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The Halfway House, Earlsfield

Quite possibly the worst service i've ever had in a pub / bar! Absolutly awful ... if you're gonna have muppets behind the bar i recommend teaching them the menu - and i have never ever waited 45 minutes for bangers and mash (which were awful) but what's worse is waiting another 10 mins before my drinking companion got his food ... (which he also said was crap!)

18 May 2008 21:45

The Open Page, Earlsfield

It's quite obvious that Mr_Lash has no taste, considering the only pub he's given a good review to is a Weathersoons pub! The new open page ... "Mel's" is a god send - cheerful, polite staff, good food and great sunday lunches! Its for people with class, give it another try Mr_Lash if you dare!

18 May 2008 21:27

Mel's, Earlsfield

What a refreshing change! A lovely bar with amazing staff! It's so great that a bar like this has opened in earlsfied - tapping into the young mum / young professional customer genre - fantatsic wines - i recommend the pinotage or the devils corner! The food is fabullous - it's too hard to choose what to get as everything is soooo good (and very reasonably priced!) At the weekend they do at brunch menu - the "works" is massive and amazing ... if you can finish it i'll buy you a beer!

The staff are great - especially Mel herself - you get served by her and you feel really special - it's like being served by one of your best friends in your own living room, you feel at home, comfortable and its obvious the food is going to be as good as the service (and it is!)

Fingers crossed Mel's lasts as it is by far he best bar in Earlsfied!

18 May 2008 21:16

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