No ales but plenty of designer keg brews (ranging from £4.85 to £7 a pint). Okay for what it is but there are plenty of pubs in the area that serve better ale at far cheaper prices and are less pretentious.

21 Feb 2017 21:44

The Star Inn, Romsey

Two ales on in this proper pub. The Hogs back TEA was fine and the ambience and people were genuine and much more publike than other places in the town.

18 Feb 2017 23:01

The Castle, Angel, Islington

Typical trendy Islington pub cum bar cum snackery with tables laid for food though only snacks on the menu. Only two handpulls and only one ale on - Young's Bitter. The ale was in good nick though, probably as good as the Bedford Young's gets.. Worth a drop by.

17 Feb 2017 19:34

Elbowroom, Islington

Not sure if this is now The Alma Brewery Tap (on the corner of Baron Street and Chapel market). the Alma brewery tap does One Mile End beers - if so had a decent pint of Docker's Delight here. They have tried to make it typical islingotn trendy but it still has a rough edge and a pub feel to it.

16 Feb 2017 19:38

Jay Cubed, Angel, Islington

this is now called The Three Johns and it is a fairly open plan old style looking place with some real ales on and numerous craft beers, it has a slight trendy Islington feel though not as marked as places on Upper Street. The ales (Grainstore) was fairly drinkable.

15 Feb 2017 20:15

The King of Denmark, Islington

Now called the Islington - not ventured in yet though

2 Feb 2017 17:07

Corner Bar, Crewe

It's okay - probably about as good as Crewe gets and handy for station and football ground.

1 Jan 2017 12:38

The Shrewsbury Arms, Stafford

Recently re-opened standard ale house with a few varying brews on. Worth a drop by.

1 Jan 2017 12:36

Bell Inn, Haughton

Very much an 'eatery' (wouldn't call it a restaurant though it probably calls itself one) with three small tables near the bar set aside for drinkers/people waiting for tables. Ale was okay but can imagine drinkers being very much relegated to being like a spare part when busy. The village likes it's Christmas lights.

1 Jan 2017 12:34

The Barley Mow, Newport

Seems to be shortened to just the Barley. Front half seemed to be more for diners. Bloke in front of me (who wasn't local) ordered a pint of Flying Scotsman which didn't look to healthy so I went for Kronenbourg - which tasted more like Carling.

1 Jan 2017 12:30

The Czech Bar, West Hampstead

Still pretty much unchanged for the past 20 years. Proper draft Czech beers for less than your pint of Carling up the road.

24 Dec 2016 10:10

The Railway, West Hampstead

Still not changed much inside but they now think that because they are in Pretend Hampstead they can charge Pretend Hampstead prices and match the Alice House (£5.20 for a pint of Samuel Adams).Clientelle still the same but seem to be happy at being fleeced to pay for the 'chnages'.
Pretend Hampstead is now more expensive and up it's own arse than the real version - at least proper Hampstead still has a decent pub.
It is worth strolling a little further down to the Czech bar..better atmosphere, better lager and far cheaper.

24 Dec 2016 10:07

The New Inn, Newport

Now a Joule's house - has their stamp on it. A bit more of a food emphasis than other branches. Ale was okay but people did tend to crowd round the bar making it awkward to get served in spite of there being plenty of space.

23 Dec 2016 23:43

Station Hotel, Oakengates

Another decent old school, old man's boozer (many of whom were spread along the bar). Decent pint again (at £2.70 a pint) directly opposite the Crown. Seems to be a bit of rivalry with the Crown as the locals were pouring scorn on their big coup of getting Bernie Clifton to judge the town's mince pie contest in the Crown.

23 Dec 2016 12:29

The Crown, Oakengates

Good 'old man's' alehouse with good selection of brews available. Small room at back, large room at front and corridor area to perch in. I tried a Tring pale brew that was the best (and most expensive - at £2.95) of the day.

23 Dec 2016 12:26

The Pheasant Inn, Wellington

Good average kind of town pub - the two ales brewed on site (Echoes and Four Candles) were decent enough. Basic open plan layout

23 Dec 2016 12:23

Coach and Horses, Wellingborough

A definite improvement on last visit - it is the town's main ale pub nothing else to touch it bar the couple of micropubs.

20 Dec 2016 22:38

Coopers, Liverpool

Closed (along with the Burger King underneath it - maybe the two were related)

19 Dec 2016 18:37

Cask, West Derby

Very pleasant micropub in former shop on the Liverpool Ring Road (Queens Drive). It's quite small with limited opening hours but it is literally the only place to get a decent pint in the whole swathe of ale desert that are Liverpool's Eastern suburbs.

18 Dec 2016 14:41

Pi, Mossley Hill

Reasonable enough conversion of 2 shops in to a bar in one of Liverpool's posher suburbs. A decent selection of ales on in good nic'. handy for Mossley Hill station.

18 Dec 2016 14:32

Harvester, Edgware

Closed - not sure if permanent or for a refurb, either way it is an improvement.

5 Dec 2016 16:33

The Colonies, Westminster

It's okay for a GK pub but still didn't fancy risking the ale so went for a lager here. Plenty of screens for watching footy but it closes at 7pm on a Sat night.

4 Dec 2016 12:07

The Agricultural, Penrith

Standard kind of pub - more pub with rooms than hotel bar style. Friendly enough but no ale - only concession to proper beer was bottles of Jennings,

1 Dec 2016 11:37

Moo Bar, Penrith

Small shop conversion right next door to another pub. Very friendly small bar with an 'udder' room on the first floor - and the toilets on the 2nd. Was let down by the ale though - had a fairly insipid Carlisle brew which left me not wanting anymore. Top marks for the bar but think the ale needs attention.

1 Dec 2016 11:33

The Wheatsheaf, Gateshead

This really is an old school locals pub - looks it from the outside and the inside. Real ales (from Big Lamp) and real fire (nice as it was a bit parky out). The ale wasn't top notch but was drinkable. Worth the short metro ride out to Felling though.

1 Dec 2016 11:25

The Head of Steam, Newcastle

Modern first floor bar across the road from the station. Good selection of beers that were well kept.

1 Dec 2016 11:22

The Bridge Tavern, Newcastle

Big open plan pub on higher ground by one of the bridges. has a good selection of ales from small independent brewers and a few of the heavier (in alcohol) more headbanging brews one of which I'd ordered before realising it was 7%.

1 Dec 2016 11:20

The Old Market Inn, Kettering

What passes as a bog standard town pub these days. They had ale on but no one was drinking it and it didn't look too well kept so I went for lager. Your basic open plan kind of place. Probably just about the closest pub to the station.

27 Nov 2016 12:11

The Alexandra Arms, Kettering

Still the best selection of ales in Kettering though no longer in the GBG for some reason - maybe a dispute with the local camra people? By far the busiest of pubs visited in Kettering on Saturday night which must say something.

27 Nov 2016 12:08

The Piper, Kettering

Old school estate pub retaining bar and lounge (bar has pool table, shows football etc) a bit rough and ready but more real than the 'done up' versions. Has the added bonus of three decent ales on.

