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The Craft Beer Co, City of London

If you have only just put the request in, it will appear in 2016 at the earliest. To review Craft Beer Islington use pubs galore or

3 Apr 2014 05:27

The Dispensary, Liverpool

The issue with Dave behind the bar goes back years, but it still needs sorting out as a matter of urgency. Some people might not be able to drink for needical reasons, or may be the driver taking a group to the pub. To refuse service on the request of a glass of tap water as part of a round is not only irresponsible. It is an offence. The only way this man's behaviour will be stopped is if it is made as public as possible. I urge anyone experiencing this in future to record the conversation, or video it. If the round has been poured, and water is refused, simply hold your money until the water is poured. It is a reasonable, lawful request, and remember, the law is on your side as a customer if any threat is made. If Dave foolishly refuses, simply leave. The tap water was part of your order, available free, by law. By not serving it, the pub has not fulfilled your order, and you are under no obligation to pay. And if Dave is reading this: I wish you and the pub no harm. It's a place I have drunk in before the days of BITE. To help a customer who needs a glass of water as part of his or her round will cost you nothing, and will do great things for you and the pub's reputation. Reflect on the benefits you will reap from keeping your drinkers happy, and spending money in your pub, and look forward to the day all these unnecessary complaints stop, and you are no longer the focus of people's criticism. Of course it is your absolute right to choose the alternative, if you believe it's worth it.

29 Sep 2013 17:20

The Albany Arms, Brentford

The fact that rubbish posted by bees4evva is allowed to stay on for more than 5 minutes tells you that BITE no longer cares for accuracy or indeed any of the pubs listed, unless they pay a hefty registration fee. BITE's owners gave up two or three years ago and you can no longer add new pubs, report closures or name changes etc as you can do on professionally managed sites. This is a sad state of affairs, but if you wish to know where to find a decent pint and/or a tasty bite you would be far better off using pubsgalore, pubsandbeer, ratebeer and maybe simply google. Whilst BITE continues to display the nonsense reviews it does, and not to care tuppence about pubs, accuracy of information or even its own loyal decent usership, it is placing itself out of the running as a reliable site. What a great pity.

16 Aug 2013 12:19

The Windsor Castle, Carshalton

Did you pay any kind of deposit at the WC. If no compromise was offered on the double booking you may be entitled to take the venue to a small claims court.

19 May 2013 01:21

The Craft Beer Co, City of London

Can't believe this venue's rating is as low as 7/10 on BITE. All the beer types a discerning drinker could dream of, staff who live-and-breathe their beer and an international crowd. The foreign visitors are no ordinary tourists though, you'll often bump into brewers from overseas breweries, and beer enthusiasts from Scandinavia looking for a relatively cheap pint of craft beer. They have also opened a 'branch' in Brixton which is worth a visit. You will find it elsewhere on the web via google, because sadly BITE no longer adds new pubs by user request.

14 Oct 2012 20:54

The Harp, Covent Garden

You only have to walk into the Harp to see why it is an award winner. Just about the best-kept pint you will drink in London, friendly enthusiastic staff and a clientele that includes locals, those who work nearby and visitors from far and beyond. It does get crowded, often more so than many would find comfortable. This can only be indicative of how well the pub's doing, for despite huge numbers on my visit of a couple of saturdays ago the bar staff coped incredibly well - never had to wait more than five minutes for my pint. It is a good pub plain and simple, no gimmicks or distractions, just a great pub with a jolly atmosphere and an excellent pint of real ale.

14 Oct 2012 20:39

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

The Wenlock Arms was once a legend having won several awards in its time. It is inconceivable that its OWNERS want to destroy it, rather than take their money and retire to leave the place intact for others to follow on. Despite the Government's announcement shortly after the General Election that issues with pubs like this would be looked at, I for one am dismayed this hasn't happened. Needless to say, Save the Wenlock group will leave no stone unturned in its search for a lasting solution.

As for the owners, I wish them no ill, but plead with them to have a rethink on the social consequences of their proposed action.

14 Dec 2011 13:20

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Excellent news! This pub has stood for the best part of 200 years - here's to the next 200!

30 Oct 2011 12:20

CASK Pub and Kitchen, Pimlico

In support of this pub, their very success is by being different from the rest and a cut above. The beers are not cheap and, yes you can get them cheaper elsewhere but where would you find the same knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff, good food and enormously large range both on tap and in bottle?

Not to mention "meet the brewer" nights when everyone, not just beer enthusiasts and pompous showoffs, get to meet the makers of some of these exceptional beers. These are FREE and open to the general public.

Consider what this pub was like in June 2009. Then consider it now! Job well done in my book.

