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The Five Bells, East Finchley

What a disappointment! We went in looking forward to a nice Sunday lunch, found a table (with no chairs, but we pulled a couple over to ours) & ordered. We were then told there was no chicken, no beef, no pork on the menu left therefore no Sunday roasts. At just before 3pm, this was rubbish news.
We tried ordering the chicken & chips - nope. I ordered a bacon & cheese burger in the end & was presented with a sick, pale looking fatty burger with over fried chips which I left half of.. my other half ordered the steak & ale pie but had to return it to the bar as it was stone cold. We left.
Unfriendly Eastern European staff, fairly busy but we won't be coming back until it looks like it might have changed hands again. Sad, as it used to be a nice place & the venue especially outside seating is still rated highly.

13 Sep 2009 18:13

The Clissold Arms, East Finchley

I felt the same as most of the reviews below. The menu was too poncey for what we were were after, a general Sunday lunch & the interior catered for diners not drinkers. There was no atmosphere in the large open plan space at all, I'd go to somewhere else in the area & won't be coming back again if I can help it.

13 Sep 2009 18:05

The Plough Inn, Eaton

Stayed here for a wedding weekend - nice accommodation, great well priced food (cooked breakfasts went down very well!) & enjoyed the atmosphere.

18 May 2009 10:47

The Swettenham Arms, Swettenham Village

Beautiful pub in lovely surroundings, off the beaten track but well signposted! Friendly, helpful staff & superb food (huge portions!)
A great evening spent here..

18 May 2009 10:40

The Waggon and Horses, Elstree

A very cosy, comfortable little place - very nice home-cooked food (although quite a few items on the menu not available when ordering..)
Quiet & has a lovely beer garden. Will be back!

6 Jul 2008 17:33

The Langley, Covent Garden

Good music & not too long a wait at the bar on a busy Saturday night, the place started off really packed but started emptying out a bit by about 11pm.
The ladies toilets didn't have a queue & were clean! A nice surprise!
I'd go back here if in the area.

3 Mar 2008 00:00

Fitzroy Tavern, Fitzrovia

Packed out but a generally good vibe... didn't notice rude staff but they were really busy, expected for a Saturday night.
Not bad but there are better pubs in the area.

2 Mar 2008 23:53

The North Star, Ealing

Had a good laugh with the barman serving me - he was hassled so kept forgetting what I had asked for but it was all done in good spirit..
A nice pub with a lively atmosphere & everyone in there is just out for a good night. The outdoor bit was crammed with smokers so it didn't look like it was worth venturing out there for anything else, but a decent pub in an easy to find location.

12 Aug 2007 13:13

The Peahen, St Albans

Came here to meet friends on Thursday night, quite quiet inside but then the courtyard out the back was busy. Nice big tables, outdoor heating lamps & a good vibe!
(Watch out for chairs falling apart though - one leg of my seat gave way from the frame & I realised just in time!!)
Staff quick & efficient.

12 Aug 2007 13:01

The Black Lion, West Hampstead

(Now called 'The Lion').
Packed as suspected on a Saturday night with the smokers taking up the outside section at the front & everyone else rammed inside.
A cool mix of people, a nice vibe & comfortable place to be.. if you want to sit outside while the few days of summer are here then it's advisable to get there early to nab a table & seats.

9 Jul 2007 11:58

The Star, St John's Wood

Stayed for a drink when I picked up my sozzled other half, post cricket at Lords on Sunday.
I see what lipster means comparing it to the Queen Vic!
A refreshingly nice place to go for a drink or few, away from the other trendified pubs nearby. Friendly & comfortable...

3 Jul 2007 19:55

The Old Bull and Bush, North Hampstead

...just realised those wooden beams would have always been there, but still.... too low for us tall people!