27 Nov 2016 12:06

The Three Cocks, Kettering

Would at one time have been an unremarkable town pub but such a beast is pretty thin on the ground these days. Standard pub with a few drinkable ales on worth dropping in if in town.

27 Nov 2016 12:02

The Alexandra Arms, Cambridge

Done out in Greene King's 'Pub & Dining' colours this place isn't big enough to be one of their proper 'pub restaurant' style establishments and ends up looking more like a street corner café. A middle class family came in to slum it on Sausage and Chips and Fishfinger and Chips - so very much a café serving beer. A shame really as the Mordue Workie Ticket wasn't a bad pint but let's face it this is no way a pub.

2 Oct 2016 09:55

The Kingston Arms, Cambridge

Couldn't fault the ale here again but the gripe this time is a pretty general one - while gasping to have a first pint of the day I am kept waiting by the family in front pondering over their life changing decisions as to whether Jemima wants Stilton or Wensleydale on her cheeseburger. it's about time Camra done a 'Food & Family Free' pub guide.
The Nene Valley DXB was a good pint though.

2 Oct 2016 09:47

The Devonshire Arms, Cambridge

At least previous reviewers got to sample the beers - After waiting long enough only to be ignored for the locals I decided to go somewhere where the bar staff serve people in the order they arrive. I think I had similar problems last time I dropped by here and made a comment about it on here. Am wondering if the pub got it deleted. Won't forget to avoid it on future trips to Cambridge now though.

2 Oct 2016 09:40

The Railway Inn, Westbury

A bit worn round the edges mixed food and beer pub. Has pool table also one ale on but didn't fancy trying it so had lager which was pretty much as you'd expect anywhere. It's handy for the station but also didn't see any other pubs between the town centre and there - seems like the town is a bit of a pub desert.

21 Aug 2016 22:44

The Organ Inn, Warminster

Can understand the popularity of this place - it is a shop conversion that actually has the feel of a small pub. Found the ale quality a let down though. The Organ Bitter was pretty unpalatable and the Stonehenge brew was the wrong side of average.

21 Aug 2016 22:40

Craft Beer Co., Islington

Probably the only chain that actually does pubs properly. Has a pub feel and sells top notch ales.

13 Aug 2016 21:39

The Craft Beer Co, City of London

You need to be a fan of Thornbridge brews if going this week - all bar one of the cask brews and nearly all the keg are Thornbridge beers.

8 Aug 2016 19:16

Boadicea, Charing Cross Station

Basically somewhere you are going to have a swift pint while waiting on your train. A lot of the (Keg) beers are over a fiver a pint.

8 Aug 2016 19:13

New Inn, Hayes

Large 'done out' pub opposite the station. It's okay for a swift lager - that's it.

8 Aug 2016 19:08

The Sovereign of the Seas, Petts Wood

Bog standard Wetherspoons same as all the other bog standard Wetherspoons.

8 Aug 2016 19:06

One Inn the Wood, Petts Wood

Ticks all the micropub boxes - convivial enough, decent selection of ales all let down by being served in plastic.

8 Aug 2016 19:05

The Mill, Mill Hill

Demolished - to make way for more flats (or care home0

30 Jun 2016 20:01

Globe, Liverpool

Sill a haunt for the rowdy senior delinquent crowd, especially on a Saturday afternoon/evening when it can be quite noisy. They're still a friendly enough bunch though.

21 Jun 2016 19:10

Harpoon Louis, Taunton

The ale was okay but unfortunately although now called the Plough it's still in Taunton.

15 Jun 2016 11:36

Off The Rails, Weston Super Mare

The only had one ale on (Otter) which was just about drinkable. It feels more like a school tuck shop than a bar though.

15 Jun 2016 11:34

The Regency, Weston Super Mare

decent old school pub near to town centre. had a decent pint of something hart here.

15 Jun 2016 11:31

Royal Oak, Clevedon

Close to the front and pier though on a parallel back street. Is on two levels with front bar at a higher level to back bars. Ale was okay, one of your few options for ale in the town.

15 Jun 2016 11:29

The Poacher, Portishead

Worn looking bog standard chain pub with poor selection of ale. Does food, though is fine for people to have their pooches in around the dining tables.

15 Jun 2016 11:26

The Leamington, Acton

Now a Polish shop

9 Jun 2016 00:24

The Castle, Acton

Clueless Spanish barman charged me £5.45 for a Butcombe 3.8% ale. I told him it was wrong, he said no so I said at that price no thanks, how much is the Pride, £3.75. He then had a go saying what's he now going to do with the pint he poured. I asked if there was a supervisor about , he refused to find one. Eventually another member of staff showed him he was wrong. He gave me back my original pint short measured for the £3.75 - with a very sour apology. The bloke has no customer service skills and was adamant he was right when he was wrong... even told me it was that expensive because it was imported. Someone ordering a round could well be out of pocket by a tenner or two. You have been warned.

9 Jun 2016 00:20

The Lamb and Flag, Oxford

fairly unchanged busy city centre pub with good selection of ales - had the Palmers bitter this visit.

8 May 2016 21:17

The Rose and Crown, Charlbury

Still being a good village local with decent ales.

8 May 2016 21:12

The Bird In Hand, High Wycombe

had a pint of lager here - didn't fancy risking any ale they had (can't remember if there was any now). I didn't mind it here though as it is pretty much an unchanged locals pub of the sort that are rare these days.

1 May 2016 10:26

Free Trade Inn, Sileby

Quaint thatched pub from the outside with a central bar serving a few sections within. Ale quality decent - a bit too child-friendly though.

24 Apr 2016 08:59

The Horse and Trumpet, Sileby

Reasonable enough pub like refurb with a decent selection of ales on.

24 Apr 2016 08:57

The Four Seasons, Chippenham

Now called the Buttercross - was okay but did feel a bit like a smaller wetherspoons.

10 Apr 2016 16:13

The Whole Hog, Malmesbury

Nice to see eating area and bar totally separated with different entrances. The rough and ready bar was populated with older blokes who all seemed absorbed with the day's horse racing. Ale on offer was decent enough and well kept and it's probably your best bet for ales in the town.

10 Apr 2016 16:12

The Little Pack Horse, Bewdley

the beer is good quality (had one of the hobson's brews) but all tables were 'reserved' for diners (be they actual or imaginary).

31 Mar 2016 22:44

The Station Inn, Kidderminster

Found this to be the best ale and and pub in Kidderminster. Maybe because it is far enough away from town and the other way from the station.

31 Mar 2016 22:36

The Cross, Old Swinford

Kind of okay to use as a waiting room for the nearby Junction station - ale was a struggle to drink wouldn't risk it on a return visit.

31 Mar 2016 22:34

Duke's Cut, Oxford

Now called the Lighthouse and unsure as to whether it is a cafe or a bar - it fails miserably at both. Continental style 'leave your change on a dish' when served at a bar. I really hate that - it is a foreign, alien culture that should fkk off back to where it belongs.
£4.60 for a mediocre Czech lager, not many places for drinkers to inhabit. Probably the worse place I've had the misfortune to drop in for a drink for some time.

