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The Red Lion, Southampton

Hmm, just noticed Barfly27 only has 1 review in over a year which leads me to think that this person is
A) Not much of a Bar Fly, and:

B) A troll of some kind

27 Oct 2012 17:06

The Red Lion, Southampton

I couldn't disagree more with Barfly27, really nice pub with good real ale (4 on when I visited today, 27/10/2012). The food was magnificent, I'm a real trencherman and even I couldn't eat the whole of the mixed grill. The music wasn't too loud and it was a good mix of genres. Definately visit if you're in Southampton.

27 Oct 2012 17:04

The Ferryman and Firkin, Southampton

Still closed 27/10/2012

27 Oct 2012 16:58

Que Pasa, Southampton

No real ale so no custom from me, strange really as it's owned by Marstons.

27 Oct 2012 16:57

The Maltings, York

I've just seen on Twitter (@maltingsyork) that they've just re-opened after having an extension built. I'll be up there in September to see if they've ruined this little gem.

17 Jun 2012 12:11

Plough Inn, West Hanney

Had a cracking pint at lunchtime today (Tuesday the 20th of March), but alas I can't recall what it was. Very impressed though because I had the first pint of the day after they were closed on Monday, the bloke after me had a different beer to mine and that looked crystal clear too. The food was lovely and well served, although it was the Landlord who served me. Overall, well worth seeking out.

20 Mar 2012 17:25

The Kings Head, Norwich

I can only reiterate what has already been said, great pub where good ale (no keg whatsoever) and good conversation are king. strawdog said that this used to be a rough house well no longer. Norwich has 2 of the best pubs in the country in my opinion, the Fat Cat and this one. If you like good pubs visit this, you wont be disappointed.

6 Oct 2011 16:33

Glasshouse, Norwich

I've been in this JDW pub twice in the last week, once for breakfast and the service was much better than your average JDW pub. Reasonable choice of ale but that might be because of JDW's beer festival. From my experience this past week a pretty good Wetherspoons.

6 Oct 2011 16:24

The Fat Cat, Norwich

I am sat in the pub at the time of writing thanks to the Fat cats own free wi-fi (with the most complicated sign in you can get!). Without doubt one of the best pubs in the country, all the ales I've had so far have been excellent and, I assume, the rest I am going to consume will be as good. it's like an all year beer festival.

3 Oct 2011 15:32

The Digby Tap, Sherborne

Popped in for lunch today, as I was driving I only had one pint (Otter, good value, well kept) but the food was superb and great value, very highly recommended.

30 Aug 2011 19:46

The Brewers Arms, South Petherton

Going back here in August and I'll give a more up-to-date review then, but the last time I went in here about a year ago it hadn't changed from a holiday in South Petherton a couple of years previously. Beer range good and well kept and the food, which was the main reason for our latest visit, was excellent. It was one of the best pubs in Somerset, I'll review again in August to see if it's changed.

26 Jun 2011 18:17

The Cape of Good Hope, Warwick

Had lunch in here on Friday and, yes it is a little pricey but well worth it. I had the "Cape Fear" mixed grill, over 16 but well worth it, don't try it unless you are, like me a greedy pig, there was loads of dead animals all over the plate, lovely! As for the pub, the beer was excellent and a good choice too, well worth a visit for food and/or beer.

20 Jun 2011 08:55

The Star and Garter, Leamington Spa

Really nice pub with 4 ales on although 3 of them were the same old ones, Old Speckled, Abbot & GK IPA. My pint of choice was Olde hill, very well kept. I spent most of Friday night in here and the pub was very busy but the staff were excellent and the only sound was that of conversation. Didn't try the food but the all day breakfast looked good.

19 Jun 2011 17:58

The Talbot, Leamington Spa

Well I must have visited on a bad night, I thought the pub was awful. The landlord (I think it was he serving) was a foul mouthed yob (I'm not a prude and don't mind a little bit of swearing around the pub but he was just gobby and loud), the decor was very bland not helping the overall atmos and the locals looked at me as if I had walked in ringing a bell calling out "unclean, unclean". The one pint I had was lovely and there were three others on as well but I didn't want to hang around too long to try them. Went back to the much better Star & Garter via the Jug & Jester, both much better than I found this place.

19 Jun 2011 17:54

The Jug and Jester, Leamington Spa

I've rated this pub 8 out of 10, my best rating for a Wetherspoons. Lovely pub, efficient staff (I know, in a Wetherspoons!) beer excellent.