5 Sep 2011 13:17

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Rather a lot of speculative rubbish has been posted on this site about the Wenlock Arms. The last FOUR "reviews" dating from 21 July to 14 August should be ignored. The last accurate note was left by Sleeping Scooper. It is business as usual for the foreseeable future, until staff or management announce any further news. Let's not "do this pub down" but continue celebrating its very existence by visiting (such as I did last night) and supporting the venue.

14 Aug 2011 13:16

The Craft Beer Co, City of London

Stunning new venue with a world-class beer selection and bright interior. Not a lot to add to other reviews which I have read to avoid duplicating their comments. You get what you pay for; and for the beers I enjoyed their quality makes the expense of some of them (Mikkeller kegs, for instance) seem less extreme. However another reviewer seems to suggest enjoying these when someone else's getting the round in - wish I'd thought of that.

Jokes aside this is a welcome new addition to London's beer map and it deserves to make a success of this venture.

Be aware that food is limited to pork pies and scotch eggs, but there is a fast food shop over the road that's open until around 10.

13 Jul 2011 18:13

The Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak

Could things get any better since my last visit in November? The answer is YES. Lively crowd in the pub two days ago, and no shortage of top-notch beers. Another thing, very competitive pricing on the real ales which they manage to keep under 3/pint.

Wish I lived near enough to visit everyday.

13 May 2011 00:00

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Stopping food was the wrong decision. The pub has lost trade and is reportedly running at a loss since the change was made. Surely it makes sense to reinstate the menu and return to making a profit again.

20 Apr 2011 02:18

The Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak

Marble beers on throughout November. Dobber was excellent and so was Manchester Bitter last week. There is more weekday entertainment too, with the pleasant surprise of a pub pianist in the evening last Tuesday. The pub is going from strength to strength and deserves an entry in the GBG. Also note that there are at least 8 ciders on tap as well as the ales.

Still difficult to believe what this pub was a year ago!

My mark with this review goes up from a 6 to an 8.

20 Nov 2010 22:16

CASK Pub and Kitchen, Pimlico

Wonderfully kept beer. Wonder what's happened to Marble though as I like their beers a lot. Nice to venture onto their German lager beers the other night, and some are worth the price, seeing as you'd most likely have to travel out to the country of origin to taste them otherwise!

The fridge is an aladdin's cave of bottled imports from US/Germany/Belgium/Scandinavia. If you're a high earner these must be very tempting indeed!

The chef has changed in the past few months and the menu is slightly modified, but if you go for the hamburger or the penne vegetarian pasta you'll be well-fed at a reasonable price.

I have always found staff and most drinkers in the pub friendly, and the area next to the bar offers mingling space away from the dining area. If you smoke, take advantage of the scaffolding (due to renovations on the estate) that's most handy when it's raining!

In agreement with one of the previous reviewers, CASK started out rather quiet but is now quite the opposite. Recommended and well done for getting into CAMRA's GBG2011.

My mark for the pub is 10/10 based on what's gone into, and then out of, my beer glass.

20 Nov 2010 22:09

The Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak

First visit last weekend. This pub is an amazing transformation of its former forboding self. My prayers of May 2006 were answered! Opened out inside and turned over to real ales and ciders from micros. Very reasonably priced and huge variety. Liked the choice of records played. Staff are friendly, professional and knowledgeable, and the atmosphere buzzes.

Strange developments at closing time though, after everyone being asked to finish their drinks and leave, three foreign tourists arrived twenty minutes after the last bell and got served!

23 Oct 2010 20:44

Jolly Butchers, Stoke Newington

Visited Fri 22 Oct, was impressed by the pub. Buzzing and lively, indeed spotted the landlord kicking out a couple of louts but that was the exception. Extensive beer range, on this visit featuring Brewdog, Dark Star, Camden and Redemption on the handpumps, along with a well-chosen selection of German/Belgian beers on the keg taps. Food is reasonably priced, when compared to other London venues doing the same thing, and one very good idea of theirs is snack-size portions of main course dishes (e.g. bratwurst).

While staff and most customers seemed friendly enough, the only gripe was having to moan for a top-up on every pint. But I add they were topped up without further questions being asked, a good thing.

23 Oct 2010 20:36

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

S O L U T I O N!

Will, Steve (and all interested parties).

How about enacting your retirement by LEASING as opposed to selling the venue, thereby deriving an income from it, and keeping an amenity going. There was talk of this idea in the pub on Saturday.


