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Acorn Inn, Barton under Needwood

Small front bar inhabited by not unfriendly locals. Larger area at the back with a pool table. Unusual collection of old cameras behind the bar.

29 Sep 2008 18:22

Meynell Ingram Arms, Burton Upon Trent

Friendly welcome to all-comers here. Seemed quite popular with the walking/cycling brigade but there were also a few regulars in attendance. The central bar serves two rooms, one a more cosier, locals type and the landlady was more than happy to allow small tasters of the ales on offer before purchasing.

There's a courtyard at the rear which was a bit of a suntrap when we were there and the pub has been extended around this with what looked like a dining/function room.

29 Sep 2008 18:19

Bull and Spectacles, Rugeley

There can't be too many pubs in the country where you can watch a herd of reindeer doing what they do from the beer garden but this is one of them! The pub itself seemed more geared towards diners than drinkers but that's nothing unusual these days.

29 Sep 2008 18:12

The Moderation, Rugeley

Rather grim surroundings but the group of chavs and hoodies hanging round outside turned out to be a local football team waiting for their lifts! Pool table and big screen both in use as you would expect from an estate pub but our time there was not unpleasant.

29 Sep 2008 18:09

Noahs Ark, Willenhall

Fairly standard estate pub, gets an extra point for being open before 12 unlike the nearby Red Lion.

29 Sep 2008 18:04

The Crown, Marcham

Pub full of lesbians.

13 Aug 2008 09:44

Hinds Head, Kingston Bagpuize

Friendly place but get there quick as the landlady's daughter told us Greene King are looking to sell it for development, and this after they'd invested in a new children's play area outside etc. Sign the petition at the pub to stop another one closing!

13 Aug 2008 09:43

The Morris Clown, Bampton

Great pub with chatty locals and friendly landlord who didn't charge our designated driver for his coke. Free bar billiards too!

13 Aug 2008 09:39

The Yeadon Way, Blackpool

A typical Brewers Fayre next to a Travel Inn.

4 Aug 2008 17:19

The Dog and Partridge, Blackpool

Probably our favourite pub stop during a recent weekend visit, but only because they had the darts on and we couldn't get tickets for the final!

4 Aug 2008 17:18

The Excelsior, Blackpool

A normal pub. And in Blackpool, that's high praise indeed!

4 Aug 2008 17:16

Old Bridge House, Blackpool

Cabaret bar?? If I want to listen to an old guy singing even older songs in a room resembling a front room I'll go round my Granddads!

4 Aug 2008 17:14

The Flagship, Blackpool

One of many places to avoid unless you want to see the pages of Readers Wives (40+) come to life before your disbelieving eyes. Had I been on a stag do myself, I'm sure I would have loved it. But I wasn't. So it was shit.

4 Aug 2008 17:11

Rose and Crown, Blackpool

Serving a pint with more head than beer does not qualify for "continental style drinking in the heart of Blackpool". Unremarkable place, although a young band were setting up in the upstairs sports bar.

4 Aug 2008 17:07

Brannigans, Blackpool

Huge venue which I'm sure is totally different on a Saturday night to the near empty one we entered on a Sunday afternoon.

4 Aug 2008 17:02

The Bell Inn, Frampton on Severn

Has its own small farm at the rear, complete with pigs, shetland ponies etc for the kids to pet. Intended to try the food (don't know if the two are linked) but unfortunately arrived just after the entire Gloucestershire OAP Rambling Club who were holding up proceedings for one and all. Drinks were cold and wet.

4 Aug 2008 17:00

The Empire, Liverpool

Old fashioned boozer in a street packed with trendy clubs and bars. A good place to temporarily escape the madness, but don't stay too long as too much Peggy Lee can have the same effect as too much techno.

4 Aug 2008 16:52

Revolution, Liverpool

Quite a smart bar where all your vodka-based needs can be catered for.

4 Aug 2008 16:48

Pop World, Liverpool

As cheesy as it gets! The DJ was certainly lovin' his (own) work - and it's surprising how many fat blokes know all the dance moves to The Macarena...

4 Aug 2008 16:47

The Swan Inn, Liverpool

To the pubinspectors - as the person who gave this pub its 25th rating (thus causing it to appear in the Top 10) might I suggest a little closer inspection? Two recent negative comments from the same person, yes, but if you go back further you'll find alot more good reviews than bad ones. Perhaps it's just not as good as it used to be?

For the record, I gave it a seven as the jukebox is indeed quality and it had a great collection of strong Belgian beers (one was 12%!) which I was too scared to try. Equally can't comment on the state of Wobbly Bob!

I don't think it's the sixth best pub in Liverpool, let alone the country, and you can twist statistics and ratings to suit your needs all day long. Fair play though, for not giving it a zero just because it appears not to belong in the hallowed top 10 (as often happens...)

1 Aug 2008 15:11

Modo, Liverpool

Great place for an outside drink day or night.

31 Jul 2008 20:48

Scruffy Murphys, Blackpool

Would rate this pub much higher if the landlady from hell hadn't shown her face. Two young lads behind the bar working their balls off with a bar full of people trying to get one last drink in. Enter said hag. Help is at hand? Not quite, she starts cashing up one of the tills, thus making it an even longer wait to get served! She did reduce the queue by two to be fair to her by chucking out two blokes who dared ask her if she would serve them a pint!!

31 Jul 2008 20:21

The Auctioneer, Blackpool

This one's at the lower end of The Spoons scale.

31 Jul 2008 20:11

Albert, Blackpool

Pubs in Blackpool are either full of old, drunk hen parties or old, drunk locals. This one falls in the latter category, and the groaning 'cabaret' singer only added to the special atmosphere (special as in needs).

31 Jul 2008 20:10

Bridport Arms Hotel, West Bay

This place is surviving on its location rather than any effort being put in to make it a decent pub. The most expensive place in West Bay by far but with the worst customer service. Slow barstaff, empty glasses piled up around the bar and if I want to sit next to a screaming child I'll go down the park, not a pub.

22 Jul 2008 11:59

The King's Arms, Bristol

Large, smart and clean though somewhat lacking in atmosphere when we visited late afternoon time. I can imagine it filling up and getting more lively in the evenings, though. Very reasonable food.

22 Jul 2008 11:54

The Packet, Cardiff

Traditional boozer that has survived despite the nearby regeneration of Cardiff Bay. Does what it says on the tin, as they say.

