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The Cornmarket, Liverpool

I like this place for its good chairs, and their Guinness, a perfect place for a couple of pints and "the Echo"
The friendly staff make the wisit even better.

30 Jan 2017 18:41

The Grapes, Liverpool

Always good and interesting ales, and the friendly staff behind the bar, is happy to tell you a bit about the ales (if you ask)
Friendly atmosphere too, a "must visit" for ale lovers. An inspiration for homebrewers , to get good ideas.

30 Jan 2017 18:17

The Dispensary, Liverpool

Me and my son was the first customers for 2017. I orderd a Titanic first class, and so he asked my son what he want? I answerd: He have a taste of my glass before he decides. The landlord exploded!! Knobhead and gobshite, he called me, and never stoped yelling. I payed the beer, did not tuch it, and we went out. Its a pity for that pub with all the good beer, but a landlord from hell.

5 Jan 2017 13:20

Ye Cracke, Liverpool

Friendly staff, great jukebox, and good beer. Great place!

17 Jan 2012 19:23

The Poste House, Liverpool

A great place i think, interesting beer and people (locals) i have never seen tourists there, exept me :)
They are all at the Beehive! Ill be back next week.

17 Jan 2012 19:14

Vernon Arms, Liverpool

Great pub, until the staff turned the music so high, you have to scream to your mates! Went to the Lion.

17 Jan 2012 19:01

The Lion Tavern, Liverpool

One of Liverpools best pubs, and thanks for the free sandwiches before closingtime! :)
That`s friendly staff!!

17 Jan 2012 18:45

Shenanigans, Liverpool

I liked it! Good place to relax with a few pints and a paper, or see football in a relaxing atmosphere. Friendly young lad behind the bar to.

17 Jan 2012 18:37

The Philharmonic, Liverpool

Relaxing in daytime ,plenty people in the evening,good food.
A, must see for tourists.

27 Dec 2008 14:27

The Pumphouse, Liverpool

Sorry the building and the location is perfect for a good pub,and a great potensial to be THE outside seating in Liverpool.
Instead you have to grab a meny,and try to explaind to the waiter
about the food you want,or definitive not want.
And the result is fastfood. And the furniture... we have a look,and think about what it could have been, sad ,sad,

27 Dec 2008 13:56

The Pig and Whistle, Liverpool

An old stayer beetween the new highrisers (neighbourhood)
Good to find for a thisty tourist.

27 Dec 2008 13:47

The Grapes, Liverpool

Good food, and a very good smokers area.
Many pubs have something to learn from The Grapes

27 Dec 2008 13:43

Globe, Liverpool

Here is the thing, as a tourist i have to say: this is what i am looking for when i want a daytime pint.Even the background music was pefect-stones and pink floyd etc.

27 Dec 2008 13:33

The Fly in the Loaf, Liverpool

Big and emty-daytime. Interesting to try and find the toilets.

27 Dec 2008 13:28

Doctor Duncans, Liverpool

Looks good but nearly emty when visited.
Have to go again.
You find the citybeer Cains there, try doble bock.

27 Dec 2008 13:25

Coopers, Liverpool

Yes , ok place to vait for the train

27 Dec 2008 13:22

The Cavern, Liverpool

Nothing to remember, ordinary. Go to Cavern Club in the evening.
Thats another experience.

27 Dec 2008 13:20

The Brewery Tap, Liverpool

Maybe the cosyest pub in Liverpool, and you try their DOBLE BOCK when you are there. A MOUST in any pubcrawl in Liverpool

27 Dec 2008 13:04

The Beehive, Liverpool

The adress is Paradise Street ,and while your girlfriend or vife go shopping- you have your paradise here,runned by a gentleman.
And you try to beehive like one.They can offer CAINS the Citys own beer.

27 Dec 2008 12:59

The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

THIS IS CULTURE, see by your selves.

27 Dec 2008 12:52

The Albert, Liverpool

Anyone visiting Anfield have to take a pint at the Albert,its a part of the (Complete) Anfield tour .
And it looks like all supporters are welcome,i dont know about matchdays?
And offcourse no scums.

27 Dec 2008 12:49

The Walkabout, Angel, Islington

Ok, place for seeing sport, and try their Kangooro dinner ,really good.
Average beer, and the staff are just at work,thats all.

27 Dec 2008 12:40

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