Review: Popped in on Sat 11 Sept for a a few pints, the pub has not gone to rack and ruin as one or two recent reviews suggest, but has the same tatty appearance that it always had! Hophead not bad, Irish stout not bad, and one or two other rather nice beers on. Male piano trio were rather good too, and piano players still queue up after the ProGig to do a spot of ragtime etc. Would have stayed longer if I hadn't been offered a lift home. I cannot believe it only has weeks to go, something has to be done.

14 Sep 2010 02:31

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

It is time for those in the know to come clean with the real situation about this pub, and end this stream of speculation which cannot be doing it any good.

1 Jul 2010 22:33

The Dove, Bethnal Green

Great vibe on a nice warm night (Sat). Pub feels part of the street, and the staff (those employed by the pub to serve beer and food) are pleasant, friendly and the service is good. Crouch Vale Brewers Gold very good and their Belgian range is impressive. Real ales start from three quid a pint. Only blot on the landscape was a miserable (female) security guard pacing up and down telling drinkers to be quiet at 1100 on a Saturday night, quite aggressively. People on the tables outside were not making excessive noise. Her behaviour smacked of hypocrisy, whilst she was occupied with monitoring the conversations of a small birthday gathering and those of a group of fairly quiet Chinese drinkers having an occasional laugh, she failed to spot people buying fish and chips from a shop down the road and then eat these at the pub's tables.

A fine pub, everything is good about it, but management please look at how the security guards carry out their duties.

My review is an 8/10, if my experience is better next time it'll be a 9.

7 Jun 2010 01:53

The Pembury Tavern, Hackney

Enjoyable festival this week, went in on the first day with a few friends. A fest of two halves: Milton at the bar (mainly) and guests at the stillage rack. Very humourous Chinese girl behind the bar - lively temperament and a smile for everyone. Beers on the stillages good, but if anything a tad below design temperature. Lots of beers from mainly eastern England breweries, many of which I have seen before, but still good to taste them again.

Could I just take issue with Persona Non Grata, in that you definitely DO NOT have to leave in a taxi. There are plenty of frequent night bus services in all directions and I have never had a problem leaving the Pembury. The area is as safe as anywhere else in London.

14 Mar 2010 14:33

Ye Old Mitre, Holborn

I would read chav__man's "review" in isolation. The Mitre has always been a wonderful pub (indeed one of London's best kept secrets until BITE!) anyhow deservedly popular, delightful building, cheery staff and a good mix of people, not just suits, filling the many rooms of the pub during a lunchtime visit before Christmas. Deuchars IPA was fine when I had it, only had time to stop for one.

If you are looking for a pool table, tv and Fosters/Carling to your liking then London has thousands of ordinary pubs to meet your needs perfectly. The Old Mitre is not one of them, and long may it continue!

First rating based on visit in the 2nd week of Dec 2009: 9/10

31 Dec 2009 21:19

The White Swan, Pimlico

Armchairtraveller, Hughesf and Cimagirl, try the Cask Pub & Kitchen nearby if you haven't already. Read everyone's reviews if you wish, but pop in the pub and see for yourselves. PS it's shut until 04/01/09.

27 Dec 2009 18:29

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Recent visit earlier this month. Beer range up and down (Hophead was best but average). Spotted hole in floor into which cellar visible (ladies in stilletto's watch out). Toilets don't smell quite so bad as before but could still be cleaner. Some punters seemed encouraged to drink untill they fall over, which doesn't give a good impression. This said they have to be doing something right to still be open, and I enjoyed myself in the hour or so I was there. 7 out of 10.

11 Dec 2009 17:49

The Evening Star, Brighton

All the reviews below are 100% correct. A recent visit confirmed them all. Yes it's a tight squeeze but beer range, buzzing atmo and beer quality more than compensate. Easy to miss trains from this pub even though the station's 2 minutes' walk away.

Good stuff

11 Dec 2009 17:36

The Doric Arch, Euston

The so-called review of November 28 (by Union Jak, not the one below it) is racist nonsense and ought to be removed asap. The Doric, previously the Head of Steam is good as far as railway station pubs go, and welcomes everyone, after all they have a business to run. My only gripe is that it has fewer beers to choose from since the change a few years back but still seems to be doing good trade.

1 Dec 2009 17:43

The Pembury Tavern, Hackney

Great festival; superb beer range from micros and a wonderful conversational atmosphere. In complete agreement with all of the last few reviewers, what I found matches the "spec".

8 Mar 2009 15:17

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Carpet ought to be replaced, but that's purely a cosmetic thing. Sorry to hear you have had a bad pint here as until recently such a thing's been very rare. While I will choose what ale to drink based on experience with the brewery, etc, I've seen one or two people have their beer chosen for them by the skinhead chappie who's just turned 18 by the looks of it. As I always ask for tasters this hasn't happened to me, but make sure you ask for one in future, your views on the Wenlock will improve forthwith!

