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Comments by Regis

The Swan, Wheathampstead

Lovely, welcoming pub, the only decent one (as far as I could see) in the centre of town. Landlady Sally, distributing free (!) raffle tickets, was bubbly and happy, and so were most of the customers. An excellent range of beers and a few, pleasant tables round the back make this pub one I would love to get back to.

8 Apr 2018 20:11

The Bull, Wheathampstead

With a lovely site by the river, it's going to be restaurant, isn't it? With a few pub tables attached. One (American) ale on tap, the rest being ciders and lagers. Ugh!

8 Apr 2018 19:59

The George, Harpenden

Huge, loud, packed, but simultaneously vacuous.

8 Apr 2018 19:47

The Cross Keys, Harpenden

Tim Taylor's not so impressive, but the Rebellion is lovely. This is a great and welcoming pub, and very cosy.

8 Apr 2018 19:46

The Navigation Inn, Barrow upon Soar

Yes, it's a got a lot going for it. The food seemed a motley selection, but it turned out to be excellent - good, simple, tasty pub grub, reasonably priced. Staff worked like Trojans on a Sat. afternoon with a sizeable crowd in. Three separate patio areas, with three different vibes, two right beside the canal, where there is a constant passing cabaret. No passing traffic, so wonderfully pacific.

14 Aug 2016 14:53

White Hart Inn, Quorn

Pleasant, modern-ish pub, with small, slightly artificial green area out back, for dogs and smokers, but also some small tables opposite. Friendly drinkers, at a bar with a multitude of good, real ales.

21 Jun 2015 20:04

The Malthouse, Sileby

CLOSED, since at least August 2014.

21 Mar 2015 18:39

Duke of York, Sileby

CLOSED, since at least August 2014.

21 Mar 2015 18:38

The Albion Inn, Loughborough

Very nice, quiet, out of the way hostelry - both welcome and beer worth the short walk along the canal. Beer reasonable, without being spectacular. A useful bolthole from the shopping mania of the Belton Road.

18 Dec 2014 12:31

Royal Oak, Cossington

Pleasant, spacious and welcoming Everards pub in a quiet village. Lively enough, even at 5 p.m. on a Sunday. The Mild was off (and has been for some time, which would be my only gripe. The bitter is well kept.

31 Aug 2014 19:35

The Horse and Trumpet, Sileby

Large pub, with small, comfortable bars at the front, lounge at the back and outside seating area, away from the roadside. Interesting Steamin' Billy ales (with loyalty card available at £2) and guest ales. Clean toilets a boon!

25 Aug 2014 17:12

Free Trade Inn, Sileby

Very welcoming and pleasant, busy and clearly popular pub. Great staff who know what they're doing. The night I was there, they were doing Mongolian food! A good range of ales, as good as the Horse and Trumpet. Traditional and homely interior and pleasant beer garden, with shed for smokers. A great place to sup something of a summer's evening.

25 Aug 2014 17:08

Queen Victoria, Syston

The map ref is wrong; the post code is LE7 1GQ.

14 Aug 2014 14:38

Ambition, Bury St Edmunds

Now closed, for good, it seems.

29 Dec 2013 13:28

The Linden Tree, Bury St Edmunds

Recently revamped as the Station, an American 'jazz bar'. Decor is best described as 'mid-Atlantic whimsy'.The emphasis in the main area is on food, but there is a small side bar, which is very comfortable and cosy. Food seems rather on the expensive side, given that it is not in the town centre. GK beers and guest ales.

18 Dec 2013 17:06

The Metcalfe Arms, Hawstead

Popped in a for a quick beer the other night. As it was a Saturday, I expected the place to be...well, not empty anyway. First thing you see is a rather lonely looking stingray in a tank, which was the liveliest thing in the place. Ale was alright, though.................

6 Oct 2012 19:36

The Greyhound, Bury St Edmunds

After a recent refurbishment, the pub is more open, but also a little less atmospheric; service and beer are both good, and the exterior has been spruced up, but the interior is, as yet, strangely empty of furniture and features. Food is typical pub fare, but tasty and well presented. There is a potentially excellent back garden, which is (still) sadly neglected.

17 Sep 2012 21:43

The Shakespeare, Victoria

No, it's not snobbery, mikeyshakes; it's to do with well-kept beer and good service, neither of which you get here. And as for recommending a pub because of its 'tremendous rail links' :-)

The place is usually full of tourists, so there is no incentive to improve it, is there? Avoid!