19 Jun 2011 17:46

The Mitre, Shaftesbury

Steady on BeerEnthusiast, it's not that bad and I was in there just a couple of days before you. The back room is definitely a bit grubby but the rest of the pub looks (and smells) fine, there were no dogs in there either. As it's still in the GBG I assume my experience of my last visit was a rarity but, if I go back to Shaftesbury I will use the Two Brewers at the bottom of Gold Hill.

1 Apr 2011 15:18

The Masons Arms, Warminster

Wow, just looked to see if anyone had followed up my short report to find WWIII had broken out! For the record, I stand by my comment, ale from properly installed and maintained stillages is always preferable to having ale being forced through yards and yards of plastic pipe. It seems to me (an ex publican) that Dr_Pangloss may have a bit of an agenda here, apologies if you don't mate but you do seem to have a few facts skewed and are passing off you views as if they were industry facts. Nevertheless, enjoy your beer no matter how it's served, as long as it's cool, clear & bright.

1 Apr 2011 15:14

The Mitre, Shaftesbury

Spent another weekend in Shaftesbury and popped in here again, not as good as my last visit. Ordered a pint of Gem and it was very cloudy and smelt off, took it back and it was changed without complaint unfortunately the second pint was just as bad and this time it took a bit more asking to get it changed! In the end settled for a pint of Youngs Special even this was not in top condition, a shame after my previous visit. On this trip I found the Two Brewers at the bottom of Gold Hill, well worth a visit, 4 or 5 ales on tap all well served. I can't find the pub on this website and the last time I added a pub a couple of years ago (Widow Cullens Well, Lincoln) it still hasn't been added.

6 Mar 2011 11:48

The Masons Arms, Warminster

We popped in here for lunch on Friday. I had two great pints of Star Gazer and the Cow burger, my wife had a real cider (can't remember which one) and the spag bol, all of which were lovely. Well served in a very pleasant pub. As others have said the beer is on stillages behind the bar, every pub that has room should look into this, the beer is always in better condition and quicker to serve, a win-win situation.

5 Mar 2011 09:14

The Kings Arms Hotel, Dorchester

We stayed here over the past weekend, lovely hotel (well I would say that, they upgraded us without being asked!), very nice, polite staff. However, the beer, although excellent quality, was very pricey as was the food but as the Blue Raddle is only just round the corner I would definitely stay here again.

7 Feb 2011 14:25

Tom Browns, Dorchester

I didn't stay in here long, absolutely no atmosphere, grumpy bar staff and poor quality ale. I went straight back to the Raddle.

7 Feb 2011 14:22

The Blue Raddle, Dorchester

Not sure what pub slerpy went in but it couldn't have been the Raddle! I was in there Friday P.M. when the beer festival had just chucked out. Excellent service, great beer, lovely company even though it was heaving. I didn't eat here but, on the Saturday lunch time I was in plenty of people were eating happily. Definitely a top pub and all the better for no under 14's. 9 out of 10 from me.

6 Feb 2011 13:14

The Crows Nest, Southampton

Unfortunately this pub has now closed down.

16 Jan 2011 18:08

The Whale, Buckingham

Had a couple of pints of very well kept London Pride, spoke at length to the landlord who seemed to know his stuff and at 2.85 well priced for Fullers. Nothing spectacular but a decent boozer.

14 Nov 2010 11:49

Woolpack, Buckingham

Popped in on Friday lunchtime at about 10 past 12, pleasant, helpful staff but not a sign of anyone else. Had a couple of pints of well kept "Tribute" and a steak pie and chips, all very nice but when we left at about half past 1 we were still the only customers, shame, nice boozer.

14 Nov 2010 11:45

Mitre, Buckingham

Thoroughly enjoyed my two visits over this weekend, this is a proper pub, good ale (I had the "Chequered Flag" & "Old Codger2) and good conversation.

14 Nov 2010 11:42

The Kings Arms, Oxford

The Bath ales Gem was in prime condition, pity that all the staff seemed as though they were all in the middle of being trained but would definitely give it another visit.

21 Sep 2010 17:52

The White Horse, Oxford

Brilliant pub. Hobgoblin & Wayland Smithy in superb condition & well served even though it was lunchtime and they were very busy. I didn't eat there but the pub was packed with people eating so I don't think it could've been that bad as thomashenry say.

21 Sep 2010 17:49

Far From the Madding Crowd, Oxford

Just to say that the pub is well worth a visit at any time but they have a great beer festival at the moment (21st Sept to 25th Sept). Get along there NOW!