22 Jul 2008 11:50

On The Waterfront, Exeter

Smart looking quayside venue with something of a subterranean feel, even though it's not underground due to the low arched ceilings. Nice to sit outside watching the rowers exerting themselves whilst you exert your arm in lifting your pint.

22 Jul 2008 11:48

The Hub, Exeter

Good music venue - saw the mighty Wedding Present here recently and nearly broke my thumb in the moshpit. I'm getting too old for that nonsense!

22 Jul 2008 11:45

Eli Jenkins, Cardiff

A pint and a short and two good quality meals for under a tenner. Fantastic value, especially as it's so close to Cardiff Bay.

15 Jul 2008 19:31

The Ship, Exeter

Seems to have taken alot of stick on here for the simple reason that the interior isn't hundreds of years old. On our visit it was clean and the service was fast and friendly which counts for more in my book than an old fireplace.

28 May 2008 20:14

The Well House, Exeter

Expensive but given its location and the view from the large windows that's not surprising. A decent place for a pint or two.

28 May 2008 20:10

The Prospect Inn, Exeter

Nice location on the riverside. It was a grim day when we visited so liked the raised eating area which enabled us to enjoy the view without getting wet.

28 May 2008 20:06

The White Hart Hotel, Exeter

Excellent multi-roomed, multi-level pub. Yes, it's quite dear but not the most expensive place we went to on a recent tour of the city centre.

28 May 2008 20:03

George's Meeting House, Exeter

Took nearly 15 minutes to get served drinks when only a couple of people stood at the bar, but when we ordered food later the service was extemely quick. Great building with the original stained glass windows and a pulpit dominating one end.

28 May 2008 19:59

The Fox Inn, Corscombe

Dead animals on the walls everywhere and an atmosphere to match.

19 May 2008 17:02

White Horse Inn, Litton Cheney

Very nice sitting out in the beer garden next to the stream. Not much atmosphere inside though, one half of the pub set aside for food and the other side resembles a second hand chair shop.

19 May 2008 16:59

The Parry Lane Tavern, Bradford

A bit grotty from the outside but very friendly landlady and cheap drinks make up for it.

3 Apr 2008 16:55

Horse Guards Inn, Petworth

Expensive and very keen to get you out the door once the bell is rung for time.

15 Mar 2008 14:46

Wrens Nest, Kidderminster

Biker bar.

15 Mar 2008 14:43

The Kings Head, Little Marlow

Large welcoming pub doing a busy food trade when we stopped. Has a separate function room located out in the beer garden.

15 Mar 2008 14:42

The Tally Ho, Royston

Quintessential English pub name where I had a Japanese lager served by a Slovakian barmaid! Small front bar that looks like someones living room with a restaurant area to the rear.

15 Mar 2008 14:39

The Lemon Tree, Maidenhead

Smart looking food-orientated place which retains some of the features from the original old pub, like the low beams inconveniently situated at the bar. Send someone under 5 feet tall to get the drinks in!

12 Mar 2008 20:41

Kings Arms, Honiton

One of the few remaining pubs in the country with a bar billiards table.

5 Mar 2008 13:03

The Queens Hotel, Morecambe

Best pub we found in Morecambe on our mini-tour. Excellent live band playing on a Friday night.

27 Feb 2008 23:30

The Kings Arms, Morecambe

Large pub with a late licence where we witnessed a bouncer accidentally (I guess) mace his colleague in the face. Don't know if that represents a typical nights entertainment here.

27 Feb 2008 23:19

The Bridge Hotel, Tenbury Wells

Lively two-bar pub, one of which was full of boistorous young men watching the football, including one running round the pub with a pumpkin on his head!

27 Feb 2008 22:52

Green Dragon, Worcester

Large pub which was obviously the drinkers choice in the village, as opposed to the pub next door (can't remember the name) which was more food-orientated. Place was packed with people watching the rugby on various sized screens dotted around the various sized rooms.

27 Feb 2008 22:44

The Forestdale Arms, Croydon

Cheap estate pub that has a Scalectrix club on Saturday afternoons!!

27 Feb 2008 22:34

The Stagecoach Inn, Berkeley

You'll find more atmosphere in a vacuum. On the Moon. Barman only speaks in drinks prices!

27 Feb 2008 22:29

Ashill Inn, Ilminster

Interesting place. Has a barman with the memory of a goldfish. Live music (of sorts) on our visit was provided by an Indian chap singing Johnny Cash's greatest hits. Each song was greeted by deafening silence from the tables packed full of OAPs intently devouring their food.

27 Feb 2008 22:26

The Romping Donkey, Sandbach

Had a name change from the Red Lion the friendly locals informed us. The pub was in mid-refurbishment on our visit.

27 Feb 2008 22:20

The Old Mendip Inn, Gurney Slade

Old coaching inn that looks like it prefers people who eat rather than drink.

27 Feb 2008 12:31

The Temple Inn, Temple Cloud

Situated on the A37 Bristol-Yeovil road, it was almost empty when we stopped here on Monday. Given the fact that the barstaff had nothing to do apart from play with the pub dog I'd have thought they would have found time to turn the lights on in the mens toilets. I did think about urinating where I stood and hoping i would hit a urinal or sink, but thought better of it.

27 Feb 2008 12:29

The Oddfellows, Davenham

Pub was absolutely empty but gets a high mark for the cute, purple haired barmaid who kept us entertained during our stay.

19 Feb 2008 13:10

The Waterloo, Weymouth

Used to be a decent back street boozer, but when I was last here on New Years Eve it appeared stripped down and full of an older alcoholic crowd.

19 Feb 2008 13:03

The Olive Tree, Romsey

Nicely done out pub aimed at the top end of the market in Romsey. Chavs, hoodies etc might find The Tavern nearby more to their taste.

8 Feb 2008 13:23

Jolly Farmer, Winchester

Large, food-orientated pub just 10 minutes walk from the train station and city centre.

8 Feb 2008 13:21

The Old Swan, Earls Barton

Had visions of a lovely village pub next to a green and a duckpond frequented by country types - found a pub full of lads playing pool and a jukebox blaring loudly. Nothing wrong with that, mind, just wasn't what I was expecting.

8 Feb 2008 13:19

The Bull, Towcester

Proper pub where the landlord currently has an interesting deal on. If you buy two rounds of drinks, he'll buy the third!

8 Feb 2008 13:14

The Red Lion, Brackley

Arrived here about 11.45am and ordered our drinks. The barman served us but then said that the tills wouldn't work until 12. All around us were people rearranging tables and clearing up. Why bother opening if you're not ready??

