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Combermere Arms, Wolverhampton

THE BEST PUB IN THE WORLD - I'm not joking. As a much traveled Black Country boy, now living in leafy Berkshire, the Combermere Arms will always be close to my heart. First of all the beer is excellent, kept by friendly expert staff, secondly this pub is the epicentre of 'thinking' Wolves support. There are no yobs in this pub, just nice, intelligent, long suffering Wolves fans, good humoured and tolerant. Away fans are welcome, as long as they are respectful, of both Wolves, and good beer. My second favourite building in Wolverhampton, after Molineux.

19 Mar 2016 22:40

The Bull, Sonning

I have no idea what 'Sebastion James' is on about... I have been drinking in The Bull for 20 years, and it's as wonderful today as it has ever been. I haven't noticed any 'Cloony effect' (apart from he never buys a round) and as for being like a after match 'footy pub', first of all as a frequenter of after match 'footy pubs' what on earth is wrong with that, and secondly as its not like that at all. If the Bull has a fault it is that sometimes you do get overbearing snooty types who think they are better than the rest of us in there, but George and I won't let them ruin our enjoyment of the fine ales they serve at one of Berkshire's best pubs.

19 Mar 2016 22:09

The Chequers, Woodley

How does this place keep going? It's horrible, and would be more at home in Toxteth, Moss Side or Handsworth. And don't park in the car park, you'll get clamped.

19 Mar 2016 21:48

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