21 Sep 2010 16:59

The White Hart, Minster Lovell

Popped in last night 3 real ales on, London Pride, Brakspears Best & Old Ruin labelled as their own, didn't try the Pride but the Brakspears was excellent, the Old Ruin less so although the Ruin was only 2.50 but not to my taste. Fairly quiet but it was Monday. The barmaid was polite and efficient. Indian & Chinese "cuisine" was on offer from the specials board but I didn't partake, neither did anyone else. I walked past Saturday, it seems they still have bands on and it was rammed hence why I walked past.

21 Sep 2010 08:55

The Plough, Witney

Was going to pop in for a pint when I saw the CAMRA insignia on the blackboard outside (it's not listed in the Good Beer Guide) until I realised it said "beers listed by CAMRA". Very naughty to use Camra's name like that.

20 Sep 2010 11:59

The Griffin, Witney

A really nice pub. We had the Sunday lunch, I don't normally bother because I don't eat vegetables but the very friendly landlord swapped the veggies for 2 lots of meat (beef & pork) and extra spuds, lovely. The homemade apple pie & custard finished it off a treat. I washed this down with a few pints of very well kept 6X. As we only went there to watch the football this pub surprised us, highly recommended.

20 Sep 2010 11:55

The White Bear, Masham

Hydes Ringmaster was the guest ale when I visited, top notch it was too as was the Theakstons best and XB. Didn't enjoy my pint of OP as much as I thought 3.90 was a bit steep. Back to the Best, this was the 1st time I've tried it since the days it was a JDW regular, much much better now real flavour since they raised the ABV to 3.8. Still the best pub in Masham even if the OP is too expensive.

20 Sep 2010 11:50

The Kings Head Hotel, Masham

Food was pretty good albeit a bit pricey (although we used Tescos vouchers), beer well kept. It seems improved on since my last visit 2 years ago. Another decent boozer in Masham.

20 Sep 2010 11:45

The Bay Horse, Masham

Black Sheep & LBW both well kept and the pie (not Rabbit sadly) was delicious! Nice boozer.

20 Sep 2010 11:42

Bruce Arms, Masham

Not sure how this pub keeps its Cask Marque listing, Theakston Best not in good condition, neither the Black Sheep on the 2 occasions I tried them last week. A bit surreal as well having an Indian restaurant in the public bar!

20 Sep 2010 11:37

The Flowerpots Inn, Cheriton

I had a lovely day out yesterday, brewery visit to the Dark Star brewery in Sussex, lunch at The Royal Oak just up the road and finish off with a few at the Flower Pots beer festival. Good choice of ales as was the choice of food. As an infrequent visitor to the Flower Pots I've never had a problem with the staff, always been helpful & friendly and the ale is always top notch.

29 Aug 2010 11:07

The Victoria, Lincoln

Unfortunately didn't have time for more than one pint but very nice little pub with well kept beer and well served, will return on my next visit to Lincoln.

25 Jul 2010 17:01

Strugglers Inn, Lincoln

Spent the weekend in Lincoln and tried here with some friends. Although no kids were allowed in the bar (fair enough, not my kids anyway) they unlocked the back gate so that my mate could get his double buggy in to the garden, very helpful and friendly. The beer was lovely as well so everybody happy!. BTW we left via the back gate which is next door to the Victoria, it would've been rude not to pop in there too.

25 Jul 2010 16:57

The Twelve Bells, Cirencester

Just found out this pub has shut, I'm gutted. This was always the pub of choice when in the area, great food and great beer with an idiosyncratic landlord, he certainly never suffered fools gladly, maybe this was a part of the problem.

5 Jun 2010 16:12

Red Lion, Cirencester

I haven't been to this pub in a couple of years but, if you're in the area, you must visit this absolute gem it is a disappearing species. The old boy (yes, he is the owner) keeps his ale in the best condition I have ever seen, racks it up a full 2WEEKS before putting on for sale. Please go and visit to make sure they stay in business, when he retires I can't see too many people queueing up to take it over, there can't be much money to be made unfortunately. I will be going to the area in September so will give a more up to date report.

5 Jun 2010 15:43

The Half Moon Inn, Shaftesbury

If you're staying in the Royal Chase Hotel opposite you really want to drink in here, but that's not saying much. The Badger ale was ok, nothing more, didn't eat here but looking at the portions people got it looks ok. The Royal Chase Hotel opposite is nice to stay in but the Courage Best was rubbish, and it was an eye-watering 3.30 a pint. Better off walking into Shaftesbury itself than either of these really.