8 Feb 2008 13:13

Coopers, Liverpool

Tiny but friendly pub where you can't help but join in with other peoples conversations. Has entertainment every night, unfortunately we missed the Singing Taxi Driver and Scouse Elvis and had to make do with standard karaoke.

8 Feb 2008 13:06

The Blob Shop, Liverpool

The site of the first ever Yates's Wine Lodge, this is now an extremely cheap boozer and the clientele reflect this. We were hassled at our table by a Big Issue seller, and is it standard practice for a barmaid to remove the excess head from a pint by putting her hand in it and scooping it out the glass before slopping said pint in your general direction? It is here!!

8 Feb 2008 13:03

The Beehive, Liverpool

Decent, friendly boozer that doesn't feel like it should be in a city centre.

8 Feb 2008 13:00

The Royal Portland Arms, Portland

Nothing special to report about the pub itself, but we were fortunate enough to visit on the barmaids first day on the job. Thanks for the ridiculously undercharged round!

8 Feb 2008 12:56

The Royal Breakwater Hotel, Portland

Cheap and cheerful.

8 Feb 2008 12:53

Portland Roads Hotel, Portland

Was the busiest of the three Castletown pubs, had quite a locals pub feel. Extensive seafood menu of locally caught goods.

8 Feb 2008 12:52

The Mermaid Inn, Portland

The landlord was recently in the local papers for attacking a hygiene inspector and we went there the bar area seemed to double up as a dogs bedroom. Put the two together and I don't recommend eating out here!

8 Feb 2008 12:50

The Green Shutters, Portland

Smartest looking of the Castletown pubs, but there's not much competition.

8 Feb 2008 12:48

Britannia Inn, Portland

Used to have a bit of a reputation but was fine when I went there. Had a guitar duo playing and one of them was the spitting image of Brad Pitt! Nice large patio out the back to soak up the sun in the summer.

8 Feb 2008 12:45

European Inn, Piddletrenthide

Gastro-pub which appeared to have most of the meat dishes on the menu nailed to the walls.

7 Feb 2008 22:31

The Royal Lion Hotel, Lyme Regis

Has more of a 'bar open to the public in a hotel' feel to it than a traditional pub but was pleasant enough. I saw a famous person in here - the woman who played Oz's wife in the 80s series Auf Wiederhesen, Pet! Perhaps that explains the German phrases on the front of the building.

6 Feb 2008 13:18

Ship Inn, Lyme Regis

Traditional back street pub off the beaten tourist trail. I could just about make out the tv showing a football match through the clouds of flies hovering around the doorway.

6 Feb 2008 13:13

The Anchor Inn, Bridport

Nice looking pub complete with castle-like ramparts. Inside it has a traditional feel, a bit dark and with a middle-aged woman dancing on her own to the constant stream of Elvis songs being played. We sat outside.

6 Feb 2008 13:10

The Three Compasses, Charminster

Large looking pub from outside and yet the bar is quite small. They make their own range of lethal fruit wines here. Watch out for the cleverly disguised mens toilets!

6 Feb 2008 13:05

The Poet Laureate, Dorchester

Hidden away (literally!) in the ever-expanding Prince Charles inspired monster that is Poundbury is this expensive place. Looked quite food-orientated with a carvery proving popular, and a friendly welcome which was quite surprising as the lack of signs directing you here would suggest that they want to keep it their little secret.

6 Feb 2008 13:00

The Oak, Dorchester

Picturesque looking village pub which has everything it should.

6 Feb 2008 12:54

The New George, Dorchester

Seems to have smartened up since the new owners moved in last year.

6 Feb 2008 12:51

Bull Inn, Dorchester

Nice stopping off point between Bridport and Weymouth with a large garden area at the front where you can watch the world go by.

6 Feb 2008 12:50

Queens Arms, Salisbury

Alot of pubs seem to have a claim to being the oldest this or that - The Queens Arms proclaims it has the longest continuous running licence dating back to the 1700s. Went there on a cold Boxing Day evening and was relieved to see the landlord attempting to start a roaring log fire. However, he only succeeded in producing a smoke filled room and we had to leave shortly after. Looked like a proper drinkers pub.

5 Feb 2008 17:09

Old Castle Inn, Salisbury

Typical large Beefeater place with the obligatory Eastern European barmaid. Right on the outskirts of the city so probably relies on the odd thirsty football fan on their way to Salibury FC to boost trade.

5 Feb 2008 17:04

The Old Ship Inn, Upwey

Old building with some of the historical features still showing. Quite expensive and as it's so far out of town has quite a locals feel to it, although due to its good reputation for food it always seems busy.

5 Feb 2008 13:04

The Tuatara Bar, Weymouth

Names after a New Zealand lizard, apparently, it's good to see the former Mariners site re-opened. Whether this place will ever be as popular remains to be seen. They have had some gigs in the downstairs bar which also boasts the largest screen for sports events in a Weymouth pub.

5 Feb 2008 13:00

Royal Oak, Weymouth

Vastly improved since the smoking ban. The place used to be full on a Saturday afternoon of men sat on their own in a smoky haze watching the horse racing, which as it was at the expense of the football results and there's a bookies next door I found quite irritating.

5 Feb 2008 12:57

Boho Bar, Weymouth

Now in its third incarnation in a short space of time, I wonder if anyone can make a go of a place this small. A shame, because there's a good atmosphere there.

5 Feb 2008 12:51

The Clipper, Weymouth

Just like The Old Rectory used to be (ie shit) but with a couple of palm trees outside. The toilets remain a health hazard.

5 Feb 2008 12:49

Jakes, Weymouth

Late night drinking den.

5 Feb 2008 12:47

The Kings Arms, Weymouth

Excellent traditional harbourside pub. Split-level bar with more of a locals feel to the lower level and a comfy seating area in the upper level. The pool table is crammed into a tiny space though, meaning some shots have to be played with your cue at a 60 degree angle!

5 Feb 2008 12:46

The Admiral Hardy, Weymouth

Good all-round pub, with nice pub grub, a large screen for all sporting events and a seperate childrens play area and garden.

5 Feb 2008 12:42

Crown Inn, Hardingstone

Large village pub with a garden at the rear and plenty of parking. It's split into several rooms inside, a locals bar, a cosy corner and a games room containing a table skittles game which I had never seen before where you chuck a wooden disc at the skittles from about 6 feet away. We don't play skittles like that in Dorset!!