27 Mar 2016 00:16

Penny Black, Bicester

Fairly typical Wetherspoons though Bicester is bereft of reasonable drinking houses. The Acorn Barnsley Bitter was just about drinkable. Seems to be a high proportion of the clientelle on DLA judging by the number of sticks and scooters about the place.

27 Mar 2016 00:07

The Crown, Cricklewood

Despite the adjoining hotel it seems to have degenerated back down to old school Cricklewood albeit with a few sofas and armchairs chucked in for good measure. Ales were missing this time and the over priced "craft" keg bore an uncanny resemblance to coloured fizzy water. Both hotel and pub are popular for Traveller Weddings.

25 Mar 2016 15:31

Castle, Farringdon

No discernible change from last visit apart from the ale (Purity UBU) being blander and with less taste.

20 Mar 2016 10:26

The Draft House, Tower Hill

Smaller kind of food and beer barn. Very busy even on a Saturday when the City is usually quieter. tried Pilsner Urquell which wasn't a patch on what it used to be. Not somewhere I'd rush back to.

20 Mar 2016 10:19

The Pipe Major, Dagenham

Brand new Marstons cafeteria over the road from Dagenham East tube station. Bland tasteless Marston brews on offer. Play areas both inside and outside, carvery etc etc etc.

20 Mar 2016 10:10

The Black Horse, Barnet

It is bad enough that we have to put up with the gimmickry of "celebrating" St.Patrick's day with Irish flags, shamrocks and leprechauns in an effort for businesses to persuade people to drink/buy more but considering there were no Irish customers and this is Barnet not Kilburn the playing of sectarian IRA music here is bang out of order and harks back to the bad old days that you don't even get in Belfast or Glasgow anymore. Irish music is one thing but sectarian bullshit extolling the virtues of murdering terrorists is another.

17 Mar 2016 18:53

The Railway Bell, Temple Ewell


16 Mar 2016 17:44

The Dolphin, Canterbury

Dropped by on my way to the station and dropped by forgetting to check my previous comments regarding the place. The small bit that seemed to be for non-diners was populated by people waiting for their tables and although I had a pleasant conversation with some of them this is a dining establishment where drinkers are tolerated and not a pub. Ale selection was pretty bland Doombar, Taylors etc. (Timothy Taylors must now be one the UKs blandest ales) as was quality with no local brews on offer.

13 Mar 2016 13:41

The Louis Armstrong, Dover

A bit rough round the edges but nonetheless a proper pub. Four ales on all local - The Old Dairy and Gadds brews were fine but the I had to change the Skrimshander. It isn't the first time I've had to change a Hopdaemon brew in a decent alehouse so begining to think maybe the issue is as much to do with the brew as the pubs serving it. Eas only person in on a Saturday afternoon though it does seem to be more for night venue. Definitely worth the stroll away from the rack up the aptly named Dour Street.

13 Mar 2016 13:31

The Mash Tun, Dover

Pleasant enough micropub - which is more like a pub than many. a wide range of ales on for such a small place and a much needed outlet for well kept decent ales in Dover.

13 Mar 2016 13:18

Woody's, Kingston Upon Thames

Ale quality okay but feels more like a riverside cafeteria than a pub. Also has the increasing trend of waiter service (a ploy to pay staff even less and embarrass you in to paying a tip to supplement the meagre wages - US style).

6 Mar 2016 10:48

The Roebuck, Richmond Hill

Top marks for the ale quality but after dodging the designer pushchairs to reach the bar if felt more like i was in a montesorri school or creche than a pub.

6 Mar 2016 10:41

The Swan, Bushey

Traditional pub - ale was okay as opposed to good.

20 Feb 2016 22:48

The Gardeners Arms, Liverpool

been closed some time - may even be demolished by now

16 Feb 2016 21:58

The Black Horse, Barnet

Pretty much same as last visit - staff were better but still had to change a dodgy pint. Their own stuff is usually okay when it's on though.

16 Feb 2016 20:07

The Three Horseshoes, Marlow

More restaurant then pub. Only a small drinker's area by the entrance. I didn't rate the beer much but I was comparing it to the brewery 'pull your own pint' offering from the open afternoon down the road so am probably being over critical.

7 Feb 2016 10:47

Alice House, West Hampstead

Thinks it's Natasha when it looks like Elsie.
Why is west Hampstead now dearer than proper Hampstead ? No ale - a fiver a pint for trendy keg beers in a bar that is nothing special at all.
West Hampstead keeps trying but you can't make a silk purse from a rat's arse.

15 Jan 2016 19:05

The Man of Kent Ale House, Rochester

Odd then how you manage to equate my description to a particular dog in question. Am not totally averse to dogs in pubs but any creature from dog to mongoose to refugee from the Jeremy Kyle show that sits next to you in a pub licking it's bollocks is going to be a bit off putting to anyone. Anyhow - even if it was the same dog it could well have been moulting or diseased in the Summer and have recouperated by the time of your visit. I described it as I saw it.

6 Jan 2016 16:17

The Victoria Inn, Rugby

Was back on form on this visit - decent pint here.

26 Dec 2015 19:00

The Alexandra Arms, Rugby

Pretty much the same as on my last visit. Nice local pub in town with decent ale.

26 Dec 2015 18:58

The Pestle and Mortar, Hinckley

Pleasant enough shop conversion bar in the town centre dealing in non-mainstream brews.

10 Dec 2015 00:08

The Punch and Judy, Liverpool

It was a toilet from the day it opened - even the bar across the road in the Ribble bus station was better.

7 Dec 2015 01:24

The Merton Inn, Bootle

Poor even by Wetherspoons standards. Crawling with brats until their 'guardians' were informed there was no mash, veg or children's meals available. It then became less like a McDonalds - the beer was drinkable but It was just a dosshouse not worth the effort. Bootle as a whole is just a world of zombie pubs. Bank Hall to Seaforth & Litherland inclusive - don't get off the train.

7 Dec 2015 01:18

White Hart, Mansfield

Looks like the building is to be let as offices. I did get to the difficult to find but unlisted Ye Olde White Lion further down Church Street through an alley by a Chinese takeaway but wish I hadn't. the place was populated by schoolkids (and I mean just otf from school in school uniform), the bar was untended so didn't get served and the locals unfriendly. The White Lion is in the GBG but will never know if the beer is any good as am unlikely to ever return.

1 Dec 2015 13:52

The Saracens Head, Southwell

Hotel bar which only had Old Speckled Hen and Abbot on. The Old Speckled hen was good though and shows it can be a nice pint if well kept and served.

1 Dec 2015 13:45

The Newcastle Arms, Southwell

Now called the Final Whistle (a railway as opposed to a football reference apparently). Decent pub with plenty of ales on worth the short trek from the town.

1 Dec 2015 13:43

White Hart, Mansfield


1 Dec 2015 13:38

The Unicorn, Worksop

A bit of a rough and ready large-ish open plan town pub. Not so bad as it seems though as the ale (a Dukeries brew) was good and it does feel more like a pub than similar wetherspoon type establishments.