23 May 2010 12:06

The Crown Inn, Shaftesbury

A couple of very well kept pints of Ushers whilst watching the Chamionship play-off final in HD, can't fault this boozer on my visit.

23 May 2010 12:01

The Mitre, Shaftesbury

Just spent the weekend in Shaftesbury and this was the best pub there (better than the bar at the Royal Chase Hotel anyway but, to be honest, that's not saying much). I tried the Youngs Bitter & Special plus a couple of guests, Bath Gem and St Austill Tribute, all in good nick, well served and not too expensive considering the touristy nature of Shaftesbury. I didn't eat here so can't comment on the food.

23 May 2010 11:56

The Waterloo Arms, Freemantle

Dropped in Friday (30th April) for the beer festival. Excellent range of beers all in good condition. Good to see the pub itself is back to something like its best as well.

2 May 2010 10:16

Airfield Tavern, Brympton

Popped in here before the footie (about 15 minute walk from Huish park), well worth a visit. Only two beers on, Spitfire and, the one I sampled, Black Sheep, which was well kept albeit served in a plastic 'glass' ( I am a football fan so I would obviously put a real glass in someone's face at the drop of a hat!). As we're in the 3rd division again next season I will be making a return trip to this pub.

18 Apr 2010 18:05

The Park Inn, Southampton

Nice little beer festival in the garden, 20 ales & 5 ciders & perries. My favourite was Howwler ale from the Cairngorm Brewery Co.

4 Apr 2010 13:16

Bright Water Inn, Southampton

Popped in today (Saturday 3rd April), good service, ale in excellent condition and the food was brought to the table in edible condition and in good time. No teetopmetz, I'm not a member of staff or even a local, this is just how I found the place today.

3 Apr 2010 15:32

The Park Inn, Southampton

Writing this on the 2nd of April 2010. The park Inn has a beer festival all over Easter, I haven't been there for a while, it always was a decent boozer, I'll write an update next week.

2 Apr 2010 14:21

Hole In The Wall, Brixham

The decor is a bit off putting but the beer, and the banter, are top notch. The barman ("happy days") is the life % sole.

29 Jan 2010 16:59

The Bridge, Southampton

Went in tonight (5/01/10) asked for a pint of fortyniner as there was a pump clip showing the same, told by the barmaid there wasn't any. Asked for a pint of Pedigree ..... you know the rest! I said to the (polite) barmaid that it was illegal to advertise wares that were not for sale (by not turning the pump clips around) and she informed me that the company didn't allow them to turn them around when the beer was off. BTW, the 2 pumps were next to a small blackboard proclaiming "Make Sure It's Cask"! I feel another (pointless?) email to a brewery/pubco coming on.

5 Jan 2010 18:18

The Rising Sun, Bradford on Avon

I found this pub very friendly and welcoming with some excellent beers on offer. Sorry Old_King_Cole, I prefer The Rising Sun.

4 Jan 2010 16:33

The Castle, Bradford on Avon

Why is this flagged as closed? I only went all the way up the hill because it's in the Good Beer Guide and glad I did. Very pleasant pint of Flatcappers Stout (which I assume is Three Castles Porter, but the barmaid didn't know) and a pint of bitter that I couldn't read because of the lack of lighting (my only real grumble!).

4 Jan 2010 16:30

The Riverside Inn, Bradford on Avon

Very, very poor. Although the Butcombe was only 2 a pint it was so far out of condition it was probably only worth chucking straight down the drain. Landlady was only interested in sitting on a bar stool whilst the barmaid only just managed to stir herself to eventually serve me. I gave it 1 out of 10 rather than 0 purely because of the price. I agree with PubFanMan, Horrible.

4 Jan 2010 16:18

The Bunch of Grapes, Bradford on Avon

I found the staff friendly enough and the beer was was in good condition, the Youngs bitter especially. As it was Christmas/New Year week it would have helped to have some heating though! Brrrrrrr!

4 Jan 2010 16:12

The Three Horseshoes, Bradford on Avon

Very noisy and lively but the service was great as was the beer, Doom Bar, Butcombe and Hidden among others, all at about 2.50 per pint. Well worth a visit for the best kept beer in Bradford On Avon, at the best prices if you can put up with the eclectic juke box at full blast and most of the regulars being "characters", but very friendly.

4 Jan 2010 16:05

The Canal Tavern, Bradford on Avon

Barmaid pleasant enough, pint of 6X was a bit tired though. Didn't bother with another pint as there was a couple in there with two small kids who were way too noisy for my liking and as it's advertised as family friendly I thought I'd leave them to it.

4 Jan 2010 16:00

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