28 Jan 2008 17:36

The Albion, Winchester

Stopped off here on Saturday night and was pleasantly surprised. I had been here before (about 10 years ago) and remembered it as a smokey, pokey pub with a couple of old men being the only customers. Have to say that the open-plan bar makes the place unrecognisable and it was very busy, and as someone below said with a wide range of customers. A good pub then, even the non-stop jazz being played didn't bother me too much!

28 Jan 2008 17:27

The George and Dragon, Swanscombe

It's a proper boozer and I got the impression that a few dodgy deals are struck here - even the quiz machine contained hooky versions of the proper games! That said, it was friendly enough when we visited.

11 Jan 2008 13:33

Barracuda Bar, Altrincham

Smart layout but sour-faced staff don't help the cause.

20 Nov 2007 13:20

The Faulkners Arms, Altrincham

It's a good place to go for all the wrong reasons. Barmaid didn't understand English and the locals were as odd a bunch as you are likely to see anywhere, but they are harmless and entertaining.

20 Nov 2007 13:03

The George and Dragon, Altrincham

Excellent food and a nice layout. Pool table is still there and at 1.50 a game I doubt it gets used much.

20 Nov 2007 12:59

The Tube 80s Bar, Liverpool

Virtually empty on a Friday night says it all. If you want a decent 80s bar, go to the one in Concert Square instead.

19 Nov 2007 16:37

The Talbot Inn, Cuckfield

Friendly landlord and has everything a proper pub should.

12 Nov 2007 17:45

The Lamb, Piltdown

Very friendly staff here who, after pouring a couple of pints too many (there were 12 of us ordering in separate rounds), offered the excess drinks to us to share between us. Has a petting farm outside but with two cats and a big dog there are plenty of animals inside as well.

11 Nov 2007 20:12

The Plough, Upper Dicker

Fairly average pub but gets a couple of extra points for the barmaids gravity-defying chest.

11 Nov 2007 19:53

The Beachy Head, Eastbourne

Considering its tourist trap location I was amazed at how cheap the drinks were here. Didn't eat but the toilets were clean on our visit.

11 Nov 2007 19:29

The Crown, Seaford

Advertised on the shabby looking exterior as Seafords premier sports bar. We weren't convinced, but the inside is quite smart with three tvs set up next to each other on one wall for a unique viewing experience.

11 Nov 2007 19:25

The Strathmore Arms, St Pauls Walden

A Real Ale lovers paradise, this place. And anywhere with a bar billiards table gets my vote! As previously mentioned a warm welcome awaits all here.

31 Oct 2007 17:46

The Bull Inn, Whitwell

Very friendly pub, both locals and landlady alike. Immaculate pool table!

31 Oct 2007 17:43

The Royal Oak, Bere Regis

Think the restaurant part was being refurbed when we visited, hence only a small bar open. Full of characters, including a middle-aged guy at the bar pronouncing in a broad Dorset dialect "the trouble with you English". Also, every girl in the bar appeared to be pregnant, suggesting there is little else to do in the village!

28 Oct 2007 16:04

The Drax Arms, Bere Regis

Friendly welcome from the landlord and landlady who are just about to move to another pub. Does a good food trade here and no riff-raff present - head to the Royal Oak for that.

28 Oct 2007 15:55

The Botany Bay Inn, Winterborne Zelston

Places like this have a nasty habit of staring down their noses at you if you dare to enter the building and just want a drink. The barman (I'd often wondered what had happened to Duncan Norvelle) fiddled with receipts and did his best to ignore us for 10 minutes, obviously realising that we didn't have a menu in our hands. Very poor service.

22 Oct 2007 18:04

The Mariners, Weymouth

Re-opened about a month ago and now called The Tuatara Bar - named after a New Zealand lizard, apparently! Quite a good job on the refurb, though it's a bit of a trek to the toilets now and if it's very busy the bar can be awkward to get to. I think they have live music downstairs but whether it will ever be as popular a gig venue as Mariners/Verdis was remains to be seen. Also has alot of tvs for sporting events, including what is probably the biggest screen in a Weymouth pub downstairs.

22 Oct 2007 17:58

The Blue Room, Weymouth

It's had another name change - now called Boho. I do wonder if a bar this small is actually viable, especially when it's situated in the shadow of Yates and Wetherspoons. Looks smart though and the drinks were quite cheap.

22 Oct 2007 17:52

The Oak, Grays

Decent enough pub with cheap drinks offers on various nights. When we went there it was like a reunion for the cast of The Football Factory - West Ham boys everywhere! And very friendly and helpful they were too.

13 Oct 2007 11:34

The Prince Of Wales, Princetown

Decent pub that has everything it should (including a tv/aeriel that looks like Metal Mickey). Didn't try the food but judging by the size of the plates I would still be there eating it now if I had! They brew their own beer here and the landlord ofered us a free taster, which although I'm not an ale-drinker, was a nice touch.

26 Sep 2007 17:33

The Oxenham Arms Inn, South Zeal

Excellent pub dating back to the 15th century. Has a large wine 'cellar' on your right as you enter and two separate stoneclad bar areas. A very nice looking exterior and a friendly welcome make this pub well worth seeking out.

26 Sep 2007 17:17

The Brace of Pheasants, Plush

Ate there today (didn't book beforehand) and the food was great. Friendly service. The place is obviously food-orientated but the top part still retains a country pub feel to it.

16 Sep 2007 17:42

The Pilot Boat Inn, Lyme Regis

Nice enough place but extortionate prices. Nearly 2 dearer than anywhere else in the town for a pint and a short. Noticed the guy who served me (landlord?) drinking in The Volunteer later in the evening so that tells its own story.

26 Aug 2007 15:18

The Rock Point Inn, Lyme Regis

No local scum in evidence on my visit, just a happy mix of tourists, some young blokes playing darts and a wedding party. Great location looking out across the bay.

26 Aug 2007 15:14

The Angel Inn, Lyme Regis

Not a dump but a pub where a game of pool and some decent music is the order of the day.

26 Aug 2007 15:07

The Bull and Butcher, Turville

Nice enough pub but the toilets (although clean) absolutely stank. You tend to forget the good points about a place when something like that occurs.

19 Aug 2007 20:08

The New Inn, Strafield Saye

Enjoyed our late night stop-off here. Very friendly landlord and locals made the journey down endless country lanes to get here worthwhile.

19 Aug 2007 20:05

The Rainbow, Middle Assendon

I'm guessing that there isn't a Carribbean Steel Drum Band playing here every night but there was when we stopped here, and an excellent night was had by all!!