10 Jul 2012 19:15

The St Radegund, Cambridge

Delightful and delightfully laid back, cosy pub, slightly hidden; Milton beers, elderflower (!), London Pride and St.Peter's all on. The Milton Justinian (3.9%) was particularly good. Very pleasant barmaid and happy, amiable clientele.

The photo needs to be updated, BTW, as the ugly white rendering has now been stripped back.

28 Jul 2011 12:03

The Mitre, Cambridge

The Mitre, which was a decent pub beforehand, has been updated to some extent, but it is not too different.

However, beware short measures, even in half glasses.......

28 Jul 2011 11:55

Swift, Manhattan

Cosy and welcoming, with a good range of bottled and draught beers. A better bet than Puck Fair round the corner. However, their claim for Jonathan Swift, ('writer and patriot') is a bit exaggerated!

1 Sep 2010 12:26

Swift, Manhattan

Cosy and welcoming, with a good range of bottled and draught beers. A better bet than Puck Fair round the corner. However, their claim for Jonathan Swift, ('writer and patriot') is a bit exaggerated!

1 Sep 2010 12:26

St Edmunds Tavern, Bury St Edmunds

Nice to look at and definitely an improvement on its predecessor, but lacking in soul; looks as if it can't decide whether it's after boozers or munchers. Beer is predicably Greene King, but two lagers and one bitter were off when I asked. You'ld think one of the three staff on duty would know how to change a barrel! Did not try the food - Is 'pea puree' mushy peas??

4 Aug 2010 17:56

The Merry Monk, Isleham

Not a pub as such, but a very pleasant and popular restaurant, with large garden at the back. There is a small bar, which is frequented by locals. Didn't get a chance to eat, but the menu seems interesting. Well-kept Adnams available.

4 Aug 2010 09:46

The Griffin, Isleham

Spacious free house, with pleasant garden and quiet position, just opposite St. Andrew's church. The pub is being gradually refurbished, but seems well and amiably run. It's the only one in the village open all day.

4 Aug 2010 09:37

The Beerhouse, Bury St Edmunds

The new Beer House looks like an offshoot of the One Bull, as the same team is behind it. This means clean lines, lots of pale wood surroundings and a good choice of refreshment; the pub, at present, does no food (apart from peanuts), although this is promised. The wine list is very well chosen and, for the most part, reasonably priced.

Oakham and Adnamís ales predominate for now, along with TT Landlord, with a reasonable, but not large range of bottled beers. There are also two ciders on tap. My pint of Landlord was too cold and almost fizzy, so lacked taste to begin with.

The outside lounge is large, easily big enough for private parties, but open to the street. The wooden table/chair combos, both there and inside, seem aimed at younger drinkers, as they are badly designed and a little uncomfortable.

26 Jul 2010 21:46

Tollgate, Bury St Edmunds

Not a bad pub; a lively local, but not worth an 8, that's for sure. Food is OK.

26 Jul 2010 16:38

The Masque Bar, Kings Cross

As the Fellow, it's not a bad staging post, rendez-vous and place for people-watching, just round the corner from King's X station. Has excellent loos, a good roof bar and some pricey, but delicious food. Unfortunately, the beer is also pricey, although a good choice at the pumps (nearly) makes up for this. It's been the Fellow for 18 months, so can BITE start calling it the Fellow, now?

11 Jul 2010 14:03

The Linden Tree, Bury St Edmunds

Pleasant enough pub opposite the railway station. GK, but also does guest ales and food. Large and secluded beer garden.

1 Jun 2010 14:17

The Mitre, Cambridge

Great service, professional without being slick. Music probably too loud, given the clientele. Superb beer, superbly kept. Quite clean; sandpiper clearly has a chip on his shoulder!

26 Oct 2009 14:13

The White Hart, Bishopsgate

Nice place on a Saturday for people-watching. Good service, clean loos and excellent TT Landlord.

18 Aug 2009 17:41

The Masons Arms, Bury St Edmunds

Hmm. Don't know which toolster to believe(!) Great pub, very democratic, lovely beer garden, friendly staff - once they get to know you. The food (which finishes early) is excellent, with prices and - arguably - atmosphere better than the Old Cannon.