1 Dec 2015 13:38

The Carramore, Brent Park

Now closed

25 Nov 2015 22:37

The Crown, Horsell

The Thurstons 'Horsell Hooker' was a drinkable pint but the staring 'straw dogs' locals put me off having a second.

25 Nov 2015 21:44

The Red Lion Inn, Horsell

Typical chain style eatery with a few unadventurous brews. Ale was okay but a bland place full of bland people.

25 Nov 2015 21:42

The Plough Inn, Horsell

A local pub for local people. Okay in it's way but wasn't impressed with the Dartmoor Jail ale - mustn't travel well from the West Country.

25 Nov 2015 21:39

The Crown, Borehamwood

Now a Sainsbury's local -there is a large than average shop conversion bat over the road called the Alfred - which is just your lagers etc.

18 Nov 2015 18:24

The Court Inn, Durham

Fairly unremarkable pub with an emphasis on food (though no one was eating). Reasonable ale selection but not the greatest of pints.

3 Nov 2015 16:03

Leyton Technical, Leyton

Very busy on this visit (rugby was on and LOFC just tipped out) but served quite swiftly and ale was good, Decent selection of brews - not your archetypal pub but an oasis in the area for decent ale.

1 Nov 2015 21:31

The Rising Sun, Bradford on Avon

It is a genuine kind of old school pub but the ale was very poor. Was given a pint of cloudy murk that looked like Catweazle had been bathing in it to start with which was changed for a less murky one and finally a clearish one. Even the clearer pint was not up to much - and there wasn't a great choice either. Prices matched the nearby upmarket Castle too. Won't be dashing back in a hurry.

25 Oct 2015 12:29

The Village Inn, Nailsworth

The pub is okay but the ale (The Mayors brewed on site) was dreadful and I left it.

18 Oct 2015 10:29

Cafe Waschsalon, Cologne

As the name suggests it is more café than bar. it's okay, nothing that special. There are some washing machine bits as features but feel you are paying a little over the odds for the gimmick as prices are more than similar bars/cafes in the area.

11 Oct 2015 12:53

The Rai D'Or, Salisbury

Reasonable enough, friendly kind of a place - though the ale was okay rather then good.

5 Oct 2015 17:30

Costellos, Altrincham

Bar in ground floor of a building in shopping area. Reasonable enough with decent ales from Dunham Massey brewery. Probably the best option for ales in the town.

30 Aug 2015 13:12

The 5 Tuns, Heathrow Airport

Found it quite the opposite form the last comment - just one ale that wasn't up to much, very slow service from staff who expected to keep your change, £4.75 for a pint of ale. It is the only landside bar in terminal 5 and it shows.

23 Aug 2015 19:58

The Town Hall Tavern, Chertsey

Dropped in again at opening time (which was a bit late - more like 20 past 12 than 12) and forgot to mention last time that it is now the Thyme At The Tavern. Ale was still good though.

23 Aug 2015 19:50

The Watermans Arms, Eton

More a haunt for your tourists - a bland selection of ales and the Cornish brew I had was insipid (and at 4 quid a pint) expensive. If you like your ale there are far better options in the area.

9 Aug 2015 11:24

The Town Hall Tavern, Chertsey

As mentioned below, it does look more food or wine bar in style but the range of ales dominate the bar and no one was eating or drinking wine on my visit. Ale was decent and worth a visit if in town.

9 Aug 2015 11:21

Brauhaus Schreckenskammer, Cologne

Reasonable enough though those 2cl Kölsch glasses get on your nerves. At least here they anticipate you need another before you finish the current one. The poor Euro makes it quire reasonable for a beer now too. As has been mentioned old school beer hall type place with small bar area for those who sit at the bar and handy for the main station.

26 Jul 2015 22:14

The Chequers, Sevenoaks

Good town pub that can be accessed from the High Street or London Road. A bit worn round the edges though that seems to be from being well patronised. Ale quality was good and there were a few local brews on offer.

19 Jul 2015 09:12

The Anchor, Sevenoaks

Doesn't seen to open on Saturday afternoons

19 Jul 2015 09:10

The Tower, Hastings

Reasonable enough pub with a decent pint of Hophead

5 Jul 2015 01:39

Station Hotel, Abergavenny

Reasonable pub with bar and snug serving a decent pint of ale. gets top marks though as the missus left her handbag behind and the bloke behind the bar came dashing down the road with it.

30 Jun 2015 23:02

Bar 28 (Merton Hotel), Hereford

Had a reasonable pint here - bar has a pretty much bog standard modern pub feel to it though.

30 Jun 2015 22:59

Stamps Bistro, Crosby

Okay for ale but still feels more like the shop conversion it is than a pub.

4 Jun 2015 18:12

The Minories, Tower Hill

Awful well-worn drinking barn in railway arches. beer was undrinkable - leave it to the tourists/unwary...

26 May 2015 21:29

The Thirsty Bear, London

Have to concur with previous posters. Gimmicky , poor ale, over priced. Leave to the tourists, city drunk workers. Nil points. The

25 May 2015 17:30

The Punch Bowl, Warwick

Nice larger pub, though in the old school style as opposed to the modern drinking barn style. Decent ales on (the best bitter went sown well).

17 May 2015 21:37

Blarneys, Edgware

Now called the New Inn - still your archetypal shop conversion Irish bar only serving keg. The Kronenbourg was only £3 a pint but also tasted like it. Sadly this is now the only bar open to the general public left in Burnt Oak.

26 Apr 2015 13:44

The Prince of Wales, Burnt Oak

..not flats but an Indian restaurant

26 Apr 2015 13:40

The Tavern, Cricklewood

Closed - rumoured to become a Tesco Metro

26 Apr 2015 13:37

The Adam and Eve, Mill Hill

Made the mistake of dropping by for a swift pint on a nice day. Apart from being populated with bling laden T.O.W.I.E. wannabes the Butcombe Bitter was disgusting and undrinkable. Would say that NW7 just isn't pub territory I suppose - in fact probably most of the NW suburbs. Decent pubs are VERY thin on the ground and decent ale even rarer.

26 Apr 2015 13:34

The Vine Inn, Tenterden

Done out in a modern style which strips it pretty much of any character, The Whitstable Pale was okay - probably alright for a pint while waiting in the bus.

18 Apr 2015 22:38

The Great Northern, Hatfield

They did have some non descript mainstream ale on but no one else was drinking it and I didn't fancy risking it so stuck to lager. Main point about it is that it is handy for the station.

5 Apr 2015 20:07

The Radcliffe Arms, Hitchin

There is an advertising sign for Illy coffee on this place, which about sums it up - not a pub in the slightest.

5 Apr 2015 20:02

The Gloucester Arms, Great Offley

I think that this is now a Chinese restaurant as couldn't see any pub on the Luton Road in Offley.

5 Apr 2015 19:58

The Brewhouse, Poole

Still a decent basic boozer with a few decent ales on - not many of them about these parts.

30 Mar 2015 21:19

The Ship, Christchurch

Sterile refurb of an old pub done without class or character.Beer (Doombar) was dross and I ended up leaving it.