19 Aug 2007 19:53

The Rock Hotel, Weymouth

Have to update my review as it's now been totally refurbished and is completely unrecognisable. Food now served here, the place is all wooden floorboards and trendy lighting with a patio and decking area out the back. Was quite busy for early Thursday evening. Well worth checking it out, especially if you can remember what The Rock used to be like!

10 Aug 2007 17:17

Yates's, Cardiff

Nice looking building from outside, but internally not really designed for big crowds - and that's not great being right next to the Millenium Stadium. Lousy service and they bump the prices up on everything on event days.

3 Jul 2007 11:17

The Rummer Tavern, Cardiff

Deceptively large pub with an extra seating area upstairs. Food was amongst the best pub grub I've ever had. Quick and friendly service and a good atmosphere. A top pub!

3 Jul 2007 11:13

Y Tair Pluen, Cardiff

Very smart interior with a large dining area upstairs. Good quick service on a busy day.

3 Jul 2007 11:10

Kitty Flynns, Cardiff

The toilets stink.

3 Jul 2007 11:08

William Walker, Winchester

Busy and friendly.

24 Jun 2007 22:06

The Crown and Anchor, Winchester

Very friendly, helpful staff who went along with all our strange requests on a recent crawl. If you want to drink your pint out of a dogbowl whilst eating a Pot Noodle, this is the place to come!

24 Jun 2007 21:43

The Bishop On The Bridge, Winchester

Ok pub but the landlord has a serious case of 'short man syndrome'. Lighten up, Wee Man!!

24 Jun 2007 21:37

Bakers Arms, Winchester

Have to disagree with some of the comments below as we were made very welcome here on a recent crawl. Full of characters but no sign or hint of trouble on our visit.

24 Jun 2007 21:34

The Three Horseshoes, Burton Bradstock

Friendly welcome and nice big beer garden out the back.

18 Jun 2007 17:38

The New Star Inn, Portland

The pub and it's inhabitants all looked tired and run-down. There are better pubs on the island.

11 Jun 2007 17:45

The Village Inn, Ulwell

The name conjures up an image of a 17th century pub with thatched roof and adjoining duckpond, but what you get is a modern one storey building next to a holiday camp! However, after a 30 minute trek from Swanage we were just glad the place was open. It's perfectly respectable and relatively cheap given the closeness of so many gullible tourists, but it's just not what you might expect.

29 May 2007 20:01

The White Swan, Swanage

Spent an enjoyable time sat in a comfy sofa with the sun on my back and a cold beer in my hand. There are worse things to do and worse places to do it than here!

29 May 2007 19:55

The White Horse Inn, Swanage

Pub was very busy on a Sunday afternoon showing the football on a big screen. Seemed like a decent place, looked like it was a music venue in the evenings, with one memorable band playing there shortly called Tequila Mockingbird!

29 May 2007 19:48

The Ship, Swanage

Another pub closed and turned into an Oriental eaterie. Called The Golden Lotus or something similar.

29 May 2007 19:45

The Red Lion, Swanage

Having read the good reviews on here, we decided to try the food on our recent trip to Swanage, and we were not disappointed! Fantastic tasting and very reasonably priced, you couldn't ask for more from a pub. The place itself is an interesting old building with a large beer garden out the back for sunnier days. The best pub in Swanage in my opinion.

29 May 2007 19:41

The Purbeck Hotel, Swanage

The best toilets in Swanage!!

29 May 2007 19:33

The Peveril Inn, Swanage

It's called The East Bar now and was very busy when I went there. A smart venue with a central, open plan bar and a strange 'porthole' in the floor which is overhead a body of water.

29 May 2007 19:30

Crows Nest Inn, Swanage

Thought I'd stumbled into the British Legion by mistake! Full of old blokes on a Sunday lunchtime but they've got to go somewhere, right? Very friendly pub dog (Bob?)

29 May 2007 19:21

The Anchor Inn, Swanage

It's good - but it's not that good!

29 May 2007 19:15

The Yew Tree Inn, Highclere

Or to give it its full title, 'Marco Pierre White's Yew Tree Inn', who I am reliably informed is an internationally reknowned chef. Therefore, the emphasis is on the food side of things but was a pleasant place to stop off for a beer in the evening.

10 Apr 2007 20:09

The Old Fox, Bricket Wood

After a seemingly endless drive through a lifeless forest, we were relieved that this pub was actually open. Seeing as the place was near-deserted, the welcome was far from warm as the barmaid seemed put out that she had to serve someone! The pub dog did come and sit with us though.

1 Apr 2007 19:13

The White Horse, Alton

Home of the worlds hairiest landlord (shoulders only) competition. His neat plan of employing a barmaid with a cleavage so awesome that it distracts you from how expensive the drinks are very nearly worked, too.

28 Mar 2007 16:23

The Bar L1 & Reflex, Liverpool

I've never seen so many mirrorballs in one place! My only complaint would be why was an 80s club playing 60s music??

19 Mar 2007 16:49

Crown, Liverpool

Great pub, interesting decor and a barman who can serve three people at once and do it right!

19 Mar 2007 16:46

The Plough, Northfleet

Returned here recently after an absence of 15 years. My hazy memories of this being a great pub were reaffirmed, I'm glad to say.

8 Mar 2007 17:08

The Raven Hotel, Hook

Stopped here recently on our way to Heathrow. Despite there being only a couple of other customers, our food order took a full hour to arrive. It was nice when it eventually turned up, though.

24 Feb 2007 15:52

Edwards, Bournemouth

Re-branded as the bizarrely named Sixty Million Postcards. Tries just a little too hard to be a cool venue.

24 Feb 2007 15:04

The White Horse, Yeovil

Decent pub close to the train station, ideal for killing time waiting to get back to civilisation!!

5 Feb 2007 00:06

The William Dampier, Yeovil

On first impressions, thought it was a reasonable Spoons, large, smart and with tv actually turned on (with sound). However, after wandering round Yeovil for 90 minutes looking for somewhere decent, we returned here and were overcharged for our drinks. When I said that we'd paid 1.60 less for the same round before, the girl said "did you have a double then?" I said no, and pointed out that I hadn't actually asked for one this time either. Nice try love!!

We then sat at the same table as before and were delighted to see our original glasses still on the table from an hour and a half before.

5 Feb 2007 00:03

The Sun Inn, Weymouth

Much better after the refurb.

