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Comments by Roballe

The Bunch of Grapes, London Bridge

A much quieter lunchtime sanctuary than the pubs across the market. Itís Youngs, so it must be good? Their Ordinary was like drinking chilled lager, the beer dead and void of taste. Switched to a bottle of Special and had to direct the bar staff away from the chill cabinet towards the shelves. I appreciate theyíre attractive, reliable and polite, but Youngs cohort of Eastern European staff have been weaned on Polish Spirit, they donít appear to understand what beer is about; thought it highly amusing that Iíd want to drink Ďwarmí beer. And the food, what that about? Who eats this garbage these days? Itís a sacrilege, so close to Borough.

26 May 2006 18:54

The White Horse, Walsall

I donít know where to start. A blast from the past. Most of the (friendly) regulars support Presley-style sideburns. Whoever you are, youíll attract attention.

20 Apr 2006 20:34

The Greyhound, Beaminster

Maybe not so lively as the Red Lion, but a friendly old fashioned pub with good beer, acceptable food and nice enough clientele.

20 Apr 2006 20:24

The Hare and Hounds, Waytown

Doesn't open until 6:30, so if you want a pint after work it's tough titty. Adjacent to the famous 'River Cottage' location; guess the locals work late. The beer is Palmers: all of their products are excellent. Food is enthusiastically deliverer by two very pretty girls, but the choice is limited. The average diner (on my two visits) had to settle for their fifth choice dish (fish (frozen) and chips), all of the Ďhome cookedí food having been Ďsold out during the recent bank holidayí. Locals seemed a nice enough bunch: Lurchers, Jack Russells and a couple of worzell accents. Great views from the beer garden. Red Legged Partridges and Pheasants in the car park.

20 Apr 2006 20:17

The Leicester Arms, Piccadilly Circus

The previous reviewer was spot on: looks nice from the outside, but has no soul. The London Pride wasnít the best IĎve been served. Barmaid pretty enough, but these Eastern Europeans donít speak English too well. Handy if youíre passing and want to take a leak and rest your feet for five minutes, but thatís about it.

10 Apr 2006 19:33

The Pilot Inn, North Greenwich

Itís a nice walk to/from this pub, pity the atmosphere inside isnít more inviting: the staff need to learn how to smile. The dťcor is 1970s chintz, with a nicotine washed ceiling for effect. Fullers are spending money renovating the building; they also provide excellent beer - which makes it worth the trip. The price of their food is extortionate.

16 Mar 2006 11:10

The Princess of Wales, Blackheath

Iíve popped in from time to time over the last 25 years, but never really warmed to the place. Itís big, but not accommodating; nor particularly friendly; at heart a commercial enterprise rather than a local. Fairly standard pub food; fills your stomach, although neither sophisticated or honest. Would help if they displayed the beers on sale a little more clearly. And whilst the ethnic (Eastern European?) barmaid is attractive enough, her description of the beers and food was difficult to understand. Guess Iím prejudiced: too many limp-wristed types named Simon, Gordon or Rory.

27 Feb 2006 16:15

The Globe, London Bridge

There are worse places to retire for a pint; the two old broads behind the bar are good value. Ignore the young American women that monopolise scarce tables, use the facilities and rest up from sight seeing, yet order only tap water - for which they donít pay.

24 Feb 2006 18:05

The Pelton Arms, Greenwich

A Ďlocalí thatís been made up to look like a brewery repís version of a pseudo period pub. Comfortable enough; Sky TV. Limited number of beers. Foodís okíish, albeit not cheap - but what is nowadays? Popular lunchtime venue for local staffers. Out of the way and quiet enough for a business meet or elicit rendezvous.

13 Feb 2006 16:41

The Lemon Tree, Covent Garden

A real nice little bar thatís sufficiently hidden from the tourist traffic. Hard core locals (drinkers) at the bar and an assortment of 30-something office workers. They serve Youngs, London Pride, Bombardier, Adnams Broadside and Guiness, a choice of six lagers and two ciders; what more could you ask? Comfortable stools and Sky Sports. A little girl in the basement that turns out passable Thai food. Am loathed to recommend it further as I like the place.

23 Nov 2005 16:36

The Tom Cribb, Piccadilly

Such a handy location: returning to Charring Cross from shopping expeditions. Good selection of beers; comfortable seats; polite service. What more could you ask.

16 Nov 2005 22:00

The Wheatsheaf, Borough

Just to be a dissenting voiceÖ Iíve always preferred this place to The Market Porter; it's more pleasant, less frenetic. I'm a regular visitor, although Iíve never tried the food. Good enough staff. At times I could do with a seat, but guess you canít have everything.

17 Sep 2005 16:40

The Royal Standard, Blackheath

Paid a return visit recently (used to live across the street). Still a dire bar. It's handy if you're passing and need a pee or a quick pint, but thats about all.

17 Sep 2005 16:03

Pitchers Sports Bar, Lewisham

Watch your back and wash your hands when leaving.

17 Sep 2005 16:00

The Kirkgate Bar, Aberdeen

Very busy traditional bar with loud local clientele. Highly recommended, even with the secondary smoke.

17 Sep 2005 15:50

Richard I, Greenwich

Dead during lunchtimes. Evenings dominated by Jeremy Clarkson look-alikes. Great beer - as you would expect from Youngs, but it stands and falls on the quality of the bar staff that change regularly.

16 Sep 2005 17:10

The DISTILLERS, Barbican

Takes a while to adjust to the piped muzak. Light and open with pleasant enough staff.

25 Aug 2005 21:34

The Mitre, Greenwich

Comfortable bar. The staff are always first class. Nice enough regulars that don't bother you.

25 Aug 2005 21:19

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