3 Jul 2007 19:48

The Old Bull and Bush, North Hampstead

It's so sad to see such an old & characteristic pub next to the Heath, turned into what it is today.
I visted this pub for the 1st time at the weekend since the refurb.... absolutely packed out with young, loud, rich kids who nurse their cokes for 3 hours & strut about wanting to be noticed.

Really disappointed especially as it's one of the very few pubs in the area! And those wooden beams are way too low! I think you need to be very small in height to get about in there...

3 Jul 2007 19:42

The Old Chequers, Gaddesden Row

Food was great & more than enough was served.. The place has a real family feel & the staff went out of their way to be friendly.
A lovely, cosy, oak beamed pub which I'd definitely go back to, I can imagine the outside would be lovely on a hot summer's day too.

25 Jun 2007 13:39

The Rising Sun, Tottenham Court Road

Had a few drinks before a restaurant booking round the corner & it was ok. Not too much on either side to say really, your very average central London boozer but good for people watching from the tables by the windows.
The staff were smiley & polite & looked like they were enjoying being there. Makes a change from the norm!

12 Jun 2007 17:38

The Lord Nelson, Brentford

Pleasantly surprised at how cheap drinks were, food was bought out (about 30 of us here for a work colleague's leaving do) & it was great - platters full of samosas, spring rolls, satay chicken..
The bar staff could do with a bit of cheering up by the looks of their sullen 'don't want to be here' faces, but it is a nice pub with a good beer garden & big screens showing the footy.

3 Jun 2007 16:06

live lounge, Leeds

I'm agreeing with the bartender comment - a bit of eye-candy is never a bad thing!!
Had a good evening in there, quite a mix of different people & the general ambience makes for a very cool place to go for a few drinks.. apart from our table getting beseiged by a group of letchy West Ham fans we had a great night & will be back!

13 May 2007 11:25

The White Swan, Golders Green

A local's pub but not so much that you feel like you're intruding when you walk in.. A nice enough place for a quiet drink, grimy grubby seats but I'm not complaining when this is the only pub other than the Refectory or Chaplins in the area...
Really good variety of music too actually, I was quite surprised! Might make this my walking distance local.

9 May 2007 11:37

The Gallery, Hendon

Felt a bit naff going in midweek with the multicoloured lights illuminating the Hendon Way outside.. there were about 10 people in there, we sat at the bar & were served with drinks & a bowl of hot chips / dip really quickly.
I've been in here once on a weekend before & thought it was packed full of pretentious wide-boys so wasn't that impressed, but it's done out nicely & tries really hard so I'll probably be back but prefer the week nights I think.

28 Mar 2007 10:34

Baraka, Watford

Nice decor, didn't wait long to get served & music was alright - no need to charge on the door though.. It's not that worth it!!

28 Feb 2007 15:57

Rosslyn Arms, Hampstead

Watch the step down as you go in.
I didn't, much to the amusement of the girl behind the bar & a couple of guys seated nearby....

I liked this place a lot, intimate tables & non-matching chairs on a scuffed up wooden floor. A good atmosphere, good bar service, I'll definitely come back.

23 Feb 2007 17:49

O'Neills, Watford

Only popped in here for a couple before moving on, it was non-pretentious as all O'Neills are so that's always a plus - got packed very quickly, but you know what you get when you visit one of these.
Bar staff were quick & efficient.
I'd go back here over some of the more 'look at me' places on The Parade. ...unless I'm having a night where I want to be looked at.

23 Feb 2007 17:27

Kandi Klub, Watford

We were about to walk in when the doormen stopped us, asked us to go behind the 2 foot roped-off section beside the door (..which we did) then they let us straight in - there was no-one else around at that time. What was the point of that??
Good music if you like funky house, no queuing at the bar but yes, grotty, hot, way too small toilets.

This is the sort of place girls get dressed up as if they're going to the hottest celeb club in the middle of summer.'s only Watford!! Made us laugh,
good to people watch!