4 Feb 2007 23:36

The Rock Hotel, Weymouth

Huge pub in a great location (5 minutes walk from town centre) but invariably empty due to its bad reputation as a place where all the dropouts spend their dole money. Allegedly used to have a happy hour from 10am!!

Went there recently for old times sake as I have heard that it may be developed into (more) flats. Two customers in there and it was freezing cold. Having said all that, the landlord was excellent, saying that it was that cold as he'd only just opened up and offered us seats next to the radiator. Drinks were very cheap and it must have the oldest till in Weymouth.

31 Jan 2007 12:04

The Chapelhay Tavern, Weymouth

Two tiny bars and usually a good atmosphere.

28 Nov 2006 12:13

The Trafalgar Hotel, Bury

Typical, traditional street corner boozer.

28 Nov 2006 12:11

The Horse and Jockey, Wednesbury

Another nice Midlands welcome here - complete with the obligatory tray of pork pies!

17 Nov 2006 17:23

The Cottage Spring, Wednesbury

Due for a refurb shortly and looked like it needed one, although in fairness when I went there it was the morning after a big Bonfire party. Very friendly staff - well done!

17 Nov 2006 17:20

The Chetwynd Arms, Brocton

Pub split into two very different halves, one being a large restaurant area and the other a small locals bar. I went to the latter where a friendly welcome awaits.

17 Nov 2006 17:13

The Lord Poulett Arms, Hinton St George

What a bizarre place! Lots of little alcoves off the two main bars and a real surprise awaits you in the mens toilets.....
Great selection of ales behind the bar. More than likely haunted.

17 Nov 2006 17:08

The Wyndham Arms, Ilton

Good village pub with friendly locals who we battered at pool.

17 Nov 2006 17:04

The Slug and Lettuce, Chester

Trendy place to be seen for the very few good looking people in Chester. Looks and brains obviously don't go together though as why would you drink here and get ripped off thanks to this chains extortionate prices?

17 Nov 2006 17:03

The Oaklands Hotel, Chester

Large family friendly pub with quiz nights, drinks promotion nights etc etc. Kind of looks like a Wetherspoons but better.

17 Nov 2006 16:59

The White Hart Inn, Penkridge

Watched the second half of an England match here recently and wished we'd come here first! Small bar with curtains drawn didn't look very welcoming but once inside we were accepted and offered the traditional Midlands pub fayre - a tray of pork pie slices! The phrase 'pub full of characters' was designed for places like this. Quality.

15 Nov 2006 16:44

The George and Fox, Penkridge

Stopped off here to watch the first half of a recent England match as it looked the most likely place to do such a thing, what with the huge St Georges Cross proudly flying outside. The pub itself was reasonable, seemed to be split into two sections, although all contained in one big L-shaped room. The first contained the bar and a big screen showing the match with a few older people watching. The other part had several pool tables, fruit machines etc and was full of chavvy types. I'd imagine it gets quite 'lively' later on.

15 Nov 2006 16:39

The Bear Hotel, Hungerford

Congratulations to all at The Bear. Not only was it the most expensive place I've been in all year (if not ever) but you've also cornered the market in non-English speaking barstaff who don't know their Archers (it was for my girlfriend - honest!) from their elbows. Avoid unless you are a pretentious millionaire - which judging by the fact that a fair few people were in there, Hungerford is full of.

15 Nov 2006 15:08

The Sun Inn, Hungerford

It may be a bit more downmarket compared to some other pubs in Hungerford, but it's all the better for it. Give me something like this over a trendy gastro-pub/hotel bar anyday!

15 Nov 2006 14:58

The Plume of Feathers, Hungerford

Friendly welcome from all here, including the reputedly fearsome pub cat!

15 Nov 2006 14:55

The Red Lion Hotel, Wareham

Decent pub, had a meal here. Waited quite a while for our food but there was only one person on bar duty and serving food, and she apologised for the delay which does help. Food was great though, and huge portions for the reasonable price paid.

14 Nov 2006 17:38

The Horse and Groom, Wareham

Very lively pub with an interesting mix of young chavs shouting alot and older characters propping up the bar. Big screen always showing a footy match although no one was watching it when I went.

14 Nov 2006 17:18

The Duke Of Wellington, Wareham

A real locals pub where you can hear some of the strongest Dorset accents for miles around. Great selection menu-wise. If you like fish. Which I don't.

14 Nov 2006 17:13

The Guildhall Tavern, Poole

Looks like a normal pub from outside but when you get in you realise you have walked into a French restaurant! However, we were able to just have our drinks sat at the bar and found the two guys who run the place to be very sociable. Drinks were a touch expensive (restaurant prices!) but if you are a brandy connesieur you should check out their large collection - one of which will set you back 50 for a measure!!

14 Nov 2006 16:57

The Kings Arms Hotel, Dorchester

Have to disagree about the staff on this one. The place was packed with old fogies from the hotel eating so someone coming in just for a drink was very low priority. Got my order wrong but remembering two drinks can be quite difficult at times.

10 Nov 2006 17:29

The Royal Oak and Gas Tavern, Poole

Didn't go in the main pub but a side entrance called The Gas Lounge. Found ourselves in a large room with a pool table, football on the tv and a few friendly locals. Top place, my only complaint is it;s not designed for the taller person as I had to virtually limbo dance to get in the door and then continually duck to avoid the wooden beams!

10 Nov 2006 12:55

The Foundry, Poole

Wasn't expecting much but pleasantly surprised. Packed at Sunday lunchtime, although mainly with OAPs having a cheap roast.

10 Nov 2006 12:23

The Cockleshell, Poole

Decent locals pub just off from the High Street. Home of the longest Meat Draw on the South Coast! (probably)

10 Nov 2006 12:21

The Masons and Mariners, Portland

Back in the days when it was called the Viccy Lodge, this was the place to go on Portland if you wanted some aggro. Can't really comment on whether it's still like that as I went in on a quiet afternoon, although the bangin' techno music being played to a near deserted pub would suggest that it still gets 'lively' when the sun goes down.

10 Nov 2006 12:13

The Canal Inn, Wrantage

Fantastic landlady who makes everyone feel like they've been coming here for years. Wide selection of beers and strange bottled lagers means there's something for everyone here. Ask about the Hula-hoop challenge and the Fish night (although probably wise not to do both at once!)

20 Sep 2006 11:14

The Old Rectory, Weymouth

Now re-opened after a reputed 1 million refurb as The Barracua Bar. Not sure what they spent the money on as the only diferences I could see were a couple of Palm Trees outside and some giant tables inconveniently placed onwhat used to be the dance floor. Has an extensive South African menu apparently which will have to do well as after the novelty value has worn off I'd imagine it will be as empty as the Rectory used to be.

