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Comments by Smirnoff

Barracuda, Manchester

Friendly atmosphere, very clean, had a top night in here.

21 Apr 2006 18:31

The White Lion, Stockport

Full of scallies, music is shite. Not been in 4 3 years never again.

10 Oct 2005 19:04

Calverts Court, Stockport

Its a good place to start your night off, a good meeting place. The drinks are good prices. Food is really nice. But tends to get really busy at weekend and your waiting for at least 10 mins to get served.

10 Oct 2005 19:02

Brannigans Metro, Stockport

Brannigans is ok but its amazing to see the likes 0f 15 year olds getting in. Tiny dancefloor, not the best club ever but far better than heaven and hell full of scallies.

10 Oct 2005 18:59

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