23 Feb 2007 17:19

The Living Room, Islington

I thought this place was alright - I didn't see any rudeness from staff & they were all really smiley & friendly towards me on the door as well as behind the bar (on a busy Friday night too) but maybe it's different for male v female clientele? Yep expensive drinks so I wouldn't make this a regular but ok for every so often. The piano guys are always pretty good too with their cover music!
The booths as you come in are always cordoned off for a 'private party' despite only having about 15 people in the whole area. Sort it out, it's annoying when everywhere else is standing room only & packed.

14 Feb 2007 13:40

The Bell at Mill Hill, Mill Hill

A Tuesday night and not bad when you walk in - the typical brown leather sofas and benches with alcoves and subtle lighting goes down well, but then the group of rowdy local chavsters takes over screeching, singing loudly and giving everyone else in the bar stroppy looks and attitude..
I can imagine it gets worse at weekends, but it was alright for a mid-week drink.

7 Feb 2007 18:08

Doctors Tonic, Welwyn Garden City

All the comments below summarise this pit.

We (3 girls) got told by the doormen when we walked in "You'll definitely brighten the place up..!" It wasn't hard as this pub was depressingly crap.
We had to shout over the 1000 decibel rock to try to have a conversation, while getting distracted by the tattoo-faced biker men & the chav pint swilling girls.

3 Feb 2007 14:59

The Horseshoe, Hampstead

Went there on Saturday night - packed as expected but not uncomfortably so. Staff friendly but slightly gormless, maybe due to the shots they were necking behind the bar? Not that I minded as sometimes that can make the service that bit better anyway..!
Food looked worth trying for next time.

30 Jan 2007 18:41

The Black Lion, West Hampstead

Totally revamped & updated - I agree with grecian's comments below re booting out the previous regulars of the Black Lion, but yes seems to be much busier & I expect it'll be very popular during the Summer months as the beer garden was always really nice..

26 Jan 2007 11:43

Alice House, West Hampstead

I like the funky decor, although almost TOO dark in there in the evenings.. and I'd rather order my drinks at the bar than sit drinkless at a table for 20 minutes until they bring them over.
Overall, alright.

26 Jan 2007 11:34

The Maid of Muswell, Muswell Hill

NB: Quiz night on Tuesday's!
We walked in to deathly silence apart from the 'quiz master' so backed quietly out the same door again...

23 Jan 2007 16:43

Bar Lupo, Soho

For a packed Saturday night, this place wasn't as painful as some West End bars can be.. the staff were friendly & patient, the music was funky & had most people bopping about all night.
We were able to find a table & seats straight away, so that wasn't a problem either.
Bit of a letch-fest on the girls but you generally get what you expect from a bar like this.

8 Jan 2007 10:37

Ha Ha Bar and Canteen, Muswell Hill

Friendly but mad busy for a Tuesday night.. grabbed the seats by the window & had a good night all in all, nice decor (squishy sofas, candles on all the tables etc).

24 Nov 2006 21:43

All Bar One, Bloomsbury

All Bar One's are pretty generic - had a couple of glasses of wine here at the weekend & thought it was a good place to be. Staff were quick & friendly, the bowl of fries we had to nibble through were great & apart from them not clearing up properly after a girl who was slaughtered & had been 'unwell' all round the booth she was sitting at... it was good & I'd go back!

19 Nov 2006 21:39

retoxbar, Covent Garden

A bit disappointed on my last visit. The music was turned right down (no DJ) & my friend make the comment that it was a "good place for a date" as you could talk easily. Past experiences of coming here were of loud, funky house played by v cool DJ's, but when we asked the barman/manager if he could turn it up, he said maybe later if there were more people. The bar was packed.
A great venue but please keep the reputation going of being a good place to go for a boogie & good tunes after the pubs have closed!