Still 10/10 never mind the carpets

1 Sep 2008 14:13

The Oakdale Arms, Harringay

Report received that neighbouring site to the pub is being demolished as we speak. One has to ask why they are doing this now, and on such a small piece of land as it is, next to the Oakdale, the threat of closure is ever-more real. More information PLEASE. Is the pub only weeks away from closure?

7 Oct 2007 21:43

The Half and Half, Croydon

Devastating news of impending closure. Still time for Graeme to hand the pub over to another like-minded guy to continue his good work. Wish Graeme well in Spain.

7 Oct 2007 21:40

The Royal Oak, Borough

Ignore the review of 20/9/07 (@14:28). A visit to the Royal Oak will leave a positive mark in your memory for a long time. Harveys, tasted for the first time in a while on Friday the 5th of October, was superb; the PALE was indeed exquisite. Staff are remarkably friendly here given the near-overcrowding that descends on the premises of a Friday evening.

7 Oct 2007 21:36

The Pembury Tavern, Hackney

The rather unfortunate review below (21/9/07 @ 1208) could not be further from what the Pembury is about, and should be read in isolation. I have paid regular (albeit not frequent) visits to the Pembury Tavern since it reopened in January 2006.

Thanks to the stirling efforts of Steve Early and his team this pub, that started from zero, has built up a friendly atmoshphere and loyal following amongst those of us who want a decent, interesting pint of beer and a decent nosebag to help the beer down.

Anybody who has visited the Pembury recently will know what a first-class hostelry they have been in.

Always worthy of its place in B.I.T.E.'s top forty.

21 Sep 2007 12:55

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Several interesting beers over the weekend that were brewed specially for people's birthdays. One was a Dark Star (seems to be everyone's favourite at the moment, and mine); and a Nethergate brew called Nosmo-King, for the July 1st smoking restrictions. Was never aware of the arrangement between the Wenlock and breweries of a bespoke brewing service - great news

2 Jul 2007 19:15

The Junction Tavern, Kentish Town

Fine gastro. The leek spinach and watercress risotto was exquisite. Grand Union Gold was great; only fly in the ointment was not being allowed to order at the bar and being forced to pay a service charge.

Beware, that despite the good range of ales (best in the area - I hasten to add) the Junction Tavern is first and foremost a restaurant, and a pub second. Priority is afforded to diners with half the "pub" fully booked when we visited.

Staff are friendly enough, but beware of hidden charges.

28 Jun 2007 09:50

The Royal Oak, Borough

The gentleman below speaks in isolation, this is a fine pub - plenty of award-winning, well-kept Harveys ale, a smashing atmosphere and at least one lager available for those needful of such a drink.

The pub attracts the reviews it deserves thanks to the efforts of Frank and his team. Featured in Camra GBG for its beer amongst other attributes, it is bound to attract ale-focused commentaries, good ale attracts loyal ale drinkers, whilst lager that tastes the same wherever you go will not hold such enthusiasms. Long may this continue.

14 Jun 2007 22:40

The Bricklayers Arms, Putney


Friendliest and most down-to-earth pub in Putney. If you are looking for a respite from the Walkabouts, All-Bar-Ones and Wetherspoons in search of a REAL pub you'll have struck gold with a visit to this backstreet gem. Situated behind a well maintained local authorty housing block, it's quite easy to miss, but the 22 bus almost stops at the beginning of Waterman Street.

You will find well-kept Timmy Taylor beers plus at least one guest ale. The pub has a cosy traditional interior.

Be aware they stop serving at 11 o'clock.

12 Mar 2007 22:43

The Oakdale Arms, Harringay

New Food Menu on the way. Italian themed nights likely. The Oakdale Arms appears to be under new management within the same company so hopefully the beer choice will remain unchanged.

7 Sep 2006 13:55

The Jerusalem Tavern, Clerkenwell

Might be a bit dear but worth it for all the St Peter's brews - including a wheat beer on a recent visit. Pity you hardly see any of their beers elswhere in London's freehouses.

31 May 2006 19:03

The Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak

All that's missing is a couple of handpumps, serving a mild and a bitter. Place would get packed then. It is unlikely that such an idea would be heeded as it looks like the same people have been running the pub (and drinking in it) for decades and for them a sudden change would be unsettling. If for any reason the pub changes hands PLEASE read this note.