30 Mar 2015 21:16

Sherbourne Arms, Northleach

Has a bit of a higgledy-piggledy layout. The ale (Butcombe) was okay not as good as the other place but at least this is a proper village pub with a less pretentious clientele.

1 Mar 2015 09:07

Red Lion, Northleach


1 Mar 2015 09:00

Cotes Mill, Loughborough

I only guessed at that because it was the only place on Nottingham Road in Loughborough on here. Surprised the Tap & mallet isn't listed - at least it got a mention now though.

25 Nov 2014 18:39

The Windmill, Loughborough

Had a duff pint of Dovedale. Claims to be a 'real pub' but is very much a fake. Worse pint and pub of the night.

25 Nov 2014 17:58

The Three Horseshoes, Barton under Needwood

Found this more hospitable than the other Barton hostelries but there was an extended all encompassing discussion about meat and butchering stuff. beer was reasonable (Oakham Inferno)

25 Nov 2014 17:53

The Red Lion, Barton under Needwood

A local bar for local people. Swift pint of pedigree (not brilliant) and off elsewhere before they take umbrage and summon The Witchfinder General.

25 Nov 2014 17:48

John Laird, Birkenhead

Typical Wetherspoons - useful as there is a dearth of proper ale in Birkenhead.

25 Nov 2014 17:29

Rock Station Hotel, Rock Ferry

Bit of a down market kind of pub. It had one 'house' ale on but I didn't fancy risking it. probably a wise move seeing as the lager wasn't too good.

25 Nov 2014 17:23

Rose And Crown Hotel, Lower Bebington

Average kind of pub still retaining two halves. Appears to be a Thwaite's tied house. Ale was okay if not top notch.

25 Nov 2014 17:21

The Chimneys, Ellesmere Port

Another eatery not really a pub - ale was worse than at the Hooton ended up leaving half of it.

25 Nov 2014 17:19

Hooton Hotel, Hooton

Run of the mill eatery that serves ale - was just about a drinkable pint.

25 Nov 2014 17:18

The Plough Inn, Bicester

Bland GK pb slight emphasis on food but retains drinker's area to the front. Only one ale on - Thwaite's Wainwright, which was insipied and tasteless. left half of it.

20 Oct 2014 18:59

O'Neills, Ealing

Now kind of gentrified and called the Drapers Arms. Has leather sofas, food, ales etc. They had Doom Bar and Purity UBU on draught - neither was up to much but I suppose they are at least trying.

23 Aug 2014 16:25

George and Dragon, Sandwich

It scores lowly because it isn't really a pub, more of an eatery. beer was okay but there was only room at the bar area for about 5 or 6 drinkers, most of the place is laid out for diners.

5 Aug 2014 22:16

The Priory Hotel, Dover

It's basically the pub opposite the station. Somewhere to have a quick pint before the train. Wouldn't linger any longer than I would have to.

5 Aug 2014 22:08

East Cliff Tavern, Folkestone

Timewarp maybe - but had more of the feel of walking in to a junk shop than a pub. Wasn't the cleanest of places either - a dog was dragging it's bum across the carpet when I went in. The carpet itself was mainly held together by matted dog hairs. I had a pint of the Incubus which was drinkable as opposed to good and as I put it down on the table I noticed the trails left by slugs on the table. It does have character and the locals are friendly but it is a bit shabby and not the cleanest of places.

5 Aug 2014 22:04

The Salisbury Arms, Cambridge

Still closest decent pub to the station. Despite being a Well's house there are usually other (and better) offerings)

19 Jul 2014 23:09

White Horse, Harpenden

Mainly another 'eatery' but there is a drinker's area at the main entrance but this seems very cluttered with stools and armchairs. The tring brw they had was okay but as a pub not quite my bag of biscuits.

29 Jun 2014 21:57

The Swan Inn, Sidmouth

It's okay but basically a bog standard Young's house with no guest ales on show.

20 Jun 2014 23:21

The Hobgoblin, Maidenhead

Now called The Maiden's Head, a bog standard Marston's Pubco offering. Okay by their standards. The Proper Job had a chill haze but was drinkable. Maidenhead is pretty poor when it comes to pubs of any description so you could do a lot worse.

18 May 2014 11:23

Brunel, Liverpool

Relatively modern pub - no ale, pretty much a pensioners lunch club.

11 May 2014 11:03

The Snowdon, Llandudno

Beer was okay - standard seaside town pub frequented mainly by visitors. Too many sofas.

11 May 2014 10:59

The Tudor Inn, Sheerness

Now a bookies

6 Apr 2014 07:59

The Yorkshireman, Colton

Actually ate there with the missus this time. Both food and ale were good.

2 Mar 2014 14:56

The Greyhound, Lichfield

Reasonable enough pub that has bands on. As mentioned only one hand pump which was unusual for the are in being McMullens Country. Forced out to a pint of foam when it eventually settled it was drinkable.

2 Mar 2014 14:54

Henry Addington, Canary Wharf

Had a reasonable pint in here. For a bar at the bottom of an office block and given the area it's okay. At least it doesn't have 'greeters' at the door waiting to show you to a table.

25 Feb 2014 21:18

The Unicorn, Leek

Old school alehouse with decent ale.

15 Feb 2014 22:49

Jolly Scotchman, Holdingham

Standard kind of edge of town pub. Pretty nondescript all round drank lager as no one else was drinking ale.

14 Feb 2014 18:49

The Shades, Skegness

Looks and feels like a chain pub - didn't risk the ale just had the lager (and that weren't anything special)

14 Feb 2014 18:47

Golden Lion, Boston

Town centre pub that was okay. Seemed to sell only Thwaites ales which is unusual for the area.

14 Feb 2014 18:45

The Eagle, Boston

A reasonable pub with decent ales near to the station. relatively freindly folk.

14 Feb 2014 18:43

The Victoria, Dunstable

Wasn't a great choice of ale and all from major brewers. Was okay but not the ale destination some seem to think it is.

2 Feb 2014 12:33

The Red Lion and Pineapple, Acton

Your average Wetherspoons - i.e 4 people behind the bar busy with other tasks as opposed to serving people waiting. The 'manager' seems to think interrupting the staff who actually are serving so he can admonish them is perfectly acceptable rather than the ignorance it actually is. The customer certainly doesn't come first in this establishment which is a shame as the ale was okay.

25 Jan 2014 12:46

The Rose and Crown, Ealing

Another Fullers House with a drop in ale quality - the Seafarers tasted like it was made with sea water.

3 Jan 2014 19:36

The Sun Inn, Waterbeach

Cosy locals pub with reasonable ales on.

15 Dec 2013 15:51

The Railway Tavern, Thetford

No ale - your standard sky sports and lager bar. Okay for a swift lager before the train though.

15 Dec 2013 15:48

The Black Horse, Thetford

Took the Wherry back as it was cloudy - and you always get one local who thinks it's okay don't you.
"That looks clear to me" - the kind who back up their local right or wrong and would say a pint of Guinness with an Oxo cube centrifuged in it was clear.
Too many of us put up with second rate stuff and think we are helping out the landlord by drinking the dregs. The barrell was on it's way out and they changed it for Tribute - which was drinkable.