20 Sep 2006 11:00

The Forest Inn, Lickey End

Large Harvester pub just off the motorway. Restaurant was very busy and pub area had everything it should.

20 Sep 2006 10:52

The Shrimp, Morecambe

Big Brewers Fayre pub so you know what to expect. Probably the friendliest bar staff we met on our weekend trip.

20 Sep 2006 10:44

Chieftain Hotel, Morecambe

Decent boozer slightly spoilt by the huge pile of vomit in the mens toilets. The landlord himself cleared it up though, so fair play!

20 Sep 2006 10:27

The Ranch House, Morecambe

Very cheap drinks but it feels like you're at a holiday camp with loads of kids running riot due to the adjoining amusement arcades. I came here years ago and there was a C & W band on complete with pistol shooting competition but no sign of that this time around.

20 Sep 2006 10:23

The Upstairs Downstairs, Morecambe

Probably a good place to start off in Morecambe but wouldn't stay all night.DJ booth set up in one corner of what appears to be someone's front room downstairs (didn't venture upstairs). TV was showing an obscure football match from Eastern Europe. Pleasant staff.

20 Sep 2006 10:19

Eric Bartholomew, Morecambe

Not a bad pub in itself but let down by very rude staff - no friendly northern welcome here!

11 Sep 2006 08:56

The Sun Inn, Weymouth

Has been re-opened for a while now after a complete refurb and looks much the better for it.

10 Sep 2006 17:34

The Punchbowl, Easton

Very friendly pub and home to the Portland Angling Society if that's your thing.

23 Aug 2006 10:49

New Inn, Portland

Decent pub that accomodates for children. Seemed to be doing a good food trade although I didn't try any myself. A few large TVs dotted around to show the football on. I liked the sign which said no refunds would be given for any offensive song put on the jukebox at 'an inappropriate time of day'!

23 Aug 2006 10:47

The Pulpit Inn, Portland

Great location but found it to be the least welcoming of all the pubs on the top of the island. Couldn't believe it shut at 4pm as the tourists there were queueing up to get in.

23 Aug 2006 10:42

Isobar, Weymouth

Chilled atmosphere at this small but welcoming harbourside venue which has an extensive menu available for the upstairs restaurant.

21 Aug 2006 15:00

The Oldstone Cross, Tamworth

Great locals pub in the centre of Tamworth. They take their dominoes seriously here! Good, friendly atmosphere.

21 Aug 2006 14:49

Woodstock Arms, Oxford

Friendly welcome given to us on the way home from a football match. Good size beer garden out the back in which a couple of locals tried to teach us the rules of a game (Aunt Sally?) which basically involves knocking a target off a pole by chucking blocks of wood at it. Sorry about the one which went on the roof.

13 Aug 2006 15:45

The Sir Robert Peel, Tamworth

Nice enough pub with friendly bar staff. Watch out for the stairs coming back from the toilet though - Chris Bonnington would have trouble descending them!

13 Aug 2006 15:14

Yates's, Tamworth

Expensive drinks, probably to pay for all the fancy furniture.

13 Aug 2006 15:08

Bole Bridge, Tamworth

Agree with the comments below - cheap beer and rubbish service.

13 Aug 2006 15:04

The Prospect Inn, Weymouth

Empty apart from a few dodgy looking youths, think it could be about to close as the fridge was completely empty and a couple of the pumps were off. No great loss.

13 Aug 2006 15:02

The Turks Head Hotel, Chickerell

Excellent food available here - take your pick from the slightly expensive restaurant to the more than adequate pub menu. Good range of beers too.

6 Aug 2006 19:10

The Albert Inn, Wyke Regis

A good little local hidden away off Wyke Square. Very welcoming landlady, beer garden out the back, pool/darts etc. Has everything a pub should.

6 Aug 2006 19:02

Old George, Dorchester

New owners moved in in February and have re-named the pub The New George (nice one). Seems to be alot cleaner now, especially the mens toilets and was that beer garden there before?

4 Aug 2006 22:36

The Lazy Lizard, Weymouth

Now known as The Lazy Lizard but nothing else has changed - still probably the best option in Weymouth for a late night drink.

4 Aug 2006 22:31

The Bar On The Corner, Weymouth

Tiny but popular pub in the main street. Usually a good vibe here - especially if you try the shooters.

4 Aug 2006 21:17

The Crown Hotel, Weymouth

A very popular destination - for northern grannies on their Christmas meal trips to the seaside in September! The public bar is actually quite good but everyone should go here once and see how long it takes you to get thrown out if you dare to enter the ballroom and interrupt some 80 year olds doing The Birdie Song.

4 Aug 2006 21:11

The Duke of Cornwall, Weymouth

Not as good as it thinks it is. If Freddie Mercury impersonators and hen parties full of 50 year olds is your thing though, you may disagree.

4 Aug 2006 21:01

The Royal Oak, Weymouth

Great location on the Quay. Recently re-opened but sadly the sawdust on the floor and bar billiards table didn't survive. A good place to have a drink sat outside watching the world go by.

4 Aug 2006 20:56

The Sailors Return, Weymouth

Lively pub on the Quay full of (as the name suggests) salty sea-going types. Gets very busy on a Friday night when the Karaoke is in full swing.

4 Aug 2006 20:54

Dusk, Weymouth

Flashy, trendy, empty with arseholes on the door. When I last went we were the only people there (8pm on a Friday). Fair play, they put the football on for us but without the sound as they were paying a DJ to play to an empty room!

4 Aug 2006 20:51

The Park, Weymouth

A famous pub in Weymouth as it is the starting point of the legendary Park Street Shuffle - a pub crawl which every lad in the town should attempt on the road to manhood. Has a ridiculous amount of comfy sofas crammed into one corner of the pub. On my last visit there were two customers and the landlord in attendance watching one of those awful home improvement programmes on the tv. Think they were embarassed though, as it was soon replaced by an AC/DC DVD!!

4 Aug 2006 20:45

The Belvedere Inn, Weymouth

Good locals pub just a short walk away from the town centre. Landlord is a West Ham nut, complete with claret & blue pool table! Popular venue for local darts/skittles teams and there's usually a bit of good-natured banter flying about.