31 May 2006 18:58

The New Brunswick, Highgate

In its last few months of operation this pub was dreadful. A generally unpleasant atmosphere prevailed as you walked in, and you would be stared at either by someone after a fight or after the contents of your bag. That was then. Locals can only hope and pray for something better ( if ) it ever reopens. How about the idea of a multi-handpump real ale emporium. Probably got the same chance as Wayne Rooney has of scoring a hat-trick in every single England match and holding up the trophy.

31 May 2006 18:51

The Harp, Covent Garden

She certainly does read the comments and they are all, of course, well earned. Would definitely visit more often if I lived nearer.

31 May 2006 18:34

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Lovely sing-along by Jamie R & Co, followed by 2 or 3 pianists after the gig, including a new guy playing Gershwin who I havent heard before (who gave the other 2 a good run for their money).

All this was going along fine and we were all finishing our drinks and making for the door when a foul-mouthed Irishwoman, reportedly the girlfriend of the land lord started shouting and swearing at people to "F-off". About 45 minutes beforehand she was quite unjustifyingly rude to the new pianist. I sneaked out the door but could hear her voice from the sidewalk on Wenlock Road.

Usually theres no problem leaving the pub as the land lord (assumed the guy in late 50s who sits by the restrooms and serves at the bar every now and then comes round and says to us when the bar's closing and when he wants to shut the pub. I did not like the atmosphere when I left.

26 Feb 2006 22:12

The Oakdale Arms, Harringay

Under threat once more. The building firm that plagued the Oakdale Arms throughout 2005 have lodged an appeal. Although no-one will be completely surprised, it is nevertheless bound to cause dismay amongst the Oakdale's discerning drinkership

30 Jan 2006 22:31

The Harp, Covent Garden

Traditional pub. Excellent ale - especially Blacksheep. Good buzz. Good food. A Must.

10 Jan 2006 02:07

The Coal Hole, Strand

Trad pub. Ale so-so. Full of tourists. Not best pub in area - ChrissG, try the Harp, you will not be disappointe.

10 Jan 2006 02:05

The Priory Arms, Stockwell

Quality gastro-pub. Good food. Good ale range. Many foreign beers. Friendly staff. Expensive.

10 Jan 2006 02:01

The Magpie and Crown, Brentford

Unusual pub. Festooned with fluoro-bulbs. Eccentric to the max. Good range of changing real ales. Good chinese food. Worth a journey - not just a detour!

10 Jan 2006 01:57

The Artillery Arms, Old Street

Traditional pub. Good Chiswick. Good Pride, and E. S. B. A useful upstairs room for functions, etc.

10 Jan 2006 01:55

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Easily the best traditional public house in North London. Real Ale. Real Music (Fri/sat/sun) Real People.

10 Jan 2006 01:52

Zero Degrees, Blackheath

Lovely food, good beer and funky colour-changing lights. A Must.

10 Jan 2006 01:51

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

Again, B.I.T.E. spot on with its recommendations. A quality shop-converted pub on Bingham Corner by the tram stop. Palmers plus a dark star beer on regularly, and the whole atmosphere is relaxed. Don't be shy in asking for a taster if you are new to real ale, you will get something you enjoy here.

The staff are attentive, and customer-friendly, and I WISH I had a pub like this for a local.

Note: no food, except crisps, nuts etc.

Still, well deserving of a 10/10.

16 Oct 2005 18:30

The Half and Half, Croydon

A superb pub which deserves all the praises everyone has heaped upon it. Top condition hop head, usually with a dark star alternative plus more belgian beer than you could drink in a decade to choose from. Further out from the station than most of the other pubs but worth it.


16 Oct 2005 18:25

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

Enjoyed Young's bitter here, and would have given a higher rating if they did tasters when you are ordering a pint of anything new. Was slightly disappointing, having to spend 5 minutes trying to decide what beer to go for when getting in the last round at five to eleven. Having to mess around at the last minute just took the edge off what would have been quite an enjoyable night out (for Croydon).

That's the reason when visting Croydon next time I would favour the Beer-Circus and the Claret freehouses.

But despite this most of the bar staff were friendly enough when clearing our table, etc.


16 Oct 2005 18:22

The Doric Arch, Euston

I was once a student and had to work extremely hard for my exams. A pint of beer was a luxury. I funded my existance with a Saturday job and money was tight. The Head of Steam was not known to me at the time or else they would have had my business. There's nothing wrong with a pub having a student discount as most university towns have such pubs. The beer is not overly expensive in the Head of Steam (or now the Doric), and as an adult drinker I never felt that I was "subsidising the workshy", but glad to share the pub with those who wished to broaden their horizons and make themselves better people. (So long as they were studying brewery chemistry and pub management, that is!) The pub, although not London's absoulte best, is still high in my estimation and gets an easy 8 out of 10.

12 Oct 2005 02:06

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