14 Aug 2009 10:33

Ye Olde One Bull, Bury St Edmunds

Promised well, but has recently started to go downhill. Mostly given over to food (good, but overpriced), the gaff has good beer and wine and desperately wants to be thought exclusive (check the prices), but the loud, brash crowd that occasionally monopolises the bar doesn't make for a pleasant atmosphere. Staff seem to think looking pretty is enough and that clearing glasses away is beneath them.

30 Jul 2009 21:22

Moreton Hall, Bury St Edmunds

Good choice of well-priced ales, comfortable atmosphere, genuinely friendly and helpful staff and great food. At the centre of a large, bourgeois estate, so it would be like this, wouldn't it?

30 Jul 2009 20:47

The Beerhouse, Bury St Edmunds

On a constantly busy roundabout, just down the hill from 'Brazilia' (sic), what chance does this place have? It's never going to be a CAMRA contender, is it?

30 Jul 2009 20:23

Anam, Islington

Pubs @ Chapel Market never a great idea, in my experience. No, rainlight, it doesn't mean 'up the arse' (although you made me laugh) - it's Gaelic for 'name' or 'fame' (!)

22 Jul 2009 19:57

The Flying Pig, Cambridge

Is this pub closed? It wasn't open Saturday [13th June] at 6 p.m.

14 Jun 2009 16:53

The Cross Keys, Cambridge

The present photographs hardly do this comfy little gem justice. It has to be garish to distract people from the more obvious [if you're walking down Trumpington St] 'Snug' around the corner, y'see? Perfect for a summer afternoon's drinking, with decent beer at decent prices. Heck, it even has a good view! And yes, the barman/landlord is chatty and friendly.

14 Jun 2009 16:51

The Old Royal, Birmingham

Bennean is right. One large screen in each bar; conversation impossible.

22 Apr 2009 16:39

The Craven Arms, Birmingham

Being refurbished. Open in May, I think.

22 Apr 2009 16:30

De Versteende Nacht, Bruges

Means 'The Petrified (or Stoned) Night', I think!

18 Dec 2008 19:04

Black Boy, Bury St Edmunds

Pleasant enough pub, with Abbot Reserve (use with care!) on tap. Never very busy. Staff affable and helpful.

25 Oct 2008 15:41

The Old Cannon Brewery, Bury St Edmunds

Note: closed for refurbishment until 28 October.

22 Oct 2008 13:14

The Queens Head, Bury St Edmunds

Beer well-kept and served, staff friendly. That said, there is an atmosphere of unease about the place, not helped by the presence of 'lively' children.

8 Aug 2008 12:54

The Old Cannon Brewery, Bury St Edmunds

Best bitter excellent. Food plentiful and tasty. Not too bad as a B&B either, and the best choice in town if you're on a budget. Note:Suffolk ales beerfest on 24th/25th August.

8 Aug 2008 12:50

The Masons Arms, Bury St Edmunds

Terrific choice of tasty food, so quite popular, even on a wet Tuesday evening! Pleasant garden area. Friendly staff and diners. Beer seemed well-kept.

8 Aug 2008 12:47

Kings Arms, Bury St Edmunds

Populated by rough diamonds and 'characters'. Service friendly. Large yard area with small, covered smokers' retreat. Everard's Tiger was very good, served in what looked like a 500 ml glass.

8 Aug 2008 12:44

The Dog and Partridge, Bury St Edmunds

Currently being refurbished. B&B to the side looks pretty dismal from the outside (try the Old cannon instead).

8 Aug 2008 12:41

The Cloth Ear, Belfast

Service here is superb, and the food is excellent, especially the £22.50 deal for two. No bitter on tap, mind you.

18 Jul 2008 15:09

Neds, Holywood

This is a cosy, intimate and professionally run place, with excellent table service. It's a bit small, but that's part of the charm.

25 Feb 2008 19:36

The Wellington, Birmingham

Decent, well-stocked and popular pub, but a definite real-ale mecca. This can be good or bad, depending on your interest in beer. As I am on the fringes (I like a good beer, but am not a fanatic), I found it pleasant, but slightly too earnest.

6 Jan 2008 15:48

Teach Na Mona, Belfast

Name translates as 'the Turf House', if yous Sassenachs are interested!

