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Comments by Simon_T

The Halfway House, Four Oaks

Another Ember Inn but that means good food and a pleasant decor with decent pub grub. Beer festival brings in some decent pints and staff are attentive.

11 Dec 2007 20:28

The Four Oaks, Four Oaks

Great pub with very good food, was non smoking way before the ban and has a reasonable selection of beers. Bar staff not the brightest asked for a Pimms and got a shot of it!! Oh dear.

11 Dec 2007 20:26

The Propaganda Music Canteen, Andover

Nice inside but not a drinkers pub, more somewhere to go on a "session". Beer has been good when I have been there.

11 Dec 2007 20:22

The Angel Inn, Andover

A decent pub with a good selection of beers. Mostly coming from the Green King stable. Nice decor and reasonably friendly staff. Does seem to be pretty quiet though.

11 Dec 2007 20:17

The Crown, Four Oaks

This is an Ember Inn so all you would expect including reasonable pub food and decent beers including real ales. Usually a good atmosphere with mainly locals drinking there tough to get a table at a weekend.

11 Dec 2006 19:38

The Slug and Lettuce, Mere Green

Now called Apres and is completly rammed on a Friday and Saturday night. It is the most popular nightspot in the local area. But for a change its for good reason, the beer selection is excellent. Great continental lagers and reasonable selection of ales. Pizzas are not bad its a it on the expensive side but this is an affluent area so not suprising.

11 Dec 2006 19:35

The Union, Mere Green

Recently renovated and renamed as Barleys (name from many years ago). Decore a bit strange but decent beer and staff always been friendly.

11 Dec 2006 19:29

The Lounge, Sutton Coldfield

This is currently being renovated as it has been panned hands down by Apres. So hopefully reopening will bring custom back. Usually an older crowd in here to be honest but beer has always been good and a nice setting.

11 Dec 2006 19:27

Flints, Mere Green

This has been fixture of Mere Green for many years but of late the tables are sticky, the staff unbothered about any sort of service and most importantly the beer has been foul.

11 Dec 2006 19:23

The Three Tuns, Willingham

I lived in this village and of the 3 pubs there is almost nothing between them, they are all the same. They have stopped doing food now the beer is fine but all Green King plesant enough landlord but basically a British Standard pub. Best if you are a "local"

9 Jun 2006 14:23

Delius, Bradford

I lived opposite this pub in my final year at Uni. Looks alot better than when it was a Scream Pub and beer not too bad lots of crap larger but occasional real ale, Black Sheep last time I was in.

13 Jan 2005 17:39

The Fighting Cock, Bradford

As a student at Bradford this was the scene of the infamous cycle crawl of 2004 when myself and a friend (Alex) went on a real ale crawl around Bradford, a bit scary at the end but we felt great.

The Fighting Cock is without doubt the best Real Ale Pub I've ever been to. Great beer with bread and dripping on the bar (an aquired taste). I agree about the decor but I wasn't in there to look at the picture, just the bottom of a pint glass.

13 Jan 2005 17:36

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