15 Dec 2013 15:47

The Feathers, Wymondham

Still as before - tried a quite malty brew which went down well enough.

15 Dec 2013 15:36

Old Cottage Tavern, Burton on Trent

it is good to see that proper old fashioned locals pubs with decent ale manage to survive like this. The oak brew I tried went down well.

10 Dec 2013 22:43

The Red Lion, Northwich

Average pub - Marstons Pedigree was just about drinkable.

10 Dec 2013 22:21

The Lamp Tavern, Dudley

Welcome to 1973... thought I had gone back in time. Pub resembled a typical 70's pub with appropriate music from the DJ. Someone was off to hospital in the morning for an operation and some wag requested Rod Stewart 'First Cut is the Deepest' for them which started playing before the DJ relaised it was someone taking a rise. May be a bit rough and ready for some - if it isn't Noddy Holder's local it should be... oh and bathams Bitter on top form as well.

10 Dec 2013 22:18

The Fountain, Lower Gornal

Was very busy, the pub seemed okay but let down by poor service - staff not served in order which always takes the gloss off even of the best of ales. Also the locals seemed a bit 'League of Gentlemen' . Certainly not worth going out of the way to.

10 Dec 2013 22:12

Five Ways Inn, Dudley

Standard old school local with the added bonus of Bathams bitter.

10 Dec 2013 22:07

The Old Bulls Head, Lower Gornal

Had a just about okay pint of the Black Country pig brew. Was pretty empty. Average kind of pub.

10 Dec 2013 22:06

The Crown Inn, Accrington

A lot of places could learn with how to deal with busy spells from here. Was served quickly despite it being three deep at the bar. They now have proper ales but only Bombardier and another 'standard' and as no one appeared to be drinking any I stuck to the Kronenbourg. Pie sales have now been moved to a doorway in the back room but at £2 are still value for money when you can pay more than that for a 'measure' of nuts from a jar behind the bar in a London pub.

10 Nov 2013 14:47

The Forest, Dorridge

Nice enough place with decent ale but not really what you would call a pub.

3 Nov 2013 18:12

The Station Inn, Pembroke Dock

Pleasant enough conversion of station buildings into a pub and cafe. the Cwrw was drinkable enough and staff reasonably friendly on our visit. The limited opening hours do them no favours though. They could do a fair bit more trade if they worked it round certain train times.

25 Sep 2013 22:27

The Carramore, Brent Park

Bog standard shop conversion Irish bar - though one of the few places for a pint in the vicinity.

9 Sep 2013 18:48

Tom Taya Lewis, Newport

Like the set of Jeremy Kyle only with poor beer. Although for Newport it is good.

6 Aug 2013 19:39

The Barley Mow, Bristol

Old pub refurbed in a part pub part bistro style amid some new social housing not far from the station. Decent selection of ales which went down well.

6 Aug 2013 19:35

Colston Yard, Bristol

Nice enough though a newish contrived feel rather than an original pub feel. The beer was good though had a nice pint of Butcombe Bitter.

6 Aug 2013 19:27

The Swan Hotel, Downham Market

A small chavvy bar with pool table at front and a chav lounge towards the rear. London prices for beer. Didn't risk the ale and went for lager. Good place to have as long as it keeps the Jeremy Kyle-ites out of other places.

28 Jul 2013 19:11

The Live and Let Live, Downham Market

Okay kind of pub - two tellies with sport on in smaller upper bar area and pool table and garden on lower level. The pint of Doom bar was nothing special and would go for lager on a revisit.

28 Jul 2013 19:09

The Fur and Feathers, Herriard

Reasonable enough though edging more towards diners than drinkers

25 Jul 2013 18:10

Gordons Bar, Newbury

Is this now the Jack O'Newbury ? If so it might as well still be closed. Went in as Mr.Blue Sky by ELO started blaring out - no one in sight. mr Blue Sky came and went, still like the Marie Celeste - not a soul to be seen.
Between pointless queues, extortionate prices and ghost pubs is this Newbury's effort to bring in some kind of prohibition ?

16 Jul 2013 18:36

Hog's Head, Newbury

Not many people in but a queue to get served - might be acceptable if you are eating here (is the food that good?) but not for someone who wants apinton a hot day - couldn't be bothered and went elsewhere.

16 Jul 2013 18:31

The Lock Stock and Barrel, Newbury

Okay - but it is a bit steep £4.65 for a pint of premium lager in what is a pretty bog standard Fuller's food orientated pub.

16 Jul 2013 18:29

The Brewery Tap, Sudbury

Still the best pub in Sudbury.

10 Jul 2013 22:30

The Rum Runner, Retford

Decent enough pub with a variety of ales on

23 Jun 2013 20:33

The Cinque Ports, Seaford

Average kind of pub. The harveys was okay.

15 Jun 2013 22:07

The Benjamin Satchwell, Leamington Spa

Average kind of Wetherspoons. At least it had a few ales on unlike the other place. Ales were okay.

18 May 2013 14:10

Rex, Belfast

Friendly enough auld man's bar. No real ale but reasonable priced lager.

25 Mar 2013 14:41

The Morning Star, Belfast

Worth a visit but no ale served.

25 Mar 2013 14:40

The John Hewitt, Belfast

Only Hilden No.4 on draught but in excellent condition. Still the best pub in Ireland for proper ale.

25 Mar 2013 14:36

Airfield Tavern, Brympton

Typical modern chain pub - had a few ales on which were drinkable.

25 Mar 2013 14:28

The Half Moon, Mildenhall

Part of the now ironically named 'Hungry Horse' chain. Basically a cafeteria that sells beer.

26 Feb 2013 17:11

Blue Boar, Eye

Community pub, as in it feels more like a community centre than a pub. Ale was just about drinkable. Open plan set up okay for the locals but nowhere for outsiders to roost.

26 Feb 2013 17:05

Nellie Dean's, Rotherham

Now an Old Mill tied house called the Bridge Inn. Ale was okay about the best you can expect in Rotherham and it is very handy for Rotherham station.

30 Dec 2012 17:29

The Ring O'Bells, Lancaster

Found it to be an honest straight up kind of pub with a few decent ales on. Worth dropping in to.

17 Dec 2012 20:45

Slow & Easy, Lostock Gralam

Only Bombardier on the ale front which I didn't fancy trying so had a lager. It's okay as a pub with plenty of screens to watch matches on and an area where they bands can play.

11 Dec 2012 21:36

Railway Hotel, Ashton in Makerfield

Reasonable enough locals pub close to Garswood station with a few decent drinkable ales on.

11 Dec 2012 21:24

The King William IV, Braintree

The best ale in Braintree and probably the best pub in the town as well. (though it is a little bit of a trek out but worth it).

12 Nov 2012 20:19

O'Neills, Stansted Airport

It's had revamp and is now called Bridges. It serves Bridge Ale and GK IPA on handpump - expensive and undrinkable and you get your change on a little plate like they expect you toleave some of it. Still dire and worth avoidng if at all possible.

12 Nov 2012 20:10

The Riflemans Arms, Droitwich

Pleasanrt enough old school locals pub handy for the station. Had a reasonable pint of Boondoggle here.