4 Aug 2006 20:36

Chicago Rock Cafe, Southampton

Now called The Firehouse but retains a link with its Chicago Rock past in that if its rock music you want, this is the place to come. Good service when I went there but not the place to go for a quiet pint.

4 Aug 2006 20:30

The Little Ship, Portland

Recently taken over by a young brother/sister and they were in the process of tidying the place up when I went there. No food available but there will be and it seems to offer all the things a decent pub should - pool, darts, skittles, live music - oh, and decent beer!

31 Jul 2006 19:10

The Old Ship Inn, Dorchester

Could do with a bit of a clean-up but the bar staff are friendly enough. This type of pub always seems to have a line of old blokes sat at the bar watching horse racing on the TV and the Old Ship didn't disappoint.

31 Jul 2006 19:06

The Borough Arms, Dorchester

Recently refurbished and the difference is noticable. Looks very smart from outside but has still retained its character in the tiny main bar where you will find a colourful character or two.

31 Jul 2006 18:59

The Cove House Inn, Portland

A nice little pub, not too expensive given its tourist trap location. Set on the Chesil Beach coastline it offers superb views from the outside seating area. Has a small restaurant which specialises in locally caught seafood.

30 Jul 2006 13:24

The Old Castle Hotel, Weymouth

Recently re-opened after a refurb, although I couldn't see much difference. Has quite a large seating area for food and also boasts a beer garden. Tucked away in a back street location, it's not the busiest pub but still worth a visit.

30 Jul 2006 13:18

The Ferrybridge Inn, Weymouth

Big, ramshackle looking pub on the edge of Chesil Beach which attracts plenty of passing trade from the windsurfers, although it's not a typical surf dude pub. Food served is reasonable.

30 Jul 2006 13:13

Chambers, St Helier

One of the first pubs you come to after leaving the Ferry terminal, looks like it would get busy in the evenings with the younger crowd.

26 Jul 2006 16:21

The Eastern, St Helier

The last stronghold of the Jersey Catholics? This pub is a shrine to Celtic Football Club, complete with Scottish Lagers and an Irish barmaid. Small bar but there are pool tables upstairs. The locals didn't bother me but I don't recommend going there wearing a Rangers shirt!

26 Jul 2006 16:11

The S Bar, St Helier

Decent enough bar, made a change from the identical looking locals bars that seem to populate St Helier. Friendly bar staff and probably popular at lunchtimes with people who work in the town with its 'bring your own food' policy.

26 Jul 2006 16:04

The Exeter Inn, St Helier

Looks very pleasant from outside with lots of hanging baskets and tables but inside it reveals it's true colours. Tobacco stained walls and ceilings and a row of dodgy characters at the bar watching horse racing. The Eastern European barmaid could do with learning a few more English phrases as well, such as 'Hello' and 'Thank you'.

26 Jul 2006 15:59

The Dog and Sausage, St Helier

Great little pub with a good atmosphere and welcoming bar staff. Part of the bar appears to be done out like a tube train complete with arched roof and overhead hand grips! A few tables set out on the pavement so you can enjoy your pint in the sunshine. Well recommended.

26 Jul 2006 14:56

The Cock and Bottle, St Helier

Can't comment on the beer here as I was refused service for wearing a football shirt. Had I been part of a 20-strong stag party playing up then fair enough but I was there with my girlfriend and had spent all day at the zoo! Ever heard of common sense?

26 Jul 2006 14:38

The Blue Room, Weymouth

This pub has undergone a colour change - it's now called Brown's Bar. The decent atmosphere still remains though. A tiny little bar but well worth a visit.

24 Jul 2006 22:49

Slug and Lettuce, Poole

Fairly quiet when I went there on a Sunday evening, it's a pretty basic pub, not the cleanest, and the only outstanding fact to report was the extortionate price of the drinks.

24 Jul 2006 17:27

Mint, Poole

A new addition to The Quay, this is an ultra-trendy bar which had only been opened two days when I went there. All contempory furniture and tv screens (even set into the bar!) and unisex toilets, this will probably be the place to be seen in in Poole, although the Real Ale crowd may disagree!

24 Jul 2006 17:20

Finn M'Couls, Weymouth

Rock on! Probably Weymouth's premier venue for music of the loud variety with the best local bands sharing the stage with top tribute bands from all over the UK. Good beer, good service and good vibes. In a word - good!

22 Jul 2006 15:36

The Boot, Weymouth

Reputedly the oldest pub in Weymouth and a Real Ale fans wet dream. Even the choice of lager on draught (Becks and Oranjeboom) makes this lively and atmospheric boozer stand out from the crowd.

22 Jul 2006 15:30

Swan Inn, Weymouth

Wetherspoons pubs seem to take a hammering on here so I'm leaping to the defence of my local! Never had a bad meal here (and I've had a few) and the service is reasonably good considering it is THE busiest pub in Weymouth. Totally non-smoking before it's time and all the better for it.

21 Jul 2006 15:44

Jolly Sailor, Poole

Rude and stupid barstaff spoilt what is otherwise a decent pub in a good location. Here's a tip - when you get the drinks order wrong, simply apologise and get the right one instead of blaming me for the error and talking to me like I'm five.

21 Jul 2006 15:36

The Brewhouse, Poole

Strange hybrid of a pub. Looks gloomy and unwelcoming from outside and the usual array of old blokes propping up the bar fit in with this. Seemed friendly enough though. Has two great pool tables which look like they cost more than the whole pub and the fairy lights behind the bar round off the slightly surreal feeling you get.

21 Jul 2006 15:21

The Ship, Wool

Fantastic food but the beer ain't cheap! I played 'Spot the Keeper from Monkey World' on my last visit but only scored one - see if you can beat that.

21 Jul 2006 12:57

The Market House, Weymouth

New owners have recently moved in and I don't think they have plans to turn it into a wine bar! A traditional back street boozer where a friendly welcome from the locals (who look worse than they are - well it is a scooter pub!) awaits.

21 Jul 2006 12:06

The Tatnam Hotel, Poole

From the moment I walked in and was greeted by a woman rocking violently in her chair who shouted "Are you here for the Karaoke?", I knew I was in a 'special' pub. Bit of a hole, to be polite, but the locals will keep you entertained if you're brave enough.

21 Jul 2006 12:02

The Goat Major, Cardiff

Went to Cardiff recently for the speedway GP and discovered this great pub whilst trying to avoid hordes of drunken Poles. Nice friendly welcome (not always the case in Wales) from the locals who took time out to explain the legend that is The Goat Major! Go to this pub.

21 Jul 2006 11:57

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