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The Green Man, Royston

This is a great pub with a great reputation for good entertainment and unlike so many pubs the entertainment is very varied. I followed Undercover up here recently and they rocked the place but expect to find quizes, sports of TV, Mexican night with the Amigos, local bands, pool nights, petanque, golf days, disco, karaoke plus a large menu of food. The management of Andy and Karen just make this the pub you want as your local, they make great hosts and have great support of the locals. The duke box is compiled by them and offers some pure gems from the world of rock. The Green Man has a late license til 1am on Saturdays so go sample some proper pub hospitality.

21 Dec 2006 22:43

The Bitter End, Romford

Having found out this pub is back to its former name of the Bitter End I just had to pay it a visit and see how things have changed. I'm glad to say its looking good, serving well and with friendly staff.
I've noted that some have suggested they get evil stares. Lets address this - Romford is full of pubs where there's so much trouble its a rarity to find a pub without a number of doormen. The Bitter End has been a pub that's attracted alternative tastes in music for a number of years and yet rarely has there been a need for doormen. If ppl are experiencing stares its probably because the regulars don't want to see the pub descend into the Romford experience and certainly not as a threat. Spare a thought for the reaction they get in other pubs!
The duke box is fantastic, a great mixture of indie, rock, metal, punk etc. You'll find Hendrix, Clash, Ramones, Metallica, Killers, Free, Franz and more. The bar staff were very attentitive and were having great fun between themselves and the customers - something I noted definitely improved sales of shots.
In summary, its great to be back.

3 Oct 2006 18:07

The Bitter End, Romford

I also remember this pub with fond memories, games, atmosphere and a great selection of ales whilst it was run by landlord Terry. The pub was frequented by who didnt conform to dress codes but who had independent minds, dress sense and a broader taste in their cherrished pint. The "grungers", students and CAMRA chappies are today's version of that and I applaud the fact they've found such a great home where they don't have to put up with the manufactured pop that so many other pubs churn out.
The pub has had many names over the years that have been synominous with agro but for a long time now its held the name Ford and Firkin providing an oasis within the plethora of trendy bars within Romford. The only pub that comes close is the Golden Lion across the road where I spent many a night flouting my spiked hair with other like-minded drinkers.
I guess its about time I visited both again.

7 Mar 2006 16:24

The Force and Firkin, Cheshunt

The guvnor has gone, the replacement guvnor has gone, the present guvnor is temporary and the place seems to have lost its heart. Shame coz its trouble free (its next to the Police station) but its definitely NOT smoke free. If you've given up buying fags this is the place to come for some those passive smokers amongst you.

7 Mar 2006 15:36

Cauliflower, Ilford

The Cauliflower was THE place to play in Essex, the biggest pub venue, excellent acoustics, great bar, friendly mixed crowd and all within a very intriguing building. The Cauliflower towers over its surroundings as a former Gin Palace frequented by the elite. Much of the original glass and woodwork remain offering a great sense of history although today it stands prominent with over 20 years of live entertainment. After a closure during 2005 the Cauliflower is back with live entertainment for various tastes, all it requires are for the punters to return as this pub used to get so busy it was hard to get to the toilets which in a venue of this size is quite an accolade.
I recently saw Undercover play here who produced a great mixed set with a spirit that oozed fun but I've also seen the likes of Expose, Fabulous Feedback Band, East of Java, Bad Manners, Hedgehog and various tribute bands help make this the best place to see bands in Essex.

7 Mar 2006 15:09

The White Hart Inn, Margaretting Tye

what a gem of a pub this is. A little out in the sticks, or out of Stock as the case may be, this pub offers a great family retreat especially over Sunday. Animals and Birds out the back, childrens playground, outdoor seating plus excellent food and a wide range of CAMRA approved ales. The staff are excellent and the landlady Liz is very helpful and of assuring character. During the year they offer a jazz festival and a number of beer festivals some of which provide live music too. Quite a change since the days of this being a prize fighter pub!

10 Feb 2006 11:57

Shark, Colt Hatch

Guvnor Alf loves live music so you'll find it on most weekends, a healthy bunch of regulars attend the long bar and the food is cheap as chips. I've seen a number of bands here which are always FREE including Charlies Aunt and Undercover but he also hosts quizzes etc to maintain a good atmosphere.

9 Jan 2006 17:30

The Lord Napier, Ilford

Most Friday's and Saturdays its live music at the Lord Napier with some of Essex's top bands incl: Expose, East of Java and Undercover in this large pub. Cheap beer, friendly staff and guvnor Tom adds a lovely touch of Irishness to the pub with a hearty smile and a good sense of humour.

9 Jan 2006 16:20

The Matapan, Becontree Heath

Sadly Ann Jackson has left the Matapan and the best of the crowd too, replaced by ppl you don't want to drink with. Now that the temp manager has gone lets see what the new management have to offer and hopefully keep this pub going in the direction that Ann started - clean, lively, entertaining, quizzes, karaoke and live music. Last band I saw was there was Undercover who kept us on our feet til 11pm, don't think they realised it had a late license til 12!!!

9 Jan 2006 15:39

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