9 Oct 2012 18:12

The Bull, Codsall

Has a bit of a rough town pub feel to it (which seemed to backed up by the note to inform people barred under the old landlord were still barred and the chat of some rough locals about people being fined for breaking shop windows). Had a pint of Banks Bitter and wasn't expecting much but it was drinkable.

26 Aug 2012 11:22

The Hanover, Harwich

Nice enough pub , dreadful ale - and this pub is in the good beer guide ?

19 Aug 2012 00:56

The Felsto Arms, Felixstowe

Beer in plastic for non-locals : nil points.

19 Aug 2012 00:55

The Half Moon, Walton

Bog standard Adnams house serving a reasonable pint.

19 Aug 2012 00:53

Ye Olde Three Horseshoes, Charlbury

Looks like it has been refurbed and is more of an 'eatery' these days.

8 Aug 2012 19:22

The Gate Inn, Honeybourne

An old building with a dreadful refurbed interior - not sure what it is supposed to be - bar, restaurant, gym reception area ?. They have a dining area but the staff seemed to want to put diners in amongst the drinkers nstead and left it empty. Nearest place to the station for a pint.

8 Aug 2012 19:17

The Marathon Restaurant, Chalk Farm

" apparently they were serving people alcohol even if they hadn't bought any food"
They've been doing that for the last 30 years. Over priced bottles of Keo at 3am in the monrng were it's speciality. Makes one wonder why the council are bothering now.

24 Jun 2012 14:52

The Northumberland Arms, Goodge Street

Dreadful place to rip off the large passing trade. Lovely hot day fancied a nice cold lager. Choice of Heineken, San Miguel, Fosters. Asked for Heineken - "we don't have it"... went for (at £4.10 a pint) the San Miguel. Dire, tasteless and not cold enough. Even if you fancy a swift lager this place won't do it for you.

25 May 2012 16:34

The Quiet Woman, Leek

Part of a small pub chain. Bit of adownmarket Wetherspoon feel to it. ONly one ale on - Tether from Wahrfe something or other... wasn't particularly nice.

11 Apr 2012 22:00

Prince of Wales, Herne Bay

Reasonable enough Shepherd Neame, street corner, town local. The Master Brew was about as good as you'll get it.

1 Apr 2012 10:12

Crooked Spire, Chesterfield

A Marston's pubco place in the shadow of the spire. Didn't fancy risking the one ale on (Hobgoblin) so went for a lager here. Garish kind of place where people go to pretend they are still on holiday in Benidorm.

4 Mar 2012 15:05

The Attleborough Arms, Nuneaton

The 'Arms' seemed to have been dropped as it is just the 'Attleborough'. An archetypal large-ish Marstons Pubco chainpub. Souless and mediocre. Only Marstons Pedigree on the ale front but it wasn't a bad pint.

29 Feb 2012 17:46

Royal Oak, Attleborough

An old style fron Public bar and rear Lounge set up. Plenty of ales on but nothing out of the ordinary - all 'mainstream' brews. Had a reasonable pint of Landlord.

29 Feb 2012 17:37

Thatched House Tavern, Bloxwich

Am old style 'rough house' with no ale, only Carling on the lager front and populated by drunks discussing who the local hard men were and how many people they had 'banged'.

20 Feb 2012 22:22

The Romping Cat, Bloxwich

Unchanged pub on a corner with a few rooms and locals playing cards. Only Pedigree on draught which was okay but nothing brilliant.

20 Feb 2012 22:20

The Wharf, Walsall

What looks like a temporary buidling with tables and chairs from a school canteen. No proper ale and the pint of Staropramen wasn't cheap. Second closest pub to the station - closest when the Red Lion is closed as it was on Sunday night.

20 Feb 2012 22:18

Carlton, Sheffield

An oasis in an otherwise very bleak part of Sheffield. Smallish locals pub with decent ale.

20 Feb 2012 21:51

The Bodega, Newcastle

Busy city centre pub with plenty of (necessary) standing room. They had the Stoke -Sunderland game on on live but not a soul seemed (or admitted to be) interested in it. Not many unusual ales on but had a decent pint of Black Sheep.

7 Feb 2012 16:26

The Fox and Hounds, Thurston

Decent pub handy for the station with a few ales on. Had a pint of Woodforde's Nog and a maheer IPA both were good. Has a pool room (as opposed to Public bar) and Lounge area that has seating for diners in an area to the rear. A lot of Americans frequent the place (I'm guessing that is to do with USAAF bases in the area).

29 Jan 2012 12:44

The Railway Tavern, Elmswell

A GK pub with a railway theme though not that near to the railway. The beer here is well kept though and the Abbot tasted quite nice not the usual cloying aftertaste you usually get with it. Pleasant staff and clientelle too. One of the better GK pubs.

29 Jan 2012 12:40

Fox, Elmswell

Standard GK pub next to the station with Ruddles as a 'guest'. Somewhere to sit while waiting on a train.

29 Jan 2012 12:36

The Boot Inn, Histon

Am old pub with a small bar to the front and larger one to the rear. Front bar has nice warming fire (although the seats by the fire seem to be made for Santa's elves). Had a nice enough pint of Woodfrorde's Wherry.

24 Dec 2011 23:37

Three Horseshoes, Watton at Stone

Yet another 'dining' experience. I think it is time that the site seperated places whcih are primarily 'restaurants' from proper pubs.

18 Dec 2011 21:05

Royal Oak, St Ives

Okay kind of pub on the main street with room and area by bar at front and other areas to the rear. Had a pint of Woodforde Wherry which was just about drinkable.

27 Nov 2011 00:30

The Old Buttermarket, Canterbury

Seems to have 'waiters' as opposed to bar staff. All mainstreanm ales apart from Cropton Blackout which I had and wasn't too great. A busy town centre pub that knows it doesn't have to make the effort - and doesn't. In the 2012 GBG - why ?

5 Nov 2011 23:34

The Kings Arms, Crewe

A rough and ready house but at least it is more friendly than the place over the road. Two ales on , both Beartown, both 5%. The Bruin's Ruin was drinakble though.

27 Oct 2011 16:55

Boars Head, Middlewich

This is by far and away the best pub in Middlewich for beer and for pub ambience. It felt more like a pub than the other places and the pint of Black Beauty went down nicely. They also had Unicorn on.

27 Oct 2011 15:41

Kings Arms, Middlewich

Somewhere for the Scalls to go.

27 Oct 2011 15:36

The White Bear, Middlewich

Was closed on a Saturday night - not sure if it's temporary or permanent.

27 Oct 2011 15:35

Newton Brewery Inn, Middlewich

Old man's pub with back bar and front room. Had a barely drinkable pint of Marston's Bitter.

27 Oct 2011 15:34

Stamford Bridge Inn, Chester

Reasonable kind of refurb of this roomy pub that backs on the canal. Proclaims it's inclusion in the GBG 2011. Was empty on this Friday afternoon visit. Three ales on - Blue Monkeys 99 Red Baboons being the only unusual one. Not sure I'm a fan of it though but it's probably more the beer itself rather than the condition.

