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Comments by Robster

The Turks Head Hotel, Chickerell

Can't make up it's mind whether it is a pub or restaurant. Nothing special.

10 Apr 2007 21:46

The Sailors Return, Weymouth

Decent pub. don't know why it isn't busier considering the lack of other good places in weymouth.

10 Apr 2007 21:45

The Edinburgh House Of Sounds, Weymouth

Just opened again. don't know what it was like before but must have been better. yuck.

10 Apr 2007 21:43

The Dolphin, Weymouth

Empty and no atmosphere with cheap deco.

10 Apr 2007 21:37

The Boot, Weymouth

Having just moved to the area my g/f and I went out to find a few good pubs. unfortunately we only found a couple and this is the best by a long way. the kings arms is also worth a look too. good beer and pleasant staff.

10 Apr 2007 21:35

The Black Dog, Weymouth

Full of chavs and kids when i visited. Dirty glasses and full ashtrays everywhere. despite it's excellent location and potential won't be visiting again for a while.

10 Apr 2007 21:32

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