12 Oct 2006 17:36

The Market Place, Oxford Circus

This place was packed outside last Wednesday, with after office workers & once I got past all the letches (agree with the meat market comment previously) I met my friends downstairs in one of the booths. Not too packed but filled up really quick..
Service was quick & food was really good, music was a funky mix all night & made the atmosphere feel like a Saturday night... Way too hot in there later so we ended up sitting outside for the rest of the evening.
I was expecting worse reading the past reviews but was pleasantly surprised! Not sure I'd brave it on a weekend night though.

30 Sep 2006 20:55

The White Hart and Cellar Bar, Ampthill

A nice place to go on a warm night, tables & seats outside, good decor inside. There are funky blue lights at one end that make you feel more intoxicated than you are, but the music's ok & prices not too bad (well, compared to London bars anyway!) Young crowd, some looked about 15 but generally a good vibe.

7 Sep 2006 17:13

The Royal Oak Hotel, Golders Green

...and it's just closed down! That just leaves the Grove Inn in this area. Hmm.. On to somewhere else then.

17 Aug 2006 01:05

The Hogshead, Leicester Square

Popped in there for a couple of drinks last week after a meal (went in there last when it was the Hog's Head & always liked it..) & it was refurbed well.
Still not enough seats but done up nicely & bar staff are friendly.
Music used to be good but didn't notice it at all this time. That was one of the big plus's that I liked about it! As always with centre of London bars, always watch your handbag as people that tend to drink here seem to be like me on this occasion - 'pop in for a quick couple'. Basically alright & I'd go here again.

17 Aug 2006 00:55

The Toast Restaurant and Bar, Hampstead

The food here is fantastic - a great menu & on Thursdays, all drinks with your meal are half price!
It lacks a bit of atmosphere if you're coming here for a drink at the bar, but it depends what you're after. The bar staff are so friendly (The main bar guy had offered to mix me up a berry vodka cocktail but then I had to ask where it was 10 minutes later! He was mortified that he had forgotten in amongst the busy orders so whipped me up a huge cocktail on the house!) He really seemed to enjoy being there, having a laugh with everyone!
Occasionally you'll spot the odd celeb too - a good evening & a great venue for a date!

14 May 2006 13:19

Mojama, Hampstead

Used to be Babushka's - nicely done up & the music is excellent - funky house last night. Table service is offered but we ended up going to the bar anyway after sitting there for 15 minutes! An extensive cocktail menu but watch out with your orders..It's 'barman's policy' apparently, to automatically give a double instead of a single & then charge you for it without telling you!! If you're driving, this could cost you big time!!
A bit poncy, but this IS rich-kid Hampstead so what you expect is what you get. Generally a good night!

14 May 2006 13:05

The Living Room, Mayfair

We went there after our booking at the Ice Bar in Heddon St, & it was a really lively place with a good atmosphere. The doormen were friendly & chatty & the music, although a bit cheesy pop was good! A few hen nights going on but the drinks were served quickly & the open fireplace was a nice welcome after 3/4 hr of -5 degree temperature!
We'll be going back again!

26 Feb 2006 01:12

Digress, Soho

We went in there before our booking at the Ice Bar across the road - it was packed & nowhere to sit at 8pm, but the atmosphere was buzzy & full of good looking people. The bar served quickly, alright as as a stop or if you get there early!

26 Feb 2006 01:06

The Absolut Ice Bar, Mayfair

Went there with the girls tonight & didn't wait to get in, got given our capes / gloves & went in with our cocktail ticket (15, not 12!) Drinks were good & staff were friendly - yes, a bit touristy but worth it for the experience. 2 tips: wear 2 pairs of socks otherwise your toes freeze. Stand in the middle of the bar, not at the end & you'll get served quicker!
Photos are worth it so you can show your mates what the Grim Reaper in Lapland looks like, as you stand there in your hooded capes!
We probably wouldn't go there a second time but the side bar , where we had a 2nd drink is nice.
Worth it, just so you can say you've been!

26 Feb 2006 01:00

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