8 Oct 2011 11:25

Stag and Rainbow, West Derby

Bog standard Beefeater/Premier Inn. Only in the place beause I had to be. They did have one ale on - Jennings Cumberland but it was a dire pint.

8 Oct 2011 10:55

The Railway, Stafford

A friendly old style locals pub not far from the station. Only a few mainstream ales on offer though the Pride was nice enough.

30 Sep 2011 11:03

The Folly Inn, Adstock

Nice enough place that does food though wasn't overtly a dining establishment and retains a certain pub feel to it. Also does B & B. They had two ales on Spitfire and Tring's Side Pocket - the latter was a quite nice pint.

19 Sep 2011 17:13

Railway Inn, Broadheath

Classic old style Holt's pub with a brightly public bar, small serving bar area and a parlour. Holt's Bitter & Mild on handpump. Asked for a pint of bitter and was offered a choice of Holt's or Boddington's keg - bit of an affront even having Boddington's in a Holt's house really. The Holts was nice (and cheap) enough and the pub is one of those timewarp kind of pubs of old.

19 Sep 2011 17:01

Memphis Belle, Westbrook

Part of Warrington's 'Brave New World'. Large modern dining hall / bar / social centre-in-one to serve the dynamic new retail / light industrial / housing sector in North-West Warrington. Three handpumps, which given the area and clientelle would always be over optimistic, only one of which was being used and that for Youngs Bitter chilled as if it were a lager.

19 Sep 2011 16:30

The Napier Arms, Gillingham

I went in the 'back' refurbed bar which seemed geared toward blokes watching the football on the telly. The London Glory I had a pint of was reasonable but the 'comfy' chair layout ain't my idea of 'comfy'.

11 Sep 2011 11:03

The Cricketers, Rainham

Bland GK chain pub where loose bints can take their benefit brats. They had IPA, Abbot and Ruddles Best on. The Ruddles was tinny and not particularly nice.

11 Sep 2011 10:56

The Sir Colin Campbell, Kilburn

A bit of a Doctor Who kind of experience - as in stepping from Mogadishu High Street into a bar in 1971 Ballyturbet. No proper ale, so I plumped for the lager (should have gone for Guinness really but only realised that afterwards). Nice friendly lady behind the bar and a very clean pub throughout. The one or two locals did seem to echo that 'I wouldn't talk to your pigs so why should I talk to you' unwelcoming kind of mentality but I quite liked the place based on this visit.

9 Sep 2011 18:36

The Metropolitan, Westbourne Park

Faded gastro-music type pub next to Westbourne Park tube station.
They had two ales on and the Trueman's Runner was a drinkable enough pint. Okay if you're in the vicinity.

9 Sep 2011 18:24

The Oak Tree, Harpenden

An old man's Charles Well's house a little bit away from the main drag in Harpenden. Seems reasonable enough but the pint of Youngs wasn't up to a lot and the music selection appeared to be more for the staff than clientelle. Also looks like they have free cheeee for locals.

28 Aug 2011 17:02

The Albion, Newcastle under Lyme

Not bad for what is a chain type circuit pub - even had two ales on Pedigree and Jennings Cumberland. The Cumberland was even drinkable. Handy for the bus station.

21 Aug 2011 15:14

The Foundrymans Arms, Northampton

What passes as your bog standard pub these days. Mainly lager, token handpump with Courage Best on (ask for a taste - the whiff will put you off), sports on the telly. It's opposite the old Northampton Corporation bus depot and one of your few watering holes this side of the station. Only if you ain't got anywhere else in mind.

7 Aug 2011 00:37

Victoria Inn, Northampton

As always seems to be the case when you find a decent pub with good beer time constrains your ability to take advantage of it. Had a pint of the Vale IPA (other ales were available). Not one of the easiest pubs to find but it is only a 5 minute walk from the bus station (if you have a map).

7 Aug 2011 00:33

The Racehorse, Northampton

It's a bit of a rough & ready kind of town pub where the locals like to abuse cyclists (cyclist didn't seem to enter in to the spirit of things but I suppose I couldn't blame him). The Thornbridge Jaipur was okay but nothing special. A Jesus bus (double-deck) pulled up outside and blocked the light from the window. Apparantly Jesus buses are quite common in the vicinity ( I did see another two myself). Ale was bearable but it isn't something I'd specially trek to this side of town for.

7 Aug 2011 00:28

The Malta, Batford

An fairly unremarkable pub opposite the petrol station/Tesco but importantly it is first and foremost a pub. Three ales on (Spitfire, GK London & Tribute) of which I tried a pint of Tribute. Am not normally a fan of Tribute but this was a pretty decent drinkbale pint of it. I quite liked this place overall though as t still is a proper drinker's pub and they are a dying breed these days.

31 Jul 2011 23:41

The Red Cow, Harpenden

Quaint looking pub on the North Eastern fringes of Harpenden/Batford. Have drove up and down the Lower Luton Road numerous times but nver knew this pub was just off it. Friendly enough maroon walled, low ceiling kind of place. Had two ales on Pride and Cornish Coaster. The Cornish Coaster was okay if nothing special. Still somewhere that is mainly pub rather than food orientated.

31 Jul 2011 23:37

The Little House, Hendon

Still closed and boarded up - along also with Mannings. With the long standing closure of the Bell (Kerrigans) Downtown Hendon (Brent Street) has no pub/bar/drinking establishment.

20 Jul 2011 22:13

The Dewdrop Inn, Ilkeston

An excellent high ceilinged Victorian establishment near to the site of the former Ilkeston railway station. Large rambling place with numerous rooms and a garden to sit out in. Friendly staff and clientele and seven ales on of which the Thornbridge Jaipur was spot-on - best pint of the day. A proper old school pub with excellent ale... there are so few of them left. Gets a straight 10 from me.

17 Jul 2011 15:55

The Sherwin Arms, Bramcote

Generic style Marston's 'Food & Family' type establishment a little reminiscent of the 'Family Restaurant' in the paperback edition of Bedside Mad. They did have Spitfire and Marston's EPA on draught and the EPA was unexepectedly a quite drinkable pint. Nowhere for drinkers to escape to for a quiet drink except outside.

17 Jul 2011 15:47

Brooks, Radlett

A very neat and tidy shop conversion which had a reasonable pint of Youngs on. A bit too airport bar like to be a proper pub but it's the closest you'll get to one in Radlett.

14 Jul 2011 20:33

The King William IV, Shenley

Average enough village local - in fact the only one left in Shenley (White Horse is a 'Pub & Dining' "experience", Queen Adelaide is closed and the Black Lion is an Indian Restaurant which has a bar but unless you are 'in the know' the staff ignore you). It's a GK house with only IPA and Abbot on, so I had a pint of Stella. Nothing brilliant but the best place for a pint in Shenley

14 Jul 2011 20:30

The Nag's Head, Macclesfield

One of your typical Saturday night out in Macc locals pubs. Poor ale, someone practising badly on the drums and a few characters from 'Shameless' floating about. The Robinsons Unicorn I had was bad enough to leave half behind.

10 Jul 2011 12:57

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