28 Oct 2007 21:17

Bar Twelve, Belfast

Recreation of sophisticated NY or LA bar from the 40s or 50s. Food excellent, staff knowledgeable and efficient.

28 Oct 2007 21:01

Auntie Annies, Belfast

Pleasant enough bolt-hole for quick drinks and meals. Collection of slightly eclectic, eccentric clients & staff. Very relaxed, 70s ambience.

28 Oct 2007 20:59

Apartment, Belfast

Overpriced place-to-be-seen, its only advantage being the view across Donegall Square to the City Hall. Reasonable food, though.

28 Oct 2007 20:54

The Nags Head, Chichester

Average B & B accommodation here, made up for by a superior restaurant. Food very good (after a longish wait), the number of local customers confirming its high quality for us. A good choice of beers, well kept and served with a smile and a joke.

28 Jul 2007 16:02

The George and Dragon Inn, Chichester

Not quite sure what Biker's beef is! Prices? The B & B room we had here - at the back, away from any noise - was excellent for the price. The staff are friendly and welcoming. The beer is well-kept.

28 Jul 2007 15:58

The Ship Hotel, Chichester

Food OK, I think, and reasonably priced. Wine overpriced and 'look' a little pretentious, but the staff make up for this.

28 Jul 2007 15:55

Ye Arrow, Rochester

After the recent refurbishment, which installed a new kitchen, extension Ö and took ages, Ye Arrow has changed its character only a little. During warm weather the other afternoon, we popped in for a quick drink; the place was crowded but pleasant enough, as most people were after an outside table. Fair enough, as this gives you a nice view of the Castle and Cathedral, but the tables outside are really close to each other and the atmosphere correspondingly fraught. If they did a proper refurb job on all three pubs on the corner, something would be lost, I think, as they all manage to retain quite different characters. By the way, going into any High Street pub during one of the Ďfestivalsí means taking your life (and wallet) in your hands!

9 Apr 2007 17:50

The Royal Oak, Borough

Yeah, only Harvey's, but it's kept very well! Great service and atmosphere, but getting a bit small, given its fame.

14 Feb 2007 13:24

The Spaniard, Belfast

In a quiet street near the Albert Clock, and a little off the beaten track. Small, but atmospheric and friendly bar, with snug at back, and people-watching area at front. There is a slight nod to things Spanish (tapas in the evening and sombreros hanging from the ceiling....), but it is otherwise traditional. Good food, Stella and Hoegaarden on tap, with superb keg Guinness (of course!). No ales unfortunately, although very good selection of wines.

22 May 2006 21:30

Kelly's Cellars, Belfast

A real institution. A wonderfully atmospheric old place, although there is a more run-of-the-mill part upstairs. I have been coming here, off and on for years, after my first illicit drink. While not actually being under ground, it has a sort of louche, subterranean dive bar feel to it. Great beer, lovingly served and looked after. Genuine Irish Stew at a keen price. The decor is appropriate, although it could do with a slight updating. Motley clientele. When I was there in May, there was one silent bloke drinking alone in the corner, staring at one beer for an hour, two youing ladies who seemed to be translating poetry into Gaelic over pints of lager, and a bloke at the bar who kept talking and singing (quite well) to himself. Then the manadatory Canadian tourist popped in........

12 Aug 2005 10:00

The Bridge House, Belfast

Cannot understand the 8.0 rating. Was in here (mercifully briefly) in May. It might be called Wetherspoons. It might 'do' food. But there any resemblance ends. As the locals do not appreciate reasonably priced real ales, but do appreciate the prices, the place is usually full of teenagers. The only real ale on offer was John Smith's (!) and it was ice cold. All the others were off, more or less permanently (I was told). You could, of course, have Guinness! The bar staff seemed sullen, as well they might.

12 Aug 2005 09:51

French House, Soho

Try the cider from Normandy - really good....but it sneaks up on you!

10 Aug 2005 18:39

The Coopers Arms, Rochester

Mike the landlord is a real gentleman. There is a regular turnover of ales and a cosy back bar. The food is consistently good.

9 Aug 2005 12:15

The Man of Kent Ale House, Rochester

This place is unique in Rochester, and a godsend, if you want to escape the wasteland of the High Street on a friday/saturday night. The welcome is generous, the crowd is friendly, and the continental beers, both draught and bottled, are to die for. They've recently added a beergarden.

9 Aug 2005 12:12

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